STAR SOFTWARE NEWS  December 7, 2012
The present release assignment:
             SL06g    (SL06g_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 SL4.4, MC production for TUP
             SL07c    (SL07c_3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 CuCu 200&62GeV run 2005,TPC+SVT+SSD tracking
             SL07d    (SL07d_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV stream data run 2007, TPC tracking
             SL08c    (SL08c_5)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV run 2007,TPC+SVT+SSD tracking
             SL08e    (SL08e_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 pp 200GeV & dAu 200GeV, run 2008
             SL08e_embed (SL08e_5) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 
             SL08f    (SL08f_3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 last version with EVP_READER, MC production
             SL08f_embed (SL08f_4) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00  
             SL09b    (SL09b)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 pp 500GeV W preproduction
             SL09e    (SL09e)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 SL5.3, last library with old pams (tpt)
             SL09g    (SL09g_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2009 pp 500GeV data production
             SL09g_embed (SL09g_2Embed_v7)   ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10c    (SL10c_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2009 pp 200GeV production
             SL10c_embed (SL10c_embed_v3)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10d    (SL10d)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10h    (SL10h_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2010 auau 7.7-39GeV production
             SL10h_embed (SL10h_3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10i    (SL10i_2)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL10k    (SL10k)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2010 auau 39-200GeV production
             SL10k_embed (SL10k_embed_v8) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11a    (SL11a)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11b    (SL11b)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11c    (SL11c_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 auau 19.6Gev run 2011 preproduction
             SL11d    (SL11d_1)  ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 run 2011 pp 500GeV & auau 19-200GeV production
             SL11d_embed (SL11d_embed_v3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL11e    (SL11e)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12a    (SL12a)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12a_embed    (SL12a_embed_v1)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
             SL12b    (SL12b)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
       old-> SL12c    (SL12c)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 UU 193GeV run 2012 preproduction
       pro-> SL12d    (SL12d)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 UU 193GeV run 2012 production
       new-> SL12e    (SL12e)    ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00 
       dev-> DEV                 ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00
      .dev-> .DEV                ROOT_LEVEL 5.22.00


Release History

SL12a library
SL12b library
SL12c library
SL12d library
SL12e library

  • December 3, 2012
    new library SL12e tagged as SL12e has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 . Library was tested and released on December 7.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:

    - first release of event generator framework StarGenerator ;
    - added Pepsi event generator for ep collisions;
    - added UrQMD v.3.3.1 event generator ;
    - added new versions of PYHIA v.8.1.62 and HIJING v.1.383 event generators ;
    - code modifications for TPC upgrade, iTpx version;
    - RTS DAQ code updated for GMT & IST detectors;
    - added RTS DAQ code for PXL ;
    - further development of FGT related codes & geometry;
    - several bugs fixed;

    Next codes have been updated

    Simulation/gcalor/neutron/morini.F - added STAR location for xsneut96.dat;

    StAnalysisMaker.cxx, StAnalysisMaker.h - modified to compress print out; added print out for ToF and Emc hits; added PMD to summary print;
    StAnalysisMaker.cxx - added separators for summary;
    StLoggerManager.cxx - modified to add color by demand for '_GNUC_';
    StWsAppender.cxx, StWsAppender.h, StWsLogger.cxx, StWsLogger.h, picojson.h - added new code, initial revision of WebService logger;
    BASE/AgStarReader.cxx, StarGenerator.cxx, StarParticleStack.cxx, StarPrimaryMaker.cxx, AgStarReader.h, StarGenerator.h, StarParticleStack.h, StarPrimaryMaker.h - added new code for event generator framework;
    EVENT/StarGenAAEvent.cxx, StarGenEPEvent.cxx, StarGenEvent.cxx, StarGenParticle.cxx, StarGenPPEvent.cxx, StarGenAAEvent.h, StarGenEAEvent.h, StarGenEPEvent.h, StarGenEvent.h, StarGenParticle.h, StarGenPPEvent.h - added new code for event generator framework;
    Herwig6_5_20/Herwig6.cxx, Herwig6.h, SetBeams.F, StarHerwig6.cxx, StarHerwig6.h, StarHerwig6LinkDef.h, address.F, herwig6520.F, herwig6520.inc - HERWIG event generator moved from pams to new framework;
    Hijing1_383/address.F, hijing1.383.F, hipyset1.35.F, Hijing.cxx, Hijing.h, StarHijing.cxx, StarHijing.h - added new version v.1.383 of HIJING event generator;
    Kinematics/ StarKinematics.cxx, StarKinematics.h - added simple "particle gun" type event generator. Allows users to:
    - add single particles to the event;
    - throw particles flat;
    - throw particles according to pt, eta and phi distribution;
    - multiple sets of particles may be added per event with different kinematic ranges and/or individual particles added to the event;
    Pepsi/- added new event generator for ep collisions;
    Pythia6_4_23/ - PYTHIA version v.6.4.23 moved from pams to new event generator framework;
    Pythia8_1_62/ - added new version v.8.1.62 of PYTHIA event generator;
    StarLight/ - starlight event generator moved from pams to new framework;
    TEST/StTruthTestMaker.cxx, StTruthTestMaker.h - added new maker for test of ID truth;
    UrQMD3_3_1/ - 1fluid.F, RunFunction.F, StarUrQMD.cxx, StarUrQMD.h, UrQMD.cxx, UrQMD.h, addpart.F, address.F, angdis.F, anndec.F, baryons.patch, bessel.F, blockres.F, boxinc.inc, boxprg.F, cascinit.F, colltab.inc, coload.F, comnorm.inc, comres.inc, coms.inc, comstr.inc, comwid.inc, dectim.F, defs.inc, delpart.F, detbal.F, dwidth.F, dwidth.o, erf.F, error.F, freezeout.inc, getmass.F, getspin.F, hepchg.F, hepcmp.F, hepnam.F, init.F, input.F, inputs.inc, intirefs.txt, iso.F, ityp2pdg.F, itypdata.inc, jdecay2.F, make22.F, newpart.inc, numrec.F, options.inc, outcom.inc, output.F, paulibl.F, proppot.F, pythia6409.F, risctime.F, saveinfo.F, scatter.F, script.py, siglookup.F, string.F, tabinit.F, uhmerge.F, upmerge.F, urqmd.,F whichres.F - initial revision of UrQMD code;
    UrQMD3_3_1/eosfiles/chiraleos.dat, chiralmini.dat, chiralsmall.dat, hadgas_eos.dat, hg_eos_mini.dat hg_eos_small.dat - initial revision of UrQMD code;
    UrQMD3_3_1/eosfiles/qgpeos/qgpn00.dat, qgpn05.dat, qgpn10.dat, qgpn100.dat, qgpn105.dat, qgpn110.dat, qgpn115.dat, qgpn15.dat, qgpn20.dat, qgpn25.dat, qgpn30.dat, qgpn35.dat, qgpn40.dat, qgpn45.dat, qgpn50.dat, qgpn55.dat qgpn60.dat, qgpn65.dat, qgpn70.dat, qgpn75.dat, qgpn80.dat, qgpn85.dat, qgpn90.dat, qgpn95.dat - initial revision of UrQMD code;
    UrQMD3_3_1/unedited_src/1fluid.f, addpart.f, alpharanf.f, angdis.f, anndec.f, bessel.f, blockres.f, boxinc.f, boxprg.f, cascinit.f, colltab.f, coload.f, comnorm.f, comres.f, coms.f, comstr.f, comwid.f, dectim.f, defs.f, delpart.f, detbal.f, dwidth.f, erf.f, error.f, freezeout.f, genranf.f, getmass.f, getspin.f, gnuranf.f, hepchg.f, hepcmp.f, hepnam.f, init.f, input.f, inputs.f, intranf.f, iso.f, ityp2pdg.f, itypdata.f, jdecay2.f, make22.f, newpart.f, numrec.f, options.f, outcom.f, output.f, paulibl.f, proppot.f, pythia6409.f, ri6000ranf.f, risctime.f, saveinfo.f, scatter.f, siglookup.f, string.f, tabinit.f, uhmerge.f, upmerge.f, urqmd.f, whichres.f - initial revision of UrQMD code;
    UTIL/StarParticleData.cxx, StarParticleData.h, StarRandom.cxx, StarRandom.h - added new code for event generator framework;
    BigFullChain.h - added dependence tpcDB on StEvent; changed fgt option ordering; modified to make 'StAnalysisMaker' the last maker in the chain;
    Bfc.h, BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx, StBFChain.h - modified to use Attribute instead of m_Mode; added options: RunG, flux, pythia and PythiaEmbed;
    StBFChain.cxx - modified to propagate option 'Wenu';
    StMaker.cxx - added geometries y2011b, y2012b, devT (iTpx upgrade);
    GENERIC/EventReader.cxx - fixed some SSD issue;
    StDAQReader.cxx, StDAQReader.h, StRtsReaderMaker.cxx, StSCReader.cxx - modified to use Jeff's method "skip_then_get";
    StSCReader.cxx, StSCReader.h - added accessor functions for more SC table elements, and set time offset;
    StDbServiceBroker.cxx, StHyperCacheFileLocal.cpp - added unistd.h for gcc 4.7;
    StHyperCacheFileLocal.cpp, StHyperCacheFileLocal.h, StHyperUtilFilesystem.cpp - added an option to remove all pre-cached data upon job start;
    StHyperLock.cpp, StHyperLock.h - added new files for locking support, required for a cache management facility;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.hh, StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc - made corrections for iTpx (TPC upgrade);
    StDbUtilitiesLinkDef.h - modified to correct signature;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinateTransform.hh - modified to move xFromPad from h- to cxx-file;
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h - modified to switch from hardcoded to DB for several values, and fix a bug with east-west-asymmetric 3DGridLeak since r.1.82; modified to store row radii in arrays of doubles;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, StTpcSurveyC.h, St_tpcPadGainT0C.h, St_tpcRDOMasksC.h, St_tpcStatusC.h - modification added for TPC upgrade iTpx; St_tpcPadGainT0BC.h - added new file for iTpx modification;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx - modified to retire tpcHitErrors;
    St_tpcHitErrorsC.h - removed to retire tpcHitErrors;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcAnodeHVC.h, St_tpcAnodeHVavgC.h - added fixes for upgraded iTpx;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcAnodeHVavgC.h, St_tpcCorrectionC.h - changes related to low down Anode Voltage;
    StDetectorDbMakerLinkDef.h, StDetectorDbRichScalers.h - modified to eliminate StDetectorDbRichScalers.h and replace it by typedef;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h - modification made for iTpx;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - modified to get rid of hardcoded no.of pad rows;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx - removed queue for whole Calibrations/tpc;
    StEmcCluster.cxx, StEmcCluster.h, StEmcRawHit.cxx, StEmcRawHit.h - added print out;
    StEnumerations.h - added Tpc West Only and East Only bits;
    StDetectorName.cxx, StDetectorName.h - added detector names for detector enumerations;
    StTrack.h - added handler for Tpc West Only and East Only bits;
    StPrimaryVertex.cxx, StPrimaryVertex.h - modified to add no.of Tpc West Only and East Only tracks;
    StTpcRawData.cxx - modified not to use empty ADC;
    StTpcHit.h - modified to allow more than 64 pad rows;
    StEmcPoint.cxx, StEmcPoint.h, StHit.cxx, StPrimaryTrack.cxx - added/modified print out;
    StEnumerations.h - added 3 new members to StFgtClusterSeedType;
    StEventTypes.h - added includes for Fgt;
    StFgtHit.h - major revision, various new methods and member added;
    StRedoTracks.cxx - modified to reduce some overhead DB queries by being more specific about needed tables;
    StEventHelper.h - modified to remove warning messages;
    StEventHelper.cxx - modified to account changes of signature for ShowMembers;
    StRedoTracks.cxx - added holder for new StMagUtilities;
    StFgtA2CMaker.cxx, StFgtA2CMaker.h - modified to split seedTypes3 into raising (kFgtSeedTypes3) and falling (kFgtSeedTypes4); added new seed Type (kFgtSeedTypes5) with 3 timebins in row above 3 sigma; modified to adjust charge uncertainty factor by setPedSigFactor4Charge(); added option to read ped & status from text file, default is reading from DB;
    StFgtSeededClusterAlgo.cxx, StFgtSeededClusterAlgo.h - updated to fillin NStrip/SeedType/MaxTimebin/EvenOddChargeAsy in StFgtHit;
    modified to accept kFgtSeedTypes4 & 5 for clustring ;
    modified to set kFgtClusterTooBig instead of kFgtClusterNo into strips when cluster is too big;
    added setThreshold2AddStrip() (proposed default 2 ~ 3 from cosmic data);
    slightly changed to make trying different weight for getting R/PHI easy; slightly changed phi/even strip logic;
    StFgtSlowSimuMaker.cxx - modified to get fgtDb automatically without setting by hand; default changed to do pedestal (switch_addPeds=1 in constructor); bug fixed in logic flaw when creating timebin distribution causing "flat" hit; bug fix which causes a event to take forever when there is a hit but no signal in a quadrant; bug fixed for cut_2DampCutoff becoming 0 for empty quadrant digitization, causing taking forever to finish; bug fix in exportStripPlane2StEvent() which account for ROOT histo first bin is at index=1 TWICE;
    StFgtConsts.h - made FgtSlowSimu related fixes for r/phi consistency & speed up ;
    geometry/StFgtGeom.cxx - made FgtSlowSimu related fixes for r/phi consistency & speed up;
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx - modified to supress warning;
    StFtpcConfMapper.cc, StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx, StFtpcTrackingParams.cc, StFtpcTrackingParams.hh - modified to supress warning;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx, St_geant_Maker.h - added flux histograms; modified to use Attributes intead of m_Mode;
    modified for for new generator framework ;
    StGenericVertexMaker.cxx - modified to reduce some overhead DB queries by being more specific about needed tables;
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx - removed second addition of btofGeom to db maker ;
    StMuDSTMakerLinkDef.h - added new file for MuDst enumerations to dictionary ;
    COMMON/StMuArrays.h, StMuPrimaryVertex.cxx, StMuPrimaryVertex.h - modified to use of Tpc West and East Only no. of tracks;
    StMuMomentumShiftMaker.cxx - added const to Char_t;
    StMuPrimaryTrackCovariance.cxx - fixed return;
    StMuArrays.cxx, StMuArrays.h, StMuDst.cxx, StMuDst.h, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuDstMaker.h, StMuMtdCollection.h - modified to change array stucture of MTD upon request of the TOF group. MTD arrays now on top level, rather than within __NARRAYS__; added structure for FGT; fixed bugs in array offsets for the MTD;
    StMuDstMaker.cxx - added protection for empty EMC raw data;
    StMuFgtCluster.cxx, StMuFgtCluster.h, StMuFgtStrip.cxx, StMuFgtStrip.h, StMuFgtStripAssociation.h - added for FGT clustering;
    StMuMcTrack.cxx - fixed print out, bug #2442;
    StMuDst.cxx, StMuDst.h, StMuEmcCollection.cxx, StMuEvent.cxx, StMuFmsCollection.cxx, StMuPmdCollection.cxx, StMuPrimaryVertex.cxx - modified to replace GetEntries() by GetEntriesFast(); fixed print out;
    TF1Fitter.h, TF1Fitter.cxx - added simple TF1 fitter;
    StKFVertexMaker.cxx, StPhiEtaHitList.cxx, StPhiEtaHitList.h, StiStEventFiller.cxx - modified to use Tpc West Only and East Only tracks;
    StTrack2FastDetectorMatcher.cxx - fixed bug #2436 with misplacement of TObjectSet;
    StPhiEtaHitList.cxx - fixed CTB eta limits;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx, StiStEventFiller.h - developed for fillpull;
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiSvtHitLoader.cxx, StiSvtHitLoader.h - modified due to removing StiSvtHitLoader.h;
    StiSvtLayerLadder.h - removed;
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiTpcHitLoader.cxx - added corrections for iTpx;
    StiPullEvent.h - Errors added;
    StSpaceChargeDistMaker.cxx, StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - added corrections for iTpx;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.cxx - modified to reduce some overhead DB queries by being more specific about needed tables;
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx - modified to protect against zero entries, and a more unique entry list name;
    StEvtTrigDetSumsMaker.cxx, StEvtTrigDetSumsMaker.h - added new files to introduce StEvtTrigDetSumsMaker;
    StSpaceChargeDistMaker.cxx, StSpaceChargeDistMaker.h - modified to include distortion corrections, which must be evenly sampled per event (per hit);
    modified to use TPC dE/dx correction code, and introduce de-smearing;
    removed de-smearing bias in z and treat z more differentially;
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx - removed check for .histos;
    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDb.h, StTpcDbMaker.cxx - added rotation for Half Tpc;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcHitMaker.h, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.h - modification made for iTpx;
    StTpcAvClusterMaker.cxx, StTpcAvClusterMaker.h - added new files for TPC upgrade, iTpx;
    StTpcHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx - modified to increase no. of pad rows; modified to set the same cuts for online clusters as used for offline data;
    StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx - modified not to include cluters with flags FCF_DEAD_EDGE or FCF_ROW_EDGE; added FCF_BROKEN_EDGE flag to reject clusters; added fake track_id >= 10000;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - modified to retire StTpcLocalSectorAlignedCoordinate;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, TpcRS.C - modification made for iTpx, (TPC upgrade); added corrections for iTpx upgrade;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - modified to replace elsif by else and if; fixed missing declaration;
    TF1F.cxx - modified to adjust bin center position;
    TpcRS.C - modified not to use xgeom for devT configurations;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - added wider Voltage range for accepted clusters (-500V) than used for dEdx calculation;

    EventTracker/FtfFinder.cxx - added changes for apple;
    include/rtsSystems.h - removed PMD detector and added PXL;
    fcfClass.hh, myrinet.h, platform.h, rts.h, rtsErrMsg.h - added changes for apple;
    RC_Config.h, cmds.h, iccp.h, rtsSystems.h - updated for L4_SUPPORT;
    daqModes.h - added new file;
    include/UNIX/ThreadsMsgQueue.hh - added changes for apple;
    include/SUNRT/clock.h - added changes for apple;
    include/DAQ1000/mscript.h - added changes for apple;
    include/RC/RC_MsgDefs.h - updated for L4_SUPPORT;
    src/rtsmakefile.def - removed ENABLE_CROSS_COMPILER for non-daqman nodes;
    rtsplusplus.def - added eck in;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx, daq_dta_structs.h, msgNQLib.cxx - added changes for apple;
    daq_dta.cxx, daq_dta.h - added meta data pointer;
    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx, daq_fgt.h, fgtPed.cxx - modified to include GMT and IST; changed for extended timebin count; FGT_TB_COU changed; added APV metadata;
    src/DAQ_TPX/tpxCore.cxx - modified for ETTIE;
    src/DAQ_GMT/daq_gmt.cxx, daq_gmt.h - removed files because DAQ_GMT is replaced by the already existing DAQ_FGT;
    src/DAQ_ETOW/daq_etow.cxx - modified to fix trg and daq cmd in the data;
    src/DAQ_ESMD/daq_esmd.cxx - modified to fix trg and daq cmd in the data;
    src/DAQ_BTOW/daq_btow.cxx - modified to fix trg and daq cmd in the data;
    src/DAQ_PP2PP/daq_pp2pp.h - added changes for apple;
    src/DAQ_PMD/daq_pmd.h - added changes for apple;
    pmd_reader.cxx - modified do cut off extensive error print outs ;
    src/DAQ_PXL/daq_pxl.cxx, daq_pxl.h - first version of DAQ for PXL;
    src/SFS/sfs_index.cxx, sfs_index_daq.cxx - added changes for apple;
    src/FCF/fcfClass.cxx - added changes for apple;
    src/LOG/rtsLogUnix.c - added changes for apple;
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - added fixes for no.of pad rows > 64 ;

    gen/bpythia/closeDecays.F - added new file;
    gen/Herwig6_5_20/ - removed from pams and moved to new StarGenerator framework;
    gen/StarLight/ - removed from pams and moved to new StarGenerator framework;
    gen/Pythia6_4_23/ - removed from pams and moved to new StarGenerator framework;
    sim/flux/agustep.cxx - added new file for flux calculation;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - fixed format statement for SL4.4; added TOF_MAX configuration option;
    geometry/fgtdgeo/fgtdgeo3.g - added px,py,pz to hit declaration for FGT disks ;

    tpcPadGainT0B.20000615.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20010601.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20010701.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20010911.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20010924.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20011205.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20021105.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20030101.000001.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20030513.000001.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20031228.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20040122.120000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20040209.203000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20040416.145000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20041024.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20050111.190700.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20050209.152800.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20050311.153700.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20050412.184300.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20060308.115800.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20060510.150600.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20070330.135100.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20070420.142400.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20070503.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20070524.161901.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20071127.151802.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080101.000002.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080115.093301.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080208.174703.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080218.001712.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080219.094315.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080219.102708.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080222.070008.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080223.182619.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080223.194538.root tpcPadGainT0B.20080224.054959.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080225.203804.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080228.034753.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080228.164558.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080228.235924.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080229.203905.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080301.030910.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080302.102648.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20080302.194942.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20081211.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20081215.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090209.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090304.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090314.203028.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090318.011857.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090327.021535.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090331.022222.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090405.144414.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090409.103638.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090415.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090607.084356.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090611.170234.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090623.133633.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20090629.052714.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20091214.215645.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20091216.000001.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20100212.121258.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20100212.121259.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20110204.182524.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20111210.000100.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20111215.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20111220.000000.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20111220.000100.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20120123.184245.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20120209.142820.root, tpcPadGainT0B.20120308.182506.root, tpcPadGainT0B.C, tpcPadGainT0B.devE.C, tpcPadGainT0B.devT.C, tpcPadGainT0B.y2009.C, tpcPadGainT0B.y2010.C, tpcPadGainT0B.y2011.C - added table extension for iTpx;
    TpcAdcCorrectionB.devT.C, tpcAltroParams.devT.C, tpcAnodeHV.devT.C, TpcdCharge.devT.C, TpcdEdxCor.devT.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.devT.C, tpcDriftVelocity.devT.C, tpcGainCorrection.devT.C, tpcGas.devT.C, tpcGasTemperature.devT.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.devT.C, tpcMethaneIn.devT.C, TpcPadCorrection.devT.C, TpcPhiDirection.devT.C, tpcPressureB.devT.C, TpcResponseSimulator.devT.C, TpcRowQ.devT.C, TpcSecRowB.devT.C, tpcSlewing.devT.C, tpcWaterOut.devT.C, TpcZCorrectionB.devT.C, TpcZDC.devT.C - added default tables for devT R&D geometry;
    Geometry/tpc/TpcHalfPosition.C - added new default file;
    RunLog/onl/starClockOnl.y2012.C - added default frequency for run 2012;
    Geometry/Geometry.cxx - modified to switch tpcx geometry off by default otherwise two versions of TPC are instantiated simulataneously;
    xgeometry.xml - modified to force recompilation to add TOF_MAX configuration option; fixed format statement for SL4.4, force xgeometry recompile;
    FgtdGeo/FgtdGeo3.xml, FgtdGeoV.xml - added px,py,pz to hit declaration for FGT disks ;
    StarAgmlLib/Mortran.h, AgStructure.cxx, AgStructure.h - modified to add std:: to ostream;
    AgBlock.cxx, AgBlock.h, AgPlacement.cxx, AgPlacement.h, StarAgmlStacker.h, StarTGeoStacker.cxx, StarTGeoStacker.h - added support for volume groups ;
    Mortran.h - added virtual destructor to Array_t ;
    idl/tpcPadGainT0B.idl - added new file to replace tpcPadGainT0 => tpcPadGainT0B for iTpx, in order to avoid problems with schema evolution;
    TpcSecRowCor.idl, tpcPadPlanes.idl, tpcPadrowT0.idl, tpcPedestal.idl, tpcStatus.idl - modification for TPC upgrade iTpx, up to 50 inner rows and up to 50 outer rows;
    Geometry.idl, tpg_detector.idl, tpg_pad_plane.idl - removed files;
    tpcHitErrors.idl - removed to retire tpcHitErrors;
    fmsLed.idl, fmsLedRef.idl, fmsPi0Mass.idl - added new FMS tables;
    fgtAlignment.idl - added fgt alignment table;

  • September 5, 2012
    new library SL12d tagged as SL12d has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 . Library was tested and released on September 6.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - added StFgtSimulatorMaker code;
    - further development and updates of FGT code;
    - added DEV14 geometry version for HFT studies;
    - added FGT/vFGT upgrade geometry;
    - several bugs fixed;

    Next codes have been added

    StFgtSlowSimuMaker.h, StFgtSlowSimu_histo.cxx, StFgtSlowSimuMaker.cxx, StFgtSlowSimu_response.cxx -code for GT simulation
    macros/fgtEve.kumac, mat.kumac, plEveMovie.kumac, plFgtGallery.kumac, plFgt.kumac, ppQCD.kumac, ppWprod.kumac, plFgtSSim.C, plMatEta.C, plMatPhi.C, rdMu2FgtShort.C, rdMu2Print.C, rdSt2print.C, simRad.sh;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Simulation/starsim/atmain/agxinit.F, agxinit.cdf, agxuser.age, filtAction.cxx - added KUIP interface to configuration parameters of the filters;
    Simulation/gcalor/gcalor/calini.F - modified;

    StAssociationMaker.cxx - modified to ignore tracks without detectorInfo;
    BigFullChain.h - added chains pp2012b and P2012b which used geometry y2012a; added 'fmsSim' option for FGT simulation;
    added agregate chain fgt turning on fgtDat+fgtClu+fgtAtoC;
    Line.cc, StBeamBackMaker.cxx - added std namespace;
    Bichsel.cxx - added std namespace;
    StArray.cxx, StAutoBrowse.cxx, StFileI.h, StFileIter.h, StObject.cxx, StObject.h, StTree.cxx, StarChairDefs.h, Stiostream.h, table_header.h, table_header.inc - added std namespace;
    StMaker.cxx, StMaker.h - added y2012a and devT geometry tags; synchronized tag and geometry version for y2006h, bug fix #2374; added DEV14 geometry;
    GENERIC/EventReader.cxx, RecHeaderFormats.hh - added std namespace;
    TOF/TOF_Reader.hh - added std namespace;
    DbUse.cxx - added std namespace;
    StDbBuffer.cc, StDbDefaults.cc, StDbManagerImpl.cc, StDbManagerImpl.hh, StDbXmlReader.cc, parseXmlString.cc - added std namespace;
    St_spaceChargeCorC.cxx - added VPD possibilities;
    StEmbeddingQAUtilities.cxx - added std namespace;
    voltageCalib/GainVoltCoeffCalculator.cxx, GainVoltCoeffCalculator.h, LinearFit.h - added std namespace;
    StPi0Candidate.h - added std namespace;
    StEtrFastSimMaker.cxx - added IdTruth ;
    StTpcSectorHitCollection.h - modified to increment version to account change in max. no. of pad rows;
    StDcaGeometry.cxx - updated;
    StGlobalTrack.cxx - adjusted format;
    StEnumerations.h - modified to increase Track Range 300=>500; added 2 new variables to enum StFgtClusterSeedType;
    StFgtHit.h, StFgtPoint.h - fixed bug in define detector();
    StTrackDetectorInfo.h, StTrackDetectorInfo.cxx - added other hits;
    StEventHitIter.cxx - added FGT hits;
    StFgtDb.h, StFgtDbMaker.cxx, StFgtDbMaker.h - added access to fgtSimuParam table;
    StFgtDbMaker.cxx, StFgtDbMaker.h - modified to remove 'virtual' and fix the name;
    StFgtDb.cxx - modified for csv format fixed cout for quadrant;
    macros/read_fgtSimuParams.C, read_fgt_eloscutoff.C, write_fgtSimuParams.C, write_fgt_eloscutoff.C - added new macros to provide access to fgtSimuParam table;
    StFgtA2CMaker.cxx, StFgtA2CMaker.h - modified to add flag to allow long pulses; modified to set accept long pulses as default; modified to make maker compatible with running in bfc chain;
    StFgtSeededClusterAlgo.cxx - added one sigma strips to clusters; updated cluster algo to find even p clusters;
    StFgtClusterMaker.cxx, StFgtClusterMaker.h - Misc reshaped;
    StFgtRawMaker.cxx, StFgtRawMaker.h - modified to remove virtual + add InitRun to get Db point;
    geometry/StFgtGeom.h, StFgtGeom.cxx - fixed bug in getGlobalPhysicalCoordinate by pnord, computation now done by computeGlobalPhysicalCoordinate; modified to make 'getQuad' compatible with angles between 0 and 2*pi;
    StFtpcTrack.cc - modified to resolve ambiguity in TMath::Power;
    StGridCollector.cxx - added std namespace;
    Embed/StPrepEmbedMaker.h, StPrepEmbedMaker.cxx - added a switch to cut on the ranking of primary vertex;
    Fit/dFitter3d.cxx - added std namespace;
    Infrastructure/StExceptions.hh - added std namespace;
    tracks/StjTrackCutTdcaPtDependent.h - modified to switched pt2=1.0 GeV/c to pt2=1.5 GeV/c;
    StiDetectorBuilder.h - added std namespace ;
    Star/StiStarDetectorBuilder.cxx - added FGT as dead material;
    StKFTrack.cxx, StKFTrack.h, StKFVertex.cxx, StKFVertex.h, StKFVerticesCollection.cxx, StKFVerticesCollection.h, StMuDstVtxT.cxx, StMuDstVtxT.h, StPhiEtaHitList.h, StiMaker.cxx - added std namespace;
    StiMaker.cxx - modified to check that vertex fitter exist before getting vertex postion;
    StMcEmcHitCollection.hh - added std namespace;
    StMcEventMaker.cxx - modified;
    StMCFilter.cxx, StMCFilter.h, loadlibs.kumac - added KUIP interface to configuration parameters of the filters;
    StMCCaloFilter.cxx, StMCCaloFilter.h - added (new files) general "Calorimeter" filter covering both B & EEMC (plus FMS and future calorimeters);
    StMCCaloFilter.cxx - added 'HadronEfract' keyword to list of configurable parameters ;
    StMtdHitMaker.cxx, StMtdHitMaker.h - modified to generate StMtdHit objects, apply trigger window, apply INL correction. StMtdHitMaker can now also run as afterburner on MuDSTs;
    StSpaceChargeDistMaker.cxx, StSpaceChargeDistMaker.h - introduced StSpaceChargeDistMaker;
    StEvtVtxSeedMaker.cxx, StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.h - modified to include BEMC+EEMC+BTOF+CM to detmap; added mean zdc to log output; modified ZDC sum rate -> ZDC coincidence rate;
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.h - added missing mean ZDC for aggregation; added BeamLine parameter ntuples to output;
    StEvtVtxSeedMaker.h, StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.h, StVertexSeedMaker.cxx, StVertexSeedMaker.h - added index of vertex within event to ntuple;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - modified to expand SC hist ranges; added VPD to ntuple ;
    StPeCPair.cxx, StPeCPair.h - added tof information to both tracks;
    StPeCTrigger.cxx - added topo and main triggers for different run periods;
    StPeCEvent.cxx, StPeCEvent.h, StPeCMaker.cxx, StPeCMaker.h - added flags to include TOF and Vertex branches in tree;
    StPeCEnumerations.h - modified to control the number of tracks for UPC selection;
    StPeCTrack.cxx, StPeCTrack.h - modified to overload constructor and set method to pass vertex information in StMuEvent;
    StPeCEvent.h, StPeCPair.h, StPeCTrigger.h, StPeCMaker.h, StPeCTrack.h, - modified to raise ClassDef from 1 to 2;

    EventTracker/gl3Hit.cxx - updated;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx, daqReader.h - added daqReader.h;
    src/RTS_EXAMPLE// - updated;

    DRand48Engine.cc, JamesRandom.cc, PhysicalConstants.h, RandEngine.cc, RanecuEngine.cc, RanluxEngine.cc, StLorentzVector.hh, StMatrix.hh, StMemoryInfo.cc, SystemOfUnits.h - - added std namespace;
    StParticleTable.cc - modified to add Xi0(1530);
    StXiZero1530.cc, StXiZero1530.hh - added new files for Xi0(1530);
    StLoggerManager.cxx - added std namespace;
    KFParticleBase.cxx, KFParticleBase.h, TMDFParameters.cxx, TPolynomial.cxx, TRArray.cxx, TRArray.h, TRDiagMatrix.cxx, TRMatrix.cxx, TRMatrix.h, TRSymMatrix.cxx, TRSymMatrix.h - added std namespace;
    TTreeIterLinkDef.h - removed ;
    THelixTrack.cxx, THelixTrack.h - fixed KFit::Test; method MaxCorr() added;
    StSsdBarrel.hh - added std namespace;
    StTpcCalibSector.cxx, StTpcCalibSetup.cxx - added std namespace;
    StTpcBadChanMaker.cxx, StTpcBadChanMaker.h, StTpcCalibSector.cxx, StTpcCalibSector.h, StTpcCalibSetup.cxx, StTpcCalibSetup.h, StTpcDeadChanMaker.cxx, StTpcDeadChanMaker.h, StTpcFEEGainCalibMaker.cxx, StTpcFEEGainCalibMaker.h - removed;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - fixed bug #2387;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx - added LOG_INFO;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx, StTriggerSimuMaker.h - modified to allow users to specify database to use for trigger definitions and thresholds;
    Bemc/StBemcTriggerSimu.cxx - modified to allow BEMC trigger simulator to work for year > 2009; StMCfixed fillStTriggerDetector();
    Emc/StEmcTriggerSimu.cxx - added printing of EM201 output bits;
    Eemc/StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx - fixed fillStTriggerDetector();
    StEemcTriggerSimu.cxx, StEemcTriggerSimu.h - added logging of EEMC gains from DB;
    include/StSimpleMagneticField.hh, StTpcDbGeometry.hh, StTpcSimpleGeometry.hh, StTrsChargeSegment.hh, StTrsDeDx.hh, StTrsSector.hh - added std namespace;
    src/StSimpleMagneticField.cc, StTpcSimpleElectronics.cc, StTpcSimpleGeometry.cc, StTrsDeDx.cc, StTrsWireHistogram.cc - added std namespace;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - restored old hack for dN/dx table to fix bug #2347;
    StMessTypeList.cxx, StMessage.cxx, StMessageCounter.cxx, StMessageManager.cxx, StMessageStream.h, StMultiH1F.h, StMultiH2F.h - added std namespace;

    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added y2012a production tag; added DEV14 geometry tag for HFT studies; added VPD and PXST to dev14 geometry; added vfgt to definition of the estar development geometry;
    added estar1 and tpciv1 geometry tags;
    geometry/fgtdgeo/fgtdgeo3.g - added stub for the vfgt geometry implented in AgML;
    geometry/istdgeo/istdgeo0.g - added ISTDGEO0 stub for AgML geometry;
    geometry/sisdgeo/sisdgeo7.g - added SISDGEO7 stub for AgML geometry;
    geometry/pixlgeo/PxstGeo1.g - added Pixel support tube stub for AgML geometry;
    sim/gstar/gstar_part.g - added Xi0(1530);

    AgiGeometry/Geometry.devT.C, devT.h - added devT geometry tag;
    Geometry/Geometry.cxx - modified to eliminate dependency on fstream ;
    Geometry.cxx, Geometry.h - added DEV14 geometry tag for HFT studies;
    Geometry.cxx - added vfgt (module FgtdGeoV) to the eStar development geometry
    Geometry/Compat/xgeometry.xml - added vfgt (module FgtdGeoV) to the eStar development geometry;
    Geometry/FgtdGeo/FgtdGeoV.xml - added 12-disk FGT upgrade geometry;
    StarAgmlLib/AgMath.h, AgStructure.h, Mortran.h - added stl namespace;
    AgMath.h - modified to remove min/max due to ambguity with std ones;
    AgMath.h, Mortran.h, StarTGeoStacker.cxx - removed some unecessary changes to Mortran.h and StarTGeoStacker.cxx;
    Geometry/IstdGeo/IstdGeo0.xml - added DEV14 geometry tag for HFT studies;
    Geometry/Compat/xgeometry.xml - added y2012a production tag; added DEV14 geometry tag for HFT studies;
    Geometry/macros/StarGeometryDb.C - added y2012a production tag; added DEV14 geometry tag for HFT studies;
    Geometry/PixlGeo/PixlGeo4.xml, PxstGeo1.xml - added DEV14 geometry for tag for HFT studies; added misalignment variables;
    Geometry/SisdGeo/SisdGeo7.xml - added DEV14 geometry tag for HFT studies;
    Geometry/VpddGeo/VpddGeo2.xml - modified IBSS --> IBST to prevent conflict with sensitve detector in the IST geometry;
    GeoTestMaker/StMCConstructGeometry.cxx, StMCSimplePrimaryGenerator.cxx - added stl namespace;

    AgMLGeometry/Geometry.y2012a.C - added y2012a production tag;
    Geometry/tpc/TpcOuterSectorPosition.devE.C, TpcOuterSectorPosition.devT.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.devE.C, TpcSuperSectorPosition.devT.C, tpcGlobalPosition.devT.C, tpcPadPlanes.devT.C - added default values for devE and devT;
    Calibrations/tracker/StvKonst.C - added new file for tablization of StvConst ;
    Calibrations/tpc/tpcAnodeHVavg.dev13.C, tpcAnodeHVavg.devT.C, tpcAnodeHVavg.y2012.C - added default tpcAnodeHVavg for dev13 and devT geometries;
    idl/fgtSimuParams.idl - added new file for FGT slow simulator;
    StvKonst.idl - added new file for tablization of StvConst ;

    qtgl/qtcoin/src/TCoinShapeBuilder.cxx - added std namespace;
    TCoinShapeBuilder.cxx - added stl namespace ;
    qtgui/inc/TQtColorSelect.h, TQtColorSelectButton.h, TQtPatternSelect.h - added std namespace;
    qtgui/src/TQtColorSelect.cxx, TQtColorSelectButton.cxx, TQtPatternSelect.cxx, TQtPixmapBox.cxx, TQtTabValidator.cxx - added std namespace;
    TQtTabValidator.cxx - modified to account change of TTabCom signature in ROOT >= (5.26.0);

  • May 30, 2012
    new library SL12c tagged as SL12c has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 . Library was tested and released on June 4.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - first library release with FGT code;
    - initial revisison of HyperCache support for offline DB;
    - modification for vertex finder code;
    - production geometry y2012a for run 2012; - several bugs fixed;

    Next FGT makers have been added:

    StFgtA2CMaker.cxx, StFgtA2CMaker.h - convert the ADC value to charge and optionally removes strips with status not passing the mask;
    StFgtDb.cxx, StFgtDb.h, StFgtDbMaker.cxx, StFgtDbMaker.h;
    StFgtClusterMaker.cxx, StFgtClusterMaker.h, StFgtIClusterAlgo.h, StFgtMaxClusterAlgo.cxx, StFgtSeededClusterAlgo.cxx, StFgtSeededClusterAlgo.h, StFgtSimpleClusterAlgo.cxx, StFgtSimpleClusterAlgo.h;
    StFgtRawMaker.cxx, StFgtRawMaker.h;
    geometry/StFgtGeom.cxx, StFgtGeom.h;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StAnalysisMaker.cxx, StAnalysisMaker.h - modified to reshape printout for primary vertices;
    countPrimaryPions.cc, countPrimaryTracks.cc, summarizeEvent.cc - removed;
    TRandomVector.cxx - added normalisation before and Renormalisation after addedTRandomVector.cxx;
    THelixTrack.cxx, THelixTrack.h - Helix Kalman fitter added;
    BigFullChain.h - added detDb to be used in StEvent; added dependence StiLibs versus BTofUtil to fix bug #2356;
    StBFChain.cxx, BigFullChain.h - added options to handle StKFVertexMaker code;
    StBFChain.cxx - modified to move call of StChain::Init() to the end;
    BigFullChain.h - temporary added use xgeometry flag(YF);
    Bfc.h - increased size of arrays;
    Bichsel.h,dEdxParameterization.cxx, dEdxParameterization.h - modified to switch interpolation to TH1/TH2 from home made version;
    StBTofHitMaker.cxx - modified to fill BTof hit Id;
    StBTofMatchMaker.cxx, StBTofMatchMaker.h - modified to keep btofGeometry in const area for future use;
    StBTofSimMaker.cxx - modified to write hits to StEvent, set kBTofId for hits;
    StMaker.cxx - added y2012a and devT geometry tags;
    St_db_Maker.cxx - added test for unrecognized files; modified to ignore wrong timing for RunLog tables;
    StHyperCacheConfig.cpp, StHyperCacheConfig.h, StHyperCacheFactory.cpp, StHyperCacheFactory.h, StHyperCacheFileLocal.cpp, StHyperCacheFileLocal.h, StHyperCacheI.cpp, StHyperCacheI.h, StHyperCacheManager.cpp, StHyperCacheManager.h, StHyperCacheWebservice.cpp, StHyperCacheWebservice.h, StHyperHashMd5.cpp, StHyperHashMd5.h, StHyperHashSha256.cpp, StHyperHashSha256.h, StHyperSingleton.h, StHyperUtilFilesystem.cpp, StHyperUtilFilesystem.h, StHyperUtilGeneric.cpp, StHyperUtilGeneric.h, StHyperUtilPlatform.cpp, StHyperUtilPlatform.h, picojson.h - initial revision of code for HyperCache support ("Local File Cache" and "Web Service Cache" parts);
    MysqlDb.cc, MysqlDb.h, StHyperCacheFileLocal.cpp, StHyperCacheManager.cpp, StHyperCacheManager.h - modified for integration of Hyper Cache; HyperCache added to workflow;
    StTpcCoordinateTransform.cc, StTpcCoordinateTransform.hh - removed hardcoded separation between Inner and Outer Sectors;
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h - modified to use more realistic geometry model in PredictSpaceCharge;
    St_tpcPadPlanesC.h - fixed padsPerRow;
    StDetectorDbChairs.cxx, St_tpcPadPlanesC.h - modified to add new chaires;
    St_bemcMapC.h, St_bprsMapC.h, St_bsmdeMapC.h, St_bsmdpMapC.h, St_emcCalibC.h, St_emcGainC.h, St_emcPedC.h, St_emcStatusC.h, St_emcTriggerLUTC.h, St_emcTriggerPedC.h, St_emcTriggerStatusC.h, St_smdCalibC.h, St_smdGainC.h, St_smdPedC.h, St_smdStatusC.h, St_tofGeomAlignC.h, St_tofStatusC.h, St_tofTrayConfigC.h, StiBTofChairs.cxx, StiBTofHitErrorCalculator.h- added new files for more chaires;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.h, StdEdxY2Maker.cxx, StdEdxY2Maker.h - modified;
    StFgtCollection.cxx, StFgtCollection.h, StFgtHitCollection.cxx, StFgtHitCollection.h, StFgtHit.cxx, StFgtHit.h, StFgtPointCollection.cxx, StFgtPointCollection.h, StFgtPoint.cxx, StFgtPoint.h, StFgtStripCollection.cxx, StFgtStripCollection.h, StFgtStrip.cxx, StFgtStrip.h - initial revision of FGT code;
    StEventClusteringHints.cxx, - added FGT hit collection;
    StContainers.cxx, StContainers.h, StEnumerations.cxx, StEnumerations.h, StEvent.cxx StEvent.h - modified to add FGT package ;
    StTpcRawData.cxx, StTpcRawData.h - removed hardcoded separation between Inner and Outer Sectors;
    StTpcRawData.cxx StTpcSectorHitCollection.h - replaced StDigitalPair by its reference;
    StBTofHit.cxx, StBTofHit.h, StDcaGeometry.h, StEmcCluster.h, StEnumerations.h, StEventTypes.h, StGlobalTrack.cxx, StGlobalTrack.h, StPrimaryTrack.cxx, StPrimaryTrack.h, StPrimaryVertex.cxx, StPrimaryVertex.h, StVertex.cxx, StVertex.h, StTpcDedxPidAlgorithm.cxx, StTpcSectorHitCollection.h, StTrack.cxx, StTrack.h, StTrackPidTraits.h, StTriggerData.h - added new code to handle tracks matching to fast detector;
    StTrackFitTraits.cxx, StTrackFitTraits.h - added new logic for total numbers of fit points, StTriggerData.cxx, StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData2009.cxx, StTriggerData2009.h, StTriggerData2012.cxx, StTriggerData2012.h - added acc ess function for l2sum;
    StDedxPidTraits.cxx, StDedxPidTraits.h - added field for log2;
    StEnumerations.h - added tracking for TRD;
    StEventCompendiumMaker.cxx, StEventCompendiumMaker.h - modified to adjust to new vertex finder code;
    fillEventSummary.cc - removed;
    StEventMaker.cxx - modified to provide hit for StTpcDb about TroggerId;
    StuDraw3DEvent.cxx - modified;
    StEventHitIter.cxx, StEventHitIter.h - completely rewritten;
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx, Vertex3D.cxx, Vertex3D.h - modified to convert many LOG_INFO to LOG_DEBUG to make PPV more silent;
    trackes/StjTrackCutTdcaPtDependent.h - added new file to implemenet pt-dependent 3-D DCA cut;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx - fixed bug #2362 related to global DCA;
    StMcEvent.cc - modified;
    StMcTpcSectorHitCollection.hh - modified to increase number of possible row to 100;
    COMMON/StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuMcTrack.cxx, StMuMcTrack.h, StMuMcVertex.cxx, StMuMcVertex.h, StMuPrimaryTrackCovariance.cxx, StMuPrimaryTrackCovariance.h, StMuPrimaryVertex.cxx, StMuPrimaryVertex.h,
    StMuProbPidTraits.h, StMuTrack.cxx, StMuTrack.h - modified to handel tracks matching to fast detector;

    StiTPCCATrackerInterface.cxx, StiTpcSeedFinder.cxx,StiTpcSeedFinder.h - removed hard coded TPC parameters;
    StiMaker.cxx, StiMaker.h, StiStEventFiller.cxx, StiStEventFiller.h - modified to adjust to new vertex finder code StKFVertexMaker;
    MuPrmVtx.C, StAnneling.cxx, StAnneling.h, StKFEvent.cxx, StKFEvent.h, StKFTrack.cxx, StKFTrack.h, StKFVertex.cxx, StKFVertex.h, StKFVertexMaker.cxx, StKFVertexMaker.h, StKFVerticesCollection.cxx, StKFVerticesCollection.h, StMuDstVtxT.cxx, StMuDstVtxT.h, StPhiEtaHitList.cxx, StPhiEtaHitList.h, StTrack2FastDetectorMatcher.cxx, StVertexP.h, StTrack2FastDetectorMatcher.h StVertexT.h - added new codes for vertex finder;

    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDb.h - modified to set interpolation for one week only, fixed sign of interpolation, added TriggerId;
    StTpcMixerMaker.cxx - modified to remove requirement to have only 2 inputs; fixed bug #2351;
    StTpcRTSHitMaker.cxx, StTpcRTSHitMaker.h - added Tonko's interface for variable no.of pad rows (adjusted to daq_tpx.cxx updates) ;
    TF1F.cxx, TpcRS.C - updated to fix bug #2342;
    StTpcFastSimMaker.cxx - added printout;
    Embed/StPrepEmbedMaker.cxx, StPrepEmbedMaker.h - added switch to choose between the two kinematic variables: rapidty or pseudo-rapdity;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - modified to reduce pile-up contributions in impact parameter plots ;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - modified list of BEMC hists for QA shift; made correction on required detectors for EmcCat4 plots;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - added pointing angle near vertex to improved PredictSpaceCharge

    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx,daqReader.h, daq_det.h - added FY12 future-protection bug check ;
    src/DAQ_TPX/daq_tpx.cxx - added FY12 future-protection bug check ;
    src/DAQ_TRG/daq_trg.cxx - fixed to remove WARN about lack of legacy banks;

    gen/bpythia/apytuser.age - modified to increase size of BEAM and TARG strigs to allow more complicated options in pythia eSTAR simulations ;
    gen/starlight/src/ Breakup.inc, D2LParam.inc, Ftable.in, PofB.f, bw.inc, const.inc, decayEvent.f, diffLum_2gamma.f, diffLum_vm.f, flux.f, formf.f, global.inc, hadronbreakup.f, hencken.f, heptup.f, input.f, inputp.inc, jtog.f, ludat1.inc, lujets.inc, momenta.f, newparam.f, nofe.f, nrbw.f, photonbreakup.f, pickw.f, pickwy_vm.f, picky.f, pp.f, pperpdist.f, ptconv.f, pttable.inc, pttablegen.f, radmul.F, range.inc, readDiffLum.f, rws.f, setConst.f, sig.in,c sigma2.f, sigma_A.f, sigmacalc.f, sigmadelta.f, sigmagp.f sigmavm.f sigmavmw.f sigmui.f starlight.f t.f tablecalc.f tables.inc taudecay.f thephi.f thetalep.f threedecay.f, transform.f, twodecay.f, vladimir.f, vmomenta.f, vmpt.f, vmsigmapt.f, writeGSTARtext.f, writeNtuple.f, writeText.f, writejetsetGSTARtext.f, writejetsetNtuple.f writejetsetText.f - removed an old version of starlight event generator;
    gen/starlight/src/bin/ jet.dat, starlight.in - removed;
    geometry/tpcegeo/tpcxgeo1.g - added stub to handle the tpcxgeo1 symbol;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added 'devT' geometry tag for TPC upgrade study; added y2012a production tag;

    Geometry/Geometry.cxx, Geometry.h - added "devT" geometry tag for TPC upgrade study;
    AgiGeometry/Geometry.devT.C, devT.h - added devT geometry for TPC upgrade;
    AgMLGeometry/Geometry.devT.C - added "devT" geometry for TPC upgrade study;
    Geometry.devE.C, devE.h - added "devE" geometry version for R&D ;
    Geometry.y2012a.C - added y2012a production geometry;
    Calibrations/ftpc/ftpcTemps.devE.C - added new file for R&D;
    Calibrations/tpc/TpcdXCorrection.devE.C, TpcdXCorrection.y2009.C, TpcdXCorrection.y2010.C, TpcdXCorrection.y2011.C - removed;
    tpcGlobalPosition.devE.C, TpcAdcCorrectionB.devE.C, tpcAltroParams.devE.C, tpcAnodeHVavg.devE.C, tpcAnodeHV.devE.C, TpcdCharge.devE.C, TpcdEdxCor.devE.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.devE.C, tpcDriftVelocity.devE.C, TpcdXCorrection.devE.C, tpcGainCorrection.devE.C, tpcGas.devE.C, tpcGasTemperature.devE.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.devE.C, tpcMethaneIn.devE.C, TpcPadCorrection.devE.C, tpcPadGainT0.devE.C, TpcPhiDirection.devE.C, tpcPressureB.devE.C, TpcResponseSimulator.devE.C, TpcSecRowB.devE.C, tpcSlewing.devE.C, tpcWaterOut.devE.C, TpcZCorrectionB.devE.C - added new files for "devE" geometry for R&D;
    RunLog/onl/starClockOnl.devE.C, tpcRDOMasks.devE.C - added new files for "devE" geometry for R&D;
    idl/StHyperUtilFilesystem.cpp - added to fix MacOS issue with PATH_MAX;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/tofBuilder.cxx - blocked display of some stats boxes; fixed VPD triggered-crossing gating ; fixed zdc hardware sum;
    tofBuilder.cxx, tofBuilder.h - added labels for bad trays;
    trgBuilder.cxx - fixed zdc hardware sum;
    upcBuilder.h, upcBuilder.cxx - modified plots for run 12 U+U;

  • April 12, 2012
    new library SL12b tagged as SL12b has been created and built on SL5.3 32bits & 64bits platforms . Library was tested and released on April 18.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - first library release with VMC geometry model;
    - several bugs fixed;

    Next codes added for VMC geometry model:

    Geometry/Geometry.cxx, Geometry.h, geometryStats.cc, geometryStats.hh, Helpers.h;
    BbcmGeo/, BtofGeo/, CalbGeo/, CaveGeo/, Compat/, EcalGeo/, EiddGeo/, FgtdGeo/, FpdmGeo/, FsceGeo/, FtpcGeo/, FtroGeo/, IdsmGeo/, MagpGeo/, MutdGeo/, PhmdGeo/, PipeGeo/, PixlGeo/, QuadGeo/, SconGeo/, ShldGeo/, SisdGeo/, SupoGeo/, SvttGeo/, TestGeo/, TpceGeo/, TpcxGeo/, TutrGeo/, UpstGeo/, VpddGeo/, ZcalGeo/ - new modules;
    StarAgmlLib/AgAttribute.cxx/h, AgBlock.cxx/h, AgCreate.cxx/h, AgDetp.cxx/h, AgMaterial.cxx/h, AgMath.cxx/h, AgMedium.cxx/h, AgModule.cxx/h, AgPlacement.cxx/h, AgShape.cxx/h, AgSTAR.cxx/h, AgStructure.cxx/h, AgVolume.cxx/h, Mortran.cxx/h, StarAgmlLibLinkDef.h, StarAgmlStacker.cxx/h, StarTGeoStacker.cxx/h;
    StarGeometry/BbcmGeo.cxx/h, BtofGeo1.cxx/h, BtofGeo2.cxx/h, BtofGeo3.cxx/h, BtofGeo4.cxx/h, BtofGeo5.cxx/h, BtofGeo6.cxx/h, BtofGeo7.cxx/h, CalbGeo1.cxx/h, CalbGeo2.cxx/h, CalbGeo.cxx/h, CaveGeo.cxx/h, EcalGeo6.cxx/h, EcalGeo.cxx/h, EiddGeo.cxx/h, FgtdGeo3.cxx/h,FpdmGeo1.cxx/h, FpdmGeo2.cxx/h, FpdmGeo3.cxx/h, FsceGeo.cxx/h, FtpcGeo1.cxx/h, FtpcGeo.cxx/h, FtroGeo.cxx/h, IdsmGeo1.cxx/h, MagpGeo.cxx/h, MutdGeo2.cxx/h, MutdGeo3.cxx/h, MutdGeo4.cxx/h, MutdGeo.cxx/h, PhmdGeo.cxx /h,PipeGeo00.cxx/h, PipeGeo1.cxx/h, PipeGeo.cxx/h, PixlGeo3.cxx/h, PixlGeo4.cxx/h, QuadGeo.cxx/h, SconGeo.cxx/h, ShapGeo.cxx/h, ShldGeo.cxx/h, SisdGeo1.cxx/h, SisdGeo2.cxx/h, SisdGeo3.cxx/h, SisdGeo4.cxx/h, SisdGeo5.cxx/h, SisdGeo6.cxx/h, SisdGeo.cxx/h, SupoGeo1.cxx/h, SupoGeo.cxx/h, SvttGeo10.cxx/h, SvttGeo11.cxx/h, SvttGeo1.cxx/h, SvttGeo2.cxx/h, SvttGeo3.cxx/h, SvttGeo4.cxx/h, SvttGeo5.cxx/h, SvttGeo6.cxx/h, SvttGeo7.cxx/h, SvttGeo9.cxx/h, SvttGeo.cxx/h, TestGeo1.cxx/h, TpceGeo1.cxx/h, TpceGeo2.cxx/h, TpceGeo3a.cxx/h, TpcxGeo1.cxx/h, TutrGeo1.cxx/h, TutrGeo2.cxx/h, TutrGeo3.cxx/h, TutrGeo4.cxx/h, UpstGeo.cxx/h, VpddGeo1.cxx/h, VpddGeo2.cxx/h, VpddGeo.cxx/h, ZcalGeo.cxx/h, ;
    xgeometry/BbcmGeo.age, BtofGeo1.age, tofGeo2.age, BtofGeo3.age, BtofGeo4.age, BtofGeo5.age, BtofGeo6.age, BtofGeo7.age, CalbGeo1.age, CalbGeo2.age, CalbGeo.age, calbpar.age, CaveGeo.age, dummgeo.age, EcalGeo6.age, EcalGeo.age, EiddGeo.age, etsphit.age, ffpdstep.age, FgtdGeo3.age, fgtdgeo.age, fhcmgeo.age, FpdmGeo1.age, FpdmGeo2.age, FpdmGeo3.age, fpdmgeo.age, FsceGeo.age, fstdgeo.age, FtpcGeo1.age, FtpcGeo.age, FtroGeo.age, gembgeo.age, hpdtgeo.age, IdsmGeo1.age, igtdgeo.age, istbego.age, itspgeo.age, MagpGeo.age, MutdGeo2.age, MutdGeo3.age, MutdGeo4.age, MutdGeo.age, PhmdGeo.age, PipeGeo00.age, PipeGeo1.age, PipeGeo.age, PixlGeo3.age, PixlGeo4.age, pixlgeo.age, QuadGeo.age, richgeo.age, SconGeo.age, ShapGeo.age, ShldGeo.age, SisdGeo1.age, SisdGeo2.age, SisdGeo3.age, SisdGeo4.age, SisdGeo5.age, SisdGeo6.age, SisdGeo.age, SupoGeo1.age, SupoGeo.age, SvttGeo10.age, SvttGeo11.age, SvttGeo1.age, SvttGeo2.age, SvttGeo3.age, SvttGeo4.age, SvttGeo5.age, SvttGeo6.age, SvttGeo7.age, SvttGeo9.age, SvttGeo.age, TestGeo1.age, TpceGeo1.age, TpceGeo2.age, TpceGeo3a.age, tpcegeo3.age, tpcegeo.age, TpcxGeo1.age, TutrGeo1.age, TutrGeo2.age, TutrGeo3.age, TutrGeo4.age, UpstGeo.age, VpddGeo1.age, VpddGeo2.age, VpddGeo.age, wallgeo.age, xgeometry.age, ZcalGeo.age;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StAnalysisMaker.cxx, StAnalysisMaker.h, summarizeEvent.cc - modified to compress output for Event summary;
    BigFullChain.h - removed option TpxRaw from TpcMixer which creates 3-rd instance of it;
    St_db_Maker.cxx - fix bug #2303;
    geometry/StEmcGeom.cxx - added protection against zero size table;
    StEtrHit.h, StEtrHit.cxx - added section;
    StEtrHitCollection.cxx - assert() instead of memory leak added ;
    StFastJetPars.cxx, StFastJetPars.h, StjFastJet.cxx, StjFastJet.h - added support for fastjet plugins;
    StFastJetPars.cxx, StFastJetPars.h - added destructor for StCDFMidPointPlugin;
    StJetMaker2009.cxx - modified to add to jet trees event timestamp, position of first and last points on TPC track;
    emulator/StMuTrackEmu.h, StjeJetEventTreeWriter.cxx, StjeTrackListToStMuTrackFourVecList.cxx - modified to add to jet trees event timestamp, position of first and last points on TPC track;
    mudst/StjEEMCMuDst.cxx - modified to drop EEMC towers with saturated ADC;
    mcparticles/StjMCParticleCutParton.h - implemented better selection criteria for parton jets;
    towers/StjTowerEnergyCorrectionForTracksFraction.cxx - hacked to keep around towers killed by hadronic correction;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - modified to include eemcMatch,btofMatch,crossCM in looking for good vertices;
    StMiniMcEvent.cxx, StMiniMcEvent.h, StMiniMcMaker.cxx, StMiniMcMaker.h - added uncorrected globals tracks ;
    StMcBTofHitCollection.hh, StMcCtbHitCollection.hh, StMcEmcHitCollection.hh, StMcEmcModuleHitCollection.hh, StMcFgtHitCollection.hh, StMcFgtLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcFtpcHitCollection.hh, StMcFtpcPlaneHitCollection.hh, StMcIstHitCollection.hh, StMcIstLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcMtdHitCollection.hh, StMcPixelHitCollection.hh, StMcPixelLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcRichHitCollection.hh, StMcSsdLadderHitCollection.hh, StMcSsdWaferHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtBarrelHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtLadderHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtWaferHitCollection.hh, StMcTofHitCollection.hh, StMcTpcHitCollection.hh, StMcTpcPadrowHitCollection.hh, StMcTpcSectorHitCollection.hh, StMcSsdHitCollection.hh - changed private => protected;
    StMcContainers.hh - added Etr hits;
    StMcEvent.cc, StMcEvent.hh, StMcEventLinkDef.h, StMcEventTypes.hh, StMcTrack.hh, StMcEtrHit.cc, StMcEtrHitCollection.cc, StMcEtrHit Collection.hh, StMcEtrHit.hh - added Etr;
    StMcHitIter.cxx, StMcHitIter.h - added new files;
    StMcEventMaker.h, StMcEventMaker.cxx - Etr added;
    StTpcMixerMaker.cxx - fixed bug #2299;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx - fixed for embedding;
    L2Emulator/StL2_2009EmulatorMaker.cxx - added L2upsilon; added L2jet for 2009 pp 500GeV ;
    L2Emulator/L2wAlgo/L2wEemc2012.cxx, L2wEemc2012.h - modified to write L2weResult to the L2Result array so we can differentiate random and real accepts; updated plots to have some monitoring;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, StTpcRSMaker.h, TpcRS.C - modified to speed up calculation;
    StHelixHelper.h - modified;

    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - modified to to support reconfiguration of the inner TPAD volumes for inner TPC upgrade studies;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - modified to switch pipe12 (old beam pipe) to pipev1 (new narrow beam pipe) for dev13 geometry with the HFT;
    geometry/pipegeo/pipegeo1.g - added new file AgML pipe geometry module;

    AgiGeometry/CreateGeometry.h - modified to remove static, errorprone in Cint;
    AgMLGeometry/CreateGeometry.h, Geometry.C, Geometry.dev13.C, Geometry.devE.C, Geometry.y2004.C, Geometry.y2004c.C,Geometry.y2004d.C, Geometry.y2005b.C, Geometry.y2005.C, Geometry.y2005c.C, Geometry.y2005d.C, Geometry.y2005e.C, Geometry.y2005f.C, Geometry.y2005g.C, Geometry.y2005h.C, Geometry.y2005i.C, Geometry.y2006a.C, Geometry.y2006b.C, Geometry.y2006.C, Geometry.y2006g.C, Geometry.y2006h.C, Geometry.y2007a.C, Geometry.y2007.C, Geometry.y2007g.C, Geometry.y2007h.C, Geometry.y2008a.C, Geometry.y2008b.C, Geometry.y2008.C, Geometry.y2008c.C, Geometry.y2008d.C, Geometry.y2008e.C, Geometry.y2009a.C, Geometry.y2009b.C, Geometry.y2009.C, Geometry.y2009c.C, Geometry.y2010a.C, Geometry.y2010b.C, Geometry.y2010.C, Geometry.y2010c.C, Geometry.y2011a.C, Geometry.y2011.C, Geometry.y2012.C, loadStarGeometry.Cxx;
    Calibrations/tpc/TpcResponseSimulator.C, TpcResponseSimulator.y2009.C,TpcResponseSimulator.y2010.C TpcResponseSimulator.y2011.C - modified to speed up TpcRS processing;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2012.C - added new files for year 2012;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2011.C - fixed T0offset from comparison with AuAu 27GeV;

    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/tofBuilder.cxx - fixed bug in hitpattern and VPD plots due to lack of trigger window for upVPD;

  • March 8, 2012
    new library SL12a tagged as SL12a has been created and built on SL5.3 (32bits & 64bits platforms) and SL4.4 . Library was tested, found bugs fixed and released on March 13.
    gcc version 4.3.2 20081007 (Red Hat 4.3.2-7)

    Main features:
    - few important bugs have been fixed;
    - implemented DbV overide support to use different DbV timestamp for subsystems;
    - MTD code modified to adjust for run 2012;
    - created MTD hits collection and Browse() method in StMcEvents for MC events;
    - added ETR detector in StEvent and geometry;
    - added new versions of PYTHIA event generator: PYTHIA 6.2.05 & PYTHIA 6.4.26;
    - added new StarLight event generator integrated with starsim framework ;
    - added FGT detector in OnLineTool and set new trigger windows for run 2012;

    Next codes have been updated:

    Simulation/starsim/atmain/guphad.age, guhadr.age - modified to use ipart%100 for interface with geisha,fluka and gcalor;
    Simulation/starsim/agzio/heperead.age - modified to ignore unlnown geant PID ;
    Simulation/starsim/atutil/CommonBlocks.cxx, CommonBlocks.h - added new files to implement helper class/functions to store and retrieve address of common blocks by name;

    StHistUtil.cxx, StHistUtil.h - optimized for AutoQA Browser for QA shift run 2012;
    Bfc.h, StBFChain.cxx, StBFChain.h - implemented parsinf of {DBV}SDT}__[] to use for susbsytem timestamp;
    BigFullChain.h - fixed bug #2285; added a default chain options P2012a for run 2012; added MC to MuDst; added TpxAvLaser;
    StArray.cxx, StObject.cxx - bug #2281 fixed;
    StObject.h - I/O mode flag added;
    StBTofINLCorr.cxx, StBTofINLCorr.h - modified to allow direct access to INL corrections given TDIG-Id;
    StMaker.cxx - added dev13 geometry; added devE geometry;
    StRTSBaseMaker.cxx - move StMaker name logic before StMaker instantiation;
    StDbBroker.cxx, StDbBroker.h - implemented DbV override support to use different timestamp for subsystems;
    StDbConfigNode.cc, StDbConfigNode.hh, StDbConfigNodeImpl.cc, StDbConfigNodeImpl.hh - implemented DbV override support to use different timestamp for subsystems;
    St_db_Maker.cxx, St_db_Maker.h - implemented DbV override support to use different timestamp for subsystems; error check added
    StMagUtilities.cxx - modified to catch small/zero primary E field;
    StPrepEmbedMaker.h - fix for ticket #2097;
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - ETR detector added;
    StGeomBrowser.cxx, GeomBrowser.cxx - added direct loading TGeo cint file ;
    StEmbeddingQA.cxx, StEmbeddingQA.h, StEmbeddingQAUtilities.cxx, StEmbeddingQAUtilities.h - functions added to cut on refMult ;
    StEvent.h - added IsMain() related to I/O;
    StEnumerations.h - added KFVertexFinder; modified to set max number of detector's ID = 40;
    StMtdHit.cxx - tof() implementaion added;
    StMtdCollection.cxx, StMtdCollection.h - Browse() method added;
    StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData.cxx, StTriggerData2009.cxx, StTriggerData2012.cxx, StTriggerData2012.h - fixed bug concerning seg failt when MIX DSM not in run and added new arg to MtdVpdTacDiff();
    StEventLinkDef.h - added new pragmas for 2012 trigger structures;
    StContainers.h, StContainers.cxx, StDetectorDefinitions.h, StDetectorId.inc, StEnumerations.h, StEvent.h, StEvent.cxx, StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEtrHit.cxx, StEtrHit.h, StEtrHitCollection.cxx, StEtrHitCollection.h - ETR detector added;
    StEnumerations.cxx - added new method detectorIdByName;
    StEventHelper.cxx, StEventHelper.h - modified;
    StEventHitIter.cxx, StEventHitIter.h - added new files to keep ETR hits separately;
    StuDraw3DEvent.h, StuDraw3DEvent.cxx - modified to draw StHit by iterator ;
    StAnaPars.h, StJetMaker2009.cxx - added support for parton jets;
    St_pythia_Maker.cxx - modified to load PYTHIA record from file;
    mcparticles/StjMCParticleCutParton.cxx, StjMCParticleCutParton.h - added support for parton jets;
    StjMCParticleCutParton.h - modified cut: require parent line number <= MSTU(72) and particle status code != 51 and particle pt > 0.0001 GeV and particle eta between -5 and 5;
    mudst/StjMCMuDst.cxx - added support for parton jets;
    StMcMtdHit.cc,StMcMtdHit.hh - added MTD hits ;
    StMcBTofHitCollection.cc, StMcBTofHitCollection.hh, StMcCtbHitCollection.cc, StMcCtbHitCollection.hh, StMcEmcModuleHitCollection.cc, StMcEmcModuleHitCollection.hh, StMcEvent.cc, StMcEvent.hh, StMcFgtLayerHitCollection.cc, StMcFgtLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcFtpcPlaneHitCollection.cc, StMcFtpcPlaneHitCollection.hh, StMcHit.hh, StMcIstLayerHitCollection.cc, StMcIstLayerHitCollection.hh , StMcMtdHitCollection.cc, StMcMtdHitCollection.hh, StMcPixelLayerHitCollection.cc, StMcPixelLayerHitCollection.hh, StMcRichHitCollection.cc, StMcRichHitCollection.hh, StMcSsdWaferHitCollection.cc, StMcSsdWaferHitCollection.hh, StMcSvtHit.hh, StMcSvtWaferHitCollection.cc, StMcSvtWaferHitCollection.hh, StMcTofHitCollection.cc, StMcTofHitCollection.hh, StMcTpcHit.hh, StMcTpcPadrowHitCollection.cc, StMcTpcPadrowHitCollection.hh - added method Browse();
    StMcEventLinkDef.h - added MTD collection dictionary;
    StMcEventMaker.cxx - modified to ignore tracks with wrong geant ID; added MTD Creation;
    StMtdHitMaker.cxx, StMtdHitMaker.h - modified for run 2012; added tdc-channel to global (backleg) strip coordinate mapping; modified to redefine global tdc channel; MTD decoding updated;
    StMtdSimMaker.cxx, StMtdSimMaker.h - rewritten new provisional version;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.h - corrected no.of possible points for tracking with CA seed finder algorithm; StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.h - set limit for number of permutations kMaxEventPerm=10M ;
    StiMaker.cxx - set limit for number of permutations;
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - fixed bug #2251;
    StTriggerSimuMaker.cxx, StTriggerSimuMaker.h - added function to set LD301 registers;
    Emc/StEmcTriggerSimu.cxx, StEmcTriggerSimu.h - added defineTrigger() function;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - modified to recalculate hit positions from the original cluster;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, StTpcRSMaker.h, TpcRS.C - removed YXTProd, added WIREHISTOGRAM and WIREMAP, modified to use particle definition from StarClassLibrary;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx, TF1F.h, TF1F.cxx - modified to change defaults: shark measurements: old default => 46.6%, wire histograms => 38.9%, wire map => 12.5 +10.2, pad block => 15% ; added protection for underflow bins;
    StTpcRSMaker.cxx - removed __DEBUG__ and __ClusterProfile__ from default, reduced arrays and added check for bounds;
    TTreeIter.cxx, - modified to check that TTree exists and TFile is not Zombie;
    KFParticle.h, KFParticleBase.cxx, KFParticleBase.h - changed type of particles;
    KFParticleLinkDef.h - removed;
    StCloseFileOnTerminate.cxx - added check that TFile is writable;
    THelixTrack.cxx, THelixTrack.h - modified to improve errors;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.h, StQABookHist.cxx, StQABookHist.h - modified for run 2012; removed FTPC histograms for run 2012;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - modifeid to place TPC sector plots in QA Shift;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx, StQABookHist.cxx, StQABookHist.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx, StQAMakerBase.h - modified to remove TPC XY dist, add TPC RPhi charge:
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - added code for EMC match, set default to required;

    include/cmds.h,daqFormats.h - updated trigger formats to version 41;
    daqModes.h - cleanup daq_cmd;
    cmds.h - cleanup;
    prepareGbPayload.h - update for vxworks;
    rtsLog.h - changed _FILE_ to _BASE_FILE_;
    rtsMonitor.h - added rtsMonSC for the scDeamon.C;
    rtsSystems.h - renamed SS2 to final SST;
    include/SUNRT/clockClass.h - new file added;
    src/ rtsplus.def, rtsplusplus.def - updated;
    src/DAQ_READER/daqReader.cxx - fixed bug with file/directory reading at the end of file;
    daq_det.cxx, daq_det.h, daq_dta.cxx - added global event number function ;
    src/DAQ_TOF/daq_tof.cxx - modified to remove L2;
    src/DAQ_TPX/daq_tpx.cxx, tpxGain.h - removed L2;
    src/DAQ_BSMD/daq_bsmd.cxx - removed L2;
    src/DAQ_BTOW/daq_btow.cxx - removed L2;
    src/DAQ_ESMD/daq_esmd.cxx - removed L2;
    src/DAQ_ETOW/daq_etow.cxx - removed L2;
    src/DAQ_FGT/daq_fgt.cxx - fixed to get_l2; changed for 7to5timebin;
    trg/include/trgDataDefs.h - updated;

    geometry/eiddgeo/eiddgeo.g - added stub for eStar development detector EIDD;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added devE tag for eStar development;
    geometry/fgtdgeo/fgtdgeo3.g - modifeid to incorporate FGT and IDSM into AgSTAR geometry for y2012 run;
    gen/StarLight/ - StarLight event generator integrated with starsim framework, added next files:
    PythiaStarlight.h, StarLightInterface.F, StarLightInterface.cdf, beam.cpp, beam.h, beambeamsystem.cpp, beambeamsystem.h, bessel.cpp, bessel.h, eventchannel.cpp, eventchannel.h, eventfilewriter.cpp, eventfilewriter.h, filewriter.cpp, filewriter.h, gammaaluminosity.cpp, gammaaluminosity.h, gammaavm.cpp, gammaavm.h, gammagammaleptonpair.cpp, gammagammaleptonpair.h, gammagammasingle.cpp,gammagammasingle.h, hepevt61.inc, inputParameters.cpp, inputParameters.h, inputParser.cpp, inputParser.h, lorentzvector.cpp, lorentzvector.h, nBodyPhaseSpaceGen.cpp, nBodyPhaseSpaceGen.h, narrowResonanceCrossSection.cpp, narrowResonanceCrossSection.h, nucleus.cpp, nucleus.h, photonNucleusCrossSection.cpp, photonNucleusCrossSection.h, psifamily.cpp, psifamily.h, pushTrack.age, randomgenerator.cpp, randomgenerator.h, readinluminosity.cpp, readinluminosity.h, reportingUtils.h, starlight.cpp, starlight.h, starlightconstants.h, starlightlimits.h, starlightparticle.cpp, starlightparticle.h, starlightparticlecodes.cpp, starlightparticlecodes.h, twophotonluminosity.cpp, twophotonluminosity.h, upcevent.cpp,upcevent.h, vector3.cpp, vector3.h, wideResonanceCrossSection.cpp, wideResonanceCrossSection.h; StarLightUser.cc - added interface for the event generator machinery;
    gen/Pythia6_2_05/pystar-6.4.22.F, pythia6205.F, pytune.F - added new version of PYTHIA 6.2.05;
    gen/Pythia6_4_26/pystar-6.4.22.F, pythia-6.4.26.F - added new version of PYTHIA 6.4.26;
    sim/g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - modified;
    g2t_etr.F, g2t_etr.idl - added new files for ETR detector;
    sim/idl/g2t_track.idl - modified;
    g2t_etr_hit.idl - added new files for ETR detector;

    Calibrations/tpc/TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110503.000003.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110620.000102.C, TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110624.150002.C - removed doubled sigma for dEdx;
    TpcLengthCorrectionB.20110620.150001.C - added new file;
    TpcResponseSimulator.C - modified for TpcRS 2005;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2010.C - fixed parameters from TpcRS 2010;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2009.C - fixed parameters from TpcRS 2009;
    TpcResponseSimulator.y2011.C - updated to freeze parameters for y2011 based TpcRS; adjusted T0offset from Run 11 AuAu 27 & 19.6 GeV embedding;

    Jevp/level.source - added new file; updated for trigger version 0x41;
    Jevp/JevpEdit/JevpEdit.java - updated for trigger version 0x41;
    Jevp/StJevpServer/DisplayDefs.cxx, DisplayDefs.h, JevpServer.cxx, JevpServer.h, JTMonitor.cxx - updated;
    EvpConstants.h, JevpServer.cxx, JevpServer.h - modified to save root files ;
    Jevp/StJevpBuilders/fgtBuilder.cxx, fgtBuilder.h - added fgt detector;
    bbcBuilder.cxx/h, bemcBuilder.cxx/h, daqBuilder.cxx/h, eemcBuilder.cxx/h, fgtBuilder.cxx/h, fpdBuilder.cxx/h,
    l3Builder.cxx/h, mtdBuilder.cxx/h, ppBuilder.cxx/h, tofBuilder.cxx/h, tpxBuilder.cxx/h, trgBuilder.cxx/h, upcBuilder.cxx/h;
    eemcBuilder.cxx, tpxBuilder.cxx, baseBuilder.cxx, baseBuilder.h, LaserReader.cxx - updated;
    mtdBuilder.cxx/h - modified to skip triggers if zero; MTD error checking plots added ;
    tofBuilder.cxx, tofBuilder.h - set new trigger windows for run 2012;
    Jevp/StJevpPlot/JevpPlotSet.cxx - fixed bug for run #=0;
    JevpPlotSet.cxx - updated for trigger version 0x41;
    JevpPlot.cxx/h, BuilderStatus.cxx/h, JevpPlotSet.cxx/h - updated ;
    PdfFileBuilder.cxx, PdfFileBuilder.h - added new files;
    Jevp/StJevpPresenter/EvpMain.cxx, JevpGui.cxx, JevpGui.h, evpPresenterBaseScript.C - modified;
    ZoomWidget.cxx, ZoomWidget.h - added new files for zoom;
    JevpGui.cxx, JevpGui.h - added zoom;
    OnlinePlots/Infrastructure/ EvpUtil.cxx, EvpUtil.h - modified for better variable name (no conflicts) for generic files;

Lidia Didenko