12) investigating status of P-strips


The  plot below merges what we found w/ Matt in BSMDP West with  what  Oleg told us so far about know broken Anode wires.
Plot show is 2D location of all 9K strips. It is half of this plot shown before.
In color are various failure modes detected by our software processing minB spectra.
One narrow bar denotes one strip.
Module # is printed on the right.
Anode wire range is printed on the top.
Black labels A1, A3, etc are from Olegs table of known broken Anode wires from year 2007.
Conclusions for day 336 of 2007:
a) we do not see good signal from broken anode wires on BSMD-P West.
b) we see more broken anode wires/problems BSMD-P West
  module36: Anode12
 m54: A12
 m24: completely dead
 m30: mostly dead
 m29: odd strips dead
 m23: most of the odd strips dead
c) BSMD-P East is terra incognita - no  external info about any problems there
Problems listed in b) ,c) seems to be new for day 336 of 2007

Fig 1. West BSMD-P


Fig 2. East BSMD-P