15a ped stability day 47, take 2


 On August 8, BSMD peds in the offline DB where corrected for day 47.

Runs minb 34 & 74 were used to determine and upload DB peds.

Below I evaluated pedestal residua for 2 runs : 37 & 70, both belonging to the same RHIC fill.

I have used 500 zero-bias events from runs 37 & 70, for the official production w/o zero suppression.

All strips for which  mTables->getStatus(iEP, id, statPed,"pedestal"); returns !=1 and all events using CAP123,124,125 were dropped.

Fig 1,2 show big picture: all 38,000 strips.

Fig 3 is zoom in on some small & big problems.

Fig 4 & 5 illustrates improvement if run-by-run pedestal is used. 

Fig 1, run=9047037


Fig 2, run=9047070


Fig 3, run=9047070, zoom in


Private peds were determine for 16 runs for day 47 and used appropriately. Below is sum of ped residua from all 16 runs, from zero bias events.

Fig 4, run=9047001,...,83 zoom in


Fig 5, run=9047001,...,83 full range