STAR SOFTWARE NEWS December 24, 2009
The present release assignment:
       SL06e  (SL06e)             ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 pp 200&62GeV run 2006 production
       SL06g  (SL06g_2,SL06g_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 SL4.4, MC production for TUP
       SL07a  (SL07a_3,SL07a_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 MC production
       SL07b  (SL07b_2,SL07b_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 
       SL07c  (SL07c_3,SL07c_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 CuCu 200&62GeV run 2005,TPC+SVT+SSD tracking
       SL07d  (SL07d_2,SL07d_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV stream data run 2007, TPC tracking
       SL07e  (SL07e,SL07e_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00  
       SL08a  (SL08a,SL08a_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 
       SL08b  (SL08b_1,SL08b_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00  
       SL08c  (SL08c_5,SL08c_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV run 2007,TPC+SVT+SSD tracking  
       SL08d  (SL08d,SL08d_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00
 old-> SL08e  (SL08e_2,SL08e_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 pp 200GeV & dAu 200GeV, run 2008
 pro-> SL08f  (SL08f_3,SL08f_SL5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 last version with EVP_READER, MC production
       SL09a  (SL09a,SL09a_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00
       SL09b  (SL09b,SL09a_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00
       SL09c  (SL09c,SL09c_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00
       SL09d  (SL09d,SL09d_SL5)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
       SL09e  (SL09e)             ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 built on SL5, last version with pams codes; 
 new-> SL09g  (SL09g)             ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 production library for run 2009 data 
 dev-> DEV                        ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
.dev-> .DEV                       ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00


Release History

SL09a library
SL09b library
SL09c library
SL09d library
SL09e library
SL09g library

  • December 24, 2009
    new library SL09g has been updated with codes below and rebuild on SL4.4, and SL5.3 platforms. Library was retagged with the same tag.

    Next codes have been updated:

    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx
    StDbSql.cc, StDbManagerImpl.cc
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcAcChargeC.h
    StarMagField.cxx, StarMagField.h
    StEEmcFastMaker.cxx, StEEmcFastMaker.h
    new maker for embedding QA
    StBTofPidTraits.cxx, StBTofPidTraits.h
    COMMON/StMuBTofPidTraits.cxx, StMuBTofPidTraits.h, StMuTrack.h
    StFtpcCalibMaker.cxx, StFtpcLaserCalib.cc, StFtpcLaserTrafo.cc
    StFtpcClusterFinder.cc, StFtpcDbReader.cc
    Pythia6_4_22 - new version of PYTHIA
    TpcAltroParameters.idl, tpcAcCharge.idl
    tpcAcCharge.*.C, tpcPadGainT0.y2010.C, tpcPressureB.C, tpcPressureB.y2010.C, tpcPressureB.C, tpcPressureB.y2010.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2010.C, TpcAltroParameters.y2010.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.C, TpcSecRowB.y2010.C, asic_thresholds_tpx.y2010.C
    y2005h.h, y2006h.h, y2007h.h, y2009a.h

  • December 7, 2009
    new library SL09g (tagged as SL09g) has been created, build on SL4.4, and SL5.3 platforms, tested and released om December 10.

    Main features:
    - old pams codes retired and all makers adjusted; retirring of codes suggested in the presentaion ; motivation and historical note posted in the email .
    - BTOF and VPD calibrations codes finalized for run 2009 production;
    - StEvent updated for RPS collection;
    - new StFilterMaker added for simulation with filterring;
    - new TOF simulation code added;
    - year 2009 geometry finalized; year 2006 geometry corrected with TPC material and EEMC fixes;
    - several bugs fixed;

    Next codes and tables have been removed:

    StTableUtilities/StDstPointChair.cxx, StDstPointChair.h, StTclHitChair.cxx, StTclHitChair.h, St_dst_trackC.cxx, St_dst_trackC.h;

    pams/ctf/idl/cpe_eval.idl, cpe_mkine.idl, cpi_para.idl, ctc_ctrl.idl, ctc_histos.idl, cte_extra.idl, cte_para.idl, dst_tof_evt.idl, dst_tof_trk.idl
    pams/geometry/idlbtof_btog.idl, btof_ctbb.idl, btof_modr.idl, btof_toff.idl, btof_tray.idl, ecal_eetr.idl, ecal_elgg.idl, ecal_elgm.idl, ecal_emcg.idl, ecal_emcs.idl, ecal_emxg.idl, ecal_esec.idl, ecal_exse.idl, geom_gdat.idl, ftpc_ffcc.idl, ftpc_frbd.idl, ftpc_fssd.idl, ftpc_ftpg.idl, g2tm_dete.idl, g2tm_gttc.idl, magp_magg.idl, magp_mbar.idl, magp_mend.idl, mick_miky.idl, svtt_selc.idl, svtt_serg.idl, svtt_sfpa.idl, svtt_ssup.idl, svtt_svtl.idl, svtt_swam.idl, tpce_tecw.idl, tpce_tpcg.idl, tpce_tprs.idl, vpdd_vpdg.idl, cave_cave.idl, pipe_pipg.idl, svtt_svtg.idl, svtt_swca.idl
    pams/global/idl/dst_dedx.idl, dst_event_summary.idl, dst_mon_soft_ctb.idl, dst_mon_soft_emc.idl, dst_mon_soft_ftpc.idl, dst_mon_soft_glob.idl, dst_mon_soft_l3.idl, dst_mon_soft_rich.idl, dst_mon_soft_svt.idl, dst_mon_soft_tpc.idl, dst_point.idl, dst_rch_pixel.idl, dst_run_summary.idl, dst_summary_param.idl, dst_tkf_vertex.idl, dst_track.idl, dst_v0_vertex.idl, dst_vertex.idl, dst_xi_vertex.idl, egr_egrpar.idl, egr_globtrk.idl, egr_globtrk_eval.idl, egr_propagate.idl, epi_epipar.idl, epi_glob_pid_eval.idl, epi_global_pid.idl, epi_hypo_pid.idl, est_ctrl.idl, est_ev.idl, est_match.idl, ev0_aux.idl, ev0_cov.idl, ev0_ev0out.idl, ev0_ev0par.idl, ev0_ev0par2.idl, ev0_eval.idl, ev0_track.idl, ev0_track2.idl, ev0_track3.idl, evr_evrpar.idl, exi_aux.idl, exi_exiout.idl, point_track_index.idl, scs_svt_spt.idl, stk_svt_ctrack.idl, stk_svt_track.idl, svm_ctrl.idl, svm_effic.idl, svm_eval_par.idl, svm_eval_strk.idl, svm_eval_svt.idl, svm_eval_tpc.idl, svm_evt_match.idl, svm_match.idl
    gr_track_pointers.inc, global_prototypes.h, math_constants.inc, phys_constants.inc
    pams/l3/incFtfBaseHit.h, FtfBaseTrack.h, FtfDedx.h, FtfFinder.h, FtfGeneral.h, FtfHit.h, FtfMcTrack.h, FtfPara.h, FtfSl3.h, FtfTrack.h, gl3Analysis.h, gl3Conductor.h, gl3Event.h,,gl3GammaGamma.h, gl3GeneralHistos.h, gl3HighPt.h, gl3Histo.h, gl3Hit.h, gl3JPsi.h, gl3MomRes.h, gl3Residuals.h, gl3Sector.h, gl3Svt.h, gl3Track.h, gl3dEdx.h, l3GeneralHeaders.h, l3List.h, lists.hpp, sl3CoordinateTransform.h, sl3MPTrack.h, sl3UPTrack.h, sl3USTrack.h
    pams/l3/ftf/FtfBaseHit.cxx, FtfBaseTrack.cxx, FtfDedx.cxx, FtfFinder.cxx, FtfHit.cxx, FtfPara.cxx, FtfSl3.cxx, FtfTrack.cxx, FtfUtilities.cxx, sl3Swap.cxx;
    pams/sim/g2t/g2t_comb.F, g2t_comb.idl, g2t_print.F, g2t_print.idl
    pams/svt/idl/sal_geom.idl, sal_rotran.idl, sal_spt.idl, sal_vrtx.idl, sce_ctrl.idl, sce_dspt.idl, scf_ctrl.idl, sci_bad_anodes.idl, sci_clus.idl, sci_inj.idl, sci_par.idl, sci_raw.idl, scm_ctrl.idl, scp_bad_anodes.idl, scp_par.idl, scp_ped.idl, scp_pedm.idl, scp_raw.idl, scs_cluster.idl, scs_merge.idl, scs_par.idl, sgr_groups.idl, sgr_pixmap.idl, sls_ctrl.idl, sls_spt.idl, spr_sprpar.idl, srs_activea.idl, srs_direct.idl, srs_result.idl, ssf_8to10map.idl, ssf_adc.idl, ssf_map.idl, ssf_mv.idl, ssf_seq.idl, ssf_zero_par.idl, ste_teff.idl, ste_teval.idl, stk_ctrack.idl, stk_filler.idl, stk_hlx.idl, stk_kine.idl
    pams/svt/inc/RanGauss.hh, Random.hh
    pams/tpc/idlbad_channels.idl, readout_map.idl, tcc_morphology.idl, tcl_calib_fee.idl, tcl_calib_general.idl, tcl_calib_padrow.idl, tcl_calib_rdo.idl, tcl_calib_sec.idl, tcl_sector_index.idl, cl_tclpar.idl, tcl_tp_seq.idl, tcl_tpc_index.idl, tcl_tpc_index_type.idl, tcl_tpcluster.idl, tdeparm.idl, tdi_fit_pars.idl, tdi_rdi_pars.idl, tdi_residual.idl, tdi_strack.idl, tfc_adcxyz.idl, tfc_delta.idl, tfc_fmtpar.idl, tfc_native_gain.idl, tfc_native_map.idl, tfc_native_pedestal.idl, tfc_pedstab.idl, tfc_pedstab_pars.idl, tfc_tpc_gain.idl, tfc_valid.idl, tfs_fsctrl.idl, tfs_fspar.idl, tpc_pedestal.idl, tpg_cathode.idl, tpg_field_cage.idl, tpg_pad.idl, tpg_sector.idl, tpg_tptarget.idl, tpg_transform.idl, tpg_wire_plane.idl, tpipar.idl, tpt_pars.idl, tpt_res.idl, tpt_spars.idl, tpt_strack.idl, tpt_track.idl, tpt_track_pointers.idl, tss_tpmcpix.idl, tss_tppad.idl, tss_tppixel.idl, tstpar.idl, tte_control.idl, tte_eval.idl, tte_mctrk.idl, type_begrun_str.idl, type_bytedata.idl, type_config.idl, type_floatdata.idl, type_gain_bad.idl, type_index.idl, type_sc_global.idl, type_sc_readout.idl, type_structtbl.idl, type_timestamp.idl, type_tmprcv0.idl
    pams/tpc/idl/tcl_calib_badpixels.idl, tcl_calib_global.idl, tcl_calib_pad.idl

    Next codes have been modified and updated:

    StAssociationMaker.cxx/h - modifed to change default to ITTF; clean-up est tracks;
    summarizeEvent.cc - clean-up est tracks;
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - modified due to pams cleanup; added chains for BTOF; reshaped TOF options to allow early VPD but later TofMatch; added 'FiltGamma' option for simulation with filtering; inroduced 'BAna' option;
    BFC2.C - removed;
    Bichsel.h, GetdEdxResolution.cxx - modified to add one more GetdEdxResolution in order to simplify access to it in TF1;
    StBTofCalibMaker.cxx, StBTofCalibMaker.h - modified to make Database readout more robust, static const moved to .cxx file;
    modified to split original StTofCalibMaker into dedicated StVpdCalibMaker and BTOF-specific StBTofCalibMaker;
    new package for TOF simulation;
    StMaker.cxx - modified to keep only geometry tags which were used in production;
    StEvtHddr.h - created the safe interface to access the value of he TDatime objects;
    StMaker.cxx/h - fixed the signature of the StMaker::GetDate... methods; modified to make the TDatime const interfaces; added y2009a geometry tag and inherited from it y2010 geometry; added y2006h geometry tag
    St_ctf_Maker.cxx - modified due to pams cleanup;
    StdEdxY2Maker StDAQMaker
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx - removed token leak ;
    StTRGReader.cxx - fixed the broken broken logic for the DAQ file with NO trigger data;
    StDbBroker.cxx - modified to use SafeDelete;
    StDbManagerImpl.cc, StDbTable.cc - modified to use SafeDelete;
    StDbServiceBroker.cxx - changed balancer connect timeout to 30sec; reshuffled lb host list;
    MysqlDb.cc - modified to enabled SSL + compression, if server supports it ;
    StDbManagerImpl.cc - added proper wrapper to provide StDbLib could use SafeDelete;
    St_db_Maker.cxx, St_db_Maker.h - modified to make the TDatime const interfaces;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - corrected gain dependence from y2009 Voltage scan; added St_tpcAcChargeC to modify gain dependence on Voltage;
    St_spaceChargeCorC.h - moved getSpaceChargeCoulombs from the header to St_spaceChargeCorC.cxx;
    St_spaceChargeCorC.cxx - added new file to move getSpaceChargeCoulombs in from header;
    St_tpcAcChargeC.h - added new file to modify gain dependence on Voltage ;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h - added dE/dx for prompt hits, improve dE/dx calculations; switched from St_tpcAnodeHVavgC to St_tpcAnodeHVC to modify gain dependence on Voltage;
    StEEmcMixerMaker.cxx, StEEmcSlowMaker.cxx - modified for the embedding infrastructure ;
    database/EEmcDbItem.cxx - fixed compilation warnnings;
    EEfeeRaw/RootWrapper.cxx - fixed compilation warnnings;
    EEmcSmdMap/EEmcSmd2SmdMapItem.h, EEmcSmdMap.h - fixed compilation warnnings;
    StEmcCalibMaker.cxx, StEmcCalibrationMaker.cxx, StEmcEqualMaker.cxx, StEmcMipMaker.cxx, StEmcPedestalMaker.cxx - fixed bunch of warnings;
    StBemcRaw.cxx, StEmcRawMaker.cxx - fixed a bunch of warnings;
    StBemcTrigger.cxx - modified to clarify subtraction versus bit shift operator precedence;
    StTrackPidTraits.cxx, StTrackPidTraits.h - moved definition of dst_dedx_st from pams/global/idl in;
    StDedxPidTraits.cxx - removed St_dst_dedx_Table;
    StEvent.h - removed reference to event_header_st;
    StBbcTriggerDetector.cxx, StCalibrationVertex.cxx/h, StEvent.cxx/h, StEventInfo.cxx/h, StEventSummary.cxx/h, StEventTypes.h StFtpcHit.cxx/h, StFtpcSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StGlobalTrack.cxx/h, StHelixModel.cxx/h, StHit.cxx, StKinkVertex.cxx/h, StMwcTriggerDetector.cxx, StPrimaryTrack.cxx/h, StPrimaryVertex.cxx/h, StRichHit.cxx, StRichSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StSsdHit.cxx/h, StSvtHit.cxx/h, StTpcHit.cxx/h, StTpcHitCollection.cxx/h, StTpcRawData.cxx, StTpcSectorHitCollection.cxx/h, StTptTrack.cxx/h, StTrack.cxx/h, StTrackDetectorInfo.cxx/h, StTrackFitTraits.cxx/h, StTrackGeometry.cxx/h, StTriggerData2008.cxx, StV0Vertex.cxx/h, StVertex.cxx/h, StXiVertex.cxx/h - removed dependences on old dst tables;
    StCtbSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StEmcSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StEstGlobalTrack.cxx/h, StEstPrimaryTrack.cxx/h, StGlobalSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StL3SoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StSvtSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StTofSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StTofSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h, StTpcSoftwareMonitor.cxx/h - removed ;
    StRpsCluster.cxx, StRpsCluster.h, StRpsCollection.cxx, StRpsCollection.h, StRpsPlane.cxx, StRpsPlane.h, StRpsRomanPot.cxx, StRpsRomanPot.h - new files added for RPS collection, initial revision;
    StPrimaryTrack.h, StSsdHit.cxx/h, StSvtHit.cxx/h, StTpcHit.h, StTpcPixel.h, StTpcRawData.cxx/h, StBTofHeader.cxx - fixed compiler warnings;
    StContainers.cxx/h, StDetectorDefinitions.h, StEnumerations.h, StEvent.cxx/h, StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEventLinkDef.h - hooks for RPS added;
    StPrimaryVertex.cxx/h - added new member mNumMatchesWithBTOF and related access functions;
    StBTofHeader.cxx - fixed order of operator precedence in removeVpdHit();
    StBTofPidTraits.cxx, StBTofPidTraits.h - updated to fix the problem which causes the crash running TOF calibration on MuDst afterburner;
    StEventCompendiumMaker.cxx - modified to use TChair;
    StEventMaker.cxx/h, StEventManager.hh, StRootEventManager.cc/hh - clean-up due to pams retirring; fixed problem with bunch crossing information in StEventInfo and StHddr;
    StGammaFilterMaker.cxx, StGammaFilterMaker.h - new code for gamma filtering in simulation;
    StFtpcCalibMaker.cxx - added USE_LOCAL_DRIFTMAP instructions;
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - added USE_LOCAL_DRIFTMAP instructions;
    StFtpcClusterFinder.cc/hh, StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - removed all references to StFtpcSoftwareMonitor;
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx, StFtpcVertex.cc/hh - removed dependences on dst_vertex_st table;
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h - removed all references to StFtpcSoftwareMonitor;
    StGenericVertexFinder.cxx/h - reorder the vertices upon filling StEvent;
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx - fixed compiler warning about operator order precedence;
    StJetSimuUtil/StJetSimuReader.cxx - fixed compilation warnning;
    tracks/StjTrackCutDcaPtDependent.h - fixed compilation warnning;
    treeStjJetListReader.h, StjJetListWriter.cxx, StjTreeIndexListCreator.cxx, StjTreeReader.cxx, StjTreeReader.h, StjTreeReaderTwoTrees.cxx, StjTreeReaderTwoTrees.h - fixed compilation warnings;
    StMagFMaker.cxx/h - modified to switch to TChair ;
    StarMagField.cxx/h - modified to use local fMap variable; moved size definition from #define to enumerations;
    StMuDst.cxx, StMuTrack.cxx, StMuTrack.h - fixed small bug in StMuDst::fixTrackIndices and StMuDst::fixTofTrackIndices(), added StMuTrack::primaryTrack() and ensured StMuTrack::vertexIndex() returns the primary track pointer for a global track;
    StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuHelix.cxx/h, StMuTrack.cxx/h - patches made eliminating some redundant operations;
    StuDraw3DMuEvent.cxx - fixed compilation warnings; added StMuTrack::globalTrack rendering;
    StMuBTofPidTraits.cxx, StMuBTofPidTraits.h, StMuTrack.h - fixed the problem which causes the crash running TOF calibration from MuDst;
    StSvtHybridPixelsD.cc - adjusted to ROOT 5.22.00;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.cxx - modified;
    StTpcT0Maker.cxx, StTpcT0Maker.cxx.h - removed;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx/h - modified to return loosen nDaughters cut, added BEMCmatch cut and PCT hits cut, enable padrow 13 for Runs 2009+; fixed compiler warning about unsigned comparison;
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx/h - phased out usage of old tables; fixed problems with memory-resident TNtuple by using a temporary disk file;
    St_QA_Maker.cxx, St_QA_Maker.h - removed codes using old tables;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx/h, StQAMakerBase.cxx/h - removed Event Summary;
    St_sfs_Maker.cxx, St_sfs_Maker.h - added files;
    St_srs_Maker.cxx, St_srs_Maker.h - removed;
    StTpcFastSimMaker.cxx, StTpcFastSimMaker.h - added files;
    St_tcl_Maker.cxx/h, St_tfs_Maker.cxx/h - removed ;
    StiStarVertexFinder.cxx - small consolidation;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx - St_tpcAnodeHVavgC => St_tpcAnodeHVC until tpcAnodeHVavg table will be fixed;
    StSvtAnalysedHybridClusters.cc, StSvtHitMaker.cxx, StSvtHitMaker.h - modified to remove dependences on old tables;
    StSvtVertexFinderMaker.cxx, StSvtVertexFinderMaker.h, SvtVertFind.cc, SvtVertFind.h - removed;
    StiPullEvent.cxx - added assert.h;
    StSvtAnalysedHybridClusters.cc, StSvtHitMaker.cxx, StSvtHitMaker.h - removed references to tables;
    StSvtOnlineSeqAdjSimMaker.cxx - modified to make hard code masking to OFF until database is fixed;
    GlobalTag.idl, StTagsMaker.cxx - modified to add primary vertex position errors;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h - added handle for TPX ADC corrections;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx - updated for Run 9 to work on simulation;
    Emc/StEmcTriggerSimu.cxx/h - updated for Run 9 to work on simulation;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - updated to clear the number of masked towers; add call to StEmcDecoder::SetDateTime()
    Eemc/EemcTrigUtil.cxx, EemcTrigUtil.h, StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - added Endcap FEE pedestals for all years;
    EEfeeTPTree.cxx - fixed memory leak;
    StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - modified to mask out faulty EEMC towers;
    EEfeeTP.cxx, EEfeeTP.h, EEmapTP.h - - added (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    L2Emulator/L2algoUtil/L2VirtualAlgo2009.cxx L2VirtualAlgo2009.h - modified to add (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    L2Emulator/L2wAlgo/L2wBemc2009.cxx, L2wEemc2009.cxx - modified to add (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    L2Emulator/L2upsilon/L2upsilon2006.cc - added (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    L2Emulator/L2hienAlgo/L2hienAlgo08.cxx - added (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    L2Emulator/L2pedAlgo/L2pedAlgo.cxx - added (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    L2Emulator/L2jetAlgo/ L2adc2energyAlgo.cxx, L2jetAlgo2006.cxx, L2jetResults2006.h - added (char*) to many strings to make SL5 happy;
    TRArray.cxx, TRSymMatrix.h - added more methods;
    StDraw3D.cxx, StDraw3D.h - added STL based method;
    StTrackMateMaker.cxx/h, StTrackPing.cc/hh - replace cout to logger;
    StDraw3D.h - removed the astary entry TettaDeg;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx/h - added attributes for sector and pad row selections;
    StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to make cluster finder not running if there is no pixels; replaced daqReader by daq_tpx;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - modified due to pams cleanup;
    StVpdCalibMaker.cxx - modified to use the new calibration table vpdTotCorr; vzVpdFinder() updated to use a cut on timing diff to remove outliers;

    include/rtsSystems.h - fixed PMD; added detector groups for 2010; fixed ESMD in rts2grp;
    src/rtsmakefile.def - added support for for -m32 on 64 bit machines;
    src/DAQ_ESMD/daq_esmd.cxx - added more event checks; fixed word bug in get_l2;
    src/DAQ_TOF/daq_tof.cxx - added more event checks;
    src/DAQ_BSMD/daq_bsmd.cxx - added SFS readout for nonZS, ZS and PEDRMS;
    bsmdPed.cxx - fixed pedestal bug in pulser runs;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx - fixed the sense of RTS_ONLINE;
    daq_det.cxx - hacked up the FY2000 DATAP feature;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxFCF.cxx, tpxFCF.h - added FY10 features;
    daq_tpx.cxx, daq_tpx.h - added fcf run compatibility; fixed gains in InitRun;

    geometry/ecalgeo/ecalgeo6.g, ecalgeo.g - modified due to pams rettiring:
    - fixed several material / medium relationship problems;
    - fixed issue where SMD strips extruded their mother volumes;
    - expanded the SMD gap from 34mm to 36mm as built;
    - added SMD spacer layers;
    - added material to front and back of SMD strips;
    - defined and used PbAlloy and Steel mixtures, to better match material in calorimeter;
    - thickness of preshower layers reduced to 4.75mm as built;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added logic to support multiple ecalgeoX files; ecalgeo6 set as default version for y2009a tag ;
    Y2009A production tag added:
    - includes the new model of the EEMC;
    - revert to old model of EEMC in Y2009 tag for compat w/ W preproduction;
    - removed the y2006dev tag;
    - added y2006h tag, which is y2006g + new model of the endcap;
    added y2010 geometry inherited from y2009a;
    gen/hijing_382/hijing.F - fixed bug in ran() in gfortran;
    global/idl/dst_dedx.idl - removed, moved dst_dedx_st definition to StEvent/StTrackPidTraits;
    sim/gstar/gstar_part.g - modified due to retirring pams;
    sim/idl/g2t_tpc_hit.idl - modified due to retirring pams;
    sim/g2t/g2t_tpc.F, g2t_volume_id.g - modified due to retirring pams;

    Calibrations/tpc/TpcAdcCorrectionB.20090301.000106.C - correction for for y2009 Tpx added;
    added tpcAcCharge files to account of accumulated Charge for Y2009;
    TpcLengthCorrectionB.C, tpcPressureB.C - added default tables;
    asic_thresholds_tpx.y2010.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2010.C, TpcAltroParameters.y2010.C, tpcPadGainT0.y2010.C, tpcPressureB.y2010.C, TpcSecRowB.y2010.C - added starting values for y2010;
    VmcGeometry/y2010.h,Geometry.y2009a.C y2009a.h - added y2009a geometry and inherited from it y2010;
    Geometry.y2006h.C, y2006h.h - added y2006h geometry with latest latest version of the TPC geometry and fixed EEMC;
    removed old root geometry files;
    pp2ppZ.idl - new pp2pp table added ;
    pvpdCalib.idl, toft0Calib.idl, toftotCalib.idl, tofzCalib.idl - added new TOF tables;
    TpcAltroParameters.idl - fixed spelling;
    tpcAcCharge.idl - added table for accumulated charge in TPC;

  • November 9, 2009
    new library SL09e (tagged as SL09e) has been created, build on SL4.4, and SL5.3 platforms, tested and released on November 10.

    Main features:
    - completed adjustment to SL5.3 platform;
    - several patches to ROOT 5.22.00 version has been done;
    - new BTOF calibration and VPD code;
    - new FMS DB code;
    - RTS reader added capability to read trigger data files in format .dat;
    - new TPX response simulator;
    - last version with old pams codes; - several bugs were fixed;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Jprof.cxx/h, bfd.cxx, coff.cxx, config.h, elf.cxx, intcnt.cxx/h, jprof.h, leaky.h, libmalloc.cxx/h, strset.cxx/h - removed becuase not functional since gcc4;
    exe/leaky.cxx - removed becuase not functional since gcc4;
    StAnalysisMaker.cxx/h - added static method to print StEvent;
    StBbcSimulationMaker.cxx - removed operator [];
    BigFullChain.h - added StiVMC, modified TpcRS to prepare to clean up tcl,tpcdaq and fcf options;
    StBTofCalibMaker.cxx/h - new maker added for combined BTOF & VPD calibrations;
    StBTofHitMaker.cxx - added the VPD delay in the StBTofSortRawHit;
    StBTofMatchMaker.cxx/h - added the functionality to perform the matching with MuDst directly;
    made several updates on the track cuts used for matching: flag<1000 was added and nHits>15 cut was removed;
    created a new StBTofPidTraits for any primary track;
    local Z window cut set to symmetric (fabs(localz)<3.05);
    StBTofGeometry.cxx - corrected the calculation for tray alignment parameters in X-Y;
    StBTofSortRawHit.cxx/h - implemented the VPD delay subtraction in trigger window cut;
    StRTSBaseMaker.cxx/h, StRtsTable.cxx/h - modified to make the global daqReader to be the static data-member to fix the bug; ;
    StMaker.cxx/h - modified to improve WhiteBoard ; y2010 timestamp added;
    StTree.cxx - added the new raw format to read the trigger data files with extension .dat;
    StStreamFile.cxx/h, StStreamFileFactory.cxx/h - added STAR iostream-base file interface; added the method to provide the error message;
    EVP/emcReader.cxx - fixed the old emcReader; added header file algorithm and assigned the proper namespace to make both SL4/64bit and SL4/32bits compilation ok;
    SVT/SVTV1P0.Banks.cxx/hh - fixed pointer arithmetics and cpu type;
    TRG/TRG_Reader.cxx - fixed pointer arithmetics and cpu type;
    StDAQMaker.cxx/h, StDAQReader.cxx/h, StRtsReaderMaker.cxx/h - moved daqReader instantiation from StDAQMaker to StDAQReader to switch between input files properly;
    StDAQMaker.cxx/h, StDAQReader.cxx/h - moved StRtsReaderMaker instantiation from StDAQReader to StDAQMaker;
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx/h - removed redundant components ;
    StDAQReader.cxx/h, StRtsReaderMaker.cxx/h - modified to activate the new DAT file format;
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx - fDatReader initialized to zero at class ctor to fix a bug;
    StDAQReader.cxx, StTRGReader.cxx/h - modified to be able to read .dat file in 1999-2008 format;
    StString.h - modified to check for empty string, useful in standalone mode where environmental variables are not defined ;
    rules.make - modified to use mysql_config in place of static dir locations;
    StDbManagerImpl.cc, StDbTable.cc, StDbTableDescriptor.cc/h, StTableDescriptorI.h - struct alignment fixed to keep runtime align calculation ;
    StDbDefs.hh, StDbManagerImpl.cc - added FMS to the domain list;
    MysqlDb.cc - LB timer fixed;
    StDbSql.cc - modified to reset number of rows to fetched number of rows if it is less than total indexed number;
    StDbTableDescriptor.cc/hh - modified to make row size not static, tables have different row sizes;
    StDbDefs.hh, StDbManagerImpl.cc - added new domain: pp2pp;
    StDbSql.cc - modified to restore missing endTime check;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc/hh - removed defaults in Tpc Coordinate transformations ;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified to introduce TPC slewing corrections;
    St_tpcSlewingC.h - added new file to introduce TPC slewing corrections;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcAnodeHVC.h - modified to make tpcAnodeHV better handles with different neighboring voltages;
    St_tpcGainC.h - modified;
    St_tpcAnodeHVC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0C.h, StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified to use St_tpcPadGainT0C instead of St_tpcGainC and St_tpcT0C;
    St_tpcAnodeHVavgC.h - added new file ;
    St_tpcGainC.h, St_tpcT0C.h - removed ;
    St_tss_tssparC.h - moved gain calculations to .cxx file ;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.hh - fixed StThreeVector invoke;
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - updated grid spacing for UndoShort and prepared for other future gridding upgrades to achieve higher resolution results; improved execution speed of many algorithms: especially GridLeak;
    updated scheme for pad row numbering in Predict Space Charge;
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - modified to set GetMagFactor();
    EEdsm/BEdsm2.cxx/h, BemcTrigUtil.cxx/h, EEdsm0.cxx/h, EEdsm0Tree.cxx/h, EEdsm1.cxx/h, EEdsm1Tree.cxx/h, EEdsm2.cxx/h, EEdsm3.cxx/h, EEfeeTP.cxx/h, EEfeeTPTree.cxx/h, EEmapTP.hh EMCdsm2Tree.cxx/h, EemcTrigUtil.cxx/h - EEMC DSM emulator moved over to StTriggerUtilities/Eemc;
    database/StBemcTables.h - added StBemcTable to use in StEmcDecoder;
    projection/ StEmcPosition.cxx/h - added getNextId(det,softId,nEta,nPhi) method;
    StTpcRawData.cxx/h - fixed relation npad from pad row;
    StDcaGeometry.cxx/h - modified to add set from double;
    StuDraw3DEvent.h - added link to pdf file and acrobat 9; modified to promote the virtial inheritance for StDraw3D subclasses;
    StuDraw3DEvent.cxx - fixed eta sign;modified to adjust tresholds;
    StuDraw3DEvent.cxx/h - added EmsHit method to the StuDraw3DEvent ;
    StFmsDbMaker.cxx/h - new FMS DB code ;
    StFtpcLaserCalib.cc - modified to exit laser fit to avoid FPE if either <=2 hits on track or if helix fit fails to converge;
    StFtpcCalibMaker.cxx/h, StFtpcLaser.hh, StFtpcLaserCalib.cc/hh - modified to write out all gas temperature, air pressure info to Run branch of FTPC debug root file;
    modified to be able to vary the gas temperature in addition to varying t0 and gas composition;
    StFtpcClusterDebug.cc - modified to initilize the class data-members and add some protection against of zero pointers;
    added protection against of the nonexisting debug.ini; modified to use default values;
    StFtpcClusterDebug.cc/hh, StFtpcClusterFinder.cc/hh, StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - modified to write out all gas temperature, air pressure info to Run branch of FTPC debug root file;
    StGammaCandidateMaker.cxx - modified to Utilize new StEmcPosition methods to speed up SMD strip collection;
    StDatFileFactory.cxx/h, StTrgDatReader.cxx/h - added .dat file format reader;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiTrack.h - added primary vertex number ;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - modified to reset primarity after refit ;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - removed STAR LOG in print();
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - added primary vertex number and charge(GVB);
    StiMaker.cxx, StiStEventFiller.cxx - set assert instead of skip event;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified not to use padrows with no gain; modified to replace St_tpcGainC to St_tpcPadGainT0C
    StiPullEvent.h - added primary vertex number and charge(GVB); removed redundante definition of StiPullEvent::~StiPullEvent();
    StiPullEvent.cxx/h - modified to propagate primary info into globals(Finish());
    Infrastructure/StHbtPair.cc - fixed for StThreeVector and StLorentzVector ctor;
    GeomBrowser.cxx/h, StarGeomTreeWidget.cxx/h - added refs to the mother volumes; connected DepthControl and lookup depth; added I/O prototype;
    StGeomHighlighter.cxx/h - added new files for motran syntax highlighter;
    TextEdit.cxx/h - modified to add motran syntax highlighter;
    StQtDelayRedrawTimer.cxx, StQtDelayRedrawTimer.h - added new files to delay re-drawing;
    StIOMaker.cxx - modified to initialize the pointer at ctor; added the new raw format to read the trigger data files with extension .dat; loaded StTrdFileReader shared lib to back DAT format;
    StBET4pMaker.vxx/h - updated for BEMC calibration systematics;
    StPythiaFourPMaker.cxx - modified to add tower info into jet tree;
    StJetMaker.cxx/h - fixed getStJets();
    emulator/ StjBEMCSockeVariation.cxx/h, StBET4pMakerImpBuilder.cxx/h - updated for BEMC calibration systematics;
    StMuTrackFourVec.h, StjeTowerEnergyListToStMuTrackFourVecList.cxx/h, StjeTrackListToStMuTrackFourVecList.cxx - midified to add tower info into jet tree;
    StjeDefaultJetTreeWriter.cxx - modified to add tower info into jet tree; added tracks and towers references to jet;
    StMuTowerEmu.h - new file to add tower info into jet tree;
    StMuTrackEmu.h, StjeDefaultJetTreeWriter.cxx/h - added track flag, nSigmaElectron, nSigmaKaon and nSigmaProton;
    StMuTrackEmu.h, StjeTrackListToStMuTrackFourVecList.cxx - added detectorId to tracks; added nSigmaKaon, nSigmaProton and nSigmaElectron; added exitTowerId and exitDetectorId;
    StjeJetEventTreeWriter.h - added new file with implementaion of Tree writer for class StJetEvent; modified to use include "StSpinPool/StJetEvent/StJetEventTypes.h";
    StjeJetEventTreeWriter.cxx - removed dependencies of StSpinPool/StJetEvent on StJetMaker;
    mudst/StjTPCMuDst.cxx - added nSigmaKaon, nSigmaProton and nSigmaElectron;
    tracks/StjTrackList.h - added nSigmaKaon, nSigmaProton and nSigmaElectron;
    StMcFgtHit.cc/hh, StMcFgtHitCollection.cc/hh - modified for FGT;
    COMMON/StuDraw3DMuEvent.h - modified to promote the virtial inheritance for StDraw3D subclasses;

    src/DAQ_READER/cfgutil.cxx/h, daqReader.cxx - fixed the compilation problem under SL5/64-bit;
    daqReader.h - added u_int;
    daqReader.cxx - first attempt to force rtsLog to STDERR for ROOT;
    src/SFS/sfs_index.cxx/h - fixed the compilation problem under SL5/64-bit;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxCore.cxx/h, tpxPed.cxx, tpxStat.cxx/h - updated;
    tpxFCF.cxx - fixed quality asignment bug in simulated data;
    daq_tpx.cxx/h, tpxStat.cxx - modified for misc monitoring ;
    tpxPed.cxx - adjusted special runs;
    src/DAQ_BSMD/daq_bsmd.cxx/h, bsmdPed.cxx/h - added pedestal subtraction routines;
    bsmdPed.cxx, daq_bsmd.cxx - modified for run 2010 support; added RAW SFS;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE/rts_example.C - added RAW SFS bank;
    include/rts.h - added __x86_64 ;
    rtsSystems.h - fixed compilation error on SL5/64-bit machine;
    include/DAQ1000/ddl_struct.h - added heartbeat msc event;
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - fixed pointer arithmetics;
    FCF/fcfClass.cxx - fixed pointer arithmetics;

    StRichArea.cxx - bug fixed ;
    StLoggerConfig.h, StarOptionFilter.h - added Configure header to take in account the different log4cxx versions ;
    StLoggerConfig.h - fixed wrong declaration - change int to class;
    MySQLAppender.cxx/h, StLoggerConfig.h, StLoggerManager.cxx/h, StUCMAppender.cxx/h, StarOptionFilter.cxx - modified to merge log4cxx version 9 and 10;
    StUCMAppender.cxx - fixed the obsolete dependency;
    logging/TxUCMCollector.cxx - added Configure header to take in account the different log4cxx versions ;
    StLorentzVector.hh - added extra ctor;
    StThreeVector.hh - Introduced the dedicated default ctor for StThreeVector;
    StDraw3D.cxx/h - added Print method; fixed the image file name; modified to eliminate the TRotMatrix leak and implement the negative lambda for EndCap style; fixed eta sign; added EmsHit method to the StuDraw3DEvent;
    THelixTrack.cxx - workaround to define the method `TCircleFitter::FitZ()';
    StArchInfo.cxx/h - added new class to return CPU/OS Architecture related info; added new method to calculate the alignment and padding;
    StCheckQtEnv.cxx, StDraw3D.cxx - removed the redundant Coin test;
    StSsdBarrel.cc/hh - fixed FindMcHit signature;
    StSsdWafer.cc - changed Char_t *xyz type to be const;
    StSvtOnlineSeqAdjSimMaker.cxx/h - added boolean variable mRunSvtOnlineSeqAdj to toggle function on and off;
    StTpcDb.cxx/h, StTpcDbMaker.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h, St_tpcCorrectionC.cxx/h - modified to use directly field from StarMagField; replaced St_tpcGainC and St_tpcT0C by St_tpcPadGainT0C; removed defaults in coordinate transformations;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx - introduced TPC slewing corrections;
    StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to replace the obsolete rts_reader with the new daqReader;
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx/h - added debug option;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx/h - updated for run 2009 data; removed dependencies on ROOT MySQL; modified for migration of ROOT MySQL to STAR DB API; modified to move StEEmcUtil/EEdsm to StTriggerUtilities/Eemc;
    StTriggerSimuResult.cxx - added missing header file;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx/h - updated for run 2009 data; removed dependencies on ROOT MySQL; modified for migration of ROOT MySQL to STAR DB API;
    Emc/StEmcTriggerSimu.cxx/h - updated for run 2009 data; removed dependencies on ROOT MySQL; modified for migration of ROOT MySQL to STAR DB API;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx/h - updated for run 2009 data; removed dependencies on ROOT MySQL; modified for migration of ROOT MySQL to STAR DB API;
    BEdsm2.cxx/h, EEdsm0.cxx/h, EEdsm0Tree.cxx/h, EEdsm1.cxx/h, EEdsm1Tree.cxx/h, EEdsm2.cxx/h, EEdsm3.cxx/h, EEfeeTP.cxx/h, EEfeeTPTree.cxx/h, EEmapTP.h, EMCdsm2Tree.cxx/h, EemcTrigUtil.cxx/h - added new files to move StEEmcUtil/EEdsm to StTriggerUtilities/Eemc;
    StDSMUtilities/DSMLayer.hh - modified to add missing algorithm header file;
    DSMLayer_B101_2009.cc, DSMLayer_E001_2009.cc, DSMLayer_E101_2009.cc, DSMLayer_EM201_2009.cc, DSMLayer_LD301_2009.cc, TCU_2009.cc - fixed wrong pointer arithmetics;
    StDSM2009Utilities.hh - modified for migration of ROOT MySQL to STAR DB API;
    TCU.cc/hh - added new files for run 2009 data;
    L2Emulator/StGenericL2Emulator.cxx - modified to move StEEmcUtil/EEdsm to StTriggerUtilities/Eemc;
    StJanEventMaker/JanEvent.cxx - added missing cstring header file;
    StTrsMaker.cxx - removed default in zFromTB ;
    src/StTrsDeDx.cc - modified to fix some comparison;
    src/StTpcDbSlowControl.cc, StTrsChargeSegment.cc, StTrsFastChargeTransporter.cc, StTrsParameterizedAnalogSignalGenerator.cc, StTrsSlowAnalogSignalGenerator.cc, StTrsWireHistogram.cc - modified to remove default in zFromTB;
    include/StTpcDbSlowControl.hh, StTrsChargeTransporter.hh - modified to remove default in zFromTB;

    emc/jet/emc_cl_finder.F - 64bit correction ;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - fixed bug pipe14==>pipe12 in y2008 & y2009; changed BTOFc6 <== BTOFc7 for TOF in y2009 geometry; first attempt to implement year 2010 geometry: y2009+Full BTOF;
    geometry/tpcegeo/tpcegeo3.g - prompt hits implemented; prompt hits moved from GateGrid==>PadPlane; reduced cuts from 1 MeV to 100 keV;
    geometry/calbgeo/calbgeo2.g - removed redundant sensitives ;
    global/evo/v0userfit.F - fixed sign;
    global/egr/userimpfit.F - fixed sign;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - bug fixed in TOF g2t_volume_id;
    tpc/tpt/tpt_find_outlier.F - set dsxy <= 1;

    Calibrations/tpc/tpcRDOMasks.upgr15.C - removed, moved to RunLog/onl;
    tpcPadGainT0.C - added default tpcPadGainT0 table;
    Calibrations/tracker/DefaultTrackingParameters.C, KalmanTrackFitterParameters.C, LocalTrackSeedFinder.C, tkf_tkfpar.C, tpcInnerHitError.C, tpcOuterHitError.C, tpcTrackingParameters.C - added default tracking parameters for year 2000 data for ITTF chain;
    RunLog/onl/tpcRDOMasks.upgr15.C - added, moved from Calibrations/tpc;
    VmcGeometry/y2008.h, y2008a.h, y2009.h - fixed bug pipe14==>pipe12 in y2008 & y2009;
    y2009.h - corrected dead zone;
    Geometry.y2010.C, y2010.h - first version of year 2010 geometry: y2009+Full BTOF;
    idl/fmsPatchPanelMap.idl, fmsQTMap.idl - added FMS mapping tables;
    trgDsmReg.idl - added new dsm registers for EMCAL team;
    tpcSlewing.idl - added tpc slewing struct;
    fmsMap.idl - fixed channel ids;
    fmsGain.idl fmsGainCorrection.idl - new files added for Gain and Gain corrections tables;
    fmsChannelGeometry.idl, fmsDetectorPosition.idl, fmsMap.idl - add more tables for FMS, improved schema;
    tpcChargeStepCalib.idl - removed after removing StChargeStepMaker;
    pp2ppPedestal.idl - added new pedestal table for pp2pp;
    tpcAnodeHVavg.idl - added new tables with average voltages instead of exact voltages;
    vpdTotCorr.idl - added new table for VPD;
    StarVMCApplication/StarMCStack.cxx - assert.h added to define assert();

    qt/src/TGQt.cxx/h, TQtPen.h, TVirtualX.interface.h - modified to adjust ROOT interface;
    qtgui/inc/TEmbeddedPad.h - removed CPP macro to make the CINT happy;
    qtgui/src/ TQtCanvasImp.cxx - removed Coin test;
    qtgl/qtcoin/qtcoin.pro - modified to get rid of the SmallChange Coin package;
    qtgl/qtgl/src/TQtGLViewerImp.cxx, TQtRootViewer3D.cxx - implemented Print interface;
    qtgl/qtcoin/inc/TQtCoinViewerImp.h, TQtCoinWidget.h - implemented Print interface;
    SbList.h, SmAxisKit.h, SmallChange.h, SoText2Set.h - modified to get rid of the SmallChange Coin package;
    qtgl/qtgl/inc/TQGLViewerImp.h. TQtGLViewerImp.h. TQtRootViewer3D.h - implemented Print interface;
    qtgl/qtcoin/InstallCoin3D/installCoin3D.sh - modified to get rid of SmallChange Coin package; disabled the Quater package;
    installCoin3D3.sh - added new script to install Coin-3 suite; modified to define the numner of CPUs to use;
    download.new.sh - added new version of the Coin download script; added the local tar option; added CREATE_TAR variable;
    qtgl/qtcoin/src/TQtCoinViewerImp.cxx, TQtCoinWidget.cxx - implemented Print interface;
    TQtCoinWidget.cxx, SmAxisKit.cxx, SmallChangeInit.cxx, SoText2Set.cxx - added new files to get rid of the SmallChange Coin package;
    TQtInspectImp.cxx - set the correct pad symbol for HEX constant;

    removed obsolete codes, moved to StarLogger;

  • October 26, 2009
    all libraries starting from SL06g to SL09d has been updated with patches for SL5.3 platform and retagged with tags like SL0Xy_SL5.

    Updated codes:
    StRoot/macros/LoadLogger.C, bfc.C - removed using liblog4cxx.so ;

  • September 3, 2009
    new library SL09d (tagged as SL09d) has been created, build on SL4.4, and SL3.05 platforms, tested and released on September 8.

    Main features:
    - new ROOT 5.22.00 version;
    - updated FTPC calibration code;
    - several updates related to new BTOF code;
    - year 2009 geometry fixes;
    - fixed problem reading run 2009 trigger data with new DAQ1000 reader code;
    - number of codes adjustment for 64-bits SL5 platform (not final);
    - new Qt4 version consistent with ROOT 5.22.00;
    - several bugs have been fixed;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Conscript - modified for gfortran support ;
    agetof/nxtcrd.F, raw.F, rw.F - modified ICHAR size;
    agetof/Conscript - modified for gfortran support;
    starsim/atmain/dblib.cxx - added string.h needed for gcc 4;
    starsim/geant/grktmp.F - modified to gfortran compiler;
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - changes for FTPC for laser run; moved all TOF options before VTX ;
    StFileIter.h - modifed to stop warnings; added the empty inpl for the dummy methods;
    StObject.cxx, StTree.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    Bichsel.cxx, GetdEdxResolution.cxx, dEdxParameterization.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StBTofMatchMaker.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StBTofMatchMaker.cxx/h - geometry initialization moved to Init() function;
    StBTofINLCorr.cxx - modified to correct the total # of rows read-in for the TDIGOnTray table;
    StBTofGeometry.cxx/h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StBTofTables.h,StBTofTables.cxx - added new files;
    GENERIC/EventReader.hh - basic fix for gcc 4 ;
    EventReader.cxx - modified to create the fired detector mask;
    StDAQReader.cxx - modified to add event/run number to error message;
    StDbWrappedMessenger.cc - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    ChapiStringUtilities.cxx, MysqlDb.cc, StDbServiceBroker.cxx, StlXmlTree.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StMagUtilities.cxx - updates for Undo3DGridLeakDistortion; faster and more reliable near pad row 13;
    St_tpcGainC.h, St_tpcPadrowT0C.h, St_tpcT0C.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    St_asic_thresholds_tpxC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0C.h - added new files for chairs;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified for new chairs;
    StiChairs.cxx - modified to make temporary prompt hit error *=10;
    StEEmcSmd/EEmcSmdGeom.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    EEmcSmdMap/EEmcSmdMap.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    database/StEEmcDb.cxx, StEEmcDb.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    neuralNet/NeuNet.cxx, NeuNet.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StEstProjection.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StTriggerData2009.cxx/h - added checks of trigger data banks;
    StTriggerData.cxx/h - implemented new data member mErrorFlag and referring access fct;
    StTriggerData2009.cxx/h -implemented flag corruption in new member mErrorFlag;
    StBTofRawHit.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StGlobalFilterTest.cxx - modified to remove the obsolete interface, use the new one;
    StEventMaker.cxx - added checks for corruption in StTriggerData;
    StEventHelper.cxx/h - modified to derive StTrackHelper from the brand-new StarClassLibrary StHelixHelper; fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx/h, StFtpcDbReader.cc/hh - modified to use the 'perfect' gain table and adjustAverageWest = adjustAverageEast = 0.0 for laser run calibration (the 'flaser' option is used in the bfc);
    StFtpcCalibMaker.cxx - modified to use the 'perfect' gain table and adjustAverageWest = adjustAverageEast = 0.0 for laser run calibration;
    macros/lasertest.C, lasertest_single.C modified to use the 'perfect' gain table and adjustAverageWest = adjustAverageEast = 0.0 for laser run calibration;
    Db_LoadTable.C, Db_ReadTable.C - added domainName argument to be able to edit both Calibrations_ftpc and Geometry_ftpc database tables;
    ftpc_sqldraw.C - added macro to histogram FTPC extra temperatures from the MySQL database ;
    StFtpcDisplay.cc, StFtpcTrackingParams.cc - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StGammaEEmcLeakage.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StCtbUtility.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StiPPVertex/EemcHitList.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StGridCollector.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    Base/StHbtParticleCut.h, StHbtTripletCut.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StPythiaFourPMaker.h - removed unused arguments in constructor; removed cut on MC particle status code; modified to save only Pythia final state particles;
    StBET4pMaker.cxx/h - modified to implement methods for doing tower energy correction for tracks;
    mudst/ StjTPCMuDst.cxx - modified to change BEMC radius where to extrapolate TPC tracks from BEMC_RADIUS+5=230.405 cm to 238.6 cm; added protection against null pointers;
    StjBEMCMuDst.cxx - added protection against null pointers;
    StjMCMuDst.cxx - modified to save only Pythia final state particles;
    StJetSimuUtil/StJetSimuReader.cxx - added branch->SetAutoDelete(true) to properly read jet trees;
    StJetSimuUtil/macros/RunJetSimuSkimFinder.C - added Endcap simulator and switched to new trigger simulator; modified names of some variables; modified to implement methods for doing tower energy correction for tracks;
    emulator/StBET4pMakerImp.cxx/h, StBET4pMakerImpBuilder.cxx/h - modified to implement methods for doing tower energy correction for tracks ;
    towers/StjAbstractTowerEnergyCorrectionForTracks.cxx/h, StjTowerEnergyCorrectionForTracksFraction.cxx/h, StjTowerEnergyCorrectionForTracksMip.cxx/h - added new methods of doing tower energy correction for tracks;
    ftf/FtfBaseTrack.cxx/h - modified to eliminate the compilation warnings;
    FtfTrack.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    base/St_l3_Coordinate_Transformer.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StMcBTofHitCollection.cc, StMcEmcHitCollection.cc - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StG3Particle.cxx, StGENParticle.cxx, StHepParticle.cxx, StMCFilter.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StMiniMcEvent.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    COMMON/StuDraw3DMuEvent.cxx, StuDraw3DMuEvent.h - added new files with class-helper to generate 3D view of the StMuEvent object;
    StMuEvent.h, StMuPrimaryTrackCovariance.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StMuDst.h - modified to change tofArrays to btofArrays returned objects in numberOfBTofHit() and numberOfBTofRawHit(); fixed a bug for setBTofPidTraits;
    StuDraw3DMuEvent.cxx, StuDraw3DMuEvent.h - modified to add tracks method to draw all tracks from event;
    StRichSinglePixelCollection.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StRichAreaSegment.cxx, StRichPIDTraits.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StRichGeometryDb.cxx, StRichPadPlane.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - modified to make getTime() a const;
    Base/Factory.h - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - modified to calculate time of flight for StiPulls;
    StStrangeMuDstMaker.cxx/h, DcaService.cxx/h, StStrangeCuts.cc, StStrangeMuDstPlayer.cxx - fixed pointer and string conversions; some fixes for SL5 64_bits platform;
    StSvtHybridDaqData.cc - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StSvtElectronCloud.cc - modified to fix minor axis of initial electron cloud Size ;
    StSvtSignal.cc - modified to adjust mPasaGain to initial cloud size;
    StHelixHelper.cxx, StHelixHelper.h - added new files to convert the helix-based object into the plain array of 3D points;
    StHelixHelper.h - modified to change StHelixHelper interface to be virtual and public;
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - modified to adjust to new daq format;
    StDSMUtilitie/DSMLayer_B001_2009.cc - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerHisto.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    L2Emulator/L2algoUtil/L2DbConfig.cxx, L2VirtualAlgo2008.h, L2VirtualAlgo2009.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    L2Emulator/L2upsilon/L2upsilon2006.cc - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StMessageCounter.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;

    EventTracker/FtfFinder.cxx, eventTrackerLib.cxx, FtfMcTrack.cxx, gl3HistoManager.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    include/rtsSystems.h - modified to shuffle FGT trigger group and FPD;
    rts.h - added _x86_64 flag to support 64 bits platform;
    include/DB/conditions/detsDictionary.h - addded new file;
    src/rtsmakefile.def - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_BSMD/bsmd_reader.cxx, daq_bsmd.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_ESMD/daq_esmd.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_BTOW/daq_btow.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_ETOW/daq_etow.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_EMC/emc_reader.cxx - fixed for 64 bit platform;
    src/DAQ_FTP/daq_ftp.h - modified to separate dependences;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx, msgNQLib.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_PMD/daq_pmd.cxx, daq_pmd.h, pmd_reader.cxx - added SFS PMD support;
    src/DAQ_TPC/tpc_FCFReader.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxGain.cxx/h - modified for support run and date in the file;
    tpxGain.cxx, tpxPed.cxx - modified for new pulser style;
    src/DAQ_TRG/trg_reader.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/SFS/fs_index.h - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/FCF/fcfClass.cxx - fixed for 64 bits platform;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE/tpx_read_gains.C - added new file to read TPX gains;
    tpx_gains.C - added run number ;

    StMCTruth.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    mysql/StarJobs.csh, StartSql.csh - modified to start the logger Db faster; replace the deprecated A option with the modern --skip-auto-rehash;
    TRArray.cxx/h, TRSymMatrix.cxx/h, TRVector.cxx/h - added AdoptA method which preserved ownership;
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - modified to add full error matrix + derivatives matrix; operator =() added;
    StDraw3D.cxx, StMemStat.cxx, THelixTrack.cxx, TPolinom.cxx, xTCL.cxx - fixed for SL5 64 bits platform;
    StDraw3D.cxx - adjusted for Qt4;

    GeomBrowser.cxx/h, QExGeoDrawHelper.cxx, StGeomBrowser.cxx/h, StGeomDepthControl.ui, StarGeomTreeWidget.cxx/h,
    TQtRangeControl.cxx/h, TextEdit.cxx/h - new files added to be consistent with new ROOT version and Qt4 ;
    GeomBrowser.ui, GeomBrowser.ui.h, QExObjectListItem.h, QtGBrowserInspect.h, QtGBrowserObjectListItem.h, St_geom_image_collection.cxx - removed;
    icons/St_geom_Maker.qrc, FileNew.xpm, FileOpen.xpm, FilePrint.xpm, FileSave.xpm, arrow_left.xpm, arrow_right.xpm, connect.xpm,
    fileopen.xpm, hdisk_t.xpm, printer.xpm, printer_s.xpm, qglviewer.icon.xpm, quit.xpm,reload.xpm, save.xpm, saveas.xpm,
    snapshot.xpm, starlogo_1.xpm, update.xpm, view3d.xpm, wirebox.xpm - icons images moved to icons directory;

    geometry/geometry/ geometry.g - modified to remove Cone in upgr16 geometry;
    modified TOF geometry for run 2009;
    modified to make thinner beam pipe for upgr16;
    modified to take PMD off the geometry y2009 ;
    modified to take pixel off for upgr16 ;
    geometry/ecalgeo/ecalgeo.g - modified to fix BIRK3 constant; fixed Air;
    modified to make special stra(gling) aluminium workaround for geant3;
    geometry/fpdmgeo/fpdmgeo.g, fpdmgeo1.g, fpdmgeo2.g, fpdmgeo3.g - modified to fix BIRK3 constant;
    fpdmgeo.g - stra_Air added;
    geometry/btofgeo/btofgeo6.g - modified TOF geometry for run 2009;
    geometry/fpdmgeo/fhcmgeo.g - cleanup of write(*,*);
    geometry/fpdmgeo/fpdmgeo.g - fixed Air; remove redundant Isvol=0;
    geometry/pipegeo/pipegeo.g - modified to make thinner beam pipe for upgr16;
    geometry/tpcegeo/tpcegeo3.g - wrong TPAD shift fixed; fixed FEEA (Front End Electronics Assembly) position;
    gen/hijing_382/Conscript - modified for gfortran support;

    geant3/added/dummies.c - modified to eliminate the compilation warning;
    g2Root/Conscript - modified for gfortran support;
    VmcGeometry/y2009.h - PMD taken off for geometry y2009; wrong TPAD shift fixed; fixed FEEA (Front End Electronics Assembly) position;
    HitError.idl, bsmdeMap.idl, bsmdpMap.idl - modified to add tpcPadGainT0 table;
    tpcPadGainT0.idl - added new table;
    asic_thresholds_tpx.idl - added new asic thresholds table for TPX;

    new Qt4 version installed;
    qtroot/src/TQtContextMenuImp.cxx, TQtObjectDialog.cxx - new files added;
    qtroot/inc/TQtObjectDialog.h, TQtContextMenuImp.h - new files added;
    qtgl/qtgl/inc/TGLIncludes.5.22.h - added new file;
    qtgl/qtgl/src/TQtGLViewerImp.cxx/h - modified to remove some qt3 support modules;
    qtgui/inc/TEmbeddedPad.cxx/h - new ROOT 5.24 interface added;
    qtgui/inc/TEmbeddedPad.h - modified to add ROOT header to make class backward compatibleqt/inc/TQtBrush.h;
    qt/inc/TQtBrush.h, TQtUtil.h - modified to add ROOT header to make class backward compatible qt/inc/TQtBrush.h;
    qtgui/src/TEmbeddedPad.cxx - modified to add ROOT header to make class backward compatible qt/inc/TQtBrush.h;
    qtthread/inc/LinkDef.h, TQtCondition.h, TQtMutex.h, TQtThreadFactory.h, TQtThreadImp.h - modified to adjust interface to fix ROOT bug;
    qtthread/src/TQtCondition.cxx, TQtMutex.cxx, TQtThreadFactory.cxx, TQtThreadImp.cxx - - modified to adjust interface to fix ROOT bug;

  • July 31, 2009
    new library SL09c (tagged as SL09c) has been created, build on SL4.4, and SL3.05 platforms, tested and released on August 3.

    Main features:
    - new StBTofMatchMaker code added;
    - new code for MC filterring added;
    - SVT simulator tuning updated;
    - TPC prompt hits for geometry year 2009 implemented;
    - several bugs have been fixed;

    Next codes have been updated:

    geant/gdecay.F - removed ;
    atutil/aranlux.F - updated to supress redundant prints ;
    StBFChain.cxx - modified to create a calib mode for StGenericVertex when using VtxSeedCalG;
    StMessMgr.cxx/h - modified to add new dedicated UCM logger;
    StArray.cxx, StTree.cxx - fixed the compilation warnning and error for 64-bits platform ;
    StBTofMatchMaker.cxx/h - new TOF match maker code;
    StChain.cxx - modified to replace QA logger with the dedicated UCM one;
    StRTSBaseMaker.cxx/h, StRtsTable.h - added DAQ event header to pass;
    GENERIC/EventReader.cxx - modified to generate the EventInfo from the daqReader rather from the DATAP structure because DATAP bank was not written in run 2009;
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx/h - added DAQ event header to pass;
    St_spaceChargeCorC.h - modified to use factor for powers for 2009+;
    StDetectorDbMaker.cxx - modified to delete trigDetSums before creating a new one (bug fixes);
    StTriggerData2009.cxx - modified pp2ppDSM() due to changes in DSM structure ;
    StTriggerData.cxx/h, StTriggerData2009.cxx/h - added fmsADC() method;
    StuDraw3DEvent.cxx - modified to remove the redundant StTrackPointsand, replace it with StTrackHelper;
    StEventHelper.cxx/h - hits iterator added;
    StGenericVertexFinder.h, StGenericVertexMaker.cxx/h - modified to create a calib mode for StGenericVertex when using VtxSeedCalG ; modified to move CalibBeamLine call from InitRun to Init;
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx/h, TrackData.cxx/h - modified to allow export of prim tracks for 3D beam line fit (use VtxSeedCalG option), oneTrack vertex thresholds was lowered form 15 to 10 GeV/c;
    Vertex3D.cxx - modified to narrow extrapolation range to prevent crashes;
    StJetSkimEventMaker.cxx - modified to drop events without vertices;
    emulator/StjeDefaultJetTreeWriter.cxx - modified to drop events without vertices;
    StPrepEmbedMaker.cxx/h - updated with codes for strangeness embedding;
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h - Btof added;
    StMcEvent.hh - modified to increase version in ClassDef;
    StMcContainers.hh, StMcEvent.cc/hh, StMcEventLinkDef.h, StMcEventTypes.hh, StMcFgtHitCollection.hh, StMcFgtLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcFtpcHitCollection.hh,
    StMcFtpcPlaneHitCollection.hh, StMcIstHitCollection.hh, StMcIstLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcPixelHitCollection.hh, StMcPixelLayerHitCollection.hh,
    StMcRichHitCollection.hh, StMcSsdWaferHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtBarrelHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtLadderHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtLadderHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtWaferHitCollection.hh, StMcTofHitCollection.hh,
    StMcTpcHitCollection.hh, StMcTpcPadrowHitCollection.hh, StMcTpcSectorHitCollection.hh - modified;
    StMcBTofHit.cc, StMcBTofHit.hh, StMcBTofHitCollection.cc, StMcBTofHitCollection.hh - added new files for Btof hits collection ;
    StMcEvent - modified to supress I/O for serice words;
    StExampleFilter.cxx/h, StG3Particle.cxx/h, StGenParticle.cxx/h, StHepParticle.cxx, StMCFilter.cxx/h, StGENParticle.cxx/h, StHepParticle.h - new codes to proceed with MC filterring simulation;
    COMMON/StMuHelix.cxx/h - helix() method added;
    StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx, StEvtVtxSeedMaker.cxx - modified to match mult for MuDst and StEvent;

    src/DAQ_FTP/ daq_ftp.h- modified to separate dependency and provide proper reading FTPC detector info;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxPed.cxx/h - added support for run in ped_sum;
    daq_tpx.cxx, tpxFCF.cxx/h - fixed bug in the afterburner; added row8 afterburner;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE/daqFileChopper.C - added new macro to chop files up;
    src/DAQ_PP2PP/daq_pp2pp.h - modified;
    pp2pp.h - added new file to separate DAQ pp2pp data and DAQ Reader dependency to integrate pp2ppp with offline framework;
    include/daqModes.h - added some super special run types;

    StLoggerManager.cxx - modified for UCM appender; added new dedicated UCM logger; added the mandatory UCM filters; replaced QA logger with the dedicated UCM one;
    StUCMAppender.cxx/h - new files to add UCM appender to the StStarLogger; removed the redundant logStart/logEnd invocation; set UCM technology as default; modified to fix task size;
    StLoggerManager.cxx - modified to pick the UCM technology from the LOGGING var;
    logging/TxEventLog.cpp, TxEventLog.h, TxEventLogFactory.cxx/h, TxEventLogFile.cpp/h, TxEventLogMain.C, TxEventLogWeb.cpp/h, TxLogEventCmd.C, TxUCMConstants.h, TxUCMUtils.h, ucmlogging.properties - new files to add UCM appender to the StStarLogger;
    TxUCMCollector.cxx/h - added new file for C++ version of the TxUCMCollector.java; fixed db parameters; modified to fix the recordExists method;
    modified to recreate the job/event table by pattern;
    TxEventLogCollector.cpp/h - added new files for UCM collector factory;
    TxEventLogFactory.cxx - modified to add UCM collector factory;
    TxEventLogFile.cpp, TxUCMCollector.cxx - fixed task size parser;
    TxUCMCollector.cxx - initialized log4cxx appender for UCM collector if needed;
    logging.i - added new file for SWIG description; added TxEventLogFactory SWIG interface;
    TxEventLog.cpp, TxEventLog.h - modified to add consty char * interface to adjust SWIG;
    txLoggingTest.java - added new file to test the SWIG interface;
    mysql/UCMLogger.xml - added new config file to acrivate the StUCMLogger;
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - bug fixed; method PatX(helx,,,) added;
    StSvtElectronCloud.cc - modified to increase initial hit sizes and add projection to tSigMaj in function setInitWidths;
    fixed angular dependencies;corrected SDD thickness;
    modified several formula to better account for non-infinitesimal initial hit sizes;
    StSvtElectronCloud.hh - added new variable, mInitHitSize;
    StSvtSignal.cc - modified to increase of mPasaGain during tune; fixed angular dependencies; updated to compensate of addition of angular dependence in StSvtElectronCloud.cc; increased mPasaGain to compensate for edge effects subtraction in StSvtElectronCloud.cc;
    StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx - modified to decrease of cTrapConst to reflect proper time evolution of hits;
    modified to increase of trapping constant to compensate for changes in electron cloud shape;
    StiHit.cxx - replaced LOG_DEBUG ==> LOG_FATAL; replaced FATAL ==> WARN for TPC dead RDO;
    StiDebug.cxx/h - FpeOn added;
    StTofHitMaker.cxx/h - bug fixed;
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx/h - bug fixed; modified to make it compiled on 64-bit platform; replaced the deprecated API of the STAR messenger;
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx - made explicit initialization of mStrobeTdcMin, mStrobeTdcMax, and mPedTOFr;
    StTrsMaker.cxx - commented out cut on TPC fiducial volume;
    StMessageManager.cxx/h - modified to add new dedicated UCM logger;
    StVeloMaker.cxx/h, StVeloMakerLinkDef.h - removed ;

    logging/TxEventLogMain.cpp - remove the main TxEventLogMain.cpp from shared lib;
    TxEventLogMain.C - added the header file to define sleep function;
    TxLogEventCmd.C - modified to change the default factory from file to UCM;
    TxUCMCollector.cxx - modified to create the new table by the pattern;
    TxUCMCollector.h - added header ;

    gen/starlight/src//sigmadelta.f - bug fixed;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - modified to increase interaction/decay volume;
    geometry/tpcegeo/tpcegeo3.g - modified to add prompt hits;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - modified to add prompt hits;

    VmcGeometry/y2009.h - added prompt hits;
    idl/tofTotbCorr.idl, tofZbCorr.idl - added new files to convert tofZCorr and tofTotCorr tables to bin ary storage format;

  • June 29, 2009
    SL09b has been updated with StGammaMaker, user's code
  • June 09, 2009
    new library SL09b (tagged as SL09b) has been created, build on SL4.4, and SL3.05 platforms, tested and released on June 12.

    Main features:
    - updated trigger data for run 2009;
    - implemented Dalitz decays in starsim;
    - few sofware bugs fixed;

    Next codes have been updated:

    agzio/agzkine.age - modified for MC filter ;
    atmain/qnext.age - modified for MC filter ;
    geant/gdecay.F - modified to implement Dalitz decays;
    geant/helios.age - new file added for Dalitz decays;

    StHistUtil.cxx - inlarged arrays for more trigger type hists; added Anode guide lines in TPC Sector plots; modified to draw TPC sector boundaries and labels; fixed for ROOT 5.22; added RDO boundary lines in TPC Sector plots;
    StRTSBaseMaker.cxx - modified to downgrade the message level from INFO to DEBUG;
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx - modified to downgrade the message level from INFO to DEBUG;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc/hh - introduced tpcPadrowT0 time offsets;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified to add tpcAnodeHV Chair;
    St_tpcAnodeHVC.h - added to introduce of tpcAnodeHV Chair;
    St_tpcRDOMasksC.h - modified;
    St_tss_tssparC.h - changed counting of TPC anode Voltage for gas gain;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcPadrowT0C.h - introduced tpcPadrowT0 time offsets;
    EEmcMC/EEmcMCData.cxx - fixed bug;
    StEemcRaw.cxx - changed threshold in EEMC;
    StEmcMappingDb.cxx - fixed case statements so that we can compile SL305;
    StCtbTriggerDetector.cxx - fixed bug in reading old data;
    StEnumerations.h - updated PWG enumerations;
    StTriggerData2009.cxx - updated for run 2009 triggers;
    StTrack.cxx - checking for big length added;
    StTriggerData.cxx/h, StTriggerData2009.cxx/h - updated for MTD; updated for pp2pp and ToF;
    StuDraw3DEvent.cxx - check for track->bad() added;
    StuDraw3DEvent.cxx/h - added Hits for Track method and track attribute;
    trigger/StjTrgDisableTower.h, StjTrgDisableTowerHT.h, StjTrgDisableTowerJP.h - added constructer;
    EZTREE/EztEmcRawData.h - added const to isCrateVoid function;
    COMMON/StMuDstMaker.cxx - changed type of DataSet;
    COMMON/StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuIOMaker.cxx, StMuMomentumShiftMaker.cxx - modified to test I/O errors after filling the TTree;
    StEvtVtxSeedMaker.cxx, StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.cxx/h - modified for BEMC matches;

    src/rtsplusplus.def - added l3 support;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxPed.cxx, daq_tpx.cxx - modified;
    tpxCore.cxx - added overflow protection in data_test; updated new FPGA version;
    tpxGain.cxx - changed default to window and relaxed t0 cut;
    tpxCore.cxx, tpxPed.cxx/h - modified to improve pedestals and RDO work matching;
    src/DAQ_L3/daq_l3.cxx, l3_reader.cxx - added workaround to enable reading l3_gtd from HLT files;
    daq_l3.h, l3_reader.cxx - modified to add run 2009 sequence; added l3 as a valid sfs bank name;
    src/DAQ_PP2PP/daq_pp2pp.cxx/h - added bunch xing to the structure; fixed mask of bunch xing; added not_sparsebr;
    include/daq100Decision.h - removed allADC from laser runs;
    iccp2k.h - modified to change EVBFLAGS for l25 abort due to conflict with hlt from daq100formats.h; added L2 release;
    rtsLog.h - added L3 log;
    rtsMonitor.h - added rtsMonL1Counters;
    tasks.h - added TRG_SCA_MON_TASK;
    rtsSystems.h - updated DAQ1000 dets to include L3 ;
    DB/conditions/rtsCndPwCondition.h - added additions onbits & offbits to support new TCU;

    THack.cxx/h - added new method "IsTreeWritable"; activated MuDST I/O output error;
    StDraw3D.cxx - added new padless 3d view and test StDraw3D::ShowDetectorTest;

    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - GetTime defence sin <1 added ;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to account padrow anode Voltage status ;

    StTofHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to prevent chain on running this maker on Run2009+ data ;
    StTpcDbMaker.cxx - modified to generate EoF when TPC trips;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - added L0 Upsilon triggers;

    fhcmgeo/fhcmgeo.g, oneTrack.kumac - added new files for Forward Hadron Detector geometry;
    geometry/geometry.g - added FHD geometry for tag upgr22;
    apytuser.age - added filter for Pythia;

    StVMCMaker/StVMCMaker.cxx - added StarVMCDetectorSet;

    Calibrations/tracker/ - svtTrackingParameters.20010312.000011.C,tpcTrackingParameters.20010312.000011.C - modified to reduce a factor of 10 search window, moved to DB;
    tpcAnodeHV.idl - added new file;
    tpcPadrowT0.idl - added new file with new tpcPadrowT0 table;

    StUCMAppender.cxx - added Web factory to set the network logging; modified to introduce TxEventLog abstract interface;
    logging/TxUCMUtils.h - modified to replace the error prone const char * with std::string;
    TxEventLog.h, TxEventLogFile.cpp, TxEventLogFile.h - added logTask API;
    TxEventLogFile.cpp - implemented logTask method; added the taskRemainSize to the logTask method;
    TxEventLogWeb.cpp - modified to adjust TxEventLogWeb module;
    TxUCMConstants.h - added the meta-API to manage the tasks/jobs;
    TxEventLogFactory.cxx - added Web factory to set the network logging;
    TxEventLogWeb.cpp/h - added new files for Network based implementaion of the TxLogEvent interface;
    TxEventLogFactory.cxx/h, TxEventLogFile.cpp/h, TxEventLogMain.cpp - added new files to introduce TxEventLog abstract interface;
    logging/.svn/props/TxEventLogFile.cpp.svn-work - added new files with SVN properties;
    logging/.svn/prop-base/TxEventLogFile.cpp.svn-base - added new files with SVN properties;
    logging/.svn/prop-base/TxEventLogFactory.cxx.svn-base, TxEventLogFactory.h.svn-base, TxEventLogFile.h.svn-base - new files to introduce TxEventLog abstract interface;
    logging/.svn/props/TxEventLogFactory.cxx.svn-work, TxEventLogFactory.h.svn-work, TxEventLogFile.h.svn-work, TxEventLogMain.cpp.svn-work, ucmlogging.properties.svn-work - added new files to introduce TxEventLog abstract interface;
    logging/.svn/wcprops/TxEventLogFactory.cxx.svn-work, TxEventLogFactory.h.svn-work, TxEventLogFile.cpp.svn-work, TxEventLogFile.h.svn-work - added new files to introduce TxEventLog abstract interface;
    TxEventLog.cpp.svn-work, TxEventLog.h.svn-work, TxEventLogMain.cpp.svn-work - modified;
    logging/.svn/text-base/TxEventLogFactory.cxx.svn-base, TxEventLogFactory.h.svn-base, TxEventLogFile.cpp.svn-base, TxEventLogFile.h.svn-base TxUCMConstants.h.svn-base - added new files to introduce TxEventLog abstract interface;
    TxEventLog.cpp.svn-base, TxEventLog.h.svn-base, TxEventLogMain.cpp.svn-base - modified;

    qtgl/qtgl/src/TGLViewerImp.cxx, TQtGLViewerWidget.cxx, TQtRootViewer3D.cxx - modified to add new padless 3D view ;
    qtgl/qtcoin/src/TQtCoinViewerImp.cxx, TQtCoinWidget.cxx, TQtRootCoinViewer3D.cxx - modified to add new padless 3D view ;
    TQtCoinViewerImp.cxx - added Qt4 header file;

  • June 29, 2009
    SL09a has been updated with StGammaMaker, user's code.
  • April 13, 2009
    new library SL09a (tagged as SL09a) has been created, build on SL4.4, and SL3.05 platforms, tested and released on April 16.

    Main features:
    - new DAQ Reader for daq1000 & daq100; modifed EMC, TOF, FTPC, L3 and other DAQ readers to be compatible with 2009 DAQ format;
    - new trigger ID for run 2009 implemented;
    - new TOF code & geometry for run 2009;
    - new StUCMApi package for job tracking, first release;
    - fixed scaler information in MuDST - blue versus yellow for data 2009; before 2009 MuDst has REVERSED info for scaler from blue & yellow rings;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StHistUtil.cxx/h - introduced analyses with reference histograms; added Jet Patch trigger histograms;
    GenericFile.h - moved to St_base from muEztPanitkin/EEqaPresenter;
    StFileIter.cxx/h - fixed the wrong string comparison; modified to make the NextEventKey method public;
    StBFChain.cxx - modified to rename TMemStat => StMemStat due clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class;
    BigFullChain.h - modified to rename minicern => StarMiniCern to avoid clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class; added BTOF chains; added pp2009a for run 2009 data; changed pp2009a to use Minuit; added pp2009b with PPVF; removed Silicon from LanaDV and LanaDVtpx, reshaped geant3 for StarVMC;
    StBTofHitMaker.cxx/h - first release of offline TOF new DAQ reader; added BTofHit filling functions;modified for changes in StBTofSortRawHit intialization; BTofHeader filling moved prior to the fillBTofHit; vpd trayId hard-code removed, set by data directly;
    StBTofDaqMap.cxx/h - first release of barrel TOF daq mapping for run 2009; mNValidTrays set by the tofTrayConfig in db;
    StBTofGeometry.cxx/h - first release of TOF Barrel geometry for run 2009; tray geometry alignment implemented; optimized the geometry initialization function, reduced the CPU time use; optimized the HelixCrossCellIds() function;
    StBTofHitCollection.cxx/h - first release for TOF data, run 2009;
    StBTofRawHitCollection.cxx/h - first release for TOF data, run 2009;
    StBTofSortRawHit.cxx/h - first release for TOF data, run 2009; trigger window cuts moved to db; added protection from reading-in wrong trayId/chan/fiber numbers;
    StBTofINLCorr.cxx/h - first release for Barrel TOF INL correction functions; new tofINLSCorr table for full barrel system for Run 2009 and further; modified to return the INL corr from the first element in db in case of missing INL tables in db; INL arrays changed from float to short;
    tofPathLength.cc, tofPathLength.hh - first release of path length calculation functions for TOF hit;
    StChain.cxx - modified to rename TMemStat => StMemStat due clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class;
    StMaker.cxx/h - modified to rename TMemStat => StMemStat due clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class;
    GetDBTim() added; upgr16a geomeytry tag added;
    StRtsTable.cxx - fixed StRtsTable descriptor;
    StIOInterFace.cxx, StIOInterFace.h - modified to make StIOInterFace to be StRTSBaseMaker;
    EVP/ssdReader.h - added ssd_t into OLDEVP namespace to spot the possible declaration clas;
    scReader.h - modified to adjust to new daqReader;
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx - fixed calculation of the path in GetCrateAndSequenceFromTriggerPatch ;
    StEmcDecoder.cxx/h, StEmcMappingDb.h - modified to use default date==20330101 like St_db_Maker to suppress spurious error messages ; allow setting timestamp using a TDatime directly;
    StEmcDecoder.cxx, StEmcMappingDb.cxx/h - removed, moved to StEmcUtil/database;
    PreshowerBug2007.txt, TowerBug2004.txt, TowerBug2005.txt - moved to StEmcUtil/database ;
    GENERIC/EventReader.cxx - added protection against of crash for the new DAQ files witho DATAP structure;
    EventReader.hh - modified to adjust to new daqReader;
    EEMC/EEMC_Reader.cxx - modified for new daqReader;
    SC/SC_Reader.cxx/hh - modified to adjust to new daqReader; corrected flipped BBC background scalers; disabled SC_Reader class;
    SSD/SSD_Reader.cxx - modified to adjust to new daqReader;
    TRG/trgStructures2009.h - added new files for run 2009 data; updated for L2 OFFSETs;
    StEMCReader.cxx, StRtsReaderMaker.cxx - replaced daq_dta_dict with get_size_t(); modified for new DAQ READER;
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx - modified to preserve/accumulate the copy the DAQ table to avoid the dead data access ;
    StDAQReader.cxx/h - modified to adjust to daqReader pointer; fillin the Event Header from the new daqReader if available; removed the redundant devReader type; fixed L1/L2/L3 summary;
    StDAQMaker.cxx, StDAQReader.cxx, StSCReader.cxx/h - modified to pickup the SC data using new DAQ_READER ;
    MysqlDb.cc - fixed reporting of port numbers to what is actually used ;
    StDbServiceBroker.cxx - changed path specification to avoid side effects;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - modified to rename TMemStat => StMemStat;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc - modified to use tpcT0 chair, use sector/row in global => local transformation ; modified to use StDetectorDb chairs for TpcGlobalPosition and TpcSectorPosition;
    St_trigDetSumsC.h - added math.h;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcGlobalPositionC.h, St_tpcSectorPositionC.h - added assert for Clock <= 0;
    StSsdSurveyC.h, StSvtSurveyC.h, St_SurveyC.h - added new files;
    StiChairs.cxx, StiDefaultTrackingParameters.h, StiHitErrorCalculator.h, StiIst1HitErrorCalculator.h, StiIst2HitErrorCalculator.h, StiIst3HitErrorCalculator.h, StiIstChairs.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinderParameters.h, StiKalmanTrackFitterParameters.h, StiLocalTrackSeedFinderParameters.h, StiPixelChairs.cxx, StiPixelHitErrorCalculator.h, StiPixelTrackingParameters.h, StiSsdChairs.cxx, StiSsdHitErrorCalculator.h, StiSsdTrackingParameters.h, StiSvtChairs.cxx, StiSvtHitErrorCalculator.h, StiSvtTrackingParameters.h, StiTpcChairs.cxx, StiTpcInnerHitErrorCalculator.h, StiTpcOuterHitErrorCalculator.h, StiTpcTrackingParameters.h, StiTrackingParameters.h - moved from Sti;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - set assert for clock frequency if not in range [0,1e7] Hz;
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h, StEemcRaw.cxx/h, StEmcRawMaker.cxx/h - modified to be compatible with 2009 DAQ Format;
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h - put back some obsolete methods to satisfy StBemcData; fixed a bug in getting CAP;
    StEmcRawMaker.cxx - fixed behavior for older data;
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h, StEemcRaw.cxx/h, StEmcRawMaker.cxx/h - modified for new location of StEmcDecoder;
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h, defines.h - added token check to BTOW header check;;
    StBemcRaw.cxx, StEemcRaw.cxx - updated default BPRS ZS handling and fix EEMC minor bug;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h, StEmcAsciiDbMaker.cxx/h, - modified to moved the EEMC database functionality from StEEmcDbMaker to StEEmcUtil/database ;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - Initialize all 12 sectors;
    EEmcDbCrate.cxx/h, EEmcDbItem.cxx/h, Makefile, mklinkdef.pl - removed files;
    StEmcAsciiDbMaker.cxx - modified to mask from DB;
    EEmcGeom/EEmcGeomSimple.cxx/h - fixed the sectors initialization; removed exceptions from the geom code;
    EEmcMC/EEmcMCData.cxx - modified to remove asserts & exceptions;
    EEmcException.cxx/h - removed;
    StEEmcMixerMaker.cxx/h, StEEmcSlowMaker.cxx/h - modified to change StEEmcDbMaker -> StEEmcDb ;
    database/cstructs/eemcConstDB.hh, eemcDbADCconf.hh, eemcDbBoxconf.hh, eemcDbCWchar.hh, eemcDbHVsys.hh, eemcDbHVtemp.hh, eemcDbPIXcal.hh, eemcDbPIXname.hh, eemcDbPMTcal.hh, eemcDbPMTchar.hh, eemcDbPMTconf.hh, eemcDbPMTname.hh, eemcDbPMTped.hh, eemcDbPMTstat.hh, eemcDbXMLdata.hh, kretConstDB.hh, kretDbBlobS.hh - new files to move the EEMC database functionality from StEEmcDbMaker to StEEmcUtil/database;
    StEEmcDb.cxx - fixed the sectors initialization; removed exceptions from the geom code;
    EEdsm/EemcTrigUtil.cxx/h - updated for 2009 DSM thresholds; initialize non-existent thresholds to -1;
    BEdsm2.cxx/h, EEdsm0.cxx/h, EEdsm0Tree.cxx/h, EEdsm1.cxx/h, EEdsm1Tree.cxx/h, EEdsm2.cxx/h, EEdsm3.cxx/h, EEfeeTP.cxx/h, EEfeeTPTree.h, EMCdsm2Tree.cxx/h - modified;
    StBemcData.cxx - added missing include;
    database/StEmcMappingDb.cxx/h - modified to use StMaker::GetChain() instead of the hucker approach ;
    StEmcDecoder.cxx/h, StEmcMappingDb.cxx/h - optimization; fixed bug in GetTowerIdFromTDC;
    StBemcTables.cxx - modified to use StMaker::GetDBTime() instead of GetDateTime();
    StEmcDecoder.cxx/h, StEmcMappingDb.cxx/h - moved from StDaqLib/EMC to StEmcUtil/database ;
    PreshowerBug2007.txt, TowerBug2004.txt, TowerBug2005.txt - files moved from StDaqLib/EMC;
    StBbcTriggerDetector.cxx - includes added ;
    StBTofCollection.cxx/h, StBTofHeader.cxx/h, StBTofHit.cxx/h, StBTofPidTraits.cxx/h, StBTofRawHit.cxx/h - initial revesion for new TOF code ;
    StContainers.h, StEvent.cxx/h, StEventClusteringHints.cxx - modified for new TOF code;
    StContainers.cxx - added implementaion for BTof containers ;
    StFmsTriggerDetector.cxx/h - fixed problem when running over 2009 data ;
    StTriggerData.cxx/h, StEventLinkDef.h - modified to cooperate with necessary changes for 2009;
    StTriggerData2009.cxx/h - initial revision for run 2009 data ; modified to provide new ZDC access functions; updated to use in Online QA (P) plots; updated for new VPD access functions;
    StTriggerData.h - updated to use in Online QA (P) plots ; updated for new VPD access functions;
    StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData2003.h, StTriggerData2004.h, StTriggerData2005.h, StTriggerData2007.h, StTriggerData2008.h, StTriggerData2009.cxx/h - modifications by Akio to support getDsm0_BEMCE and getDsm0_BEMCW as well as getDsm1_BEMC;
    StTriggerData.cxx/h, StTriggerData2009.cxx/h - modified to provide new access functions for ZDC DSM layer-1 and layer-2 data;
    StTriggerData2007.cxx/h, StTriggerData2008.cxx/h, StTriggerData2009.cxx/h, StTriggerData.cxx/h - modified to add 2nd argument (pre/post) to vpdEarliestTDC();
    StBTofHeader.cxx/h - modified to make mTriggerTime as array, setVpdVz() to get default argument;
    StBTofHit.cxx/h - changed tray() to int;
    StBTofRawHit.cxx/h - mLeTeFlag changed to mFlag; tray(), module(), cell() changes to return int;
    StEnumerations.h, StDetectorDefinitions.h, StDetectorId.inc - added detector Ids for FPD East/West and FMS;
    LoopOverLaserTrees.C - modified to increase acceptable drift velocity interval from [5.5,5.9] to [5.2,5.9];
    StLaserAnalysisMaker.cxx - removed hits not beloging to primary tracks;
    StiPPVertex/EemcHitList.cxx/h, StPPVertexFinder.cxx/h - modified due to replacing StEEmcDbMaker to StEEmcDb ;
    ThCorrFctn/StHbtSmearedHiddenInfo.cxx - added missing (in ROOT 5.22) includes;
    Fit/dFitter3d.cxx - added include ;
    StMcIstHitCollection.hh, StMcIstHit.hh, StMcPixelHit.cc - decoding for upgr15 geometry ;
    StMuScalerCutter.cxx/h - introduced class to determine events with bad RICH scalers ;
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx - added more pointer protection in dcaGlobal(int) and dca(int);
    StMuEvent.cxx/h - added global tracks with DCA < 3cm, >= 10 TPC fit hits and |eta| < 0.5;
    StMuTrack.h - iterated Class Def by 1 to accommodate new BTOF data member;
    StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuIOMaker.cxx - set tree size to max size;
    StTpcT0Maker.cxx - modified to account the fact that drift velocities are different for East and West part of TPC ;
    StMuArrays.cxx/h, StMuDst.cxx/h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h, StMuTrack.cxx/h - added classes to accommodate Barrel TOF hits;
    StMuBTofHitCollection.cxx/h, StMuBTofHit.cxx/h, StMuBTofPidTraits.cxx/h, StMuBTofUtil.cxx/h - added new files to accommodate barrel TOF hit collection;
    StPixelFastSimMaker.cxx/h - updated for UPGR15 geometry version;

    src - new DAQ reader codes:
    src/DAQ_BSMD/bsmd_reader.cxx, daq_bsmd.cxx/h - new BSMD daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_BTOW/daq_btow.cxx/h - new BTOW daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_EMC/daq_emc.cxx/h, emcReader.cxx/h, emc_reader.cxx, emc_single_reader.cxx - new EMC daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_ESMD/daq_esmd.cxx/h - modified to adjust to new DAQ_READER;
    src/DAQ_ETOW/daq_etow.cxx/h - new ETOW daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx/h - new FGT daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_FPD/daq_fpd.cxx/h, fpdReader.cxx/h, fpd_reader.cxx - new FPD daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_FTP/daq_ftp.cxx/h, ftpReader.cxx/h, ftp_reader.cxx - new FTPC daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_L3/daq_l3.cxx/h, l3Reader.cxx/h, l3Reader.cxx/h - new L3 daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_PMD/daq_pmd.cxx/h, pmdReader.cxx/h, pmd_reader.cxx - new PMD daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_PP2PP/daq_pp2pp.cxx/h - modified version to support new DAQ_READER;
    pp2ppReader.cxx/h - new pp2pp daq reader codes;
    src/DAQ_READER/cfgutil.cxx/h, daqConfig.h, daqReader.cxx, daq_det.cxx/h, daq_dta.cxx/h, daq_dta_structs.h, evpReaderClass.h, msgNQLib.cxx/h, - new DAQ reader;
    src/DAQ_SC/daq_sc.cxx/h, sc.h, scReader.cxx/h, sc_reader.cxx - new code added;
    src/DAQ_SSD/daq_ssd.cxx/h, ssdReader.cxx/h, ssd_reader.cxx - new SSD daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_SVT/daq_svt.cxx/h, svtReader.cxx/h, svt_reader.cxx - new SVT daq reader code;
    src/DAQ_TOF/daq_tof.cxx/h - modified version to support new DAQ_READER;
    tofReader.cxx/h, tof_reader.cxx - new codes added;
    src/DAQ_TPC/daq_tpc.cxx/h, tpc_reader.cxx - modified to support new DAQ_READER;
    tpcReader.cxx/h, tpc_FCFReader.cxx - new codes added;
    src/DAQ_TPX/daq_tpc.cxx/h, tpcCore.cxx/h, tpx_FCF.cxx/h, tpxGain.cxx/h, tpxPed.cxx/h, tpxStat.cxx/h - modified to support new DAQ_READER;
    src/DAQ_TRG/daq_trg.cxx/h, trgReader.cxx/h, trgReader10.cxx, trgReader12.cxx, trgReader20.cxx, trgReader21.cxx, trgReader22.cxx, trgReader30.cxx, trgReader32.cxx, trg_reader.cxx - new TRG daq reader code;
    src/LOG/ - new RTS repository log files;
    src/SFS/fs.C, fs_ex.C, fs_index.cxx/h, get_line.cxx/h, sfs_base.h, sfs_index.cxx/h, sfs_index_daq.cxx, sfs_single.C - modified to support RTS repository;
    sfs_header.C - added new file;
    include/ - number of new includes created and modified to support new DAQ_READER;
    EventTracker/ FtfSl3.cxx, Makefile, eventTracker.cxx, eventTrackerLib.cxx/h, gl3EMC.cxx/h, gl3Event.cxx/h - modified to support new DAQ_READER and EventDisplay;
    eventTracker.cxx, eventTrackerLib.cxx/h - moved copy_l3 to a EventTracker member function;
    trg/include/trgDataDefs.h - updated version of trgDataDefs for 2009 run;

    StKinkMaker.cxx - modified to rename TMemStat => StMemStat due to clash with ROOT 5.22.00 class;
    StSsdFastSimMaker.cxx - modification for sector numbers packed in volume Id;
    St_sls_Maker.cxx St_spa_Maker.cxx - modification for sector numbers packed in volume Id ;
    StSpaListNoise.cc, StSpaListNoise.hh, StSsdBarrel.cc, StSsdWafer.cc/hh - modified to increase NSaturationSignal to reflect the energy increase of the GEANT hit ;
    StSvtBadAnodesMaker.h - added missing in ROOT 5.22 forward declaration;
    StSelfEvent.cxx/h, StSvtSelfMaker.cxx/h, StVertexKFit.cxx/h - removed the Maker;
    StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx - changed trapping const to better reproduce data;
    StSvtSignal.cc - changed gain to better reproduce data; fixed to make different Rykov and Selemon methods have same gain; updated mPasaGain to reflect new tune;
    StSvtOnlineSeqAdjSimMaker.cxx - turned off minTimebucket checks to better reproduce data;
    StTofHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to adjust for new DAQ_READER (daq1000) ;
    StTofrGeometry.cxx - renamed TMemStat => StMemStat due to clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h - added method to reset dE/dx corrections;
    StTpcDb.cxx/h - modified to use StDetectorDb chairs for TpcGlobalPosition and TpcSectorPosition;
    StRTpcGlobalPosition.cxx/h, StRTpcSectorPosition.cxx/h, StTpcGlobalPositionI.h StTpcSectorPositionI.h - removed ;
    StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx - added protection for dta == 0; adjusted for new DAQ_READER;
    StEVPTpcCluser.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.cxx/h, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to adjust with new DAQ_READER (daq1000);
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to get access two different detectors tpx/tpc ; sort out the tps/tpc data handling; restored access to TPX; modified to adjust to Valery's interface for adc values;
    StTpcHitMakerLinkDef.h, St_daq_adc_tb.h, St_daq_cld.h, St_daq_sim_adc_tb.h, St_daq_sim_cld.h, St_tpc_cl.h - new files added to switch new scheme for TPX cluster reading;
    StDaqTpcClusterInterface.h, StEVPTpcCluser.cxx, StEVPTpcCluser.h - removed codes;
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx/h - updated for run 2009 data; corrected GetNextRaw() logic;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx/h - updated mSimulators structure to accomodate with 2009 EMC simulator modifications; changed includes for StEmcDecoder; initial version of EMC DSM algorithms for data 2009;
    StDSMUtilities/ DSM.hh, DSMAlgo.hh, DSMAlgo_BC101_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_BE001_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_BE003_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_BW001_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_BW003_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_EE001_2009.cc/hhh, DSMAlgo_EE002_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_EE101_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_EE102_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_EM201_2009.cc/hh, DSMAlgo_LD301_2009.cc/hh, DSMLayer.hh, DSMLayer_B001_2009.cc/hh, DSMLayer_B101_2009.cc/hh, DSMLayer_E001_2009.cc/hh, DSMLayer_E101_2009.cc/hh, DSMLayer_EM201_2009.cc/hh, DSMLayer_LD301_2009.cc/hh, StDSM2009Utilities.hh, TCU_2009.cc/hh, sumTriggerPatchChannels.cc/hh, trgUtil_2009.hh - initial reversion of EMC DSM algorithms for 2009;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerHisto.cxx - added missing in ROOT 5.22 includes;
    StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - changed includes for StEmcDecoder; updated to match changes in EemcTrigUtil;
    StEemcTriggerSimu.h - updated for StEemcDbMaker;
    L2Emulator/StGenericL2Emulator.h - added missing in ROOT 5.22 includes; updated class StEemcDb;
    StGenericL2Emulator.cxx - updated include for StEmcDecoder as well as access to StEEmc ;
    L2Emulator/L2algoUtil/L2VirtualAlgo2009.cxx/h, L2eventStream2009.h, L2btowCalAlgo09.cxx/h - added new files for run 2009 data;
    L2Emulator/L2wAlgo/L2wBemc2009.cxx/h, L2wEemc2009.cxx/h, L2wResult2009.h - added new files for run 2009 data;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - changed to old BEMCDecoder->SetDateTime() signature ; changed includes for StEmcDecoder;
    StBemcTriggerDbThresholds.cxx/h - updated with 2009 thresholds;
    StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx/h, StBemcTriggerDbThresholds.cxx - updated for 2008 pp algo; added 2008 ppProduction DSMlayer 2 algo; EMC DSM algorithms added for run 2009 data;
    StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - modified to change DB access to GetDBTime; changed initialization of HT6ibt_adc array; removed swaps for 2007 AuAu, 2008 dAu, 2008 pp for offline status set adc10==0 if ad10-ped < 0; added 2008 triggers to the GetHTTowersAboveThreshold list;
    Emc/StEmcTriggerSimu.cxx/h - initial version of EMC DSM algorithms for data 2009 added; updated triggerDecision to communicate with StTriggerSimuMaker;
    StPrepEmbedMaker.cxx - updated with declaration of Jpsi particle ;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - added protection for missing event->info(); added Jet Patch trigger histograms;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx/h - updated with BTOF classes; added weight the TPC xy hit hists;
    StQAMakerBase.cxx - added Jet Patch trigger histograms;
    StZdcVertexMaker.cxx - modified to cleanup access to Calibrations/trg/ZdcCalPars table;

    SChairs.cxx, StiIsActiveFunctor.h, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - enlarge fitting volume from 200 => 250 cm;
    StiChairs.cxx, StiDefaultTrackingParameters.h, StiHitErrorCalculator.h, StiKalmanTrackFinderParameters.h, StiKalmanTrackFitterParameters.h, StiLocalTrackSeedFinderParameters.h, StiTrackingParameters.h - removed from Sti and moved to StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiDetectorFinder.cxx/h - removed;
    StiDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiDetector.h, StiHit.h, StiKalmanTrackFitter.h,StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h, StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx, StiVMCToolKit.cxx, StiLinkDef.h, StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.h - modified due to moving all Sti Chairs into StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiDetectorTreeBuilder.cxx/h, StiHitLoader.h, StiLinkDef.h, StiToolkit.h - modified to remove StiDetectorFinder class;
    StiMaker.cxx - renamed TMemStat => StMemStat due to clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class ;
    StiMaker.cxx, StiStEventFiller.cxx - modified ;
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx/h - removed StiDetectorFinder class;
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified due to moving all Sti Chairs into StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiSsdChairs.cxx, StiSsdHitErrorCalculator.h, StiSsdTrackingParameters.h - removed;
    StiSsdHitLoader.cxx - modified to remove StiDetectorFinder class;
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified to move Sti Chairs to StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiSvtChairs.cxx, StiSvtHitErrorCalculator.h, StiSvtTrackingParameters.h - removed;
    StiSvtHitLoader.cxx - modified to remove StiDetectorFinder class;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiTpcHitLoader.cxx, StiTpcIsActiveFunctor.h - modified to remove cut of pad row dZ ;
    StiTpcIsActiveFunctor.cxx - removed files;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified due to moving all Sti Chairs into StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiTpcChairs.cxx, StiTpcInnerHitErrorCalculator.h, StiTpcOuterHitErrorCalculator.h, StiTpcTrackingParameters.h - removed;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx/h,StiIstHitLoader.cxx - updated for UPGR15 geometry version ;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified due to moving all DSti Chairs to StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiIst1HitErrorCalculator.h, StiIst2HitErrorCalculator.h, StiIst3HitErrorCalculator.h, StiIstChairs.cxx - removed ;
    StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - updated for UPGR15 geometry version ;
    StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified due to movind all Sti Chairs into StDetectorDbMaker;
    StiPixelChairs.cxx, StiPixelHitErrorCalculator.h, StiPixelTrackingParameters.h - removed ;

    MySQLAppender.cxx/h - modified to remove redundant ODBC dependency;
    StarMagField.cxx/h - added missing in ROOT 5.22.00 include ; modified to controll magnetic field from starsim;
    StMemStat.cxx/h - added new files to rename TMemStat => StMemStat due clash with new ROOT 5.22.00 class ;
    TMemStat.cxx/h - removed files to replace TMemStat => StMemStat ;
    StarRootLinkDef.h - modified to rename TMemStat => StMemStat;
    TRSymMatrix.cxx/h - modified to add conversion from Upper to Lower triangular form;
    TDirIter.cxx - added handle for xrootd files;
    StppTrigMaker.cxx - removed mwc ;

    comis/csjcax.F - bug fixed;
    atmain/agxinit.F, agxinit.cdf, agxuser.age, gutrev.age, uglast.age - gfilter added to proceed with filterring MC production;
    filtAction.cxx - added interface to filter ;
    atutil/agukine.F - added for filter before Geant tracking;
    sim/gstar/gstar_part.g - hypertriton added ;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - updated upgr16a == upgr16 + tpc2009;
    geometry/svttgeo/svttgeo.g, svttgeo1.g, svttgeo10.g, svttgeo2.g, svttgeo3.g, svttgeo4.g, svttgeo5.g, svttgeo6.g, svttgeo7.g, svttgeo9.g - fixed bug in SVTT.SRDA ;

    Calibrations/tpc/tpcSectorT0offset.20080623.000000.C - added sector 16 (tpx) offset from 2008 pp-run to whole TPC;
    TpcAltroParameters.20080624.000000.C, - added Altro paramters for run 2009;
    TpcLengthCorrectionB.20090301.000001.C, TpcSecRowB.20090301.000001.root - added preliminary dE/dx calibration for run 2009; later moved to DB;
    VmcGeometry/Geometry.upgr16a.C, upgr16a.h - added files for modified UPGR16 geometry;
    VmcGeometry/y2005.h, y2005b.h, y2005c.h, y2005d.h, y2005e.h, y2005f.h, y2005h.h, y2005x.h, y2006.h, y2006b.h, y2006g.h, y2007.h, y2007a.h, y2007g.h, y2007h.h, y2003a.h, y2003b.h, y2003c.h, y2003x.h, y2004.h, y2004a.h, y2004b.h, y2004c.h, y2004d.h, y2004x.h, y2004y.h - fixed bug in SVTT.SRDA;
    geant3/ - GEANT3 codes updated to adjust with new ROOT 5.22.00 version;
    StarVMCApplication/StarMCHits.cxx,StarVMCApplication.cxx - added includes;
    StarMCHit.h - added Riostream.h include;
    StVMCMaker/StVMCMaker.cxx/h, TGeoDrawHelper.cxx/h - modified;
    minicern/ rndm.cxx - added include ;
    idl/Survey.idl - expanded definitions;
    tofGeomAlign.idl, tofStatus.idl, tofINLSCorr.idl, tofTrgWindow.idl, - added TOF new tables;
    bemcMap.idl, bprsMap.idl, bsmdeMap.idl, bsmdpMap.idl - removed comments for field;

    StGeomBrowser.cxx/h, TextEdit.cxx/h - modified to make consistent with Qt4 version of the geombrowser;
    GeomBrowser.cxx, GeomBrowser.h, StarGeomTree.ui, StarGeomTreeWidget.cxx/h - added new files;
    GeomBrowser.ui.h, QExObjectListItem.h, QtGBrowserInspect.h, QtGBrowserObjectListItem.h St_geom_image_collection.cxx - removed;
    QExGeoDrawHelper.cxx/h - corrected name of the TGeoComposite shapes; modified to draw the TGeoCompoisteShapes; modified for take into account an Assembly volumes;
    St_geom_Maker.cxx - modified to draw the TGeoCompoisteShapes;
    FileNew.xpm, FileOpen.xpm, FilePrint.xpm, FileSave.xpm, St_geom_Maker.qrc, connect.xpm, fileopen.xpm, hdisk_t.xpm, printer.xpm, printer_s.xpm, quit.xpm, save.xpm, saveas.xpm, starlogo_1.xpm, update.xpm, qglviewer.icon.xpm - added icons and resource files;

    first release of job tracking package;

    qt/inc/TGQt.cxx/h,GQtGUI.cxx - modified for ROOT 5.12;
    qtgui/inc/TQtContextMenuImp.h - added object pointer to Clipboard to the ROOT ContextMenu ;
    qtgui/src/TQtContextMenuImp.cxx - added object pointer to Clipboard to the ROOT ContextMenu ;
    qtgl/qtgl/src/TObject3DViewFactory.cxx - fixed ELTU shape;
    TObject3DView.cxx - modified tp draw TGeoCompoisteShapes;
    qtgl/qtgl/inc/TObject3DView.h - modified tp draw TGeoCompoisteShapes;
    scripts/qt4/setupQt4.csh - set the new Qt 4.4.3 location;