The present release assignment:
             SL06g    (SL06g_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 SL4.4, MC production for TUP
             SL07c    (SL07c_3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 CuCu 200&62GeV run 2005,TPC+SVT+SSD tracking
             SL07d    (SL07d_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV stream data run 2007, TPC tracking
             SL08b    (SL08b_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00
             SL08c    (SL08c_5)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV run 2007,TPC+SVT+SSD tracking
             SL08e    (SL08e_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 pp 200GeV & dAu 200GeV, run 2008
             SL08e_embed (SL08e_5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 
             SL08f    (SL08f_3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 last version with EVP_READER, MC production
             SL08f_embed (SL08f_4) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00  
             SL09b    (SL09b)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 pp 500GeV W preproduction
             SL09e    (SL09e)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 SL5.3, last library with old pams (tpt)
             SL09g    (SL09g_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2009 pp 500GeV data production
             SL09g_embed (TBC)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10c    (SL10c_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2009 pp 200GeV production
             SL10c_embed    (SL10c_embed_v1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10d    (SL10d)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10e    (SL10e)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10f    (SL10f)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 
             SL10g    (SL10g)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10h    (SL10h_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2010 auau 7.7-39GeV production
             SL10h_embed (SL10h_3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10i    (SL10i_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10j    (SL10j_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2010 auau 200GeV production (removed)
       old-> SL10k    (SL10k)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2010 auau 39-200GeV production
             SL10k_embed (SL10k_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11a    (SL11a)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11b    (SL11b)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11c    (SL11c_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 auau 19.6Gev run 2011 preproduction
       pro-> SL11d    (SL11d_1)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2011 pp & auau production
       new-> SL11e    (SL11e)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
       dev-> DEV                 ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
      .dev-> .DEV                ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00


Release History

SL11a library
SL11b library
SL11c library
SL11d library
SL11e library

  • November 21, 2011
    new library SL11e tagged as SL11e has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 . Library was tested and released on November 23.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - few important bugs have been fixed;
    - added TOF modifications for alignment calibrations;
    - added MTD to geant g2t hit table and McEvent;
    - added Geant id for anti-hypertriton, antideuteron, and antitriton;
    - added more decays modes for K+/- and Geant Id's for embedding;
    - initial revision of year 2012 geometry ;
    - trigger code was updated for trigger data run 2012;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Simulation/starsim/agzio/agsvert.age - added capability to provide a slope in the x,y vertex;
    Simulation/starsim/atmain/agxinit.F, agxinit.cdf, agxuser.age - added capability to provide a slope in the x,y vertex;
    Simulation/starsim/include/commons/agckine.inc - added capability to provide a slope in the x,y vertex;
    Simulation/starsim/include/atlsim/agckine.inc - added capability to provide a slope in the x,y vertex;

    StParticleTable.cc, StarPDGEncoding.hh - added anti-hypertriton; mapped hypertriton and anti-hypertriton to geant IDs 6[12]053 and 6[12]054, with two decay modes:
    H3(lambda) --> He3 pi- 61053 antiparticle=61054;
    H3(lambda) --> d p pi- 62053 antiparticle=62054;
    StAntiHyperTriton.cc, StAntiHyperTriton.hh - added anti- hypertriton.
    StParticleTable.cc - added decays: K+ --> e+ pi0 nu and K- --> e- pi0 nu to satisfy an embedding requests;
    StObject.cxx - added assert for dead object;
    BFC.C, BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - added combination for tracking with Sti, Sti+CA, Stv, StvCA code versions;
    BigFullChain.h - added depnedence of Sti and StiCA on svtDb and ssdDb; some modifications needed for new trackers to process;
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - introduced sector alignment distortion corrections;
    added options for AgML VMC Geometry;
    added 'mtin' option to read MuDst for GEANT kinematics; added StvPulls; added MTD options;
    BigFullChain.h - initial chain for FGT ;
    StBTofMatchMaker.cxx, StBTofMatchMaker.h - modifications for alignment calibrations: modified to open the local Z window cut to determine the z offset; variables mZLocalCut, mCalculateAlign and mAlignFileName added; functions setCalculateAlign and setAlignFileName added;
    StBTofGeometry.cxx, StBTofGeometry.h - modifications for alignment calibrations: added mAlignFile and SetAlignFile for use in StBTofMatchMaker; phi0, x0, z0 made mNTrays dependent;
    StBTofCalibMaker.cxx - bug fixed: mProjVtxZ does not get initialized when mUseEventVertex is false;
    StMaker.cxx - added year 2012; y2011a tag added;
    TRG/trgStructures2012.h - added new version of trigger structure for run12 including a new DSM for TPC daq10k sector mask
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h - introduced sector alignment distortion corrections and big speed improvements to Poisson relaxations; minor fixes for sector misalignment: outermost radius;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_TpcResponseSimulatorC.h, St_TpcAvgCurrentC.h - added new chair;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - modification for run 2011;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx - added rotection against wrong Adc correction;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - replaced TpcAvCurrent by kTpcCurrentCorrection;
    StEmcModule.cxx - fixed bug in getEnergy();
    StEventClusteringHints.cxx - FGT added;
    StTrack.cxx, StTrack.h - added IdTruth from the hits;
    StEvent.cxx, StEvent.h, StHit.cxx, StHit.h, StTpcHit.cxx, StTpcHit.h, StTrack.cxx, StVertex.cxx, StVertex.h - modified to handle IdTruth info;
    StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEventLinkDef.h - added StTriggerData2012 for run 2012;
    StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData.cxx - addeed tpcMaskDSM();
    StTriggerData2012.cxx, StTriggerData2012.h - initial revision of trigger data for run 2012;
    StEventHelper.cxx, StEventHelper.h - minor fixes to account events with no hits;
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - modified;
    StFtpcTrackToStEvent.cc - modified to ignore tracks with zero momentum;
    StiMasterDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to remove deleting of gGeomanaget;
    StiMaker.cxx, StiMaker.h, StiStEventFiller.cxx - modified to move handle of IdTruth to StEvent;
    StFastJetPars.h, StFastJetPars.cxx, StjFastJet.h, StjFastJet.cxx - added new files to support fastJet;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - added mtd to the geant maker;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx, St_geant_Maker.h - added kinematics definition via MuDst;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - fixed improper initialization of event classes affecting future simulations;
    StMcContainers.hh, StMcEvent.cc, StMcEvent.hh, StMcEventLinkDef.h, StMcEventTypes.hh, StMcHit.hh, StMcHit.cc, StMcTrack.cc, StMcTrack.hh - modified to add MTD ;
    StMcMtdHit.cc, StMcMtdHit.hh, StMcMtdHitCollection.cc, StMcMtdHitCollection.hh - added new files for MTD hits collection;
    StMcHitC.cxx, StMcHitC.hh, StMcHitT.cxx - removed files;
    StMcCtbHit.cc, StMcCtbHit.hh, StMcEventLinkDef.h, StMcFgtHit.cc, StMcFgtHit.hh, StMcFtpcHit.cc, StMcFtpcHit.hh, StMcHit.cc,
    StMcHit.hh, StMcIstHit.cc, StMcIstHit.hh, StMcPixelHit.cc, StMcPixelHit.hh, StMcRichHit.cc, StMcRichHit.hh, StMcSsdHit.cc, StMcSsdHit.hh
    StMcSsdLadderHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtHit.cc, StMcSvtHit.hh, StMcTofHit.cc, StMcTofHit.hh, StMcTpcHit.cc, StMcTpcHit.hh - modified to add time of flight for hits;
    StMcEventMaker.cxx, StMcEventMaker.h - MTD added ;
    StDijetFilter.cxx, StDijetFilter.h - modified ;
    COMMON/StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuIOMaker.cxx - set max tree size = 100GB ;
    StMuEvent.cxx - modified to keep DAQ time for the event unchanged;
    StMuTrack.h, - modified to make idTruth public;
    StMuArrays.cxx, StMuArrays.h, StMuDst.cxx, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuMcTrack.h, StMuMcVertex.h, StMuPrimaryVertex.cxx, StMuPrimaryVertex.h, StMuTrack.cxx, StMuTrack.h - modified to handle of IdTruth;
    StMuMcTrack.cxx, StMuMcVertex.cxx - added new files;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - modified to avoid floating point exception in Loglikelihood fits of gaussian peaks;
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx, StPmdCleanConstants.cxx, StPmdCleanConstants.h - updated for year 2012;

    EventTracker/FtfSl3.cxx, FtfSl3.h, eventTracker.cxx, eventTrackerLib.cxx, eventTrackerLib.hh, gl3EMC.cxx, gl3EMC.h, gl3Event.h, gl3Hit.h, gl3Track.h, l3BankUtils.h, l3TrgReader.cxx - removed TRG_VERSION 0x32 from daqFormats;
    include/DAQ1000/ddl_lib.hh, rb.hh - added emulation;
    include/rtsSystems.h - added GMT and other new detectors;
    iccp2k.h, rtsSystems.h - btow updated;
    src/DAQ_BTOW/daq_btow.cxx, daq_btow.h - addition for DAQ;
    src/DAQ_ETOW/daq_etow.cxx, daq_etow.h - addition for DAQ;
    src/DAQ_GMT/Makefile, daq_gmt.cxx, daq_gmt.h - added first version of DAQ for GMT;
    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx, Makefile - updated;
    src/DAQ_TOF/daq_tof.cxx - addition for DAQ;
    src/DAQ_TPX/daq_tpx.cxx, tpxCore.cxx, tpxFCF.cxx, tpxGain.cxx, tpxGain.h - - addition for DAQ; small bug fixes;
    src/DAQ_TRG/trgReader10.cxx, trg_reader.cxx - removed TRG_VERSION 0x32 from daqFormats;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx - updated for Jevp ;
    trg/include/trgDataDefs.h - added include to avoid non defined UINT32;

    StTpcDbMaker.cxx - introduced sector alignment distortion corrections;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, StTpcRSMaker.h, TpcRS.C - extended dE/dx table to fix bugs #2174 and #2181;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - restored K3IP parameter;
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - added support for StTriggerData2012;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx - modified to specify online database for each year;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - modified to clear number of masked towers before summing;
    BEMC_DSM_decoder.cxx, BEMC_DSM_decoder.h - new codes added;
    StBemcTriggerSimu.h - modified to get pointers to BEMC decoder and tables;
    StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StBemcTriggerSimu.h - added functions to test for data corruption in calorimeters;
    mask out tower 1907 becuase it has huge pedestal;
    StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StBemcTriggerSimu.h - modified to simulate hardware failure;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StEemcTriggerSimu.h - added support for using EEMC offline pedestals; added EEMC pedestal modes; added RDO and status;
    kOnline = use online pedestals;
    kOffline = use offline pedestals;
    kLocal = use pedestals from a local file (format: crate channel pedestal ped4);
    EemcTrigUtil.cxx - changed path for getting EEMC online ped4 files; added timestamp; modified to use SQL date/time format;
    StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - modified to make sure there are 720 towers in EEMC; set timestamp for BEMC decoder;
    StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StEemcTriggerSimu.h - added functions to test for data corruption in calorimeters;
    EEfeeTP.cxx, EEfeeTP.h, EEfeeTPTree.cxx, EEfeeTPTree.h, EemcTrigUtil.cxx, EemcTrigUtil.h, StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StEemcTriggerSimu.h - implemented EEMC FEE HT & TP masks;
    EemcTrigUtil.cxx, EemcTrigUtil.h, StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - implemented EEMC FEE boards HT masks;
    StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StEemcTriggerSimu.h - added getters for output of EEMC FEEs for backward-compatibility;
    L2Emulator/fakeRtsLog.h - added to turn log statements into printfs;
    L2Emulator/L2hienAlgo/L2hienAlgo09.cxx, L2hienAlgo09.h, L2hienResult2009.h - added new files;
    L2Emulator/L2upsilon/L2Upsilon2009.cxx, L2Upsilon2009.h, L2UpsilonResult2009.h, read_in_geog.h - added new files;
    L2Emulator/L2gammaAlgo/L2bemcGamma2012.cxx - added fakeRtsLog.h to turn log statements into printfs;
    L2Emulator/L2algoUtil/L2VirtualAlgo2012.cxx, L2btowCalAlgo12.cxx - added fakeRtsLog.h to turn log statements into printfs;

    gen/bpythia/apytuser.age, bpythia.F, bpythia.cdf - added capability to run pythia with asymmetric beam energies;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added DEV13 geometry; removed PMD from y2012; added PIXL to complete;
    sim/gstar/gstar_part.g - added anti-hypertriton; mapped hypertriton and anti-hypertriton to geant IDs 6[12]053 and 6[12]054, with two decay modes:
    H3(lambda) --> He3 pi- 61053 antiparticle=61054;
    H3(lambda) --> d p pi- 62053 antiparticle=62054;
    added antideuteron (gid=53) and antitriton (gid=54) to enable inclusion in hypertriton decays.
    added decays K+ --> e+ pi0 nu and K- --> e- pi0 nu to satisfy an embedding request;
    Also added the other top 6 decay modes as 10011 -- 15011 and 10012 -- 15012;
    10011 : K+ --> m+ nu;
    11011 : K+ --> pi+ pi0;
    12011 : K+ --> pi+ pi+ pi-;
    13011 : K+ --> e+ nu pi0;
    14011 : K+ --> m+ nu pi0 ;
    15011 : K+ --> pi+ pi0 pi0;
    and similar for K- decay modes;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g, g2t_mtd.F, g2t_mtd.idl - added MTD to the g2t hit tables;
    g2t_volume_id.g - added FGT two numbers id;
    sim/idl/g2t_track.idl, g2t_mtd_hit.idl - added MTD to the g2t hit tables;

    Calibrations/tpc/ TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110101.000341.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110421.000239.C, TpcRowQ.20110101.000340.C, TpcRowQ.20110421.000206.C,
    TpcSecRowB.20110101.000340.root, TpcSecRowB.20110421.000206.root, TpcZCorrectionB.20110421.000206.C, TpcZDC.20110101.000237.C,
    tpcPadGainT0.20100212.121259.root, tpcPressureB.20110101.000320.C, TpcZCorrectionB.20110101.000206.C - added new files for dE/dx calibration for Run XI (pp500 and AuAu19)
    TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110620.000101.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110624.150001.C, TpcRowQ.20110620.000103.C, TpcRowQ.20110624.150002.C, TpcSecRowB.20110620.000103.root, TpcSecRowB.20110624.150002.root - added calibration files for Y2011 AuAau27;
    TpcCurrentCorrection.C - created new TpcCurrentCorrection;
    TpcAvgCurrent.C - added deafult table;
    TpcCurrentCorrection.20110503.000001.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110503.000001.C, TpcRowQ.20110503.000002.C, TpcSecRowB.20110503.000002.root, tpcPressureB.20110503.000001.C - added new tables for Run 2011 AuAu200 RFF dE/dx calibrations;
    TpcCurrentCorrection.20110602.000000.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.20110503.000001.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.20110602.000001.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110503.000002.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110602.000001.C, tpcPressureB.20110602.000001.C, TpcRowQ.20110503.000003.C, TpcRowQ.20110602.000002.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.20110620.150000.C, TpcSecRowB.20110503.000003.root, TpcSecRowB.20110602.000002.root - added new dE/dx calibrations files for Run 2011 AuAu 200GeV;
    ftpc/ftpcSlowSimPars.C - change adcConversion from 1000 to 2100 for better agreement with real data;
    VmcGeometry was renamed with AgiGeomtry;
    AgiGeometry/CreateGeometry.h - deployed AgML VMC Geometry;
    dEdxModel/dNdx_Bichsel.root - extended dNdx table to beta*gamma range [1e-2,1e4];
    idl/fgtMapping.idl, fgtStatus.idl, fgtGain.idl, fgtPedestal.idl - new tables for FGT;
    idl/fgtElosCutoff.idl - new FGT table added;
    idl/TpcAvgCurrent.idl - added TpcAvgCurrent with Tpc channel current average over run;
    idl/TpcResponseSimulator.idl - added two more fields for SigmaJitterXI and SigmaJitterXO;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/baseBuilder.cxx, tpxBuilder.cxx - updated;
    mtdBuilder.cxx, mtdBuilder.h, tofBuilder.cxx, tofBuilder.h, tpxBuilder.cxx - updated for tof/mtd;
    Jevp/StJevpPlot/JevpPlotSet.cxx, JevpPlotSet.h, RunStatus.cxx, RunStatus.h - updated;
    Jevp/StJevpServer/JTMonitor.cxx, JTMonitor.h, JevpServer.cxx, JevpServer.h - updated;

  • May 1, 2012
    SL11d library was updated with next code:
    StRoot/StBFChain/BigFullChain.h to add year 2009 chain with ry2009d geometry option to reprocess run 2009 data with updated geometry. Library was retagged with SL11d_1 tag.

  • July 22, 2011
    new library SL11d tagged as SL11d has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 . Library was tested, found problem fixed, released on August 2.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - few important bugs have been fixed;
    - new version of event generator code HERWIG 6.5.20 was added;
    - new schema for SubSectors alignment implemented;
    - new geometry for FSC (Forward Spaghetti Calorimeter) detector added;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StHistUtil.cxx, StHistUtil.h - modified to allow limited graphics file printing ;
    StAssociationMaker.cxx - set FtpcHit, IdTruth and QA;
    StAntiDeuteron.cc, StParticleTable.cc - updated StParticleTable to provide access to anti-nuclei via the "geant" ID, fixes for bug #2157;
    StarMagField.cxx - modified to comment correction which broke B3DField;
    StCloseFileOnTerminate.cxx - modified to use gROOT->CloseFiles(); modified to make Instantiate public;
    TRArray.cxx, TRArray.h, TRSymMatrix.cxx, TRSymMatrix.h - added fIsNotOwn;
    StMultiKeyMap.h, StMultiKeyMap.cxx - modified to cleanup ;
    THelixTrack.cxx, THelixTrack.h - modified to set hh & zz errors ;
    StObject.h, StObject.cxx - modified to do more accurate counter handling;
    StChain.cxx, StMaker.cxx, StMaker.h, StRTSBaseMaker.cxx - modified to force call 'Finish' with 'SIGTERM' signal obtained from condor_vacate_job after time limit reached;
    StMaker.cxx - fixed definition of geometries y2009d and y2010c, bug #2155;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, StDetectorDbMaker.cxx, St_SurveyC.h - modified to implement new schema for SubSectors alignment;
    StTpcSurveyC.h - new file added for new schema of SubSectors alignment;
    StDbDefs.hh, StDbManagerImpl.cc - added new domain: FGT;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - FSC added;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - modified ;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx - modified to cleanup in destructors;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StQABookHist.cxx, StQABookHist.h - added time bucket distribution of hits;
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx, StPmdCleanConstants.cxx,StPmdCleanConstants.h - year 2012 BadChain entered;
    StIOMaker.cxx - cleanup ;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - removed previous tracks & vertices in StEvent added ;
    StiTpcHitLoader.cxx - implemented use of TPC hits sanity flag;
    StiTrackNode.cxx - fixed bug #2098;
    StiMasterDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to replace Geometry clone by reinitialization;

    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx, daq_fgt.h, fgtPed.cxx, fgtPed.h - modified for pedestal work;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxFCF_flags.h - introduced sanity flag for TPC hits;
    src/DAQ_TPX/daq_tpx.cxx - added reset command skip and L1 accept;
    include/ rtsSystems.h - modified to increase GL3 node count ;
    rtsMonitor.h - added more fields to rtsMonDET;
    include/DAQ1000/ddl_lib.hh - added param to write;
    rb.hh - added param to write;

    StMcTrack.cc, StMcTrack.hh, StMcEvent.hh - FSC added;
    StMcEventMaker.cxx, StMcEventMaker.h - FSC added;
    StMiniMcPair.h - modified to cleanup code;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx, StMiniMcMaker.h - modified to fix errors handling;
    StTinyRcTrack.h - mDca00 added;
    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDb.h - modified to implement new schema for SubSectors alignment: SuperSectror position (defined by inner sub sector) and Outer sector position wrt SuperSectror position;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.h, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx - set sanity flag for TPC hits;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx, StTriggerSimuMaker.h - updated meaning of mMCflag variable: 0=data, 1=simulation, 2=embedding;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - updated meaning of mMCflag variable: 0=data, 1=simulation, 2=embedding;
    src/StTrsChargeSegment.cc - modified to unify GEANT PID discrimination to StarClassLibrary, fixes for bug #2157;

    gen/Herwig6_5_20/herwig6520.F, herwig6520.inc - added new version of HERWIG 6.5.20;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - defined upgr2012a: 2-disk FGT; reverted to single FGT "upgr2012" geometry;
    Upgr23 tag defined with FSC geometry and FMS in open position;
    geometry/fscegeo/fscegeo.g - added new file for FSC (Forward Spaghetti Calorimeter); medium added;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g, g2t_fsc.F, g2t_fsc.idl - added FSC detector;
    sim/idl/g2t_track.idl - added FSC detector;

    Calibrations/tpc/ TpcDriftDistOxygen.20110101.000114.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.20110421.000119.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110101.000115.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110421.000119.C, TpcRowQ.20110101.000113.C, TpcRowQ.20110421.000119.C, TpcSecRowB.20110101.000113.root, TpcSecRowB.20110421.000119.root, TpcZDC.20110101.000110.C, TpcZDC.20110421.000000.C, tpcAvCurrent.20110101.000101.C, tpcPressureB.20110101.000109.C, tpcPressureB.20110421.000114.C - added mew files for TPC preliminary corrections for run 2011 pp 500GeV and AuAu 19GeV data;
    TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2011.C - modified to step back to 2010.09.10 version;
    TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2009.C - modified to update 20090301.000106 => y2009;
    TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2010.C - modified to move 20100101.000012 => y2010;
    TpcMultiplicity.C - modified to remove multiplicity dependence ;
    tpcEffectiveGeom.C ,tpcEffectiveGeom.y2001.C, tpcEffectiveGeom.y2003.C, tpcEffectiveGeom.y2004.C, tpcEffectiveGeom.y2005.C - removed files ;
    TpcMultiplicity.y2009.C, TpcMultiplicity.y2010.C, TpcMultiplicity.y2011.C - removed;
    TpcRowQ.C - modified to shift default for all 48 rows;
    ftpc/ftpcSlowSimPars.C - modified to change adcConversion from 1000 to 2100 for better agreement with real data;
    Geometry/tpc/TpcOuterSectorPosition.20000501.000005.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20070101.000001.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20070626.154000.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20070811.000009.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20090101.000000.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20090527.160000.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20091225.000002.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20100204.140002.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.20101220.000001.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20000501.000005.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20070101.000001.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20070626.154000.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20070811.000009.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20090101.000000.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20090527.160000.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20091225.000002.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20100204.140002.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20100204.140003.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.20101220.000001.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.C - added files for new schema of SubSectors alignment: SuperSectror position (defined by inner sub sector) and Outer sector position wrt SuperSectror position;
    Geometry/tpc/Sector_01 to
    tpcSectorPosition.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2001.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2003.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2004.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2005.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2006.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2007.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2008.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2009.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2010.C, tpcSectorPosition.y2011.C - removed files due to new schema for SubSectors alignment implemented;
    idl/fgtMapping.idl, fgtStatus.idl - addde new files for FGT status and mapping;

  • May 27, 2011
    SL11c has been updated with bug fix patches and retagged as SL11c_1.Library was rebuilt on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Next codes have been updated:

    BigFullChain.h - magnetic filed initialization ;
    StBeamBackMaker.cxx - updated to propagate StTrack::key => Int_t (bug fix #2131);
    StFtpcClusterFinder.cc - made corrections to save correct ChargeSum for ftpc clusters;
    StFtpcTrackToStEvent.cc - updated to propagate StTrack::key => Int_t (bug fix #2131);
    LaserEvent.h - updated to propagate StTrack::key => Int_t (bug fix #2131);
    COMMON/StMuMtdHeader.cxx - added pointer protection for empty MTD data;
    StKinkI.hh, StKinkMuDst.hh, StV0I.hh, StV0MuDst.hh, StXiI.hh, StXiMuDst.hh - updated to propagate StTrack::key => Int_t (bug fix #2131);
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - updated to propagate StTrack::key => Int_t (bug fix #2131);
    StTofCalibMaker.cxx - updated to propagate StTrack::key => Int_t (bug fix #2131);

  • May 13, 2011
    new library SL11c tagged as SL11c has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 platform.
    Library was tested and released on May 16.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - new code for MTD detector ;

    Next codes have been updated:

    BigFullChain.h - added options 'NoStrangeMuDst', 'NoDisplay' to remove Strange branch and St_geom_Maker; added option 'noRunco' to suppress runco branch ; introduced P2011a; modified to allow phys_off and hadr_off options to pass to geant maker; added basic MTD chain;
    StBFChain.cxx, StBFChain.h - droped old branches; added action for norunco and nohistos options;
    StBFChain.cxx - modified to restore loading of geant for BTofUtil;
    StArray.cxx, StArray.h - ls() implemented;
    StBTofCalibMaker.cxx - modified to use an appropriate log level for debug messages;
    StEmbeddingQADraw.cxx, StEmbeddingQAUtilities.h, StEmbeddingQAUtilities.cxx - added gamma geantid check;
    StMtdCollection.cxx, StMtdCollection.h, StMtdHeader.cxx, StMtdHeader.h, StMtdHit.cxx, StMtdHit.h, StMtdRawHit.cxx, StMtdRawHit.h - initial revision of new MTD code;
    StContainers.cxx, StContainers.h - added containers for MTD;
    StDetectorDefinitions.h, StEnumerations.h, StEvent.cxx, StEvent.h - modified to hold MTD data;
    StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEventTypes.h - added MTD;
    StTrack.cxx, StTrack.h - modified to make mKey Int_t instead of UShort_t (because no.of tracks might be more that 64k);
    StHit.h, StTpcHit.h - modified to restore hit errors as persistent, added sort to TpcHit;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - updated to handle pile-up events;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - bug fixed;
    StMtdHitMaker.cxx, StMtdHitMaker.h - new code for MTD;
    COMMON/StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuIOMaker.cxx - modified to use default size of TTree (100 GB) for ROOT >= 5.26.0;
    COMMON/StMuArrays.cxx, StMuArrays.h, StMuDst.cxx, StMuDst.h, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.h, StMuTypes.hh - modified to add MTD information ;
    COMMON/StMuMtdCollection.cxx, StMuMtdCollection.h, StMuMtdHeader.cxx, StMuMtdHeader.h, StMuMtdHit.cxx, StMuMtdHit.h, StMuMtdRawHit.cxx, StMuMtdRawHit.h - added new files to store MTD data ;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - modified to expand range for SC hists;
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx - mVmeCond,BadChain info changed for run 2012 data; bug fixed for run 2011 data;
    StPmdCleanConstants.cxx, StPmdCleanConstants.h - calibration initialization setup for run 2012 data;
    StPmdGeom.cxx - year = 2012 inserted for new mapping; bug fixed for run 2011 data;

    include/rtsSystems.h - added GMT detector;
    l1Algorithm.h - added new file;
    iccp2k.h - added future protection commands;
    include/SUNRT/clock.h - updated;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx - changed delay;

    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to get rid of warning messages;
    Hft/ StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiPixelHitLoader.cxx - modified to remove warning messages;

    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - introduced UPGR2012 geometry as y2011 with inner detectors (FGT, SSD) and supports removed; added code to pass configuration of the MTD to the mutdgeo4 module;
    definition of upgr2012 geometry modified to include IdsmGeo1 and FgtdGeo3 by default;
    geometry/fgtdgeo/ fgtdgeo3.g - added dummy routines for pams/geometry to facilitate integration of AgML;
    geometry/mutdgeo/mutdgeo4.g - major revision to the geometry hierarchy, bug fixes, new sensitve MTD volumes implemented;

  • April 13 , 2011
    new library SL11b tagged as SL11b has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 62bits platforms) and SL4.4 platform. Library was tested and released on April 15.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - new code for hlt ;
    - few bug fixes and code improvements for embedding;
    - added new geometry tags with bug fixes in SVT support cone geometry;
    - added anti-nuclei (deuteron, triton, alpha and helium3) to the table;
    - modifications for offline QA for run 2011;
    - updates of TOF simu and VPD calibration codes;
    - added branches in MuDst for MC tracks and vertices;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Simulation/starsim/geant/gthion.F -- modified such that the effective charge used in dE/dx generation depends on |Q| rather than Q to prevent Q**(2/3) generating a NaN condition;
    gltrac.F -- modified to initialize decay of unstable (hyper) nuclei;

    StHistUtil.cxx, StHistUtil.h - modified to allow for limiting detectors; modified to allow for specification of histogram usage by the required detector sets; implemented default to general histograms for references in absence of trig typed; added TPC hit phi sector labels;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - adjusted MB for Run 11;
    StAssociationMaker.cxx, StAssociationMaker.h, StTrackPairInfo.cc,StTrackPairInfo.hh - modified;
    StTree.cxx - modified to define keys of 1st file for others; fixed bug for parallel files reading;
    StParticleTable.cc - added Omega+/- and Xi+/- embedding definitions; 1st attempt at improving the Doxygenization of the particle table;
    added anti-nuclei (deuteron, triton, alpha and helium3) to the table;
    StAntiAlpha.cc, StAntiAlpha.hh, StAntiDeuteron.cc, StAntiDeuteron.hh, StAntiHelium3.cc, StAntiHelium3.hh, StAntiTriton.cc, StAntiTriton.hh, StCerenkov.cc, StCerenkov.hh, StGeantino.cc, StGeantino.hh, StHelium3.cc, StHelium3.hh - added new files to include all particles dacays defind in gstar_part.g; added few anti-nuclei in anticipation of future needs; added the geantino for completeness;
    BigFullChain.h - initial versions of 2011 chain; added StTableUtilities library for StiMaker; restored dependence of StiMaker versus StiSvtLib,StiSsdLib,StiRnDLib;
    StBFChain.cxx, StBFChain.h, StBFChainOpt.h, StBFChainOpt.cxx - added GetGeometry method; modified to ignore blacklist for embedding;
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - added blacklist of detector for St_db_Maker to bypass Db configuration for them; added Tpc, Eemc, Fms to blacklist; modified to separate blacklisting cases when it is required Svt and Ssd geometry only;
    BigFullChain.h - added SvtDb and SsdDb for base configurations when the detectors were present in the run;
    StBFChain.cxx - added more requirement for blacklisting of a detectors;
    StBTofSimMaker.cxx, StBTofSimMaker.h - introduced option to switch writing simulated hits to StEvent, default behavior is set to OFF;
    StChainOpt.h - added GetGeometry method;
    StMaker.cxx - added new geometry tags y2008d, y2009d, y2010c implemented for improved model of the SVT support cone as carbon-fiber nomex sandwich;
    StIOInterFace.cxx - modified to write automatically branch name in the form Branch;
    StDbBroker.cxx, StDbBroker.h - added an option to blacklist domains;
    StDbManager.hh, StDbManagerImpl.cc, StDbManagerImpl.hh - added an option to blacklist domains;
    MysqlDb.cc, StDbServiceBroker.cxx - modified to connect error messages converted to more user-frienly format;
    MysqlDb.cc, StDbManagerImpl.cc - fixed to blacklist Calibrations only;
    St_db_Maker.cxx, St_db_Maker.h - blacklist added;
    St_tpcMaxHitsC.h - added maxBinZeroHits;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, StiChairs.cxx - modified to add chairs for vertexSeed and tpcStatus tables;
    St_tpcStatusC.h, St_vertexSeedC.h - added new files;
    Reader/StHbtAssociationReader.cxx - adjusted to changed made in StStAssociationMaker;
    StEmbeddingQAUtilities.cxx - bug fixed for e+ and e- ;
    StEmbeddingQATrack.h - added missing functions getNSigma...();
    StEmbeddingQATrack.cxx - added missing charge check in isNSigmaOk(), and error check for GEANT id;
    StHltBEmcTowerHit.h, StHltBTofHit.h, StHltDiElectron.h, StHltEvent.h, StHltHeavyFragment.h, StHltHighPt.h, StHltTrack.h, StHltTrackNode.h,
    StHltTriggerReasonCapable.h, StHltTriggerReason.h, StHltVpdHit.h, StHltBEmcTowerHit.cxx, StHltBTofHit.cxx, StHltDiElectron.cxx,
    StHltEvent.cxx, StHltHeavyFragment.cxx, StHltHighPt.cxx, StHltTrack.cxx, StHltTrackNode.cxx, StHltTriggerReasonCapable.cxx, StHltTriggerReason.cxx, StHltVpdHit.cxx - new code for hlt;
    StContainers.cxx, StContainers.h, StEvent.h, StEvent.cxx, StEventScavenger.cxx, StEventScavenger.h, StEventTypes.h, StEventClusteringHints.cxx - added new branch for hlt;
    StTriggerId.cxx, StTriggerId.h - extended to 64 bit; switched data member type of mask from uint64_t to ULong64_t ;
    StTriggerData2009.cxx - modified: MTD code only for runs after 12003001; fixed bug in vpdEarliestTDCHighThr;
    StTpcHit.cxx, StTpcHit.h - modified to keep ADC values for clusters;
    StTpcRawData.cxx, StTpcRawData.h - modified for pixel data;
    StTrack.cxx, StTrack.h, StVertex.h - added IdTruth information for tracks and vertices;
    StEventMaker.cxx - modifyed to be consistent due to mofidication in StTriggerId (32 -> 64 bit);
    StEventHelper.cxx, StEventHelper.h - modified to add remove method;
    ftf/FtfBaseTrack.h, FtfSl3.cxx - introduced compression scheme for large ratios to solve bug #1550;
    gl3/gl3Track.h - - introduced compression scheme for large ratios to solve bug #1550;
    StGammaMaker.h - added mutator to set gain variation in StGammaRawMaker;
    StGammaRawMaker.h, StGammaRawMaker.cxx - added functionality to emulate gain variation;
    HLTFormats.h, StHltMaker.h, StHltMakerLinkDef.h, StHltMaker.cxx - new code for hlt;
    StMcEvent.cc - removed redundant zeroing;
    StMcTrack.cc - modified to set mGeantId>=0 && mGeantId<=0; removed redundant zeroing;
    StTinyMcTrack.cxx, StTinyMcTrack.h - modified to set GEANt id 'ushort';
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx, StTinyMcTrack.h - mPdgId added;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx,StMiniMcEvent.cxx, StMiniMcEvent.h - added impact, phi impact & trigger time;
    StTinyMcTrack.h - changed IO version;
    StContamPair.h, StMiniMcMaker.cxx - added int mParentParentGeantId;
    StContamPair.h - removed redundant mParentGeantId;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx, StMiniMcMaker.h - IdTruth part rewritten;
    COMMON/StMuArrays.cxx, StMuArrays.h, StMuDst.cxx, StMuDst.h, StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuDstFilterMaker.h, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.h, StMuMomentumShiftMaker.cxx, StMuMomentumShiftMaker.h, StMuPrimaryVertex.cxx, StMuPrimaryVertex.h, StMuTrack.cxx, StMuTrack.h - added branches for MC tracks and vertices, added IdTruth to tracks and vertices, reserved a possiblity to remove Strange MuDst;
    StMuMcTrack.h, StMuMcVertex.h - added new files for MC trackes branch;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - modified to replace firsthit position-to-padrow with minimum padrow in topo map;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - modified to specify subsystems; modified to allow for specification of histogram usage by the required detector sets; remove some unused EmcCat4 plots;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h - modified for Pile-up cuts;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - modified for PCT check and dcaGeom only for TPC tracks;
    StJetSkimEventMaker.cxx - removed manual calculation of number of BTOF hits per primary vertex, get it from MuDst now;
    StAnaPars.h, StJetMaker2009.cxx, StJetMaker2009.h, StPythiaFourPMaker.cxx - added support for Run 9 simulations;
    StAnaPars.h, StJetMaker2009.cxx, StJetMaker2009.h - added support for StRandomSelector in StJetMaker2009;
    vertex/StjPrimaryVertex.h - added support for Run 9 simulations;
    mcparticles/StjMC.h, StjMCParticleToStMuTrackFourVec.h - added support for Run 9 simulations;
    emulator/StMcTrackEmu.h - added support for Run 9 simulations;
    StjeJetEventTreeWriter.cxx - removed manual calculation of number of BTOF hits per primary vertex, get it from MuDst now;
    mudst/StjMCMuDst.cxx, StjMCMuDst.h - added support for Run 9 simulations;

    EventTracker/ - FtfBaseTrack.h, FtfSl3.cxx, gl3Track.h - introduced compression scheme for large ratios,to solve bug #1550;
    include/rts.h - modified;
    RC_Config.h, rtsMonitor.h - modified rtsMonL1Counters;
    iinclude/DAQ1000/ddl_lib.hh, rb.hh - added get_free_fifos;
    include/DB/conditions/rtsDbConstants.h - updated number of of triggers;
    include/DB/RunLog/daqEventTag.h - modified;
    src/DAQ_BTOW/daq_btow.cxx - modified ;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxGain.cxx, tpxGain.h, tpxPed.cxx, tpxStat.cxx - modified;
    tpxCore.cxx, tpxCore.h, tpxFCF.cxx - updated for misc logging ;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx - modified;

    TAttr.cxx - removed removing same name attribute;
    TTreeIter.cxx - modified to account Case with zero length array;
    THelixTrack.cxx - added check for array with 0 size;
    StMultiKeyMap.h, StMultiKeyMap.cxx - added GetNInst() for debuging;
    StiNodePars.h - fixed zero curvature: 1e-6==>1e-9;
    StiMaker.cxx, StiMaker.h, StiStEventFiller.cxx - modified to propagate IdTruth to StEvent;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - modified to enlarge array for possible candidates, add requirement that dominant track should have > 2 good hits;
    StiMaker.cxx - added check that the corresponding Db maker has been instantiated before adding the detector; modify to move intialization of detectors in InitRun; remove alloc/free;
    StMcAnalysisMaker.cxx - adjusted for changes in StAssociationMaker;
    StKinkController.cxx, StV0Controller.cxx, StXiController.cxx - adjusted to StAssociationMaker;
    StG2TrackVertexMap.cxx, StG2TrackVertexMap.h - added new files to eliminate short live particles from track to vertex association;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.h, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.h - set limit on number of hits starting at time bin 0;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx - added ADC to Tpc hit;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - added hack to avoid sqrt(-); fixed betaMin calculations;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, TpcRS.C - replaced step function by interpolation for dN/dx versus beta*gamma ;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, StTpcRSMaker.h, TpcRS.C - added extrapolation in region beta*gamma < 0.3;
    TpcRS.C - removed hits and ranco for output;
    StTreeMaker.cxx - fixed bug in parallel reading files;
    StVpdCalibMaker.cxx, StVpdCalibMaker.h - modified to change MaxBin for ToT arrays from 60 to 128 (in agreement with the IDL definition of vpdTotCorr);
    StiPullEvent.cxx - fixed numbering;
    StDSMUtilities/DSMAlgo_EM201_2009.cc - added JP0 bit for EM201;
    Emc/StEmcTriggerSimu.h - added more access functions;
    L2Emulator/StL2_2009EmulatorMaker.cxx - added L2gamma; changed name f L2JetHigh algo from "jet" to "jetHigh" to get correct parameters from L2 setup files;
    StL2TriggerSimu.h - fixed nontrivial constructors ;
    StL2_2009EmulatorMaker.cxx - modified to get names of 2009 L2 algos to match names in config file;
    StGenericL2Emulator2009.cxx - implemented full vector of L2 triggers; modified to use fakeToken2;
    StL2_2009EmulatorMaker.cxx - modified to change header file for L2 offset;
    L2Emulator/L2gammaAlgo/L2bemcGamma2009.cxx, L2bemcGamma2009.h, L2eemcGamma2009.cxx, L2eemcGamma2009.h, L2gammaResult2009.h, Makefile.2009 - added L2gamma2009;
    L2Emulator/L2algoUtil/L2VirtualAlgo2009.h - Initialize array of pointers to null; fixed call to memset;
    l2Algorithm.h - added newfile to chenge header file for L2 odffsets;
    L2VirtualAlgo2009.cxx - initialized mRunNumber to -1;

    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added y2008d, y2009d, y2010c and updated y2011 geometry tags. These tags now contain an improved model of the SVT support cone, specifically the support rods. Previous geometry assumed solid carbon, now a carbon-fiber nomex sandwich is implemented; introduced UPGR2012 geometry as y2011 with inner detectors (FGT, SSD) and supports removed;
    geometry/bbcmgeo/bbcmgeo.g - added "ENDFILL" statements where needed;
    geometry/btofgeo/btofgeo2.g, btofgeo3.g, btofgeo4.g, btofgeo5.g, btofgeo6.g, btofgeo7.g - cosmetic changes needed for AgML translation;
    geometry/calbgeo/calbgeo.g, calbgeo1.g - added parentheses around expression in IF statements;
    geometry/fpdmgeo/fpdmgeo.g, fpdmgeo1.g, fpdmgeo2.g, fpdmgeo3.g - switched from fortran-style to mortran-style continuation lines;
    geometry/ftpcgeo/ftpcgeo1.g - removed redundant positioning of FKWI (ignored in AgSTAR);
    geometry/ftro/ftrogeo.g - renamed "raddeg" => "myraddeg" to prevent name clash with standard starsim constant;
    geometry/ecalgeo/ecalgeo.g - syntax fix: EndFILL added to terminate fill sections;
    geometry/quadgeo/quadgeo.g - modified for AgML syntax matching;
    geometry/scongeo/scongeo.g - an improved model of the SVT support cone, specifically the support rods is implemented. Previous geometry assumed solid carbon, now a carbon-fiber nomex sandwich is implemented;
    geometry/shldgeo/shldgeo.g - modified for AgML syntax matching;
    geometry/sisdgeo/sisdgeo.g, sisdgeo1.g, sisdgeo2.g, sisdgeo3.g, sisdgeo4.g, sisdgeo5.g, sisdgeo6.g - modified for AgML syntax matching;
    geometry/tpcegeo/tpcegeo3a.g - added new file with significant changes, mainly to remove equivalence statements which are not permitted in AgML;
    tpcegeo3.g, tpcegeo3a.g - changes positioning of TBRW volume so that it is positioned as an ONLY volume to remove ambiguity in geant tracking, currently volumes TBRW (Aluminum) and TWAS (Air) overlap;
    tpcegeo.g, tpcegeo1.g - added "EndFILL" statements where required;
    geometry/wallgeo/wallgeo.g - minor changes to system of units;
    geometry/zcalgeo/zcalgeo.g - minor syntax changes;
    sim/gstar/gstar_part.g - corrected mistakes in the Omega_plus, Omega_minus and XiMinus and XiPlus definitions of particles; removed pdg ID from all embedding versions of particles, as these conflict with pythia simulations;

    VmcGeometry/y2011.h, Geometry.y2008d.C, Geometry.y2009d.C, Geometry.y2010c.C, y2008d.h, y2009d.h, y2010c.h - added new files for improved model of the SVT support cone. Previous geometry assumed solid carbon, now a carbon-fiber nomex sandwich is implemented;
    Calibrations/tpc/tpcStatus.C - adde new TPC status table;
    tpcAnodeHVavg.y2011.C, tpcAnodeHV.y2011.C - set default sector anode voltage to 1100 V for year 2010;
    idl/tpcStatus.idl - added new TPC status table ;
    tpcMaxHits.idl - updated max hits table;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/daqBuilder.cxx, bemcBuilder.cxx, l3Builder.cxx, tofBuilder.cxx, upcBuilder.cxx - updated;
    Jevp/StJevpPlot/JevpPlot.cxx, JevpPlotSet.cxx - updated;
    Jevp/StJevpPresenter/EvpMain.cxx, JevpGui.cxx, JevpGui.h, evpPresenterBaseScript.C - updated;
    Jevp/StJevpServer/DisplayDefs.cxx, DisplayDefs.h, JevpServer.cxx, JevpServer.h - updated;
    JTMonitor.cxx JTMonitor.h - added new files;
    OnlinePlots/HistogramGroups/TOFcheckHistogramGroup.cxx, TOFcheckHistogramGroup.h - TOF check updated; modified seperate to separate real TOF bunchdid errors from missing bunchid errors; missing trays can now be well identified;
    MTDtriggerinfoHistogramGroup.cxx - mapping for MTD 1 was corrected according to the changes on the MTD detector, LE and TE are drawn in a compact way;
    MTDtriggerinfoHistogramGroup.cxx, MTDtriggerinfoHistogramGroup.h - more unique defined name: ntray -> nMTDtrays;
    MTDhitsHistogramGroup.cxx, MTDhitsHistogramGroup.h - modified for MTD; modified to make sure all hists are addressed in reset() and destructor;

  • January 27 , 2010
    new library SL11a tagged as SL11a has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 platform. Library was tested, found bugs fixed and library was released on February 1.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - implemented RTS code for new detectors: FGT and MTD;
    - implemented default initialization for TOF database table and new module for V0 TOF correction;
    - implemented g2t hits for FMS;
    - added high-pT charged hadron filter;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StHistUtil.cxx - added Kolmogorov maximum distance as default;
    StHistUtil.cxx, StHistUtil.h - modified to allow plain ROOT files with hists, and individual plot generation from 1 file;
    BigFullChain.h - switched order of loading DbUtil and tpcDb ;
    StBTofSortRawHit.cxx - implemented default initialization of database table in case dataset is not found ;
    StV0TofCorrection.cxx, StV0TofCorrection.h - new module for V0 TOF Correction;
    StRtsReaderMaker.cxx - modified to use LOG_DEBUG only in maker's Debug modes;
    StDbWrappedMessenger.cc - fixed pseudo-leaks in c-string and xml-string assignments ;
    StGlobalCoordinate.cc/hh, StSvtCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinate.cxx/h, StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc/hh, StTpcLocalSectorAlignedCoordinate.hh StTpcLocalSectorAlignedDirection.hh - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation ;
    StDetectorDbRichScalers.h, St_trigDetSumsC.h - introduced corrected coincidences;
    St_trigDetSumsC.h - coincidence correction made public and static;
    StTpcHitErrors.h - added new file: place holder for new Tpc hit errors;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcDimensionsC.h, St_tpcElectronicsC.h, St_tpcFieldCageC.h, St_tpcPadPlanesC.h, St_tpcWirePlanesC.h, St_trgTimeOffsetC.h - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    St_starClockOnlC.h - modified to add sampling Frequency method;
    MysqlDb.cc - enabled automatic reconnect via mysql option; added define guard (mysql version) to enable automatic reconnect in mysql 5.0.44+, excluding mysql 4;
    MysqlDb.cc, StlXmlTree.cxx - fixed pseudo-leaks in c-string and xml-string assignments;
    StEemcRaw.cxx, StEemcRaw.h - added event time to EEMC header check;
    StTpcHit.h - modified to add reference to FCF flag definition; fixed location of FCF_flags include;
    StHit.h - changed mFlag type from UChar_t to UShort_t (bug #2058);
    StHit.cxx - modified to change mFlag type from UChar_t to UShort_t ;
    StFmsDbMaker.cxx - fixed bug in function nRow and nColumn;
    StGammaEventMaker.cxx/h - modified to fill spin/bunch crossing information;
    StGammaStrip.cxx - modified to zero data members in constructor ;
    StGammaStrip.h - added ADC to public members;
    StGammaRawMaker.cxx - modified to fill StGammaStrip::adc and cut on strips within 3 rms of pedestal;
    modified to save ADC of BSMDP strips;
    Minuit/StMinuitVertexFinder.h - increased maximum number of possible seeds;
    LaserEvent.cxx - modified to use sector/padrow in global => local transformation;
    emulator/StjeDefaultJetTreeWriter.cxx - updated for particle jets;
    StMcEvent.hh, StMcTrack.cc, StMcTrack.hh - modified to add FMS data;
    StMcEventMaker.cxx, StMcEventMaker.h - modified to add FMS data;
    StFmsPi0Filter.cxx - modified to switch RejectEG and RejectGT, so that filter will work for hijing events;
    StHighPtFilter.h StHighPtFilter.cxx - implemented high-pt charged hadron filter;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - included corrected coincidence rates in ntuple;
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - added track id into StiPull ;
    StTpcDb.cxx StTpcDb.h StTpcDbMaker.cxx StTpcDbMaker.h - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    StRTpcDimensions.cxx/h, StRTpcElectronics.cxx/h, StRTpcFieldCage.cxx/h, StRTpcPadPlane.cxx/h, StRTpcSlowControlSim.cxx/h, StRTpcWirePlane.cxx/h, StTpcDimensionsI.h, StTpcElectronicsI.h, StTpcFieldCageI.h, StTpcPadPlaneI.h, StTpcSlowControlSimI.h, StTpcWirePlaneI.h - removed files;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx - added FCF_flags include, and exclude any flagged hit from AfterBurner();
    changed flag type from UChar_t to UShort_t ;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - added fix for AuAu7 2010 embdedding; modified to cut hits outside time buckets range;
    StTrsMaker.cxx - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    include/StTrsChargeSegment.hh - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    src/StTrsChargeSegment.cc - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    StVpdCalibMaker.cxx - implemented default initialization of database table in case dataset is not found;
    modified to apply VPD outlier correction in StEvent mode (bug fixed);
    StVpdCalibMaker.cxx/h - modified to allow user to "force" VPD-start or startless mode, regardless of dbase setting;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - modified for FMS simulation;
    TpcHitUtilities.cxx - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;
    StTpcFastSimMaker.cxx - added pile-up;

    EventTracker/ eventTrackerLib.cxx, gl3Event.cxx - modified;
    include/daqModes.h - added checkpoint ;
    rtsSystems.h - added future dets. Removed HFT_ID; changed RP2 to RPII;
    RC_Config.h - upgraded for 64 trigger; modified to distinguish between number of triggers configurable and actually in play;
    rtsMonitor.h - upgraded for 64 trigger;
    prepareGbPayload.h - upgraded for 64 trigger;
    rts.h, tasks.h - updated;
    iccp2k.h - added evb summary;
    include/RC/RC_MsgDefs.h - updated;
    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx, daq_fgt.h - added new code for FGT detector ;
    fgtPed.cxx, fgtPed.h - added FGT pedestal routines ;
    daq_fgt.cxx, daq_fgt.h - modified for FGT pedestal routines ;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx, daqReader.h - added 64 trigger extensions ;
    daq_dta.cxx, daq_dta.h - changed char to const char ;
    daqReader.cxx daqReader.h - added environment variable EVP_HOSTNAME; added evb summary;
    evp.h - implemented new points for proper reader;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxFCF.cxx, tpxFCF.h, tpxPed.cxx, tpxPed.h - added checkpoint ;
    daq_tpx.cxx, tpxCore.cxx, tpxCore.h, tpxGain.cxx, tpxGain.h, tpxStat.cxx, tpxStat.h - added checkpoint ;
    src/DAQ_MTD/daq_mtd.cxx,daq_mtd.h - added new codes for MTD detector;
    src/SFS/daq_test.C, fs.C, sfs_index.cxx, sfs_index.h - fast read added;

    StiVMCToolKit.cxx, StiVMCToolKit.h - added TGeoShape::kGeoEltu shape for SROD ;
    StiTpcSeedFinder.cxx - suppressed seed print outs ;
    StiTpcHitLoader.cxx - bug fixed related to FCF_flags ;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiTpcDetectorBuilder.h - modified TpcDb interfaces and Tpc coordinate transformation;

    StHelix.hh, StThreeVector.hh, StarClassLibraryLinkDef.hh - modified to avoid warning for gcc 4.5.1 compiler ;
    THelixTrack.cxx, THelixTrack.h - inversion of derivative matrix added;
    TRandomVector.cxx, TRandomVector.h - added automatic creation non zero correlation;
    TMDFParameters.cxx, TMDFParameters.h - added new files to handle multidimensional parameterization;

    gen/hijing_382/hijev.F - added additional (but optional) line to configuration file to specify whether shadowing should be used or not;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - modified for FMS simulation;
    g2t_fpd.F, g2t_fpd.idl - added new files;
    sim/idl/g2t_track.idl - modified for FMS g2t hits;

    Jevp/ - first release of new module for online monitoring histos;