The present release assignment:  
             SL09g_embed (SL09g_2Embed_v10) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10c_embed (SL10c_embed_v5)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10h_embed (SL10h_embed_v6)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10k_embed (SL10k_embed_v11) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11d_embed (SL11d_embed_v6)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12a_embed  (SL12a_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12d_embed (SL12d_embed_v6) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL13b_embed (SL13b_embed_v1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 
             SL14g    (SL14g_3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 pp 500GeV run 2013 production, days 129-161
             SL14i    (SL14i_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 AuAu 14.6GeV run 2014 production            
             SL15c    (SL15c)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 AuAu 200GeV run 2014 data production with HFT  
             SL15e_embed  (SL15e_embed_v1) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.09 
             SL15k    (SL15k_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 200GeV run 2015 st_fms & st_rp stream data production
             SL15l    (SL15l)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pAu 200GeV st_fms run 2015 data production
             SL16d    (SL16d_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp,pAu,pAl run 2015 production without HFT tracking 
             SL16d_embed  (SL16d_embed_v2) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
             SL16g_embed  (SL16g_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30     
             SL16j (SL16j)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 auau 200GeV  run 2016 production
             SL16j_embed  (SL16j_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
             SL16k_embed  (SL16k_embed_v1) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
             SL17d (SL17d)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 dAu 20-200GeV run 2016 production
             SL17d_embed  (SL17d_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 
             SL17f (SL17f_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 auau 200GeV run 2016 st_upc production;
                                                    pp 200GeV run 2015 st_rp reproduction;
             SL17g (SL17g_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_W production
             SL17i (SL17i)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 SL7.3 cucu 200-22 GeV run 2005 reproduction
             SL18b (SL18b)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_physics production
             SL18c (SL18c_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_fms, st_mtd production
                                                       AuAu 54GeV run 2017 production
             SL18c_embed (SL18c_embed_v1) ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 
             SL18f (SL18f_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 pp 510GeV run 2017 st_epd production
       old-> SL18h (SL18h)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30  
             SL19a (SL19a)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 
       pro-> SL19b (SL19b_1)     ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 AuAu 27GeV run 2018 production     
       new-> SL19c (SL19c)       ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30
       dev-> DEV                 ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.30 SL7.3
      .dev-> .DEV                ROOT_LEVEL 5.34.38


Release History

SL19a library
SL19b library
SL19c library

  • June 19, 2019
    new library SL19c tagged as SL19c has been created and built on SL6.4 and SL7.3 platform;
    Library was tested with standard test suite, passed it successfully and released on June 21 .

    Main features:

    - updated StETofMatchMaker & StETofCalibMaker codes;
    - fixed bug (#3390) related to TPC dE/dx of Run 19 data;
    - fixed bug in MuDst with FMS collection in run 2016 data;
    - StEpdUtil added sum-of-weights information, for both wheels and rings;
    - OnlTools updated for eTOF online histograns for run 2019;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StHistUtil.cxx - added sDCA vs. time-in-run;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified to fix bug #3390 and adjusted to add St_TpcAdcCorrectionMDF.h;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_TpcResponseSimulatorC.h - modified to add extra correction for the 1st pad row; increased range for gain correcton;
    St_TpcDriftVelRowCorC.h - added new file to add extra correction for the 1st pad row;
    StPidStatus.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - modified to fix bug #3390 and adjusted to addition of St_TpcAdcCorrectionMDF;
    StEpdEpFinder.cxx, StEpdEpInfo.cxx, StEpdEpInfo.h - added sum-of-weights information, for both wheels and rings, for both raw and phi-weighted;
    StEpdEpFinder.cxx - fixed indexing bug which caused an error in the new SumOfWeights quantity;
    StEpdEpInfo.cxx - fixed bug in bounds-checking for sum-of-weights return methods in StEpdEpInfo.cxx;
    StETofCalibMaker.h - added function to set the reference pulser;
    StETofCalibMaker.cxx - changed default value for reference pulser;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx - modified to match distances as member variables and updated handling for many-tracks-to-one-hit matches;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx, StETofMatchMaker.h - updated start time for simulation and more histograms added to doQA mode;
    StETofMatchMaker.h - changed match distances to become member variables;
    StETofGeometry.h - added support for StPicoHelix;
    COMMON/StMuFmsUtil.cxx - modified to solve the issue with FMS data writing in picoDst format;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - modified to fix TrackDirection, added extra correction for the 1st pad row; fixed bug #3390; added St_TpcAdcCorrectionMDF;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - made changes for the trigger simulator to only use 2013 algorithms for that year, not for later years, later years still use 2009 algorithms;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - made changes for the trigger simulator to only use 2013 algorithms for that year, not for later years, later years still use 2009 algorithms;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx, StQAMakerBase.h - added sDCA vs. time-in-run ;

    include/HLT/HLTFormats.h - added earliest TACs for BBC/VPD/EPD to trigger data; added bunch id to event;
    EventTracker/FtfSl3.cxx, gl3Event.cxx, FtfSl3.h, eventTrackerLib.cxx, gl3Event.cxx, gl3Event.h, gl3Hit.h - updated;
    FtfSl3.cxx, FtfSl3.h, gl3Event.cxx, gl3Event.h, gl3Hit.cxx, gl3Hit.h, gl3Track.cxx, l3CoordinateTransformer.cxx, l3CoordinateTransformer.h - added iTPC;
    src/DAQ_FCS/daq_fcs.cxx, fcs_data_c.cxx, fcs_data_c.h - added some features; updated to fix the bugs;
    src/DAQ_STGC/stgcPed.cxx - updated;

    Geometry/SisdGeo/SisdGeo7a.xml - modified to enable the sstOnOsc misalignment for the SST geometry model;

    Geometry/tpc/TpcHalfPosition.y2019.C, TpcSuperSectorPositionB.y2019.C,iTPCSurvey.y2019.C, itpcPadPlanes.C - added real a nd ideal position for year 2019 TPC/iTPC geometry;
    TpcAdcCorrectionMDF.C - added default TpcAdcCorrectionMDF, year 2019 version of TpcResponseSimulator;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2019.C, tpcAltroParams.y2019.C - modified for year 2019 version of TpcResponseSimulator;

    idl/tpcCorrection.idl - modified to fix bug #3390;
    TpcResponseSimulator.idl - added extra correction for the 1st pad row ;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/l4Builder.cxx, l4Builder.h - added bunch id to event; moveed bunch_id to BESGood; added earliest TACs for BBC/VPD/EPD to trigger data; changed binning;
    tpcBuilder.cxx, tpcBuilder.h - added no cluster vs sector; changed cluster y scale;
    LaserReader.cxx, LaserReader.h - updated;
    etofBuilder.cxx - implemented better way to get slope in multiplicity correlation plot; updated to put resetTime label back to green color in the startrun() function;
    etofBuilder.h, etofBuilder.cxx - fixed a few histogram axis labels; changed reference pulser; added empty channel count to digi density plot;
    Jevp/StJevpServer/JevpServer.cxx - updated;
    StOnlineDisplay - all codes removed because they are unsuported;

  • May 14, 2019
    SL19b library has been updated with codes below to allow skipping of bad events in the AuAu27 data (first half):

    StTpcHitMaker/StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.cxx

    Library has been retagged with tag SL19b_1 and updated codes rebuilt.

  • April 24, 2019
    new library SL19b tagged as SL19b has been created and built on SL6.4 and SL7.3 platform;
    Library was tested with standard test suite, found bugs fixed and library was released on April 29 .

    Main features:

    - added TPC codes modification related to dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    - introduced codes for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    - implemented y2019a geometry first production release;
    - added Fixed target geometry for year 2019 ;
    - implemented full iTPC geometry ;
    - added new version of PYTHIA 8 (Pythia8_2_35) event generator in StarGenerator;
    - implemented KLUD geometry which allows for the creation of up to 10 effective cylindrical and/or disk volumes aligned along the z-axis;
    - QtRoot removed;
    - OnlTools: StJevpBuilders & StJevpPlot updated for run 2019;
    - fixed #3388 related to StiCA problem across some sector boundaries;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Simulation/agetof/agetof.def - fixed required for 64 bits starsim: the *differences* between memory addresses;
    Simulation/starsim/atgeant/agdgetp.age, agsbegm.age, agspopb.age, agspopb.age, agspush.age, agsreset.age, axposition.age - updated for 64 bits locf ==>longF agdgetp.age;
    Simulation/starsim/comis/cbis.F, ccopysa.F, ccopysa.F, cscall.F, cscalx.F, cscath.F, cschar.F, csetc.F, csicha.F,csicns.F, csinc1.F, csinccl.F, csincl.F, csinfh.F, csinfn.F, csinit.F, csint1.F, csinta.F, csintx.F, csintz.F, cskcal.F, cspmd0.F, cspmd1.F, cspmd2.F, cspmd3.F, cspmd4.F, cspmd5.F, cspmd6.F, cspmd7.F, cspmd8.F, cspmd9.F, cspmfs.F, cssetc.F, cstran.F, mhdef.F, mhfree.F, mident.F - added 64 bits version of comis codes;
    Simulation/starsim/comis/comis/comis.inc, csbuf.inc, cscbwl.inc, csdpvs.inc, csfmt.inc, csfres.inc, cshfill.inc, cshlnm.inc, csichv.inc, csinc.inc, cskeys.inc, cskucs.inc, cslun.inc, csopen.inc, cspanm.inc, cspar.inc, cspnts.inc, csrec.inc, cssysd.inc,cstab.inc, cstabps.inc, cstbls.inc, cstvrs.inc, csutil.inc, cswpar.inc, dlfcn.inc, mdloc.inc, mdpool.inc, miword.F, pilot.h - added 64 bits version of comis codes;
    Simulation/starsim/deccc/cscald.c, cscali.c, cscalia.c, cscalr.c, cschar.c, csmytokn.cxx, jumptn.c, jumpxn.c, locf.c - added 64bits version of comis codes;
    cs_hlshl.c - added 64 bits function pointer ==> token ;
    idisp.c - fixed 64 bits adresses;
    Simulation/starsim/dzdoc/mzpaw.F - 64bits modification: use array in common instead of malloc;
    Simulation/starsim/geant/gzebra.F - modified to increase Zebra to 20M words;
    rexe/TGeant3/gcomad.F - modified for 64bits: integer*8 for address;

    StHistUtil.cxx - modified QA hists for run 2019 data;
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - added picoDst BSMD write mode, implemented chain for Chains for 2019 data + etof compended, implemented options for shadowing and AbortGapCleaning distortion correction;
    StBTofSimMaker.cxx - modified to move usage of pointer to after instantiation of the pointer ;
    StBichselLinkDef.h, StdEdxModel.cxx, StdEdxModel.h, bichdX.C, bichselG.C, bichselG10.C - modified for run 2018 dEdx calibration ;
    StdEdxPull.cxx, StdEdxPull.h - new files added for run 2018 dEdx calibration;
    GeometryDbAliases.h, StChain.cxx - added y2019a geometry first production release;
    EMC/EMC_BarrelReader.cxx, EMC_SmdReader.cxx - modifications for 64bits: use TTimeStamp for unix time ;
    StDbDefs.hh, StDbManagerImpl.cc - updated for eTOF DB management;
    StDbUtilitiesLinkDef.h, StSvtCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinateTransform.hh - updated to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production; added new function 'PredictSpaceCharge()' using real hit radii;
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h - updated for for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    StDetectorDbMaker.cxx, StDetectorDbMakerLinkDef.h, StSstSurveyC.h, StTpcSurveyC.h, St_SurveyC.h, St_itpcPadGainT0C.h, St_TpcAvgCurrentC.h, St_TpcAvgPowerSupplyC.h, St_TpcResponseSimulatorC.h, St_tpcSlewingC.h, St_tpcDimensionsC.h, St_tpcPadConfigC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0BC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0C.h, St_tpcRDOMasksC.h, St_tpcRDOMapC.h, St_tpcRDOT0offsetC.h, StiTPCHitErrorCalculator.h, St_tpcTimeDependenceC.h, StiTpcChairs.cxx - modified to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    St_iTPCSurveyC.h - removed defined but not implemented functions;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcSCGLC.h - updated for for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    St_tpcPadConfigC.cxx - removed;
    StETofCalibMaker.cxx, StETofCalibMaker.h - added first version of pulser correction procedure;
    StETofHitMaker.h - added cyclic mean calculation function for average hit time;
    StETofHitMaker.cxx - added more correlation & average hit time histograms for offline QA;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx - added more histograms for offline QA;
    geometry/StEmcGeom.cxx - updated to remove creating and deleting StMaker;
    StTpcHit.h, StTpcHitCollection.cxx, StTpcHitCollection.h - updated to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    StEventCompendiumMaker.cxx, StEventCompendiumMaker.h - removed redundant definition of mag.field in Event summary;
    StuFixTopoMap.cxx - added flexibility for iTpc hits;
    StTinyMcTrack.cxx - OverComplicated print commented out;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx - fixed some memory leaks;
    StMtdMatchMaker.cxx - bug fixed: check the existence of vertex when analyzing StEvent ;
    StMtdMatchMaker.h - improved: extrapolate tracks to the proper primary vertex when available;
    StMtdQAMaker.cxx, StMtdQAMaker.h - added option to apply vertex vr cut ;
    StMtdTrigUtil.cxx - added MTD trigger utility class for analyzing MTD trigger information;
    StMtdTrigUtil.h - added function to retrieve QT trigger channel ;
    StSpaceChargeDistMaker.cxx - enabled TPC/iTPC switch via St_tpcPadConfig;
    CentralityMaker.cxx, CentralityMaker.h, StRefMultCorr.cxx, StRefMultCorr.h - new modules for cantrality definition;
    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDbMaker.cxx - introduced codes for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    StTpcAvClusterMaker.cxx, StTpcAvClusterMaker.h, StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.h, StTpcHitMakerLinkDef.h, StTpcMixerMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.h, St_daq_adc_tb.h, St_daq_cld.h, St_daq_sim_adc_tb.h, St_daq_sim_cld.h, St_tpc_cl.h - updated to complete dEdx calibration for run 2018 data production;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - introduced codes for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, StTpcRSMaker.h, TpcRS.C - reshaped;
    StTpcRSMakerLinkDef.h, TF1F.cxx, TF1F.h - updated to complete dEdx calibrations for run 2018 data production;
    StTreeMaker.cxx - removed assert;
    StDSMUtilities/DSMLayer_B001_2009.hh, DSMLayer_B101_2009.hh, DSMLayer_E001_2009.hh, DSMLayer_E101_2009.hh, DSMLayer_EM201_2009.hh, DSMLayer_LD301_2009.hh, TCU_2009.hh, trgUtil_2009.hh - updated;
    StTrsMaker.cxx - bug fixed;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h, QAhlist_subsystems.h, StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h, StQABookHist.cxx, StQABookHist.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx, StQAMakerBase.h - updated for run 2019 QA histograms;
    St_db_Maker.cxx - added ATTENTION message;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx, St_geant_Maker.h, navigate.g - Implemented a templated method for creating and filling the g2t hit tables; bug fixed;
    Embed/StPrepEmbedMaker.cxx - updated primary vertex sigma names; updated vertex errors;
    StarGenerator/BASE/AgStarReader.cxx, StarPrimaryMaker.cxx - Fixes particle time-of-flight;
    StarGenerator/Hijing1_383/StarHijing.cxx - fixed mistake in declaration of FORtran/C++ rng interface;
    address.F - modified to use iso_c_binding to establish FORtran/C++ interface;
    hijing1.383.F - modified for better implementation; checked that the candidate string number (N_ST) is not past the last generated particle.;
    StarGenerator/Kinematics/StarKinematics.cxx - fixed bug #3364 related to distance Units in the Simulation Framework, made it mm consistent with the HEPEVT standard used in event generators ;
    StarGenerator/Pythia6_2_22/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StarGenerator/Pythia6_4_23/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StarGenerator/Pythia6_4_28/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StarGenerator/Pythia8_2_35/ - multiple codes updated to install version of PYTHIA 8 event generator;
    StarGenerator/UrQMD3_3_1/address.F - modfied to use iso_c_binding for to establish interface to C++;
    StPidStatus.cxx, StPidStatus.h, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h - modified to add PicoTrack for StPidStatus, added protection for range in Phi correction;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2MakerLinkDef.h, dEdxHist.cxx, dEdxHist.h - added dE/dx calibration for run 2018 isobar and AuAu 27GeV data production;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrack.h, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiVMCToolKit.cxx - fixed JetCorr tracking problem;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx - modified to restore NHitsPossible by swimming through other layers in getAllPointCount() after removing from initalize0();
    StiDetectorContainer.cxx, StiDetectorContainer.h - introduced restricted swimming in moveIn() necessary for following reasonable trajectories;
    StiMaker.cxx - fixed bug;

    EventTracker/gl3Event.cxx, l3CoordinateTransformer.h - updated;
    include/RC_Config.h, cmds.h, daq100Decision.h, daqFormats.h, iccp.h, iccp2k.h, iccpHeader.h, prepareGbPayload.h, rtsMonitor.h, rtsSystems.h - updated for run 2019;
    include/DB/RunLog/daqEventTag.h - updated for run 2019;
    scr/rtsmakefile.def - updated;
    scr/DAQ_FCS/daq_fcs.cxx, daq_fcs.h - updated DAQ for FCS detector;
    fcs_data_c.cxx - new files for FCS detector;
    scr/DAQ_ITPC/daq_itpc.cxx, daq_itpc.h, itpcFCF.cxx, itpcInterpreter.cxx, itpcInterpreter.h, itpcPed.cxx, itpcPed.h - updated DAQ for iTPC;
    scr/DAQ_L4/daq_l4.h - updated;
    src/DAQ_STGC/stgcPed.cxx - updated;
    scr/DAQ_TPC/daq_tpx.cxx, tpxCore.cxx, tpxCore.h, tpxGain.cxx, tpxPed.cxx - updated;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE/rts_example.C, rts_example.trg.C - updated;
    trg/include/RTS_EXAMPLE/trgDataDefs.h, trgDataDefs_46.h - new code for run 2019 trigger data;

    sim/g2t/g2t_get_kine.F, g2t_volume_id.g - updated;

    AgMLGeometry/Geometry.y2019a.C - added year 2019 geometry;
    Calibrations/tpc/TpcAdcCorrectionB.r2015.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.r2016.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.r2018.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2015.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2016.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2018.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2018.C.Altro3, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2018.C.Altro4, TpcAdcCorrectionB.y2019.C, TpcAvgCurrent.y2019.C - new files;
    TpcAvgPowerSupply.y2018.C, TpcAvgPowerSupply.y2019.C, TpcLengthCorrectionMDF.C, TpcResponseSimulator.C, TpcResponseSimulator.dev2019.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2010.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2011.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2017.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2019.C - modified;
    TpcCurrentCorrectionX.20170101.000000.root, TpcDriftDistOxygen.y2018.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.y2019.C, TpcDriftVelRowCor.20190101.000007.C, TpcDriftVelRowCor.20190101.000400.C, TpcDriftVelRowCor.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.y2018.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.y2019.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2016.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2018.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2005.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2016.C, TpcPadCorrectionMDF.y2018.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2005.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2018.C - added new files;
    TpcRowQ.y2005.C, TpcRowQ.y2006.C, TpcRowQ.y2019.C, TpcSecRowB.C, TpcSecRowB.y2018.C, TpcSecRowC.C - modified;
    tpcAltroParams.y2010.C, tpcAltroParams.y2016.C, tpcElectronics.dev2019.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20071101.000000.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20080128.000000.C, tpcSectorT0offset.y2018.C - updated;
    TpcSecRowB.y2019.C, TpcSecRowC.y2018.C, TpcSecRowC.y2019.C, TpcTanL.y2018.C, TpcTanL.y2019.C, TpcZCorrectionB.y2018.C, TpcZCorrectionB.y2019.C, TpcdXCorrectionB.r2018.C, TpcdXCorrectionB.y2016.C, itpcPadGainT0.C, itpcPadGainT0.r2018.root, itpcPadGainT0.y2018.C, itpcPadGainT0 .y2019.C, tpcAltroParams.20180426.121919.C, tpcAltroParams.20180426.124701.C, tpcAltroParams.y2019.C, tpcAnodeHVavg.y2019.C, tpcGas.y2018.C, tpcPadGainT0.y2018.C, tpcPressureB.r2018.C, tpcPressureB.r2019.C, tpcPressureB.y2018.C, tpcRDOMap.C, tpcRDOMap.r2016.C, tpcRDOMap.y2016.C, tpcRDOT0offset.20180312.162439.C, tpcRDOT0offset.C, tpcRDOT0offset.y2019.C - new files;
    tpcSectorT0offset.20190118.000001.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190118.000003.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190118.000005.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190204.200005.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190205.160005.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190207.115309.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190212.121959.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190214.225622.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190215.021615.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190215.224935.C, tpcSectorT0offset.20190223.080000.C, tpcSectorT0offset.y2019.C, tpcTimeDependence.C - new files;
    Geometry/tpc/TpcInnerSectorPositionB.y2016.C, iTPCSurvey.CtpcPadPlanes.C - new files;
    itpcPadPlanes.C, tpcPadConfig.y2019.C, tpcPadPlanes.dev2019.C - updated;

    idl/TpcResponseSimulator.idl, tpcPadPlanes.idl - updated for dE/dx calibration;
    idl/ rhicfBarMap.idl, rhicfGain.idl, rhicfPedestal.idl, rhicfPlateRange.idl - new tables for RHICf detector;
    etofPulserTotPeak.idl - new eTOF table;
    tpcChargeEvent.idl - new table for AbortGapCleaning distortion corrections;

    Geometry/StarGeo.xml - added y2019a geometry first production release;
    Geometry/CaveGeo/CaveGeo3.xml - updated to make sure correct version of data structure is available;;
    Geometry/KludGeo/KludGeo.xml - implemented KLUD geometry which allows for the creation of up to 10 effective cylindrical and/or disk volumes aligned along the z-axis;
    KludConfig.xml - enabled run-time configuration for this geometry during starsim runs;
    Geometry/PipeGeo/PipeConfig.xml, PipeGeo.xml - added Fixed target geometry;
    TargConfig.xml - added file to control target geometry;
    TargGeo.xml - added Fixed target geometry;
    Geometry/TpceGeo/TpceConfig.xml, TpceGeo5.xml - updated experimental geometry. Make some of the "standard" paramters the default;
    TpceGeo6.xml - implemented full iTPC geometry ;
    StarAgmlLib/AgMLStructure.h - rguement was shadowing a member, resulting in (legion of) warnings;
    AgModule.cxx, AgModule.h - removed unused reference to (deprecated) AgStructure class;
    Mortran.h, StarTGeoStacker.cxx - fixed coverity defects;
    StarAgmlUtil/AgParameterList.h - fixed coverity defects;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/JevpBuilder.cxx, daqBuilder.cxx, daqBuilder.h, etofBuilder.cxx, etofBuilder.h, etofMessageFormat.cxx, etofMessageFormat.h, l4Builder.cxx, l4Builder.h, trgBuilder.cxx, trgBuilder.h - updated for run 2019;
    tpcBuilder.cxx, tpcBuilder.h - new TPC builder files for run 2019;
    Jevp/StJevpPlot/JevpPlot.cxx, JevpPlot.h, JevpPlotSet.cxx, JevpPlotSet.h, JevpServer.cxx - updated for run 2019 online QA plots;

  • March 11, 2018
    new library SL19a library tagged as SL19a has been created and built on SL6.4 and SL7.3 .
    Library was tested with standard test suite, found bugs fixed and library was released on March 21.

    New features of the library:

    - eTOF and related codes updated;
    - trigger data for run 2019;

    Next codes have been updated


    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - implemented options for eTOF processing;
    TRG/trgStructures2019.h - trigger data for run 2019
    StETofCalibMaker.cxx , StETofCalibMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StETofDigiMaker.cxx, StETofDigiMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StETofHitMaker.cxx, StETofHitMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StETofMatchMaker.cxx, StETofMatchMaker.h - new maker for eTOF detector;
    StBbcGeom.cxx, StBbcGeom.h, StEpdEpFinder.cxx, StEpdEpFinder.h, StEpdEpInfo.cxx, StEpdEpInfo.h,
    StEpdEvp.cxx, StEpdEvp.h, StEpdGeom.cxx, StEpdGeom.h - updated for eTOF detector;
    StEpdUtilLinkDef.h - new file for eTOF;
    StDetectorDefinitions.h, StDetectorName.cxx, StETofDigi.h, StETofHit.cxx, StETofHit.h - updated
    StEnumerations.h, StEvent.cxx, StEvent.h, StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEventLinkDef.h, StEventTypes.h - updated
    StTpcRawData.h, StTrackTopologyMap.cxx, StTriggerData.cxx, StTriggerData.h - updated
    StETofPidTraits.cxx , StETofPidTraits.h - new files for eTOF;
    StRHICfCollection.cxx, StRHICfCollection.h - new files for eTOF;
    StTriggerData2019.cxx, StTriggerData2019.h - new files for trigger data run 2019;
    COMMON/StMuETofCollection.cxx, StMuETofCollection.h, StMuETofDigi.cxx, StMuETofDigi.h, StMuETofHeader.cxx, StMuETofHeader.h, StMuETofHit.cxx, StMuETofHit.h, StMuETofPidTraits.cxx, StMuETofPidTraits.h - new files for eTOF detector;
    StMuEvent.cxx, StMuEvent.h, StMuTrack.cxx, StMuTypes.hh - updated;
    StPicoDstMaker.cxx, StPicoDstMaker.h, StPicoFmsFiller.cxx, StPicoFmsFiller.h, StPicoUtilities.h - updated
    StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.cxx, StPicoBEmcSmdEHit.h, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.cxx, StPicoBEmcSmdPHit.h - new files for BEmc;
    StPicoArrays.cxx, StPicoArrays.h, StPicoBEmcPidTraits.cxx, StPicoBEmcPidTraits.h - updated ;
    StPicoBTofHit.cxx, StPicoBTofHit.h, StPicoBTofPidTraits.cxx, StPicoBTofPidTraits.h, StPicoBTowHit.cxx, StPicoBTowHit.h, StPicoBbcHit.cxx, StPicoBbcHit.h, StPicoCommon.h, StPicoDst.cxx, StPicoDst.h, StPicoDstLinkDef.h, StPicoDstReader.cxx, StPicoDstReader.h, StPicoEmcTrigger.cxx, StPicoEmcTrigger.h, StPicoEpdHit.cxx, StPicoEpdHit.h, StPicoEvent.cxx, StPicoEvent.h, StPicoFmsHit.cxx ,StPicoFmsHit.h, StPicoHelix.cxx, StPicoHelix.h, StPicoMtdHit.cxx, StPicoMtdHit.h, StPicoMtdPidTraits.cxx , StPicoMtdPidTraits.h, StPicoMtdTrigger.cxx, StPicoMtdTrigger.h, StPicoPhysicalHelix.cxx, StPicoPhysicalHelix.h, StPicoTrack.cxx, StPicoTrack.h, StPicoTrackCovMatrix.cxx, StPicoTrackCovMatrix.h - updated to improve style;
    StTagsMaker.cxx - updated;

    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - updated for run 2019;

    idl/etofCalibParam.idl, etofDetResolution.idl, etofDigiSlewCorr.idl, etofDigiTimeCorr.idl, etofDigiTotCorr.idl, etofElectronicsMap.idl, etofGeomAlign.idl, etofHitParam.idl , etofMatchParam.idl, etofResetTimeCorr.idl, etofSignalVelocity.idl, etofSimEfficiency.idl , etofStatusMap.idl, etofTimingWindow.idl - new tables for eTOF;

Lidia Didenko