Run 9 (pp500 and pp200)

 Run 9:

The old method was used for the following datasets:

  • pp200 RFF low luminosity (day 118)
  • pp2pp (FF, end of pp200, days 180-185)

A new 3D method was You do not have access to view this node and used for the following:

The old method was Run 9: pp500 Low Luminosity Fill, but that fill was still at a relatively high luminosity for calibration work (too much pile-up) and the result was not kept, instead using the new method's results.

The results as uploaded to the database for Run 9 are plotted here. Major features are the discontinuity between pp500 and pp200 around day 103, the reversal of the magnetic field on day 147, and the switch to pp2pp running around day 180. Also visible are larger errors bars for calibrations using the old method as the new method took advantage of large data productions, improving statistical accuracy.

The query used to obtain files for the pp2pp data is attached.