Current Release Assignments

STAR SOFTWARE NEWS December 3, 2007
The present release assignment:
SL02d (SL02d) ROOT_LEVEL 3.02.07 AuAu 200GeV real data production
SL02e (SL02e) ROOT_LEVEL 3.02.07 pp and AuAu 200GeV real data production
SL03f (SL03f) ROOT_LEVEL 3.05.04 ppMinBias 2001/2002 rerun, pp200 Pythia
SL03h (SL03h) ROOT_LEVEL 3.10.01 dAu and pp data reproduction
SL04d (SL04d) ROOT_LEVEL 3.10.01 62 GeV production (continue with SL04e)
SL04e (SL04e) ROOT_LEVEL 3.10.01 AuAu 200 & 62 GeV Hijing production
SL04f (SL04f_a) ROOT_LEVEL 3.10.01 dAu 200GeV reproduction
SL05a (SL05a) ROOT_LEVEL 4.00.04 AuAu200, productionMinBias
SL05c (SL05c) ROOT_LEVEL 4.00.04 AuAu200 production
SL05d (SL05d_1) ROOT_LEVEL 4.00.04 CuCu 200&62 Gev production
SL05e (SL05e) ROOT_LEVEL 4.00.04 pp200 MC production
SL05f (SL05f_3) ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 pp run 2005 production
SL05h (SL05h) ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 SL 3.0.5
SL06b (SL06b_1) ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 cucu 200GeV production
SL06d (SL06d_2) ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 MC prod for SVT&SSD review
old-> SL06e (SL06e) ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 pp 2006 production
SL06f (SL06f_2) ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02 MC production for TUP
SL06g (SL06g_2) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 MC production for TUP, SL4.4
SL07a (SL07a_3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 MC production, SL4.4
pro-> SL07b (SL07b_2) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 CuCu reproduction, SL4.4
SL07c (SL07c_3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 CuCu reproduction, pp200 pythia,SL4.4
new-> SL07d (SL07d_3) ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 auau 200GeV, run 2007,SL4.4
dev-> DEV ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00 SL4.4
.dev-> .DEV ROOT_LEVEL 5.12.00

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Library releases before 10/01/2001

  • August 10, 2007
    SL06g library has been updated with codes below to make patches for SL4.4 platform:

    - StDbBroker ;
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbClock.cxx ;
    - StTpcDb
    StRTpcDimensions.cxx/h, StRTpcElectronics.cxx/h, StRTpcFieldCage.cxx/h, StRTpcGlobalPosition.cxx/h,
    StRTpcHitErrors.cxxh, StRTpcPadPlane.cxx/h, StRTpcSectorPosition.cxx/h, StRTpcSlowControlSim.cxx/h,
    StRTpcWirePlane.cxx/h, StTpcDbMaker.cxx/h, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx, St_tpcCorrectionC.cxx;
    - StStarLogger
    - StJetMaker

    SL06g library was rebuild and retagged with tag SL06g_2.



  • July 12, 2007
    library SL06g has been updated with codes below to corrected gcc4 compilation needed for transition to SL4.4 platform.

    - asps/staf
    - StEmcUtil
    - StEmcUtil
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    Minuit/StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx, r1.10;
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx, r1.27;
    - Sti
    Base/StiFactory.h, r2.8;
    StiMasterHitLoader.h, r2.9;
    StiHitLoader.h, r2.7;
    - Stl3Util
    base/St_l3_Coordinate_Transformer.cxx, r1.5;
    - StarClassLibrary
    - mgr

    Updated codes have been retagged with tag SL06g_1



  • December 22, 2006
    new library SL06g (tagged as SL06g) has been created, tested and released on December 26

    Main features:
    - new ROOT version 5.12.00;
    - new geometries added for tracking upgrade study & development; StRnD codes adjusted
    - StiPullEvent has been modified for tracking upgrade study, for detailes look at the email ;
    - first release of QtRoot in STAR library;

    Next codes have been updated:

    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - added ShortedManualRing() and protection against B=0 filed;
    StMaker.cxx - added geometry tags upgr10 & upgr11; included Upgr12 tag (corrected IGT);
    StMaker.h - replace the class StMessMgr forward declaration with the real declaration and adjust St_TLA_Maker to show how to use logger;
    StDbLib, - modified;
    ChapiDbHost.cxx/h, ChapiStringUtilities.cxx/h, StDbServiceBroker.cxx/h, StlXmlTree.cxx/h - added new files for db load balancing ;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - modified EndCap embedding;
    StEEmcFastmaker.h, StEEmcSlowMaker.cxx/h - modified for Endcap embedding ;
    StEEmcMixerMaker.cxx/h - new files added for Endcap embedding;
    StEEmcRawMaker.cxx - modified for Endcap embedding ;
    StEEmcPrint.cxx/h - new files added for Endcap embedding;
    StBemcTrigger.cxx/h, StEmcTriggermaker.cxx/h - first update for 2006 BEMC L0;
    StEventDisplayMaker.cxx - adjusted for QtRoot ;
    Hpd/StiHpdDetectorBuilder.cxx - fixed air and silicon variables; fixed the bug related to the starting angle of the first detector; fixed the width;
    Ist/StiIstHitLoader.cxx - fixed UPGR09 geometry layer number mismatch bug; fixed problem with UPGR09 comparibility to make it possible to run other configurations;
    StPixelFastSimMaker.cxx - added fix for UPGR09 geometry problem with layer numbers mismatch, fixed UPGR09 comparibility to work with all geometry versions;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - modified to better handling zero magnetic field;
    StSsdUtil - get back to previous daqCutValue;
    StTofSimMaker.cxx - fixed to avoid zero adc values in the denominator;
    GeomBrowser.ui,GeomBrowser.ui.h, QExGeoDrawHelper.cxx/h, QExObjectListItem.h, QtGBrowserGeoDrawHelper.h, QtGBrowserInspect.h, QtGBrowserObjectListItem.h, StGeomBrowser.cxx/h, St_geom_MakerLinkDef.h, arrow_left.xpm, arrow_right.xpm, reload.xpm, snapshot.xpm, view3d.xpm, wirebox.xpm - added the the interactive Qt-based version of the st_geom_Maker;
    GeomBrowser.ui, GeomBrowser.ui.h - added new method to read inventor file with the GeomBrowse; updated list of standard Geant geometries;
    St_TLA_Maker.cxx - replace the class StMessMgr forward declaration with the real declaration and adjust St_TLA_Maker to show how to use logger;

    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - operator = added; method getPoint added;
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - info block added and filled for pulls; method getRxy() added; reduce() added for testNode; inf=0 added in default constructor ;
    StiTrackFinder.h - defind default = ON for treeSearch ;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - set if hit candidates number added ; direct dependency from SVT removed;
    StiTreeNode.cxx/h - detauch of tail added ;
    StiToolkit.h - StiNodeInf factory added ;
    StiTrack.cxx/h - operator = added;
    StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx - modified;
    StiDetectorGroup.h, StiGenericDetectorGroup.cxx/h - implemented the generic detector group for OO polymorphism ;
    StiToolkit.h - modified for polymorphic StiDetectorGroup container implemention ;
    StiMaker.cxx/h - noTreeSearch flag added ;
    StiDeafultToolkit.cxx/h - StiNodeInf factory added;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - fillPulls reorganized; filling pull with trackes added;
    StiGeomMake.cxx/h - added new code to convert StiDetector to TVolume for EventDisplayMaker ; added StiDetector decorator to make4 correct ROOT ContextMenu and Browse;
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx/h - modified ;
    StiDetectorVolume.cxx/h - added;
    StiGeomMaker/cxx/h - removed;
    StiPullEvent.cxx/h - added branches mHitsR, nHitCand, iHitCand;
    StiPullEvent.cxx/h - trackes added;
    StCheckQtEnv.cxx - adjusted ROOT version;

    istbgeo/istbgeo5.g - added two layers, mid layer at 9.5 cm;
    istbgeo/istbgeo4.g - geometry with mid layer only at 9.5 cm;
    istbgeo/istbgeo3.g - added code field to the main structure to handle version volume id;
    geometry/geometry.g - introduced geometry tags Upgr10 & Upgr11 which utilize source files istbgeo4 and istbgeo5; corrected geometry with tag UPGR12 (for IGT)
    geometry/geometry.g - added geometry tag DUMM01 which will be used for material balance effect study;
    dumngeo/dumngeo.g - a dummy object added to aid in material balance study;
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - modified to introduce versioning for the multiple IST configurations;
    g2t/g2t_fgt.F, g2t_fst.F, g3t_igt.F, g2t_ist.F - commented out print statement;

    VmcGeometry/Detectors.upgr10.root, Geometry.upgr10.C, geom.upgr10.root,upgr10.h,upgr10.rz ;
    VmcGeometry/Detectors.upgr11.root, Geometry.upgr11.C, geom.upgr11.root,upgr11.h,upgr11.rz ;

    first module release in new STAR library;



  • December 15, 2006
    library SL06f has been updated with codes needed for Uprg06 & Upgr09 geometries.
    Library was rebuilt, retagged with tag SL06f_2 and released.

    Next codes have been updated:

    StMaker.cxx - upgr06 & upgr09 added;
    StPixelFastSimMaker.cxx/h - added hit error db loader; modified to gets hit smearing parameters for IST from the database;
    Ist/StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified to get hit errors from the database and make them different for each layer;
    Hpd/StiHpdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified to get hit errors from the database ;

    geometry/geometry.g - added UPGR09 geometry tag, re-instate UPGR06 geometry tag; enable a cleaner barrel EMC code in Y2007
    geometry/istbgeo3.g - added new IST configuration with only one, outer layer;
    fpdmgeo/fpdmgeo3.g - first version of FMS(FPD);

    Calibrations/tracker/hpdHitError.20050101.000000.C - added hpd hit errors files;
    Calibrations/tracker/ist1HitError.20050101.000000.C, ist2HitError.20050101.000000.C h - added two files with IST hit errors;
    VmcGeometry/Detectors.upgr09.root, Geometry.upgr09.C, geom.upgr09.root,upgr09.h;
    Detectors.upgr06.root, Geometry.upgr06.C, geom.upgr06.root,upgr06.h;



  • Nov 30, 2006
    library SL06f has been updated with codes for Hft, Ist & Hpd hits smearing and bug fixes, rebuilt, retagged with tag SL06f_1 and release on December 1.

    Next codes have been updated:

    StMaker.cxx - upgr08 added;
    StPixelFastSimMaker.cxx/h - added smearing for Hpd and Ist and a switch to turn it on and off;updated with Pixel resolution smearing.
    Hft/StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified to use of pre-existing STAR DB inteface; added call to get tracking parameters from DB;
    Hft/StiPixelDetectorBuilder.h - modified to overload of loadDS to extract tracking parameters;
    Hft/StiPixelHitLoader.cxx - added smearing to hit loader;
    Ist/StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx - changed hit errors to 60 microns for x and 1.9 mm for y;
    Hft/StiPixelHitLoader.cxx - added smearing to hit loader for Hft;
    Hpd/StiHpdDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to optimized hit errors;

    geometry/geometry.g - updated upgr01 & upgr08 geometry; added Y2007 tag and set it up to include the new FMS(FPD)

    Calibrations/tracker/hftHitError.upgr01.C, - MC smearing values for the HFT added;
    Calibrations/tracker/hftTrackingParameters.upgr01.C - added Sti tracking parameters for Hft;
    Calibrations/ssd/ssdStripCalib.upgr01.root - Added perfect SSD strip calib file: pedestals=150, rms=4;
    VmcGeometry/upgr01.h - added new version of upgr01;
    VmcGeometry/Detectors.upgr07.root, geom.upgr07.root, upgr07.h - files added for upgr07 geometry;
    Detectors.upgr08.root, Geometry.upgr08.C, geom.upgr08.root, upgr08.h - files added for upgr08 geometry;



  • Nov 16, 2006
    new library SL06f has been created, tagged with tag SL06f, build, tested and released on November 21 .

    Main features:
    - reshaped SSD simulation and reconstruction code;
    - Sti uselees classes droped, codes ajusted; StiRnD implemented for tracking upgrades;
    - geometry for tracking upgrade detectors developed ;
    - new codes for tracking upgrade finalized at some stage (in ITTF framework) and committed;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StBFChain
    BigFullChain.h - St_spa_Maker and StSsdDaqMaker makers renamed to be consistent with recent changes in SSD code; taken out StiEmc and StiFtpc;
    StBFChain.cxx, BigFullChain.h - FtpcIT option removed, HpdIT option added ;
    StBFChain.cxx, BigFullChain.h - option 'skip1row' added to skip 1-st pad row in TPC; added new SSD chain
    BigFullChain.h - renamed StiPixel to StiRnD, remove svtdEdx and old dEdx;
    StBFChain.cxx - added hasSim definition for FCFMaker;
    - StChain
    StMaker.cxx/h - added new geometry tags: upgr04 and upgr04; added geometry y2005e ; added y2007 geometry tag - timestamp for new run will start at 20061101;
    - StDbUtilities
    St_svtRDOstrippedC.cxx/h - added new files;
    - StdEdxMaker
    II3padC.cxx, StSvtdEdxMaker.cxx/h, StdEdxMaker.cxx/h, StdEdxMakerLinkDef.h, dEdxPoint.h, dEdxTrack.cxx/h - removed StSvtdEdxMaker and old StdEdxMaker;
    - StEvent
    StRnDHit.h - fixed setDouble() interface;
    - StEmcTriggerMaker
    StBemcTrigger.cxx/h, StEmcTriggerMaker.cxx/h - added 2005 J/Psi trigger;
    - StEmcUtil
    projection/StEmcPosition.cxx/h - added support for StMuTrack projections;
    - StEventDisplayMaker
    StEventDisplayMaker.cxx/h, StGlobalFilterTest.cxx, St_PolyLine3D.h, TEmcTower.cxx - fixed to make it work under ROOT 4.04 and ROOT 5.12;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - added definition of mPadPitch ;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker - modified to move the reconstruction parameters maxDcaVertex,minNumTracks from code to CodeParams;
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h - comment out ftpc vs. tpc vertex histogram definitions, they are defined and filled in St_QA_Maker ;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StCtbUtility.cxx - removed dependencies from droped classes;
    StiPPVertex/CtbHitList.cxx/h, StPPVertexFinder.cxx - removed dependencies from droped classes;
    - StMcEvent, - added generic access functions for tracking and calorimeter hits ;
    StMcContainers.hh,, StMcEventLinkDef.h, StMcEventTypes.hh, - modified to add HPD hits;,, - added new files for HPD hits collection; - modified to update layer(), wafer() and side() methods;
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx - modified to fill the flag for the particles coming from primary vertex ; added HPD hits;
    - StMiniMcMaker
    StMiniEmbed.C - modified to use event branch instead of dst branch;
    - StRTSClient
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - set hasSim definition to SetMode method;
    - StSsdClusterMaker
    package has been removed, now it's part of StSsdPointMaker;
    - StSsdEvalMaker
    package has been removed;
    - StSsdDaqMaker
    StSsdDaqMaker.cxx - modified to replace St_DataSet => TDataSet;
    - StSsdDbMaker
    StSsdDbMaker.cxx, StSsdDbWriter.cxx, - added sim flag for ssdWafersPosition ;
    StSsdDbMaker.cxx/h - addjusted for the new Ssd reshaped code;
    StSsdDbWriter.cxx/h, - codes removed due to reshaping;
    - StSsdPointMaker
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx/h - modified to use id_mctrack for setIdTruth and propagated to the hit;,, StSsdClusterControl.cxx/h, StSsdDynamicControl.cxx/h,,,,,,,, - removed because methods for all classes (StSsdStrip, StSsdCluster, StSsdPoint) has been moved to StSsdUtil;
    - StSsdSimulationMaker
    St_sls_Maker.cxx/h, St_spa_Maker.cxx/h - modified to read the noise and pedestal from ssdStripCalib ;,,,,,,,,,,, - removed because methods for all classes (StSsdStrip, StSsdPoint) has been moved to StSsdUtil;
    - StSsdUtil,,,, StSsdClusterControl.cxx/h,, StSsdDynamicControl.cxx/h,,,,,,,, - added to regroup methods for the classes StSsdStrip, StSsdCluster and StSsdPoint;
    StSsdEnumerations.hh,,,,, - codes removed, droped useless classes;

    - StTagsMaker
    StTagsMaker.cxx - added Check that this chain is BFC one;
    - Sti
    StiDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiDetectorGroup.h, StiHit.cxx, StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx, StiLinkDef.h, StiPlacement.cxx/h - removed StiDedxCalculator ; taken out Central represantation;
    StiDedxCalculator.cxx/h - removed;
    StiVMCToolKit.h - Ssd added in chain;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - added Hpd hit counts;
    StiDetectorGroup.h, StiDetectorTreeBuilder.cxx, StiHit.h, StiHitContainer.cxx/h, StiHitLoader.h, StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h, StiLinkDef.h, StiMapUtilities.cxx, StiVMCToolKit.cxx - modified to cleanup useless classes;
    AssociationQuality.cxx/h, CombinationIterator.h, StFastLineFitter.cxx/h, StiCircleCalculator.cxx/h, StiCompositeFinder.cxx/h, StiCompositeMaterial.cxx/h StiConicalShape.cxx/h, StiDefaultHitAssociationFilter.cxx/h, StiDefaultHitFilter.cxx/h, StiDefaultMutableTreeNode.cxx/h, StiDiskShape.h StiDrawableTrack.cxx/h, StiHelixCalculator.cxx/h, StiHelixFitter.cxx/h, StiHistograms.cxx/h, StiHitAssociator.h, StiHitError.cxx/h, StiHitToHitMap.cxx/h, StiHitToTrackMap.cxx/h, StiMath.cxx/h, StiStTrackFilter.h, StiTrackAssociation.cxx/h, StiTrackAssociator.h, StiTrackToIntMap.cxx/h, StiTrackToObjMap.cxx/h, StiTrackToTrackMap.cxx/h, StiTrackingPlots.cxx/h - removed codes, droped useless classes;
    - Sti/Base
    AssociationFilter.h, EditableAssociationFilter.h HistogramGroup.cxx/h, MessageType.cxx/h, Messenger.cxx/h, MessengerBuf.cxx/h, Vectorized.h, VectorizedFactory.h - removed uselees classes;
    - StiEmc
    StiEmcDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiEmcDetectorGroup.cxx/h, StiEmcHitLoader.cxx/h, StiEmcIsActiveFunctor.cxx/h - removed files;
    - StiEvaluator
    EfficiencyAnalysis.cxx/h, EfficiencyPlots.cxx/h, Evaluator.cxx/h, ResolutionPlots.cxx/h, StiEvalUtil.h StiEvaluator.cxx/h, StiEvaluatorHistograms.cxx/h - removed;
    - StiFtpc
    StiFtpcDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiFtpcDetectorGroup.cxx/h, StiFtpcHitLoader.cxx/h - removed ;
    - StiMaker
    StiMaker.cxx - removed Ftpc;
    StiMaker.cxx - added HPD;
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx, StiMaker.cxx - cleanup dependencies from Sti useless classes;
    - StiPixel
    StiIstDetectorGroup.cxx, StiPixelDetectorGroup.cxx - modified to remove StiDedxCalculator;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiIstHitLoader.cxx - modified to to make perfect hits in IST work for UPGR02 geometry using VMC geometry in HitLoader and DetectorBuilder;
    StiHpdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiHpdDetectorGroup.cxx/h, StiHpdHitLoader.cxx/h, StiHpdIsActiveFunctor.cxx/h - added new files for HPD;
    IstGeomParams.txt - removed;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx - cleanup dependencies from Sti droped classes;
    - StPixelFastSimMaker
    StPixelFastSimMaker.cxx - added Hpd fast simulation code ;
    - StiRnD
    new code for tracking upgrades ;
    Ist/StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiIstHitLoader.cxx - modified to improve hits;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx - removed reference to droped Sti/Base/Messenger.h class;
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiSsdDetectorGroup.cxx - modified to use Normal represantation, remove StiDedxCalculator;
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - cleanup dependencies from Sti droped classes ; added handling in case that SVTT mother volume is missing:
    - StiSvt
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiSvtDetectorGroup.cxx, StiSvtHitLoader.cxx/h - modified to use Normal represantation, removed StiDedxCalculator;
    StiIsSvtActiveFunctor.cxx/h, StiSvtLayerLadder.h - added new files;
    StiSvtIsActiveFunctor.cxx/h - removed;
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx - cleanup dependencies from Sti droped classes ;
    - Sti/Star
    StiStarDetectorGroup.cxx - removed StiDedxCalculator ; taken out Central represantation;
    StiStarDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - cleanup useless classes ;
    - StiTpc
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiTpcDetectorGroup.cxx - modified to use Normal represantation, removed StiDedxCalculator;
    StiTpcDetectorView.h - removed ;
    StiTpcHitLoader.cxx/h - cleanup dependencies from Sti useless classes ;

    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - added readout of hits for two R&D detectors: GEM and HPD; mode initialization after open input fz-file;
    - St_tcl_Maker
    St_tcl_Maker.cxx - modified to fill StEvent directly if it exists; removed direct filling of StEvent;

    - pams/geometry
    hpdtgeo/hpdtgeo.g - geometry for new pixel detector added; corrected the angular offset;
    added a small safety margin on Rin, used 'ONLY' option to keep hits;
    geometry/geometry.g - new geometry tag UPGR04 added for ongoing detectors development;
    geometry/geometry.g - added steering geometry with tag UPGR05, which includes the HFT (former pixel), HPD, IST and SSD, but no SVT, GEM detectors are also excluded ; geometry tag Y2005E has been created which is an improvement over Y2005D (more precise SSD) bigger SVT shield (to accomodate the SSD) and a full barrel calorimeter;
    added UPGR07 geometry tag;
    switched to a correct version of ISTB in the tag UPGR05;
    added steering for the TUP support structure;
    optionally changed the radius of the FSTD (to better fit with the rest of TUP;
    modified to use a more precise version of SSD code in UPGR05;
    itspgeo/itspgeo.g - added a new crucial subsystem, which is the support structure for the tracking upgrade configurations;
    pixlgeo/pixlgeo3.g - added an updated version of the HFT geometry;
    modified to increase opening angle of the sector;
    modified to decrease the radius of the "active" part of the detector;
    employed the 'ONLY' version to insure we don't lose hits in case there is intersection with other volumes
    istbgeo/istbgeo1.g - added an updated version of the IST geometry;
    istbgeo/istbgeo2.g - replaced the redundant IBMZ volume with a copy of IBMY created with appropriately adjusted parameters;
    added a structure to propagate versioning info to g2t_volume;
    pipegeo/pipegeo.g - removed the pipe and svt shields that are unnecessary in the R&D "upgr0X" geometries;
    igtdgeo/igtdgeo.g - fixed density;
    added 'MANY' option to ensure correct material taken into account when working with the new support structure;
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo4.g - support structure was protruding out of the mother volume;
    Add "ONLY" option, to not lose hits in possible clash with the periphery of the FST;
    fstdgeo/fstdgeo.g - added the 'MANY' option to the positioning (necessary due to overlaps in the upgrade geometries) and made the mother volume visible;
    - pams/sim
    idl/g2t_track.idl, g2t_hpd_hit.idl - added idl for HPD detector;
    g2t/g2t_hpd.idl, g2t_hpd.F - modified interface for the HPD;
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - added a clause for HPD; implemented a temporary solution for the IST volume numbering, to be used in conjunction with istbgeo2.g;

    - StarDb
    ftpc/ftpcTrackingPars.C - modified to move the reconstruction parameters maxDcaVertex,minNumTracks from code to CodeParams; reduced maxDcaVertex from 100 to 2 to eliminate pileup;
    VmcGeometry/Detectors.upgr03.root, Detectors.upgr04.root, Detectors.upgr05.root, Geometry.upgr03.C, Geometry.upgr04.C, Geometry.upgr05.C, geom.upgr03.root, geom.upgr04.root, geom.upgr05.root, upgr03.h, upgr04.h upgr05.h -added new files for upgrade detector geometres: upgr03, upgr04 and upgr05; number of old files modified ;
    VmcGeometry/Detectors.y2005e.root, Geometry.y2005e.C, geom.y2005e.root, y2005e.h, y2005e.rz - added new files for y2005e geometry;
    Calibrations/svt/svtRDOstripped.C, svtRDOstripped.y2005d.C, svtRDOstripped.y2006.C - added default svtRDOstripped;
    tpc/daq/mezz_vs_fee.root, offset_vs_fee.root, pad_vs_fee.root, rdo_vs_fee.root, row_vs_fee.root - removed files;
    RunLog/MagFactor.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXX.C - removed all MagFactors, they were moved to MySQL;
    - StDb/idl
    ftpcTrackingPars.idl - modified to move the reconstruction parameters maxDcaVertex,minNumTracks from code to CodeParams;
    svtRDOs.idl, svtRDOstripped.idl - added new files to handle SVT Slow Control parameters;
    mezz_vs_fee.idl, offset_vs_fee.idl, pad_vs_fee.idl, rdo_vs_fee.idl, row_vs_fee.idl, tpcPressure.idl - removed files;


  • Sep 22, 2006
    new library SL06e has been created, tagged with tag SL06e (Sep 6) build, tested, found bugs fixed and librray was released on September 22.

    Main features:
    - EMC addition info (BPRS hits) saved in MuDST
    - vertex finder PPV tuned for pile-up of 2006 run
    - implemented new maker StBeamBackMaker for the beam background tracking
    - short forward tracks pointing to EEMC (with >= 5 fitted points) saved in StiStEventFiller and MuDst
    - modifications in StTriggerData and StTriggerDataCollection introduced an additional data member the run number. For detailes looks at the email
    - L2Result included in MuDst
    - several codes have been retired

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StAnalysisMaker - added Event Id, correct Ftpc bad hit ; added print out Beam background trackes and short track pointing to EEMC;
    - StBbcSimulationMaker
    StBbcSimulationMaker.cxx - replaced Assert => R__ASSERT for ROOT 5.12;
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx/h - modified to allow instantiation multiple StBFChain's with different modes (used in Embedding chain);
    BigFullChain.h - added 'useInTracker' switch from EGR to Sti global tracks in StAssociationMaker;
    added new option for beam background tracking;
    added option useInTracker to switch from EGR to STI track in StAssociationMaker;
    - StBeamBackMaker, StBeamBackMaker.cxx/h,, - imlpemented new code for beam background tracking;
    - St_base
    StObject.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    - StChain
    StMaker.cxx - replaced Assert => R__ASSERT for ROOT 5.12;
    - StDaqClfMaker
    StDaqClfMaker.cxx/h, fcfClass.cxx/hh, padfinder.h, rtsSystems.h - removed;
    - StDbBroker - fixed delete to delete allocated array;
    - StDbLib - corrected const char / char inconsistancy with the vectors for standalone version ;,, StDbServerImpl.hh - updated load balancer - removing hard-coded nodes from API to xml;
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbMaker.cxx - modified ;
    StDetectorDbFTPCVoltageStatus.cxx/h - created new files for FTPC voltage status from database;
    - StEvent
    StL0Trigger.cxx - removed runnumbers cut ;
    StDcaGeometry.h - cleaned up ;
    StEnumerations.h - added kHpdId;
    StDetectorDefinitions.h - added kHpdIdentifier;
    StTriggerData2003.cxx/h,tTriggerData2004.cxx/h, StTriggerData2005.cxx/h, StTriggerData.cxx/h - added new data member mRun ; added access method to L2 results;
    StTriggerDetectorCollection.cxx/h, StZdcTriggerDetector.cxx/h - removed argument runnumber in constructor;
    - StEventMaker
    StTriggerDetectorCollection constructor changed and L2 interface in StTriggerData ;
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - fixed TMatrix to make it typedef as TMatrixT to be consistent with ROOT 5.12;
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    cstruc/eemcConstDB.hh - new stat bit added;
    - StEventDisplayMaker
    StEventDisplayMaker.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    - StEventDstMaker
    StEventDstMaker.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    - StEventUtilities
    StuProbabilityPidAlgorithm.h - ROOT5 corrections;
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StMuEEmcSimuMaker.cxx/h - cleanup;
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEmcMC/EEmcMCData.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    - StEmcTriggerMaker
    StBemcTrigger.cxx, StEmcTriggerMaker.cxx - replaced cout statements with logger macros ;
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StEmcRawMaker.cxx - modified to clear EmcRawData for event ID%555!=0 to reduce footprint of StEvent, for B+E-EMC; Only events w/ ID%555==0 will be saved in StEvent for monitoring purpose;
    StBemcRaw.cxx - modified to save all preshower hits for 2006 productions; modified don't throw away CAP==127||128 PRS and SMD hits this year
    modified to save hits from other CAPs using control table;
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowConstants.cxx/h, StFlowEvent.cxx, StFlowEvent.cxx/h - modififed to calculate v1 for selection=2 with mixed harmonics;
    StFlowCutEvent.cxx, StFlowMaker.cxx - changed the dynamic_cast of GetInputDS("MuDst") to a const cast;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowLeeYangZerosMaker.cxx/h, doFlowSumAll.C, doFlowSumFirstPass.C, minBias.C, plotCen.C, plotLYZ.C - modififed to calculate v1 for selection=2 with mixed harmonics;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - modified to set StDetectorState for Ftpc West/East depending on ftpcVoltageStatus; modified to return with kStWarn if error occurs accessing Calibrations_ftpc/ftpcVoltageStatus; StDetectorState is set only for events with FTPC data;
    - StFtpcDriftMapMaker
    StFtpcDriftMapMaker.cxx/h - modified to add deltaAr argument to allow user to change gas compostion;
    macros/FtpcDriftMapMaker.C - modified to add deltaAr argument to allow user to change gas compostion;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StiPPVertex - BemcHitList.cxx, EemcHitList.cxx, ScintHitList.cxx, StPPVertexFinder.cxx, TrackData.cxx - cleanup for production;
    macros/rdMuDst2print.C, rdSt2print.C - acces to multiple vertices in muDst corrected ;
    - StMiniMcEvent
    StTinyMcTrack.h - added parent key data member to StTinyMcTrack;
    StTinyRcTrack.h - added reco key data member to StTinyRcTrack ;
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx - added code to fill in parent key and reco key data members to StMiniMcMaker. Parent key for MC tracks is only filled when track has a valid parent();
    StMiniEmbed.C StMiniHijing.C - loaded EEmcUtil, needed by StMcEvent;
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuFilter.cxx - modified to accept short tracks pointing to EEMC ;
    COMMON/StMuEvent.cxx/h - modified to include L2Result in MuDst ;
    EZTREE/StTriggerDataMother.cxx - modified to pass run number when unpacking triger data;
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StEvtVtxSeedMaker.cxx/h, StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx/h, StVertexSeedMaker.cxx/h - added more detailed info in ntuple;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx/h - fixed averaging procedure ;
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx - added 2006 pp62 triggers;
    - StarClassLibrary
    StHelix.hh - added direction vector at given pathlength;
    - StarRoot
    THelixTrack.cxx, TMemStat.cxx, TTreeIter.cxx - replaced Assert => R__ASSERT;
    TMemStat.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    THelixTrack.h - StiEmx() added ;
    TTreeIter.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    TAttr.cxx/h - added new class to keep attributes. Moved from StMaker;
    TNumDeriv.cxx/h - added numeric derivatives;
    - StTreeMaker
    StTreeMaker.cxx - replaced Assert==>assert for ROOT 5.12;
    - StUtilities
    StMultiH1F.h - additional Rebin() interface implemented for TH1.h vers. 1.79, ROOT 5.13;
    - StTriggerDataMaker
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - added run number to CTB trigger mapping.

    - Sti
    Base/StiFactory.h - throw for too many instances;
    StiHit.cxx - added more strict tests for hit quality;
    StiHitErrorCalculator.h/cxx - removed the mess in xy and z errs;
    StiPlacement.cxx - bug fixed;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - modified to allow single Ssd hit for tracking;
    StiTrackFinderFilter.cxx - reduced minimum no. of fitted point to 5;
    StTrack.h/cxx - added track flag definitions from EGR ; removed checking of StPhysicalHelixD quality for Beam Background tracks
    - StiMaker
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - set max NHits=2000000;
    StiMaker.cxx/h - modified to return from Make() for too many hits;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - move filling of StTrackDetectorInfo into fillTrack; make cut for EEMC pointing track based on StTrackDetectorInfo instead of StTrackFitTraits;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - modified to accept short tracks pointing to EEMC;
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - added loading of tracking and hit error parameters from DB;
    - StiPixel
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to grab Ist parameters from $STAR/StRoot/IstGeomParams.txt; hard code in number for IST location in StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx to allow for running production on grid;
    StiIstHitLoader.cxx - tweaked StiIstHitLoader to use only 3 hits from IST for tracking;

    - pams/geometry
    svttgeo/svttgeo7.g - modified to capture the last version of the "Distorted" SVT geometry used in our alignment studies;
    igtdgeo/igtdgeo.g - modified ;
    - pams/sim
    idl/g2t_igt_hit.idl - added CVS tags;
    idl/g2t_gem_hit.idl - added standard stub for the GEM barrel detector;
    idl/g2t_track.idl - included the gem barrel detector;
    g2t/g2t_ist.F, g2t_igt.F - added CVS tags;
    g2t/g2t_igt.idl - added CVS tags;
    g2t/g2t_gem.idl - requisite stub for the GEM detector interface;
    g2t/g2t_gem.F - added the hits handler for the gem barrel;

    - StDb/idl
    ftpcVoltageStatus.idl - added for FTPC Voltage Status;

    - StarVMC
    StarVMCApplication/StarMCHits.cxx StarVMCApplication.cxx/h - added include for TFile.h and Debug flag ;
    geant3/gdraw - removed number of files;
    geant3/TGeant3/TGeant3.cxx/h, TGeant3TGeo.cxx/h, geant3LinkDef.h - modified;
    geant3/TGeant3/G3Material.cxx/h, G3Medium.cxx/h, G3Node.cxx/h, G3Volume.cxx/h, G3toRoot.cxx/h, THIGZ.cxx/h, TPaveTree.cxx/h, rdummies.F - removed files;
    geant3/gbase/gbhsta.F gfhsta.F gtrig.F - modified;

    - Retired codes:
    St_xdfin_Maker.cxx/h ;
    pams/sim/gstar/gstar_readxdf.c, gstar_readxdf.idl;



  • July 28 , 2006
    library SL06d has been updated with codes below, retagged with tag SL06d_2 rebuild, tested and released to run ppProductionJPsi dataset;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuDstMaker.cxx - reset the current vertex index to 0 for every event;
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx/h - removed previous patches to MuDst ;
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.h/cxx - added code to update the ShortedRing tables every time the DB changes;
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx - activated cut on drift distance;



  • July 1 , 2006
    library SL06d has been updated with codes below to fix the problem found during production, retagged with tag SL06d_1 rebuild, tested and released.

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StGenericVertexMaker
    Minuit/StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx - fixed sign of gDCA->impact() ;
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - added new PredictSpaceCharge() function so that it includes fit errors in the prediction. It is now capable of including the SSD and SVT hits in the predictor/corrector loop;
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuChainMaker.cxx - minor changes to prevent reading all files during initialisation;
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx/h - modified 2D dca (DcaD), Z dca (DcaZ) and their cov. matrix as corresponing sigma and correlaton coef. from dcaGeometry to StMuTrack ( this is a quick patches, should be modified later in permanent solution)
    - Sti
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - modified to allow single SSD hit on track;
    StiTrackNode.cxx - set minimal errors to accept 1mu errors of simulation vertex;
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified to load tracking and hit error parameters from DB;
    - StarRoot
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - added DcaXY & DcaZ with the errors; cos(dip)**4 added to Dca(...) to account z err in the nearest point ;



  • June 20, 2006
    new library SL06d has been created, tagged with tag SL06d build, tested and released on June 20.

    Main features:
    - improved primary vertex finding procedure using real track parameters errors (caused by multiple scattering, energy loss etc.) and dca track parameters for primary vertex fit;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StAssociationMaker
    StAssociationMaker.cxx - checking for null StEvent pointer has been lost and moved back;
    - StDaqLib
    TRG/L2gammaResult2006.h, L2jetResults2006.h, L2pedResults2006.h - inline functions implemented in L2*.h ;
    - StDbLib - added basic load balancing; added an extra machine (db01) for analysis between 11pm and 7am;
    - St_db_Maker
    St_db_Maker.cxx - modified to set default fMaxEntryTime='now';
    - StChain
    StChain.cxx - Db fields modification for logger usage ;
    - StEvent
    StDcaGeometry.cxx/h - initial revision;
    StGlobalTrack.cxx/h - added track-at-DCA geometry;
    - StEventUtilities
    StEventHelper.cxx - changed counting of indexes for StMatrix from 1;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StFixedVertexFinder.cxx/h - added SetVertexPosition function;
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx - accounting of DCA node added;
    Minuit/StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx/h - modified to use dca track parameters for primary vertex fit;
    - StMiniMcMaker
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx - modified;
    StMiniMcHelper.cxx/h - added to replace Helper.cxx/h to comply with STAR coding standards;
    Helper.cxx/h - removed;
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx/h - bug fixed: gapd and gapf backwards;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx - fixed chisq flagging so chisq set for SVT even when sti and v02 flags are used;
    - St_QA_Maker
    TpcHitUtilities.cxx/h, TpcMapUtilities.cxx - changed MapKey to MapQAKey to make it unique for QA;
    - StarRoot
    TPolinom.cxx/h - new classes TPolinom & TPoliFitter added;
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - THelixFitter and error handling added; double Dca(double x,double y,double *dcaErr=0) added;

    - Sti
    StiHit.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h, StiLinkDef.h, StiToolkit.h StiTrackNode.cxx/h, StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx/h - modified to use dca track parameters for primary vertex fit;
    StiDummyVertexFinder.cxx/h, StiResidualCalculator.cxx/h, StiResiduals.h - removed;
    StiHit.cxx/h - method setError(float*) added;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - supress 1st svt hit solution;
    - StiMaker
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx/h, StiMaker.cxx/h, StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - added dca track parameters;
    StiMaker.cxx - set minimal errors of vertex 1 micron;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - FillStHitErr method added and called;
    - StiSvt
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - removed SVT ladder mother volume;
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - removed SSD ladder mother volume;

    - StStarLogger
    MySQLAppender.cxx - removed DEALYED clause to handle 'Too many Sql connection problem'; increased the default buffer size;
    mysql/StarJobs.csh - added shell scipt to access STAR job tracking from the batch;
    mysql/NetLogger.xml - removed DEALYED clause to handle 'Too many Sql connection problem'; increased the default buffer size;

    - pams/geometry
    geometry/geometry.g - removed the PIX1 tag; added the SISD_OFF flag that facilitates creation of test geometries in which both the SVT and the SSD are taken out;

    - StarDb/Calibrations
    tracker/ssdHitError.20050101.000021.C, svtHitError.20050101.000006.C - added to set hit resolution: Svt 80 mkm (both drift and anode), Ssd 30 mkm (X) and 700 mkm (Z) for calibrated data;



  • May 19, 2006
    new library SL06c has been created, tagged with tag SL06c on May 18, build, tested and released on May 19.

    Main features:
    - library containes last code fixes and updates as well as final tunning of tracking parameters and corrections to process with TPC+SVT+SSD reconstruction;
    - modification for L2 and expansion for L3 triggers;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StAnalysisMaker - reshaped the logger job tracking Db tables and add a few LOQ_QA message to record it with the Job tracking Db;
    fixed the MySQLAppender problem (logger related) and re-shape the trakDb messages;
    - St_base
    StTree.cxx - modified that AccessPathName calls a rootd auth with xrootd syntax; fixed the side effect for non-root non-rootd local files
    - StBFChain
    BigFullChain.h, StBFChain.cxx - added VFFV and regrouped options; added VFMCE for extractng vertex from McEvent;
    added options SpcChgCalG, VtxSeedCalG for data 2006 calibrations;
    added proper dependence to EEFS for consistency;
    added options KeepTpcHit and KeepSvtHit for StHitFilterMaker to keep TPC(SVT) hits in event.root ;
    - StChain
    StMaker.cxx - modified for UPGR03 geometry;
    StChain.cxx - reshaped the logger job tracking Db tables and add a few LOQ_QA message to record it with the Job tracking Db;
    fixed the MySQLAppender problem (logger related) and re-shape the trakDb messages;
    - StDbLib - added assert for no db connection;
    - StDbUtilities - modified to handle SVT drift velocity hack corrections; added missing implementation for setParamPointers;
    St_svtCorrectionC.cxx/h - added to handle SVT drift velocity hack corrections; added condition that Npar < 0 means dead hybrid;
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbTriggerID.cxx/h - added in access to L3Expanded and dsmPrescales; added in a new interface to get the total prescale applied to trigger ids;
    - StEvent
    StEnumerations.h - added StL2TriggerResultType; added enum;
    StTriggerData2005.cxx/h - modified to handle L2 results data;
    StTriggerId.h - extended mMaxTriggerIds to 42;
    StTriggerData.h - added isL2Triggered();
    StTriggerIdCollection.cxx/h - added L3 trigger expansion;
    - StEventMaker
    StEventMaker.cxx - added L3 expansion ;
    - StEstMaker
    StEstTracking.cxx - added protection if mProjOut.hit[k] is not set;
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowMaker.cxx - fixed memory leak;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx - replace gufld() with mBfield = event->runInfo()->magneticField(); blocked the fake second primary vertex;
    StGenericVertexMaker.cxx/h - modified to adjust for the new code of fixed position vertex finder ; modified for McEvent vertex implementation;
    StFixedVertexFinder.cxx/h - new files added as initial version of fixed position vertex finder and option in maker to switch it on; modified for McEvent vertex implementation; changed VertexId to new enum;
    StCtbUtility.cxx, StGenericVertexFinder.cxx, StGenericVertexMaker.cxx, StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx - added switches to logger;
    Minuit/StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx/h - added protection against event->emcCollection()==0; added switches to logger;
    StiPPVertex/BemcHitList.cxx, CtbHitList.cxx, EemcHitList.cxx, StPPVertexFinder.cxx - added switches to logger;
    - StHitFilterMaker
    StHitFilterMaker.cxx - modified to use options KeepTpcHit and KeepSvtHit to keep TPC(SVT) hits in event.root ;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    StMuTriggerIdCollection.cxx/h - modified to add extra L3 information ;
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx - added 2006 triggers; added ppProductionTrans trigger for year 2006 data;
    - StSsdPointMaker - added local coordinate to StEvent;
    - StSsdClusterMaker, StSsdPackage.hh, StSsdWafer.hh - modified to add local coordinates;, - removed ;
    - StSvtClusterMaker
    StSvtAnalysedHybridClusters.hh, StSvtHitMaker.cxx - modified to fillin StSvtHits directly into StEvent, added local coordinates, modified to handle drift velocity hack corrections;
    - StStarLogger
    MySQLAppender.cxx/h - fixed the MySQLAppender problem and re-shape the trakDb messages; reshaped job tracking; added extra proptection against of the broken connections;
    mysql/CreateJobTable.sql - reshaped job tracking;

    - pams/geometry
    igtdgeo/igtdgeo.g - first revision of of the forward GEM disks;
    geometry/geometry.g - new R&D tag, UPGR03, implemeted to properly manage the configuration of an alternative tracking upgrade project;

    - StStarLogger/mysql
    CreateJobTable.sql, NetLogger.xml, RecreatedJobTable.sql - reshaped the logger job tracking Db tables and add a few LOQ_QA message to record it with the Job tracking Db;

    - StarDb/Geometry
    svt/LadderOnShell.C, ShellOnGlobal.C, WaferOnLadder.C, LadderOnSurvey.C - modified ;
    svt/LadderOnShell.20050101.000043.C - added z-shifts from data ;
    svt/ShellOnGlobal.20050101.000042.C - added for final alignment with using last 4 mm of drift distance (2.5-2.9 cm) ;
    svt/LadderOnShell.20050101.000063.C,LadderOnShell.20050101.000065.C, svtWafersPosition.20050101.000100.C - added final geometry for SVT review;
    ssd/SsdLaddersOnSectors.C, SsdWafersOnLadders.C - modified;
    ssd/SsdLaddersOnSectors.20050101.000047.C, SsdSectorsOnGlobal.20050101.000041.C - added final (as 04/30/06) position ;
    ssd/SsdLaddersOnSectors.20050101.000055.C, ssdWafersPosition.20050101.000055.C - added fibal geometry for SSD for review ;
    - StarDb/Calibrations
    svt/svtDriftCorrection.C - added hack for drift velocity correction ;
    svt/Hybrids.h, svtDriftCorrection.20050101.000049.C - added;
    svt/svtDriftCorrection.20050101.000101.C - final SVT drift corrections;
    tracker/ssdHitError.20050101.000021.C, svtHitError.20050101.000006.C - set hit resolution: Svt 80 mkm (both drift and anode), Ssd 30 mkm (X) and 700 mkm (Z) for calibrated data;
    - StDb
    idl/dsmPrescales.idl, trigL3Expanded.idl - implemented new tables for l3expanded trigger mapping ;
    idl/svtCorrection.idl - added structure of svt corrections;



  • April 27, 2007
    SL06b has been updated with MC fixed vertex finder code and related codes to process with embedding production.
    Library was retagged with SL06b_1 tag.

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx/h, BigFullChain.h;
    - StEvent
    StEnumerations.h ;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StFixedVertexFinder.cxx/h ;
    - StiMaker
    StiMaker.cxx ;


  • May 5, 2006
    new library SL06b has been created, tagged with tag SL06b on May 1, build, tested and released on May 5.

    Main features:
    - first release of tracking code (in ITTF framework) which refits primary tracks with vertex and uses Smoother method
    mathematical model of Kalman was redeveloped, to take into account information (values/errors) from the previous iteration which was critical for refit method.
    Standard Kalman algorithm does not allow to do it and as result refit in standard Kalman isn't possible
    More detailes regarding new Kalman algorithm and code development could be found in the the email
    - first release of muliple vertices finding code for heavy ion collisions with pile-up affect based on Minuit fitting
    The algorithm details and evaluation plots can be found on the Web page
    - new code for R&D IST detector introduced and released (StiPixel & StPixelFastSimulator);

    Next codes have been updated:

    - St_base
    StTree.cxx - modified to allow rootd:://file
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx, BigFullChain.h - new StiMaker interface added; scaler based calibration option added;
    added flags PixelIT (and IstIT) to activate IST detector; added pixFastSim key for StPixelFastSimMaker;
    removed dependence in StiUtilities, added 2006 chains;
    switched to VFPPVnoCTB (was VFPPLMV5 as a start);
    added new options 'fdbg' and 'flaser' for FTPC calibration maker;
    added options for StiPulls, ForceGeometry, to run for ToF in TPC simulation; remove sfs option as redundant (srs), more options for McAna ;
    - StChain
    StChain.cxx - added tracking information from the STAR chain related to Logger work;
    - StDaqLib
    EMC/Makefile - added for compiling StEmcDecoder as a standalone .so library;
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx/h - added JetPatch decoding;
    TRG/L2gammaResult2006.h, L2jetResults2006.h, L2pedResults2006.h - added L2 Result Structs;
    - StDAQMaker
    StDAQMaker.cxx - redundant delete removed
    - StDbLib - memory leak fixed
    - StChain
    StMaker.h/cxx - PrintAttr() method added
    - St_db_Maker
    St_db_Maker.cxx - test for memory curruption added
    decrease level of aliases 2==>1 to avoid name clashes ;
    - StEvent
    StZdcTriggerDetector.cxx - fixed important bug in constructor. mAdc[3] and mAdc[7] were wrong;
    StEnumerations.h - changed kMaxId -> kMaxDetectorId; added StPrimaryVertexOrder;
    StEvent.cxx/h - added new RnD detectors collection; modified addPrimaryVertex(); new 2nd arg: StPrimaryVertexOrder;
    StHit.h - modified mId short ==> int; made detector() virtual method ;
    StHits.cxx - changed order of initializer in constructor;
    StSvtHit.cxx/h - added data member and methods to deal with local positions ;
    StSsdHit.cxx/h - added data member and methods to deal with local positions ;
    StRnDHitCollection.cxx/h, StRnDHit.cxx - hit collection for R&D of new detectors added;
    StContainers.cxx/h, StDetectorDefinitions.h, StEnumerations.h, StEventClusteringHints.cxx - added new R&D detector containers;
    StEventLinkDef.h - added operator for StRnDHit for new R&D detectors;
    StEventTypes.h - added R&D hits and collection;
    StEnumerations.h - added ppvNoCtbVertexFinder to clarify analysis; added StL2AlgorithmId enumeration;
    StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData2005.cxx, StTriggerData2005.h - added interface to L2 results;
    StTriggerData2003.cxx, StTriggerData2004.cxx, StTriggerData2005.cxx - fixed bug in zdcUnAttenuated;
    - StEventMaker
    StEventMaker.cxx - simplified logic if StEvent already exists
    - StEventUtilities
    StEventHelper.cxx/h - iterators StHitIter & StSvtHitIter added; new methodes added to StEvent helper classes;
    - StEmcUtil
    database/StEmcDbHandler.cxx/h - added setMaxEntryTime and setFlavor methods;
    - StEpcMaker
    StEpcConstants.h, StPointCollection.cxx - bug fixed which crashed chain;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StGenericVertexMaker.cxx/h - CTB matching ON/OFF switch activated by m_Mode 0x8 or 0x10; vertex enum extension depending on CTB usage - hack in the moment; BTOW calibration changed for 2006+ from maxt eT of ~27 --> 60 GeV;
    StGenericVertexFinder.cxx/h - added member for debuglevel; mVertexOrderMethod added;
    Minuit/StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx - updated for multiple vertex finding and rank calculation for identifying the triggered vertex;mVertexOrderMethod added;
    added protection for bemcDet==0; initialized variable mRequireCTB;
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx/h - modified to use ppvNoCtbVertexFinder; mVertexOrderMethod added;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowLeeYangZerosMaker.cxx/h - first version of the LeeYangZerosMaker implemented;
    plotLYZ.C - added macro for plotting LeeYangZeros graphs;
    StFlowLeeYangZerosMaker.cxx/h - modified to write out the Generating Functions after the first pass;
    doFlowSumFirstPass.C - macro added to sum the Generating Functions between the two passes;
    doFlowSumAll.C, doFlowSumAll.csh - macro and shell script added to sum the outputs of the second pass;
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowMaker.cxx/h - modified new TFile ==> TFile::Open; modified for MuDst; stopped using eventSummary();
    StFlowConstants.cxx/h - made additions needed for the StFlowLeeYangZerosMaker;
    StFlowCutEvent.cxx/h - made additions needed for MuDst;
    - StFtpcCalibMaker
    StFtpcCalibMaker.cxx/h,,, - added new calibration maker for FTPC;
    macros - new macros added for FTPC calibration maker;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - all database initialization moved to InitRun; modified to save microsecondsPerTimebin and temperature/pressure corrections in DEBUGFILE run tree;, - added constructor for StFtpcCalibMaker ;
    StFtpcClusterDebug.hh - modified to save microsecondsPerTimebin, deltatapW/E in Run tree ;, StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx, StFtpcClustersStructures.hh - cluster struct definitions moved to StFtpcClustersStructures.hh; DEBUGFILE created with bfc option 'fdbg';
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx - all database initialization moved to InitRun;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx - made changes necessary for DoT0Calib;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    StMuDst.cxx, StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuTrack.h - modified to no longer rely on track keys for matching global and primary tracks
    StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx - introduced check before copying primary vertex for backwards compatibility
    macros/exampleMuDstFilter.C - added filter->Finish() to ensure writing of output file;
    StMuPrimaryVertex.h/cxx - added members and getters for mean-dip and chisquared value;
    StMuDstMaker.cxx/h - added overloaded version for StIOInterface::GetFile() to return name of current input or output file;
    - StRTSClient/FCFMaker
    FCFMaker.cxx - fixed case when no hit coming from g2t_tpc_hit table in simu mode;
    - StStarLogger
    MySQLAppender.cxx - add the DELAYED MySql queery option;
    mysql/NetLogger.xml - add the DELAYED MySql queery option;
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx/h - modified, EndCrashFix; added calibration mode;
    - StPixelFastSimMaker
    StPixelFastSimMaker.cxx/h - new code for Ist fast simulation added; removed streaming of each Pixel hit; set proper Detector Id;
    - StPmdReadMaker
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx/h - modified EndCrashFix;
    - StPmdClusterMaker
    StPmdClusterMaker.cxx - fill StEvent; mod-1 fixed for CPV;
    - StPmdReadMaker
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx - remove deletion of pmdCollection, it is deleted in Clear();
    - StarClassLibrary
    StLorentzVector.hh, StMatrix.hh, StThreeVector.hh, StarClassLibraryLinkDef.hh - addes missing methods to Cint dictionary;
    - StarRoot
    StarRootLinkDef.h - classes related to TAssign commented out;
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - class TCircle to handle circles added; TCircle linear case improved; modified to do TCircle::Fit with errors; accuracy fixed;
    - StTagsMaker
    StTagsMaker.cxx - modified to remove new TClass(name.Data(),1,StEvtHddr.h,StEvtHddr.h), needed to cleans up all ROOT internal pointer;
    - St_QA_Maker
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - modified for FTPC: PtrkGood and PtrkPsi hists out, GtrkPadTime in;
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcDbMaker.cxx - set simu flag for tpcISTimeOffsets and tpcOSTimeOffsets tables ;
    - StSvtSelfMaker
    StSelfEvent.cxx/h, StSvtSelfMaker.cxx/h, StVertexKFit.cxx/h - Svt self alignment maker added;
    - StTrsMaker
    StTrsMaker.cxx - modified to merge 3 random generator to 1;
    src/,, - modified to merge 3 random generator to 1;
    include/StTrsParameterizedAnalogSignalGenerator.hh - modified to merge 3 random generator to 1;
    include/StTrsRandom.hh - added;

    - Sti
    StiCompositeFinder.cxx - findTrack(double rMin=0) argument added
    StiDebug.cxx/.h - moved to StiUtilities
    StiKTNIterator.h/cxx - global mgEnd moved from .h into .cxx
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - new refit implemented; modified to require track id must < 2*16; modified to account errors; Interface to getGlobalDca changed; StiOldRefit env added; modifications allow primary tracks to loose few nodes; StiConfidence flag added;
    corrected zero field min curvature - 1/1km;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h - findTrack,extendSeeds,extendTracks arguments to rMin added; made default rMin=0; Redundant refit() call removed; DMAX3d increased 3=>4;
    StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx/h - modified to requer more than 3 nodes at the end of fit();
    StiKalmanTrackFitterParameters.h/cxx - _maxChi2Vtx member added
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - assert replaced by print; dependency from StiKalmanTrackNode removed; getGlobalHitErrors added;
    StiTrackFinderFilter.cxx - Z limit 205 removed;
    StiHit.cxx - assert replaced by print; modification related to rotation;
    StiMapUtilities.cxx - - assert replaced by print
    StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx/h - rMin added; min radius 60cm removed;
    StiMapUtilities.cxx - modified to mark only fitted hits as used
    StiToolkit.cxx/h - constructor added and modified to fill _instance automatically
    StiTrack.h - changed private ==> protected; interface to getGlobalDca changed;
    StiTrack.cxx - mId increment moved to StiKalamanTrack::reset()
    StiTrackContainer.cxx - sort by number of fit points added
    StiTrackFinder.h - rMin and combinatoric flag off/on added
    StiTrackNode.cxx/h - classes StiNodePars,StiNode2Pars,StiNodeErrs,StiNodeMtx added; Z limit 205 removed; class StiHitErrs moved in; curv ==> pt changed; corrected zero field min curvature - 1/1km;
    StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx/h - modified for refit; Chi2 evaluation improved; assert removed; curv ==> pt changed; StiOldJoinPrim env added;
    Two error factors added; primary tracks fitting logic refined;
    StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx/h - StiDebug.h moved into; dependency from StiKalmanTrackNode removed;
    StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx/h - make default rMin=0; seed fit replaced by StiKalmanTrack::approx;
    StiResidualCalculator.cxx - dependency from StiKalmanTrackNode removed;
    StiTrackingPlots.cxx - getGlobalDca ==> getDca changed;
    - StiMaker
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - last traces of StiMaker and associated maker removed
    StiMaker.cxx/h - control is changed using StMaker::SetAttr; sub makerFunctionality added; IST code added; added kHftId and kIstId for StiDetector groups;
    option useFakeVertex added;
    StiMakerLinkDef.h - removed traces of StiMakerParameters;
    StiStEventFiller.h - StiAux* mAux added;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - bug fixed, use vertex instead of first hit in refit; changed setGlobalDca==>setDca; changed kMaxId -> kMaxDetecto rId;
    - StiPixel
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiIstDetectorGroup.cxx/h, StiIstHitLoader.cxx/h, StiIstIsActiveFunctor.cxx/h - added new codes for IST detector ;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiIstHitLoader.cxx, StiPixelHitLoader.cxx - Tweaked to handle hit propagation via StRnDHitCollection;
    StiIstDetectorBuilder.cxx - added fixes for the E-loss calculator and for the setKey methods;
    StiPixelHitLoader.cxx - removed streaming of all read pixel hits;
    StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx - added calls to StiDetector::setKey(key,val);
    IstGeomParams.txt - added geometry parameters for IST;
    StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx - set Detector Id to kHftId, corrected Ist*pars -> Pixel*pars;
    - StiUtilities
    StiDebug.h/cxx - StiDebug moved into from Sti;

    - pams/geometry
    tpcegeo/tpcegeo2.g - fixed an error in the in the array initialization part;
    geometry/geometry.g - introduced the baseline year 2006 geometry;
    created UPGR01 and UPGR02 geometries which are basically year 2006 + SSD+HFT and year 2006+IST+HFT.
    Note that NONE of engineering detail is available in either case, and less so for the integration structural elements.
    added steering for the muon trigger system, "mutd";
    specified a complete barrel calorimeter for Y2006;
    added steering for the corrected SSD (sisdgeo3);
    added steering for a small modifications in the SVT shield in Y2006 ;
    cavegeo/cavegeo.g - modified to expand the radius of the "CAVE" to accomodate teh mupn trigger system;
    quadgeo/quadgeo.g - updates for the quad model;
    svttgeo/svttgeo5.g - improved the "no svt" version of the SVT geometry;
    svttgeo/svttgeo6.g - added new version of the shielding geometry which only differs by the outer radius of 31.8 ;
    shldgeo/shldgeo.g - small changes in the beam shield geometry;
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo3.g - improved version for year 2005 geometry;
    mutdgeo/mutdgeo.g - first version for an existing prototype of the Muon trigger system; added necessary elements to get same sensitive volumes as in TOFp trays;

    - StarDb/Calibrations
    tracker/KalmanTrackFinderParameters.20010311.000000.C - modified to change maxChi2Vertex 30 ==> 900
    tracker/KalmanTrackFitterParameters.20010312.000002.C - maxChi2(10==>30),maxChi2Vtx=100 added
    tracker/svtHitError.20010312.000010.C - set 200 microns
    - StarDb/Geometry/ssd
    ssdWafersPosition.20050101.000000.C, ssdWafersPosition.20050101.000001.C, ssdWafersPosition.20050101.000002.C - added new files;
    ssdWafersPosition.20041202.000000.C, ssdWafersPosition.20041202.000001.C, ssdWafersPosition.20041202.000002.C - removed files;
    timestamp moved from 20041202 to 20050101 for ssdWafersPosition tables in order to comply with Svt and simulation ;
    - StDb/idl
    KalmanTrackFitterParameters.idl - maxChi2Vtx member added



  • February 27, 2006
    new library SL06a has been created, tagged with tag SL06a, build, tested and released on March 1.

    Main features:
    library was build on the base of SL05h library which was checked out in the new area, updated with important bug fixes for EMC, SSD & FTPC codes and adjusted StJetMaker to provide stable environment for analysis work.

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StDbBroker
    StDbBroker.cxx - modified to grab rowsize from St_db_maker and passing it on to StDbTableDescriptor - made message length dynamic
    DbUse.cxx - cleaned up
    - StDaqLib
    EMC/EMC_BarrelReader.cxx, EMC_Reader.cxx, EMC_SmdReader.cxx, - modified;
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx/h - modified to fixed tower map bug;
    EMC/TowerBug2004.txt, TowerBug2005.txt, TowerBug2006.txt - new files added ;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StBemcData.cxx/h, StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx/h - modified to fix tower map bug and astyle run;
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEmcSimulatorMaker.cxx - small modification in the way the calibration spread/offset is created;
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h, StEemcRaw.cxx/h StEmcRawMaker.cxx/h - modified to fix tower map bug and astyle run;
    - StEvent
    StSsdHit.cxx - modified to fix decoding of hardware info
    - StFtpcDriftMapMaker
    macros/FtpcDriftMapMaker.C - macro to run StFtpcDriftMapMakerZ
    StFtpcDriftMapMaker.cxx - modified to exit if error occurs while constructing StFtpcDbReader
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcDbReader.hh/cc - simplified StFtpcDbReader; modified the way if no RHIC clock frequency value available, set mMicrosecondsPerTimebin to dimensionsTable->sizeOfTimebin for DbV options earlier than 20051021 otherwise use electronicsTable->uSecondsPerTimebin as the default value for mMicrosecondsPerTimebin
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - modified to check if StFtpcDbRead not constructed exit with kStWarn; modified to calculate mMicrosecondsPerTimebin from RHIC clock frequency for each event;
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx - modified to check if StFtpcDbRead not constructed exit with kStWarn; modified to calculate mMicrosecondsPerTimebin from RHIC clock frequency for each event;
    - StSsdClusterMaker,, - modified to properly encode Cluster Size and Mean strip into the hardware information for the SSDHit;, St_scf_Maker.cxx, St_scm_Maker.cxx - modified to DeclareNtuple only if m_Mode != 0;
    - StSsdDaqMaker
    StSsdDaqMaker.cxx - small modification
    - StSsdEvalMaker
    St_sce_Maker.cxx - protections versus division by 0 added;
    - StSsdPointMaker
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx - modified to read ssdStripCalib table from the mysql db; ReadStrip method updated; - ReadNoiseFromTable method modified to ignore rows with id=0; improved hw position encoding in writePointToContainer matching the new decoding in StEvent
    - StSsdUtil
    StSsdEnumerations.hh - Mack/Upack helper class added

    - StJetMaker
    StFourPMakers/StBET4pMaker.cxx/h - modified to handle tower swap in StBemcTables
    macros/RunJetFinder2.C - modified to handle tower swap in StBemcTables
    StJetSimuUtil/macros/RunJetSimuFinder.C - modified to handle tower swap in StBemcTables

    - StarDb/Geometry
    ssd/SsdBarrelOnGlobal.C, ssdWafersPosition.20041202.000000.C, SsdLaddersOnSectors.C, SsdSectorsOnBarrel.C, SsdWafersOnGlobal.C, SsdWafersOnLadders.C - added for alignment work and Ssd wafer position



  • January 25, 2006
    library SL05h has been updated with the next codes to proceed with pp200 pythia MC production with ITTF + PPV codes:
    - StBFChain
    BigFullChain.h - changed order of loading of EMC code;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx - small fixes for MC events;
    StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx - fixed noninitialized variable;
    Updated codes have been retagged with SL05h tag.



  • December 9, 2005
    new library SL05h has been tagged on Dec 6 with tag SL05h, build, tested and released on December 9.

    Main features:
    Linux was upgraded with SL 3.0.5 version and codes were adjusted;
    first release of production version of SSD reconstuction code (for simultion and raw data) integrated to ITTF software.

    Next codes have been updated:

    - asps/Simulation/starsim
    atgeant/agdocba.age - modified to increase the size of the ASCII budder "NN" from 20 to 40 to void overflow

    - StAssociationMaker
    StAssociationMaker.cxx/h, StMcParameterDB.cxx/h, - Ssd added to Associator, added IdTruth options for Svt and Ssd
    - StBFChain
    BigFullChain.h - modified to move ssd makers before Sti
    - StChain
    StMaker.cxx/h - add more Simu time stamps reflecting new SVT;
    - StDaqClfMaker
    StDaqClfMaker.cxx - standard StEvent handling
    - StDbLib - bug fixed
    - StEvent
    StL0Trigger.cxx/h - run number range updated for run5
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcClusterMaker.h/cxx, StFtpcDbReader.hh - modified to calculate microsecondsPerTimebin from RHIC ClockFrequency; if RHIC ClockFrequency = 0, use default value from database - deleted pradius,pdeflection before error exits to avoid memory leaks
    - StFtpcTrackMaker - bug fixed for incorrect setting of track keys
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker - removed +twopi in call to WhichPad when calculating pad_min; bug fixed
    - StFpdMaker
    StFpdMaker.cxx - created StEvent added to data
    - StMcAnalysisMaker
    StMcAnalysisMaker.cxx/h - added NTuple for svt and ssd hits
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    StMuDstMaker.cxx - fixed initialisation problem of mCurrentFile, leading to potential segvio when creating MuDst
    - StPmdDiscriminatorMaker
    StPmdDiscriminatorMaker.cxx - fixed bug caused crash due to mismatch in length of pmdclust and phmdclust
    - StSsdClusterMaker
    St_scm_Maker.cxx/h - fixed bug,,, St_scf_Maker.cxx/h, St_scm_Maker.cxx/h - modified to use id_mctrack for setIdTruth
    - StSsdSimulationMaker,, St_spa_Maker.cxx - modified to use id_mctrack for setIdTruth
    - StSvtClusterMaker - modified to use IdTruth instead of id_mchit
    - StSvtSimulationMaker
    StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx - changes for improving PASA shift added; make PASA shift 200 microns
    - StarRoot
    TMemStat.cxx - invoking PS removed, /proc/... is used instead
    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx/h - modified to set DateTime from fz-file if it was not set before; added default kinematics if there is no input files;

    - Sti
    StiVMCToolKit.h - SsdInChain set as Default

    - pams/geometry
    phmdgeo/phmdgeo.g - reorganized the code in order to make it VMC compatible
    svttgeo/svttgeo6.g - added updated version with the more precise "butterfly" shape of the actual sensitive area; change orientation of the non-sensitive trapezoids by 90 to account for the way the wafer is positioned in the assembly
    geometry/geometry.g - added logic for calling the latest svttgeo6; added Y2003C, Y2004D and Y2005D to take advantage of this new SVT geometry file; added same to DEV2005 for development purposes; added a few parameters to the "low_em" setting to better simulate soft EM processes;
    - pams/gen
    herwig/hwigpr.f, plot.kumac - modified to read random seeds form the input file; renamed the common block variables; rewritten teh encoding
    herwig/herwig.tcsh - added script that generates an input file for herwig, with random seeds
    herwig/ - added random seeds;
    herwig/herwig6507.f - changed names of kinematic variables to a more readable form
    - pams/global
    dst/dst_point_filler.F - transport IdTruth info from scs_spt to dst_point
    - pams/sim
    gstar/gstar_input.g - modified following the changed packaging of data on the Herwig site; modified handling of the event header data harvesting more info from the herwig ntuple;
    g2t/g2t_ssd.F - modified
    - pams/svt
    idl/scf_cluster.idl, spa_strip.idl - modified to use id_mctrack
    sce/ - removed all SSD codes
    sls/ - removed all SSD codes
    scm/ - removed all SSD codes
    spa/ - removed all SSD codes
    scf/ - removed all SSD codes

    - StDb/idl
    ftpcElectronics.idl - added uSecondsPerTimebin
    pmdSMCalib.idl, pmdCalibSummary.idl - added new pmd calibrations tables
    - StarDb/svt
    ssd/geom.C - added wafer global positions for simulations
    ssd/ssdWafersPosition.C - realistic wafer global positions added
    - StarDb/VmcGeometry
    modified number of files; removed fz files; new files added: Detectors.y2003c.root, Detectors.y2004d.root, Detectors.y2005d.root, geom.y2003c.root, geom.y2004d.root, geom.y2005d.root, y2003c.h, y2004d.h, y2005d.h
    Geometry.y2003c.C, Geometry.y2004d.C, Geometry.y2005d.C - added new geometry files



  • October 14, 2005
    new library SL05g has been build, tested and released on October 18.

    Main features:
    first release of the library with Virtual Monte Carlo simulation code

    Next codes have been updated:

    - asps
    Simulation/agetof/Conscript - modified;
    Simulation/starsim/Conscript - modified to add FPP flag for non pgi version;
    Simulation/starsim/comis/csallo.c - changed CERNLIB_QX_SC ==> CERNLIB_QXNO_SC;
    Simulation/geant321/erdecks/gdedxcalc.F, mytrack.g - moved to erdecks, ertrak.F - modified to force loading of mytrack, gdedxcalc;
    staf/sdd/Conscript - modified for SL4;
    rexe/MAIN_rmain.cxx - remove extra
    - StAnalysisMaker - added information about ftpc tracks, adjust hit.flag cut to >3
    - StAssociationMaker
    StAssociationMaker.cxx - modified for persistent StMcEvent
    EMC/StEmcAssociationMaker.cxx - modified for persistent StMcEvent
    - StBFChain
    BFC.h, BFC2.h, StBFChain.cxx/h - modified; BFC.C, BFC2.C, BigFullChain.h - added new files to implement chain with VMC; merged BFC.h and BFC2.h into BigFullChain.h
    StBFChain.cxx - activated Ssd for IT
    StBFChain.cxx/h - modified to use simulation time stamps and geometries from list defined in StMaker.cxx
    BigFullChain.h - added StMcEvent in/out option (minimc.root file)
    - StBichsel
    Bichsel.cxx, dEdxParameterization.cxx - cleanup
    - StChain
    StChain.cxx/h, StMaker.cxx/h - switched from fBits to fStatus for StMaker control bits
    StMaker.cxx/h - added all used simulation time stamps and geometries
    - StDbUtilities - cleanup
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEEmcSlowMaker.cxx/h - tower peds now added if option is set
    - StEvent
    StEmcPoint.h - class version increased by 1;
    - StEmcTriggerMaker
    StBemcTrigger.cxx/h, StEmcTriggerMaker.cxx/h - new version to include a realistic reconstruction of the BEMC trigger from the raw or simulated data;
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    cstructs/eemcConstDB.hh - added copyCat fail bit
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowAnalysisMaker.cxx, plot.C, plotCen.C - changed plot style
    - StDbBroker
    StDbBroker.h - replace UInt_t to Int_t for m_runNumber to avoid problem with undefined run number
    - StDbLib,StDbModifier.cxx, StDbTable.h,,StTableDescriptorI.h - updated to correct padding issue for pacted tables
    - StdEdxMaker
    StSvtdEdxMaker.cxx - protection of 1/0 added
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbMakerLinkDef.h, PACKAGE - added new files, dictionaries
    - St_db_Maker
    St_db_Maker.cxx - switched from fBits to fStatus for StMaker control bits; account replacing of UInt_t by Int_t for m_runNumber; added protection for validity date < 19950101
    - St_dst_Maker
    St_dst_Maker.cxx - protection against division by 0 added
    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx/h - modified for VMC; added set date/time from fz-file;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StGenericVertexMaker.cxx - modified to check if theFinder exists
    StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx - more strict cut for failed vertex added
    StiPPVertex/StPPVertexFinder.cxx/h, VertexData.cxx - modified declaration
    - StMagF
    StMagFMaker.cxx/h - modified to switch to StarMagField
    PACKAGE - added
    - StMcEvent
    modified a number of files to make StMcEvent persistent
    - StMcAnalysisMaker
    StMcAnalysisMaker.cxx - changed access to StMcEvent to use GetDataSet to be consistent with persistent StMcEvent
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h - modified to be consistent with persistent StMcEvent
    - StMiniMcMaker
    StMiniMcMaker.cxx - modified to be consistent with persistent StMcEvent
    - StMixerMaker
    StMixerMaker.cxx/h - IdTruth added
    removed files:,
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuChainMaker.cxx - TChain modified to automatically skip of corrupted files
    - StSsdPointMaker
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx/h - added a method to the point maker to check which ssdStripCalib is picked up
    - StTpcEvalMaker
    StTpcEvalMaker.cxx - modified to be consistent with persistent StMcEvent
    - StTrsMaker
    StTrsMaker.cxx/h - bug fixed, IdTruth added
    include/StTrsAnalogSignal.hh StTrsAnalogSignalGenerator.hh StTrsDigitalSector.hh StTrsDigitalSignalGenerator.hh StTrsFastDigitalSignalGenerator.hh StTrsOldDigitalSignalGenerator.hh StTrsRawDataEvent.hh StTrsSector.hh StTrsZeroSuppressedReader.hh - bug fixed, IdTruth added
    src/,,,,,,, - bug fixed, IdTruth added - adjust to ICC
    - StRichPIDMaker
    StRichPIDMaker.cxx - modified to be consistent with persistent StMcEvent
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker
    StStrangeMuDstMaker.cxx - new method for StMcEvent access added
    - St_QA_Maker
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - new method for StMcEvent access added
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker
    St_tpcdaq_Maker.cxx/h - IdTruth added
    - StarClassLibrary
    StMCTruth.h - method size() added,,StParticleDefinition.hh, StParticleTable.hh,,StarClassLibraryLinkDef.hh - modified to make StLorentzVector persistent - pathLength to plane now finds nearest approach to intersection regardless of # of loops
    - StarMagField
    StarMagField.cxx - modified to adjust agufld function to comis, fixed B[0] = B[1] = 0 at r = 0
    - StarRoot
    TRArray.cxx/h, TRMatrix.h, TRSymMatrix.h, TRVector.h - changed operator () to be == []

    - Sti
    StiLinkDef.h, PACKAGE - added dictionary
    StiKalmanTrackNode.h - added protection for Zero field
    StiDetectorBuilder.cxx - checking of centerOrientation added
    StiHit.cxx/h, StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx/h - removed StiHit error scale
    StiMasterDetectorBuilder.cxx - added clone of VMC geometry before averaging
    StiVMCToolKit.cxx - adjusted for extended volume name
    StiCompositeLeafIterator.h, StiDedxCalculator.h - cleanup
    - StiMaker
    PACKAGE, StiMakerLinkDef.h - added dictionary
    StiMaker.cxx/h - modified to be consistent with persistent StMcEvent
    MiniChain.cxx/h - removed
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - cleanup

    - pams/geometry
    shldgeo/shldgeo.g - shielding geometry, Separated magnets into a separate branch, quadgeo;
    cavegeo/cavegeo.g - modified for shielding study;
    geometry/geometry.g - modified for shielding studies, added separate config variables for the Quad section, added options 'SVTT_OFF' & SVTT_ON' to switch SVT detector off/on simulation;
    create a key that enables the user to lower the electromagnetic processes GEANT cut to 10 keV, from the KUMAC script without the need to recompile;
    quadgeo/quadgeo.g - new code for the description of the upstream beam magnets;
    svttgeo/svttgeo5.g - a new, stripped down version of the SVT that only includes the support cones but no central barrel, needed for the detector development and material balance studies
    phmdgeo/phmdgeo.g - modified to reorganize the code in order to make it VMC compatible
    - pams/sim
    gstar/gstar_input.g - adjusted foe event characterization info from Herwig
    - pams/global
    egr/gdedxcalc.F mytrack.g - removed;
    helix.F - modified to use subroutine resetNlevel instead direct access to common block;
    - pams/gen
    herwig/heptup.f,, herwig6507.f,,, hwigpr.f - added new event generator;

    - StarVMC
    new VMC code, containes next modules: StarVMCApplication,StVMCMaker, StVmcTools, g2Root, geant3,minicern,pgf77;

    - StarDb/svt/ssd
    ssdStripCalib.root - default table with the latest format
    - StarDb/VmcGeometry
    modified number of files, added new files to add new geometries and expand volume name with generic one



  • April 23, 2007
    library SL05f has been updated with next codes, retagged with tag SL05f_3 and used to run embedding production with MC fixed vertex.

    - StAssociationMaker
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx, Bfc.idl, BFC2.h;
    - StiMaker
    StiMaker.cxx/h, StiDefaultToolkit.cxx;
    - StJetMaker
    StJetSimuUtil/StJetSimuWeightMaker.cxx ;
    - StMcAnalysisMaker
    - StMcEvent
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h ;
    - StMiniMcMaker
    - St_QA_Maker
    StEventQAMaker.cxx ;
    - StRichPIDMaker
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker
    - StTpcEvalMaker



  • April 9, 2007
    library SL05f has been updated with codes below and retagged with tag SL05f_2. Update are needed to process with embedding production with MC fixed vertex.

    - StGenericVertexMaker
    - StEvent
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx, Bfc.idl, BFC2.h;



  • August 25, 2005
    library SL05f has been updated with next codes:

    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx,StMuPrimaryVertex.h/cxx,StMuIOMaker.cxx,StMuEvent.cxx/h,StMuDstMaker.cxx,StMuDst.cxx/h,StMuTypes.hh,StMuTrack.h - further updates for multiple vertices
    - StEvent
    StEnumerations.h - kMaxId == max number of detectors+1 modified
    - StEmcUtil/projection
    StEmcPosition.cxx/h - added projection based on StPhysicalHelixD
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - modified to allow to mask fibers based on event content
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StEemcRaw.cxx - modified to drop only crates which are off instead of the whole event
    - StPeCMaker
    StPeCEvent.cxx - TClone to TObj fixes
    - StJetMaker
    StJets.cxx - TClonesArray to TObjArray safe change
    StFourPMakers/StBET4pMaker.cxx - TClonesArray to TObjArray
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowMaker.h - changes to be in compliance with recent changes in the MuDsts
    - StHbtMaker
    - StEventUtilities
    StuRefMult.hh, StuFtpcRefMult.hh - changes related to multiple vertices MuDst modifications
    - StSsdPointMaker,StSsdPointMaker.h/cxx
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StKinkMaker.h/cxx - Crop() function introduce to flag the kinks with parents that share same daughter

    - Sti
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - getAllPointCount(...) added
    StiTrackNode.cxx/h - static mgFlag and isFitted() added
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - modified to remove track improving during fit to vertex
    StiMapUtilities.cxx - removed reusing bad hits
    - StiMaker
    StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - PoinCount cleanup

    - StDb/idl
    spaceChargeCor.idl, ssdStripCalib.idl
    - StarDb/Calibrations
    tracker/kinkTrackingParameters.20011201.000100.C,kinkTrackingParameters.20050324.150000.C - kink tracking parameters

    Updated code codes have been retagged as SL05f_1



  • August 18, 2005
    new library SL05f has been build, tested and released on August 18. Library has tag SL05f_1 .

    Main features:
    - new ROOT version 4.04.02, supposed to provide proper schema evolution and allow to use templated versions of StThreeVector, StMatrix, StHelix and StPhysicalHelix;
    - code modifications to adjust to the new ROOT version;
    - new multiple primary vertices finder code implemented to process events with pile up effect;
    - further improvement of ITTF code, multiple primary vertices support added;
    - MuDst structure reshaped to provide support for multiple primary vertices;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - asps/Simulation/starsim
    Conscript, deccc/idisp.c - added flag WithoutPGI to get free_ and malloc_ without PGI;
    atmain/gdebug.age - removed;
    - StAnalysisMaker - added summary of quality & protection for absence of svtHitCollection, agjusted for multiple primary vertices;
    - StAssociationMaker
    StAssociationMaker.cxx - modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    - StBFChain
    BFC2.h, StBFChain.cxx - modified to add VFPPV option - multiple primary vertices finder code switching;
    - StDbUtilities
    StDbUtilitiesLinkDef.h, StGlobalCoordinate.hh, StSectorAligner.h,, - modified to add TpcCoordinate transformation classes to dictionary and to use templated StThreeVector;
    PACKAGE - added ;
    - StEvent
    StEnumerations.h - added StVertexFinderId enum;
    StEmcPoint.cxx/h - removed clash with IdTruth;
    StHit.cxx/h - modified;
    StSvtHit.cxx/h - cleanup;
    StTrack.cxx, StTrackDetectorInfo.cxx, StTrackGeometry.h - StThreeVectorD.hh includes added ;
    - StEventUtilities
    StEventHelper.cxx/h - modified use templated version of StPhysicalHelixD; modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    - StdEdxMaker
    StdEdxMaker.h - modified use templated version of StThreeVectorD;
    PACKAGE - added ;
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h, StdEdxY2MakerLinkDef.h - modified;
    PACKAGE, dEdxTrackY2.cxx - added;
    dEdxTrack.cxx/h - removed ;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx/h - added corruption check flag ;
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - updated for embedding;
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEEmcFastMaker.cxx/h - updated for embedding;
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEmcGeom/EEmcGeomSimple.h - more get methods;
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowMaker.h, StFlowPicoEvent.cxx - modified to use templated version of StThreeVectorF and StPhysicalHelixD;
    PACKAGE - added;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    StFtpcTrackToStEvent.hh, StFtpcTrackingParams.hh - modified to use templated version of StThreeVectorF and StPhysicalHelixD;
    PACKAGE - added;
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StiPPVertex - new multiple primary vertex finder code;
    BemcHitList.cxx/h, CtbHitList.cxx/h, EemcHitList.cxx/h, ScintHitList.cxx/h, StPPVertexFinder.cxx/h, TrackData.cxx/h, VertexData.cxx/h - new files added for multiple primary vertex finding;
    StGenericVertexFinder.cxx/h, StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx/h, StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx/h - modified for multiple primary vertices support;
    - StMiniMcMaker
    StMiniMcMaker.h - modified to use templated StThreeVectorF;
    - StMcAnalysisMaker
    StMcAnalysisMaker.cxx - multiple primary vertices support;
    - StMcEvent
    StMcContainers.hh,, StMcEventTypes.hh, - modified to provide support for IGT detector;,, - added to provide support for IGT detector; - removed old ifdef, now all classes are persistent;
    StMcHitComparisons.hh - modified to replace StThreeVector.hh -> StThreeVectorF.hh;
    StMcCtbHit.hh, StMcFgtHit.hh, StMcFstHit.hh, StMcFtpcHit.hh, StMcHitComparisons.hh, StMcIstHit.hh, StMcPixelHit.hh, StMcRichHit.hh, StMcSsdHit.hh, StMcTofHit.hh, StMcTpcHit.hh - removed forward declaration of StThreeVectorF, use #include, and only in StMcHit base class;,,StMcIgtHit.hh, - default constructor modified, including base class StMcHit constructor;
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h - added code for filling of IGT classes ;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    StMuDst.h, StMuTrack.h - modified to use template version of StPhysicalHelixD ;
    StMuPrimaryVertex.cxx/h - new files added to support multiple primary vertices;
    StMuTrack.cxx/h, StMuArrays.cxx/h, StMuDst.h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h - modified to calculate tracks DCA with respect to the first vertex in the list (highest rank), but another vertex number can be specified;
    StMuTrack.cxx - changed dca calculation: no longer scan period of helix to get DCA;
    - StMiniMcMaker - multiple primary vertices support;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StXiFinderMaker.cxx - modified;
    - StRTSClient
    FCF/fcfAfterburner.cxx - modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    - StSsdDaqMaker
    StSsdDaqMaker.cxx/h - modified to fill pedestal histos ;
    - StSsdClusterMaker,,,,, St_scf_Maker.cxx/h, St_scm_Maker.cxx/h,St_ssd_Maker.cxx - modified ;
    - StSsdPointMaker, StSsdPointMaker.cxx - makeSsdPedestalHistograms() method eliminated, modified to prevent crashes if ssdStripCalib is missing;
    - StSsdDbMaker - information from the ssdDimensions table added;
    - StarMagField
    StarMagField.h, StarMagFieldLinkDef.h, StarMagField.cxx - the version of STAR magnetic field extracted from StDbUtilities/StMagUtilities to be used in Simulation and Reconstruction instead of agufld;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker
    StXiMuDst.hh - modified to use templated StPhysicalHelixD; changed class version to avoid ROOT bug;
    - StarClassLibrary, StHelixD.hh, StLorentzVector.hh, StLorentzVectorD.hh, StLorentzVectorF.hh, StMatrix.hh, StMatrixD.hh, StMatrixF.hh,, StPhysicalHelixD.hh, StThreeVector.hh, StThreeVectorD.hh, StThreeVectorF.hh, StarClassLibraryLinkDef.hh - modified to agjust to new ROOT version;,, - new files added;,,,,,,, - removed files;
    StMCTruth.cxx/h - added to associate geant tracks id with hits;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StKinkMaker.h - modified to use templated StPhysicalHelixD;
    - StSvtClassLibrary,, - modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    - StSvtClusterMaker,, StSvtClusterAnalysisMaker.cxx,, StSvtHitMaker.cxx - modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    StSvtClusterAnalysisMaker.cxx, StSvtClusterMaker.cxx/h - clear of collection added ;
    - StSvtDaqMaker - modified;
    - StSvtSimulationMaker,, StSvtOnlineSeqAdjSimMaker.cxx,, StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx/hh - modified to associate geant tracks id with hits ;
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker
    StSvtSeqAdjMaker.cxx/h - modified;
    - StTableUtilities
    StTrackChair.h, St_dst_trackC.h - modified to use templated StHelixD;
    - StTofUtil modified to use templated StThreeVector;
    StTofrGeometry.h - modified to use templated StThreeVector; hide typedefs IntVec, DoubleVec, PointVec and methods HelixCrossCellIds,HelixCross, projTrayVector from CINT;
    StTofGeometry.h - modified to use templated StThreeVector and StPhysicalHelix;
    - StTofpMatchMaker
    StTofpMatchMaker.h - modified to use templated StThreeVectorD;
    - StTofrMatchMaker
    StTofrMatchMaker.h - modified to use template StThreeVectorD;
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDbLinkDef.h, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h, - replace dEdx_t=>dEdxY2_t;
    - StTrsMaker
    StTrsMaker.cxx/h, StTrsDigitalSector.hh,,,, - bug fixed;
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx/h, StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx - modifications for pp, run2005, trigger ID & inheritance ;
    StEvtVtxSeedMaker.cxx/h, StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx/h - added new files to use StEvent for beamline constraint;
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.h - modified to use templated StPhysicalHelixD;

    - Sti
    StiDummyVertexFinder.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h, StiStarVertexFinder.cxx/h, StiTrackFinder.cxx/h, StiTreeNode.cxx/h, StiVertexFinder.cxx/h - multiple primary vertices support;
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - modified;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - new logic for for muliple vertices implemented;
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - removeLastNode() added;
    StiMcTrack.cxx/h, StiTrack.h - const added, refit added;
    StiStarVertexFinder.cxx - set small but non zero errors for primary hits;
    StiTrack.cxx - set track id < 32K ;
    StiTrackContainer.cxx/h - sort() added;
    StiTrackNode.h - getDet() renamed to getDeterm();
    StiToolkit.h - IdTruth changes;
    Base/Factory.cxx/h - added global memory counter;
    - StiMaker
    StiMaker.cxx - multiple primary vertices support, make 'clearmem' as default;
    StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - multiple primary vertices support;
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx/h - changes related to association of geant tracks id with hits;
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - DetectorBuilder updated with the correct methods from StSsdUtil;
    - StiSvt
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiSvtHitLoader.cxx - cleanup;

    - St_db_Maker
    St_db_Maker.cxx - SetFlavor/fDbBroker bug fixed;
    StKinkMaker.h - modified to use templated StPhysicalHelixD;
    StValiSet.cxx/h - added new files;
    - St_dst_Maker.cxx
    StMatchMaker.cxx, St_dst_Maker.cxx - setup stuff for flagging hits used in fit of tracks;
    St_dst_Maker.cxx - array replaced by TArray ;
    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - included the newly developed Inner GEM tracker;
    - St_QA_Maker
    TpcHitUtilities.h -modified to use templated StThreeVectorD;

    - pams/geometry
    gembgeo/gembgeo.g - added GEM barrel tracker code;
    tpcegeo/tpcegeo.g, tpcegeo1.g - a diagnostics about the TPC gas density added;
    pipegeo/pipegeo.g - added a thinner version of the already customized pipe for the pixel detector;
    geometry/geometry.g - updates for pixel detector geometry; added config variables and steering for the GEM barrel tracker;
    pixlgeo/pixlgeo2.g - added new version of the pixel detector geometry;
    - pams/sim
    idl/g2t_track.idl - new IGT hits included for the inner GEM based tracker;
    idl/g2t_igt_hit.idl - added to declare IGT (inner GEM based tracker) hits;
    g2t/g2t_igt.idl - added IGT hits for the GEM barrel;
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - GEM barrel tracker added;
    g2t/g2t_igt.F - IGT hits for the GEM barrel added;

    - StarDb
    VmcGeometry - updated for recent geometry changes according to St_geant_Maker;
    VmcGeometry/Detectors.ist1.root, Detectors.y2003a.root, Detectors.y2003b.root, Detectors.y2003x.root, Detectors.y2004.root, Detectors.y2004a.root, Detectors.y2004b.root, Detectors.y2004c.root, Detectors.y2004x.root, Detectors.y2004y.root, Detectors.y2005b.root, Detectors.y2005x.root, Detectors.year2000.root, Detectors.year2001.root, Detectors.year2002.root, Detectors.year2003.root, geom.ist1.root, geom.y2003a.root, geom.y2003b.root, geom.y2003x.root, geom.y2004.root, geom.y2004a.root, geom.y2004b.root, geom.y2004c.root, geom.y2004x.root, geom.y2004y.root, geom.y2005b.root, geom.y2005x.root, geom.year2000.root, geom.year2001.root, geom.year2002.root, geom.year2003.root, ist1.h, ist1.rz, y2003a.rz, y2003b.rz, y2003x.rz, y2004.rz, y2004a.rz, y2004b.rz, y2004c.rz, y2004x.rz, y2004y.h, y2004y.rz, y2005b.rz, y2005x.rz, year2000.rz, year2001.rz, year2002.rz, year2003.rz - added new files which includes modification from Maxim, added ist1 and y2004y geometries, added original rz-files, modified to change Tpc gas density;
    VmcGeometry - updated number of files for recent geometry changes according to St_geant_Maker;
    Geometry.ist1.C, Geometry.y2004y.C, Geometry.y2005.C, Geometry.y2005c.C, y2005.h, y2005.rz, y2005c.h, y2005c.rz, Detectors.y2005.root, geom.y2005.root - added new files;



  • June 10, 2005,
    new library SL05e has been build, tested and released on June 20. Library has tag SL05e .

    Main features:
    - further development of ITTF code: new hit errors were fitted and implemented; hit pools modified to RMS=1 and made not depended on Z,DIP and Psi; Chi2 average made = 1, Prob(Chi2) made flat ;
    - SSD code complete, ready for test production;
    - new BEMC cluster finder and point maker code;
    - geometry for year 2005 complete, year 2004 improved;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - added Y2004y and RY2004y options
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - added 3DGridLeak Distortion Correction and Utilities to support it
    StMagUtilities.cxx - updated for the new version of TMatrix
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEmcMC/StEEmcMCEnum.h - first revision of code for MC data
    EEmcMC/EEmcMCData.cxx/h - modified for for embedding, GEANT unpacker was split on 2 parts
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEEmcFastMaker.cxx/h - modified
    StEEmcSimulatorMaker.h/cxx - removed
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StBemcData.cxx, StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx - added calibrationType Reset for old productions
    - StEmcMixerMaker
    StEmcMixerMaker.cxx - small bug fixed when mixing SMD hits
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StBemcRaw.cxx - bug fixed
    - StEventUtilities
    TwistPatch.cxx/h - added new files for Twist correction
    - StMcEvent, - updated for EEMC, added eprs, esmdu, esdmv hits
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h - updated of EEMC filling for eprs, esmdu and esmdv hits
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx/h - added some new features suggested by Alex Suiade: Emc data now supported (for SL04k and later MuDst),
    flags added to switch Eemc and Bemc copying seperately (setDoBemc and setDoEemc)
    global tracks are checked seperately; they were only copied if the corresponding primary fullfills the filter() criteria, now they are also copied if only the global track fullfills the criteria
    StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx - modified to discard the whole event if StMuEvent does not pass the cut
    StMuDst.cxx - bug fixed in StMuDst::fixTrackIndices(), now using the TClonesArray that are passed to the function, instead of the ones in StMuDst
    StMuEmcTowerData.cxx/h - added copy constructor and clear fucntions for use in StMuDstFilterMaker
    StMuEmcHit.cxx/h - changed argument type of copy cosntructor used in StMuDstFilterMaker
    - StEpcMaker
    StEpcConstants.h, StEpcCut.cxx/h, StEpcMaker.cxx/h, StPi0Candidate.cxx/h, StPointCollection.cxx/h - new Point maker code implemented
    - StPreEclMaker
    StClusterDisplay.cxx/h, StEmcPreCluster.cxx/h, StEmcPreClusterCollection.cxx/h, StPreEclMaker.cxx/h - modified for new cluster finder framework
    EmcClusterAlgorithm.h, StEmcOldFinder.cxx/h, StEmcVirtualFinder.cxx/h - new files added for new cluster finder framework
    - StSsdClusterMaker,, St_scf_Maker.cxx/h, St_scm_Maker.cxx/h, - modified to save SSD hits into StEvent
    - StSsdDaqMaker
    StSsdDaqMaker.cxx - condition if (pedestal>0) replaced by if (pedestal>=0)
    - StSsdDbMaker
    StSsdDbMaker.cxx - moved configuration Init()==>InitRun()
    - StSsdPointMaker
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx/h - modified to initrun and improve DB connection; added methods to fill the Tuple, added a histo for the pedestal and new name of the class : SsdPoint
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx/h, StEvtVtxSeedMaker.cxx/h,StMuDstVtxSeedMaker.cxx/h - introduction of new code to use MuDst for beamline constraint

    - Sti
    StiDetectorGroup.h, StiDebug.cxx, StiMapUtilities.cxx, StiMaterial.cxx - cleaned up
    StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx - Max & min errors changed to 1e-4,1
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - method refitL added
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h - chi2 selection sub branch of nodes modified
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - technical reorganization done
    StiTrackNode.cxx/h - static method mult5 added
    StiTrackNodeHelper.cxx/h - new code added
    Base/Factory.h, StiFactory.h - fast delete added
    Base/StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - modified to use fast delete
    Base/Named.cxx/h, Parameter.cxx/h - modified
    - pams/geometry
    geometry/geometry.g - included the updated TPC backplane into the tag Y2004C along with FTRO ; improved geometry for year 2004 simulation run, tag Y2004Y implemented, Y2003X updated
    btofgeo/btofgeo2.g, btofgeo3.g, btofgeo4.g - modified: removed unneeded Dens=0.282 statements from honeycomb Material definitions
    btofgeo/btofgeo4.g - updated geometry for run 2005

    - StarDb/Calibrations/tracker
    svtHitError.20010312.000010.C - added 200microns SVT errors
    svtTrackingParameters.20010312.000010.C, tpcTrackingParameters.20010312.000010.C - modified to change maxChi2=20
    tpcOuterHitError.20010312.000010.C, tpcInnerHitError.20010312.000010.C - added new fitted errors



  • May 16, 2005,
    new library SL05d has been build, tested and released on May 17. Library was tagged with SL05d_1 tag ( but has intermediate release tag SL05d too )

    Main features:
    - first release of TOF reco codes;
    - calibration adjustments codes updated for CuCu production;
    - SSD simulation code developed, ready to run reconstruction;
    - GEANT simultaion code for FGT detector added ;
    - further development of ITTF code: geometry updates, modified TPC hit error parametrization, some modification of SVT code;

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StAssociationMaker
    EMC/StEmcAssociationMaker.cxx/h - method to print McTracks information was added
    - StAnalysisUtilities
    StHistUtil.cxx - reodering of some FTPC code on user ranges in radial hists
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - re-enabled SSD & ssdIT options
    StBFChain.cxx - enabled useCDV and useLDV options to use T0 or laser calibrations
    - StDaqLib
    TOF/TOF_Reader.cxx/hh - updated for year 2005 new data format, previous interfaces are separated out for convenience
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - more checking
    - StBichsel
    Bichsel.cxx/h, dEdxParameterization.cxx/h - added modified GetMostProbableZM,GetAverageZM and GetI70M to account saturation for low b*g for nSigma calculations
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - fixed overwriting of masks
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEmcSimulatorMaker.cxx - set correct StEmcRawHit::calibrationType() for simulated hits
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEmcGeom/EEmcGeomSimple.cxx - modified
    - StEvent
    StContainers.cxx/h, StEventTypes.h, StTofCollection.cxx/h, StTofData.cxx/h, StTofRawData.cxx/h - TOF classes for run 2005 implemented,
    modification to take care of new TOF daq and electronics
    - StMcEvent
    StMcIstHit.hh, - added loading of hits for IST & FST detectors,,, StMcPixelHitCollection.hh - added persistency: ClassImp, ClassDef and inheritance from StObject,,,,, - new files for Fgt and Fst detectors
    StMcContainers.hh,, StMcEventTypes.hh, - modification to accomodate changes related to Fgt and Fst detectors
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h - modifications to build the Fgt and Fst classes from the g2t tables; added loading of SSD hits from g2t_ssd_hit table
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuArrays.cxx/h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h, StMuTofUtil.cxx StMuDst.cxx/h - updated for run year 2005 TOF data format
    COMMON/StMuMomentumShiftMaker.cxx - changed scheme for mOutDir
    - StSsdDaqMaker
    StSsdDaqMaker.cxx/h - new files, removed dependancy between StSsdDaqMaker and StSsdDbMaker
    ssdLadderMap.h - new file
    StSsdDaqMaker.cxx - hardware offset corrected for specific ladders
    - StSsdDbMaker
    StSsdDbMaker.cxx/h, StSsdDbWriter.cxx, - new StSsdDbMaker rewritten without DirectDataBase Access
    - StSsdClusterMaker
    St_scf_Maker.cxx/h, St_scm_Maker.cxx/h, St_ssd_Maker.cxx/h - modified to read ssd/geom and no more writeScfCtrlHistograms and writeScmCtrlHistograms methods
    - StSsdSimulationMaker,,,,,,,,,,,, St_sls_Maker.cxx/hh, St_spa_Maker.cxx/hh - new revision
    - StSsdEvalMaker, - new readPointFromTable method added to load g2t_ssd_hit table, modified to use tg2t_ssd_hit table, doEvalCluster and doEvalSpt modified
    St_sce_Maker.cxx/h - new readPointFromTable method added to load g2t_ssd_hit table, modified to use g2t_ssd_hit table, read ssd/geom and no more writeScmHistograms methods; showScfStats and showScmStats added in the Finish
    - StSsdPointMaker, StSsdPointMaker.cxx - physics and pedestal data processing separated,, StSsdPointMaker.cxx/h, - added new methodes makeScfCtrlHistograms, makeScmCtrlHistograms and Clusternoise
    - StTofUtil
    StTofrDaqMap.cxx/h - updated for year 2005 run new data format
    StTofRawDataCollection.cxx/h - first release for new data format in StEvent for year 2005 run
    StSortTofRawData.cxx/h - first release of interface to sort out TofRawData array for year 2005 run
    - StTofMaker
    StTofMaker.cxx/h - updated for year 2005 run
    - StTofrMatchMaker
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx/h - modified for year 2005 run
    - StTofpMatchMaker
    StTofpMatchMaker.cxx/h - modified for year 2005 run
    - StTofCalibMaker
    StTofCalibMaker.cxx/h - updated for year 2005 run
    - StTofSimMaker
    StTofSimMaker.cxx - modification corresponding changes in StTofData structure for year 2005 run
    - StarRoot
    S THack.cxx - method LineToD added
    StarRootLinkDef.h - dictionary for THack added
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - GetDCA added
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h, St_tpcCorrectionC.cxx - modified, added cut opttion (npar >= 100), activated Edge correction
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StTpcT0Maker.cxx - switches between TCL and FCF using m_Mode added
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx/h - modifications for SpaceCharge study

    - Sti
    StiCompositeTreeNode.h, StiDetector.cxx/h, - dummy reset() added
    StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx - TPC size increased 200==>210
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - refit tuned
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h - special treat of SVT added
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - dL/dCurv more accurate
    StiKalmanTrackNode.h - error factor added
    StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.h, StiTrackFinder.h - signature changed
    StiTrackNode.cxx/h - static function sinX added
    StiTreeNode.cxx - bug fixed
    Base/Factory.h - reorganisation: method free added
    Base/StiFactory.h - new Factory implementation
    StiDetectorBuilder.cxx/h, StiElossCalculator.cxx/h, StiShape.cxx/h, StiVMCToolKit.cxx - fixed problem with unassigned variable
    StiVMCToolKit.cxx - added protection (and asserts) for mixed materials
    - StiFtpc
    StiFtpcHitLoader.cxx/h - removed LoadMcHits
    - StiMaker
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - new Factory implementation
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - temprary hack, saved residuals
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - removed Ssd from IT chain before new interface with SsdDbMaker will be fixed
    - StiTpc
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - fixed problem with unassigned variable in StiTpcDetectorBuilder

    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - two new variables implemented to place SVT and SSD hits separately in different tables,
    added Hit description extractor (AgstHits)
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - added an interface for reading the FGT (GEM) hits
    - St_QA_Maker
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - fixed problem of not using estPrimary tracks
    - StHbtMaker/CorrFctn
    QoslCMSCorrFctnRPkT.cxx/h - added correlation function class for RP-dependent analysis with multiple (hardwired!) kT bins

    - pams/geometry
    istbgeo/istbgeo.g - solved problems with the modules/ladders not ending up on the proper radius after they were tilted and shifted
    fgtdgeo/fgtdgeo.g - added hit description to the FGT detector, chnaged FGAR hit definition and FGSC fitsteh convention
    geometry/geometry.g - added development tag DEV2005
    - pams/sim
    g2t/g2t_fgt.F, g2t_fgt.idl - new file added to process the FGT (GEM) hits for R&D
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - volume enumeration added for FGT (GEM) detector
    idl/g2t_fgt_hit.idl - added interface for the FGT detector
    idl/g2t_track.idl - modifications needed for the FGT (GEM) detector

    - StarDb/Calibrations
    tracker/svtTrackingParameters.20010312.000010.C, tpcTrackingParameters.20010312.000010.C - increased Chi2 and search window
    - StDb/idl
    tpcCorrection.idl - added cut option (npar >= 100)
    - StarDb/VmcGeometry
    Geometry.year2000.C, Geometry.year2001.C, Geometry.year2002.C, Geometry.year2003.C,
    Geometry.y2003a.C, Geometry.y2003b.C, Geometry.y2003x.C,
    Geometry.y2004.C, Geometry.y2004a.C, Geometry.y2004b.C, Geometry.y2004c.C, Geometry.y2004x.C,
    Geometry.y2005b.C, Geometry.y2005x.C, Geometry.year2000.C, Geometry.year2001.C, Geometry.year2002.C, Geometry.year2003.C
    - modified geometry files to set 'not IsOwner' for gGeoManager for ITTF code



  • April 21, 2005,
    library SL05b has been updated with
    code to handle FTPC East gain table properly
    Library was retagged as SL05c and renamed to SL05c


  • April 11, 2005,
    library SL05b has been updated with next codes to set proper geometry tag needed for embedding:
    - StBFChain.cxx
    - StMaker.cxx


    Updated codes have been retagged as SL05b_2


  • April 1, 2005,
    new library SL05b has been build, tested and released. Library was tagged with SL05b_1

    Main features:
    futher improvement of Sti tracking and vertexing:
    - track errors correctly filled in StEvent;
    - combinatorial search is implemented, as a result more SVT hits accepted, number of primaries increased about 2%
    important bug in StTpcDbMaker has been fixed which caused that wrong 'Twist' correction values for TPC were picked from the db
    and global sector position for simulation was wrong (only SL05a library was effected);
    few corrections have been done for year 2005 geometry

    Next codes have been updated:
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEmcPmtSimulator.cxx/h, StEmcSimpleSimulator.cxx/h, StEmcSimulatorMaker.cxx/h, StEmcVirtualSimulator.cxx/h, StPmtSignal.cxx/h - fixed problem with chain
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - calculate the average temperature correctly for year 2005+ runs when only one set of temperature readings is available
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx/h - made changes for using body + extra temperatures starting with y2005
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx/h - made changes to use body + extra temperature readings starting with y2005, necessary for embedding
    - StEmcUtil
    database/StEmcDbHandler.cxx/h - added new class to to handle Emc database tables
    - StIOMaker
    StIOMaker.cxx - FileSet deleted in Finish by request GridCollector
    - StSsdPointMaker
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx, StSsdBarrel.hh/cc, StSsdLadder.hh/cc - positionSize argument added to the initLadders method,
    StSsdPointMaker.cxx/h - PrintClusterSummary and PrintPointSummary methods added
    StSsdStrip.hh,,, - mPedestal member added to the StSsdStrip object. Constructor modified accordingly
    StSsdCluster.hh/cc, StSsdPointList.hh/cc, StSsdPoint.hh/cc, StSsdPackageList.hh/cc,, StSsdDynamicControl.h/cxx - missing CVS header added - readNoiseFromTable methods modified to transmit the pedestal, hardware position information fully implemented,new member mActiveLadders added, StSsdStripList.hh/cc - setPedestalSigmaStrip method added, setSigmaStrip removed
    StSsdPoint.hh/cc - new members mIdClusterP and mIdClusterN and associated methods added, modified to take HighCut value taken from the db - setMatcheds method modified to transmit the cluster Ids to the point
    - Sti
    StiKTNIterator.h - reorganization of node container
    StiHit.cxx - tolerance increased to 2 cm
    StiHitTest.h/cxx - hit test algorithm added,
    StiDetector.h - init to zero added,
    StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx/h - modified
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - refit() method added, reorganization of node container made, getMaxPointCount() fixed;
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h - find method reorganised for future combinatoric, combinatorics added,
    StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx - modified not to use 1st node for refit
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h -assert in rotate fixed, derivatives and their test fixed to eta==Psi model, reorganization of node container made, asserts replaced to prints
    StiTrack.h - obsolete non used methods;
    StiTrackNode.cxx/h - StiContino removed from node, reorganization of node container;
    StiSvtHitLoader.cxx - one more test for hits added;
    - StiMaker
    StiStEventFiller.cxx -
    - StiTpc
    StiTpcHitLoader.cxx - one more test for hits added
    - StarClassLibrary
    StLorentzVector.hh, StLorentzVectorD.hh, StLorentzVectorF.hh, StThreeVector.hh, StThreeVectorD.hh, StThreeVectorF.hh - defence FPE added
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcDb.cxx, StTpcDbMaker.cxx - bug fixed with flavor handling
    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - added code for reading hits from IST and FST tables

    - StJetMaker
    StJetReader.cxx/h, StJets.cxx - updated to add PythiaAssociator, corrected EMC simulation path
    StFourPMakers/StBET4pMaker.cxx/h - updated to add PythiaAssociator, corrected EMC simulation path
    StJetSimuUtil/IoManager.cxx/h, StPythiaAssociator.cxx/h - updated to add PythiaAssociator, corrected EMC simulation path
    StEmcHitMakers - removed
    StTrackMatchers - removed
    StJetHist/StJetHistMaker.cxx/h - first revision of StJetHistMaker
    - StHbtMaker/CorrFctn
    FracMergRowvsQinv.h/cxx - added 2D correlation function Qinv vs. Fraction of merged hits

    - pams/sim
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - added the numbering for the IST and FST detectors
    g2t/g2t_fst.F, g2t_fst.idl - added FST detector
    idl/g2t_track.idl, g2t_fst_hit.idl - added FST detector
    - pams/geometry
    ftpcgeo/ftpcgeo1.g - corrected gas in FTPC, Ar+C02 mix in the chamber
    svttgeo/svttgeo4.g - corrected bug in the definition of the electronics and IC
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo2.g - created a new version of the structure SFPA to reflect the correct ladder positions
    geometry/geometry.g - CorrNum variable turned out to be unwieldy, for y2005b geometry SVT elelctronics mother volume length bug fixed, Ar+C02 gas mix added in the FTPC, SSD ladder radius corected


  • March 2, 2005,
    library SL05a has been updated with next code:
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx - tracking was fixed, changed to standard TWO CYCLE TRACKING insteard of laser
    Code has been retagged with SL05a tag



  • February 17, 2005,
    library SL05a has been updated with next codes to process AuAu200 production with Grid Leak corrections:

    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - Remove SSD from chain dur to it crash reco jobs, L0/EMC precedence change, added QUtils for QA dependencies resolution;
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbTpcOmegaTau.cxx, StDetectorDbTpcOmegaTau.h - access TPC OmegaTau from database added
    StDetectorDbMaker.cxx - added GridLeak and OmegaTau calls
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    EEmcDbItem.cxx, EEmcDbItem.h, StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - few more access methods added, made sigPed visible in EEmcDbItem
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StBemcRaw.cxx, defines.h - crate Id check put back
    StEemcRaw.cxx StEemcRaw.h - accomodate MAPMT firmware change in 2005
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx, StMagUtilities.h - changed for SpaceCharge / Leak corrections;
    - StUtilities
    StMessageManager.cxx - fixed bug (used pointer before assignment)
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx - modified to fill StEvent info on SpaceCharge
    - StDb/idl
    tpcOmegaTau.idl - added table for tpcOmegaTau DB located before in StarDb/Calibrations/tpc
    emcTriggerLUT.idl added table for bemc triggers
    Updated codes were retagged with tag SL05a



  • January 28, 2005,
    new library SL05a has been created, tagged as SL05a
    Library containes essential ITTF code development and updates related to Grid Leak correction problem for year 2004 AuAu200 data.

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - added OGridLeak option, reshaped B/E-EMC options, added chain for year 2005 run
    - StDaqLib
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx/h - PSD map fixed. 2004 data is still being produced with wrong map
    EMC/EMC_Reader.hh, EMC_SmdReader.cxx/h - modified to allow 12 fibers in the SMD for the y2005 psd data
    - StDbLib - reseted precedence for connecting to db. From Low to High: star,home,envVar
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx - changed InnerOuterRatio (pad size ratio) from 1.3 to 0.5
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbGridLeak.cxx/h - GridLeak interface to DB implemented
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker
    StEmcCalibMaker.cxx/h, StEmcEqualMaker.cxx, StEmcMipMaker.cxx, StEmcPedestalMaker.cxx - small modifications
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - more get-method development
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StMuEEmcSimuReMaker.cxx/h - EEMC slow simulator added
    SlowSimUtil.cxx/h, StEEmcSlowMaker.cxx/h - added new files
    macros/runEEmcSlowMaker.C - new macro added
    - StEEmcUtil
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEmcSimulatorMaker.cxx - more modifications
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h, defines.h - moved StBemcTables to StEmcUtil, corrected for y2005 PSD data banks
    StBemcTables.cxx/h - removed files
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h - created a new method to correct for the PSD map problem
    StEemcRaw.cxx - small modification of logic
    - StEmcUtil
    database/StBemcTables.cxx/h - moved StBemcTables to StEmcUtil/database, added interface to trigger tables in offline DB
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowCumulantMaker.cxx/h, calculateCumulant.C - modified v1{3} code
    StFlowAnalysisMaker.h/cxx - added full Psi weight for ZDC, SMD and fixed few bugs, runSchedulerJobsExample.config,,, - template to scheduler jobs on cumulant analysis added
    myProjectProfile.C - a tool to project TProfile added, useful when derive vPt or vEta from v2D
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowEvent.cxx/h, StFlowConstants.h - modified v1{3} code
    StFlowConstants.cxx/h, StFlowEvent.cxx/h, StFlowMaker.cxx/h - added full Psi weight for ZDC, SMD and fixed few bugs
    StFlowMaker.cxx - added checking for corrupted MuDst and picoDst files
    StFlowMaker.cxx/h - modified to read run-by-run beam shifts and SMD pedestal
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - updated to use all 6 ftpc west body temperature readings for 2005 run
    - StMcEventMaker
    StMcEventMaker.cxx - protection against deleting twice added
    - StMuDSTMaker
    EZTREE/EztEmcRawData.cxx/h - updated for for corruption checking
    - Sti
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx - modified to use alpha instead of getRefAngle while extending to vertex
    StiTrackingPlots.cxx/h - added point of closest approach to vertex (pca) histos
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - added cut for -ve cosCA
    RadLengthPlots.cxx, StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx, StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h, StiResidualCalculator.cxx, StiTrackingPlots.cxx - implemented new parameter model
    RadLengthPlots.cxx, StiHitToTrackMap.cxx, StiLocalTrackMerger.cxx, StiTrackAssociation.h, StiTrackContainer.cxx/h, StiTrackToObjMap.cxx, StiTrackToTrackMap.cxx, StiTrackingPlots.cxx/h, StiResidualCalculator.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - changed track container to vector
    examples/CombinationIterator_ex.cxx, StiCompositeLeafIterator_ex.cxx, StiEvaluableTrack_ex.cxx - files removed
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - initial errors tuned
    - StiMaker
    StiMaker.cxx, StiStEventFiller.cxx - several bugs fixed, parameters protection added
    StiMaker.cxx, StiStEventFiller.cxx - changed track container to vector
    - StiGui
    EventDisplay.cxx,PrintMenuGroup.cxx - track container iterators changed to vector::iterator
    - StPmdReadMaker
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx - updated to read 2005 data
    - StPmdUtil
    StPmdGeom.cxx/h, StPmdMapUtil.cxx/h - status problem fixed for chain, new map for 2005 data
    - St_QA_Maker
    StEventQAMaker.cxx StQABookHist.cxx/h - updated histos for PMD
    - St_trg_Maker
    St_trg_Maker.cxx - added decoding 2005=2004

    - pams/geometry
    fstdgeo/fstdgeo.g - first revision and substantial reorganization than, better AlN description; added the water manifold (duct). Corrected a small error in the size of AlN plate;
    removed active and passive layers, corrected nesting of the water duct volume;
    istbgeo/istbgeo.g - first revision, large addition than, segmented silicon, AlN, chtips, new volume names;
    geometry/geometry.g - updated the experimental IST1 tag to better refelct the needs of the new tracking group; took out the FTPC, put in the Pixel and SSD, and made provisions for the latter to work w/o the SVT volumes; corrected SSD geometry in y2005x.
    mfldgeo/mfldgeo.g - agufld was made as function
    fpdmgeo/fpdmgeo1.g - removed an annoying print statement
    pixlgeo/pixlgeo1.g - small corrections
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo.g, sisdgeo1.g, sisdgeo2.g - updates for case when SVT is missing form the configuration
    - pams/sim
    gstar/gstar_part.g - sigma(1385) family has been added to the particle list

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl
    ftpcTemps.idl - FTPC extra temperatures added
    emcTriggerPed.idl - trigger pedestal for BEMC added
    emcTriggerStatus.idl - broke towerStatus into multidimentional array [30][160] to better represent hardware
    tpcFieldCageShort.idl - added missing resistance
    tpcGridLeak.idl - added table for GridLeak calibration
    - StarDb/VmcGeometry
    Geometry.y2003a.root, Geometry.y2003b.root, Geometry.y2003x.root, Geometry.y2004.root, Geometry.y2004a.root, Geometry.y2004b.root,Geometry.y2004x.root, Geometry.y2005x.root, Geometry.year2000.root, Geometry.year2001.root,Geometry.year2002.root, Geometry.year2003.root - added new files, VMC geometries converted from fz-files.


  • January 05, 2005,
    library SL04k has been updated with next codes:
    - Sti
    Star/StiStarDetectorBuilder.cxx - restored previous revision
    - St_QA_Maker
    St_QA_Maker.cxx, StEventQAMaker.cxx/h, QAH.cxx/h, StQAMakerBase.cxx/h, StQABookHist.cxx/h, QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - updated QA histos for run 5 for PMD, primary tracks, FPD, QAShift lists
    - StAnalysisUtilities
    StHistUtil.cxx - updated QA hist utilities for run 5, PMD, primary tracks, FPD, QAShift lists
    All library has been retagged with tag SL04k_3.



  • December 14 - 16, 2004,
    library SL04k has been updated with next codes:
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - for TPT based reco added svt_daq,svtD to base chain B2004 (so will be shorter)
    extended with VFppLMV5 to make symetric in feature comapring to Sti
    for ALL 2004 chains (Sti or TPT) --> eemcD is an obsolete option, eemcDY2 will do both EMC
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx - fixed 2 cuts in ppLMV4 for the TPT version
    StGenericVertexFinder.cxx/h, StMinuitVertexFinder.cxx - added initaition of StGenericVertexFinder variables, replace mDumMaker by StMaker::GetChain() method
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx - added initialisation of eta, phi and pt affects events without main vertex
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StBemcData.cxx - added event corrupt flag based on header check
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx, controlADCtoE.idl - added new flags to controlAdcToE table
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StBemcRaw.cxx/h - added histograms for status tables creation
    - St_dst_Maker
    StVertexMaker.cxx, ppLMV4.cxx - modifications to implement the ppLMV-5 cuts to ppLMV4
    - StarRoot
    TMemStat.cxx - specified path to ps
    - Sti
    Star/StiStarDetectorBuilder.cxx - new energy loss calculation implemented
    StiDetector.h, StiElossCalculator.cxx/h - new energy loss calculation implemented
    StiHitErrorCalculator.cxx/h - bug fixed
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h - number of bugs fixed,
    StiTrackingPlots.cxx/h - new histo implemented
    - StiTpc
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx - new energy loss calculation implemented
    - StiSvt
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx - new energy loss calculation implemented
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - new energy loss calculation implemented
    - StiPixel
    StiPixelDetectorBuilder.cxx - new energy loss calculation implemented

    SL04k library was retagged as SL04k_2



  • December 1-2, 2004,
    library SL04k has been updated with next codes:
    - StDaqLib
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx - uninitilaized arrays set to default values
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuCut.cxx/h - initialized arrays
    COMMON/StMuEvent.cxx/h - added errors on primary vertex
    - St_geant_Maker
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - loss of one GtHash object per call fixed
    - StTagsMaker
    StTagsMaker.cxx - small memory leak fixed
    - Sti
    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h - test for -ve and too big track length added
    StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx, StiTrack.h - minor changes>
    StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - set ionization potential for Ar in eloss calculateion instead 5, z propagation fixed
    StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx - pipe propagation fixed
    StiDetector.cxx/h - added useful indexing tools
    StiTrackingPlots.cxx/h - revamped the plotting package, svt modified
    StiHit.cxx - rotation of cov. matrix fixed
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - working version
    - StiSvt
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx - hybrid back
    - StiMaker
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - removed throw and replaced with continue; chi2[1] set to incremental chi2 at inner most hit or vertex;
    modified to fill the fitTraits.chi2[1] data member for primaries only, it holds node->getChi2() from the innerMostHitNode, which will be the vertex for primaries
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tracker
    tpcTrackingParameters.20010312.000002.C - Claude's tune parameters for TPC & SVT added

    Updated codes were retagged as SL04k_1



  • November 24, 2004,
    library SL04k has been updated with next code:
    asps/Simulation/starsim/atmain/dblib.cxx - bug fixed
    asps/Simulation/starsim/Conscript - added compilation of old redhat 7.2 platforms
    Updated codes has been retagged as SL04k_a


  • November 18, 2004,
    library SL04k has been updated with next codes and retagged as SL04k:

    - StAssociationMaker/EMC
    StEmcAssociationMaker.cxx/h - modified to fill multimaps directly
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - introduced SsdIT options and turn StiSsd ON from Sti option, SSD geometry activated, year 2005 geometry updated
    - StDAQMaker
    StDAQReader.cxx - added thereIsTriggerData() check and logic for return kStErr
    StEEMCReader.cxx/h - added isEemcBankIn
    StTRGReader.h - updated for year 2005 run
    - StDaqLib
    EEMC/EEMC_Reader.cxx/hh - implemented isEemcBankIn
    EVP/emcReader.cxx/h - removed etow ch
    TRG/trgStructures2005.h, code2005.cxx - updated for year 2005 run
    TRG/TRG_Reader.cxx/hh - added logic for bad trigger data header + change print-out format
    GENERIC/DetectorReader.cxx - changed message format
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx - bug fixed
    - StEmcRawMaker
    StBemcRaw.cxx - non initialization of some variables were fixed
    StEemcRaw.cxx - unit var initialized
    - StEstMaker
    Infrastructure/ - initialization fixed
    - StEvent
    StTriggerData2003.cxx, StTriggerData2004.cxx, StTriggerData2005.cxx/h - checkes for valid pre/post samples added
    - StEventDisplayMaker
    StEventControlPanel.cxx, StEventDisplayMaker.cxx/h, StGlobalFilterTest.cxx - bug fixed
    - StEventUtilities
    StEventHelper.cxx - test for the same StEvent pointer removed
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuArrays.cxx/h, StMuDst.cxx/h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h - added stuff to support ezTree mode of MuDstMaker
    StMuDst.cxx/h - arg name must not be repeated
    COMMON/StMuDstMaker.cxx/h - added call to StMuDst::set() for V0-event-pointers in read()
    COMMON/StMuEmcUtil.cxx - fixed crate counters for Emc status flag copying ( [1-30] instead of [0-29] )
    EZTREE/EztEmcRawData.cxx/h, EztEventHeader.cxx/h, EztTrigBlob.cxx/h, StMuEzTree.cxx/h - initial revision of ezTree classes for EEmc raw data to process Fastoffline of fast-detector data during run 2005
    - StarClassLibrary
    StThreeVectorD.hh, StThreeVectorF.hh - check for x,y =0 added
    - StarRoot
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - set default arg for THelixTrack::Print()
    - Sti
    StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx - added call to nudge in fit function
    - StTriggerDataMaker
    StTriggerDataMaker.cxx - updated for year 2005 run



  • November 11, 2004,
    library SL04k has been updated with bug fixes and further development of ITTF code. Library has been retagged.

    Next codes have been updated:
    - Sti
    StiDetectorContainer.cxx/h, StiDetectorTreeBuilder.cxx, StiHit.cxx, StiHitContainer.cxx, StiKalmanTrack.cxx, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h, StiLocalTrackSeedFinder.cxx, StiMasterDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiPlacement.h, StiTrackingPlots.cxx;
    next modifications have been made:

    • changed the StiPlacement class to hold keys to both the radial and angle placement.
      Propagated the use of those keys in StiSvt StiTpc StiSsd and all relevant Sti classes.

    • changed the StiKalmanTrackFinder::find(StiTrack*) function's algorithm for the navigation of
      the detector volumes. The new code uses an iterator to visit all relevant volumes.
      The code is now more robust and compact as well as much easier to read and maintain.

    • changed the chi2 calculation in StiKalmanTrack::getChi2 and propagated the effects of this change
      in both StiTrackingPlots and StiStEventFiller classes.

    StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx - added functions for extrapolation, updates of track parameters
    StiTrackingPlots.cxx/h - added diagnostic plots
    - StiMaker
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - fixed of the chi2 calculation
    - StiSvt
    StiSvtDetectorBuilder.cxx - added/fixed placement keys - disabled hybrids
    - StiTpc
    StiTpcDetectorBuilder.cxx - added/fixed placement keys, added fine tune of pad row placements based on db
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx - added/fixed placement keys, provisionally put a return in the 1st line of the builder


  • October 28, 2004,
    library SL04k has been created on .sl302_gcc323 and .rh80_gcc32 platforms, tested and released November 3.

    Main features of the library:
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker code has been completely reshaped, the new improvements are:

    • Code is much smaller and easier to read

    • It now reads DAQ files, StEvent and MuDstFiles

    • No need for StMuDst2StEventMaker (but this still works)

    • StEmcCollection that is created is plugged into muDST so the user can read the emcCollection directly from muDST (use the method StMuDst::emcCollection())

    • Crate status are properly filled in StEvent and StMuDst

    • Maker does not decide if event is corrupted or not, it just zeroes the corrupted crates. It is up to the user to check the crateStatus in StEvent (StMuDst) and make a decision

    • StEmcADCtoEMaker now depends on StEmcRawMaker

    - new maker StEmcRawMaker has been created to replace former StEmcADCtoEMaker in production. It reads only DAQ structures and write output in StEvent
    - StMuDSTMaker has been reshaped. The main functional changes concern the Emc and Pmd data structures.

    • for EMC flags were added to signal corruption of crate headers

    • points and clusters are no longer copied from StEvent, because they are recalculated during analysis anyway

    • for Pmd the possibility to store hits (single-channel information) was added

    • some changes to the internal logic has been made which will allow to read some Emc (and Pmd) branches more selectively

    • fixed the problem with StMuIOMaker (there was no emc collection)

    - Significant improvement for ITTF code has been made related to ratio of good/bad global tracks

    • Sti: StiKalmanTrack.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackFinder.cxx/h, StiKalmanTrackFitter.cxx, StiKalmanTrackNode.cxx/h, StiTrackFinderFilter.cxx/h, StiLocalTrackMerger.cxx, StiPlacement.cxx - various changes to improve track quality

    • Star/StiStarDetectorBuilder.cxx - modified to make pipe longer

    • StiMaker: StiStEventFiller.cxx/h - changes related to track quality improvement

    Other changes in the codes not related to the above modifications:
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - changed emcDY2 to a new meaning (runs StEmcRawMaker instead of StEmcADCtoEMaker), added emcAtoE option to run StEmcADCtoEMaker
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - added GetSpaceChargeMode() function
    - StEvent
    StDetectorId.h - enum StarMaxSize added
    StTrackDetectorInfo.cxx, StTrackGeometry.cxx - error check improved
    - StEventUtilities
    StEventHelper.cxx/h - new model of track graphic implementation
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker
    StEmcCalibrationMaker.cxx - adjusted to new StEmcADCtoEMaker
    - StEmcMixerMaker
    macros/doEmcEmbedEvent.C - updated dependencies for new StEmcADCtoEMaker
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEEmcFastMaker.cxx - added emcCollection if not exist
    StMuEEmcSimuMaker.h, StMuEEmcSimuReMaker.cxx - muEmcColl fixed
    - StarClassLibrary,, - improved, check for x,y=0 added
    - StarRoot
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - bug fixed

    - pams/geometry
    geometry/geometry.g - moved filling of GDAT to the end of code, in this case main Zebra bank is properly populated
    Y2004B geometry changed to activate the sisdgeo1
    Y2005X geometry is created which is same as Y2004B but with the full barrel calorimeter
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo1.g - improved structure of the code by replacing hardcoded numbers with variables which encapsulate formulas
    radius of the mother volume has been changed to conform with the shield of the SVT


  • October 15, 2004,
    library SL04j has been updated with bug fixes and retagged as SL04j_b.

    Next codes have been updated:

    - asps/Simulation/starsim
    Conscript, comis - fixed for Scientific Linux
    - StAnalysisUtilities
    StHistUtil.cxx - FTPC radial histos updated
    - StDaqLib
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx - bug fixed
    EMC/EMC_BarrelReader.cxx - modified do not zero corrupted crates
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx/h - pad vs. time histograms moved to St_QA_Maker
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h - pad vs. time histograms moved to St_QA_Maker - new functionality introduced to comply with the new (=correct) definition of trackReferenceCount
    - StarRoot
    THelixTrack.cxx/h - inversion of direction added
    THack.h - default argument for PadRefresh added
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx/h - bug fixes
    - StEventDisplayMaker
    StGlobalFilterABC.cxx/h, StGlobalFilterTest.cxx/h - added global filters
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - turned off SpaceChargeQdZ and CompareWithToF
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEfeeRaw/EEfeeRawEvent.cxx - one more header change for miniDaq added
    - StHbtMaker
    Reader/StHbtMuDstMakerReader.cxx, StHbtMuDstReader.cxx - bug fixed to properly hadle mReaderStatus to make frontLoadedEventCut work
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker
    StStrangeMuDstMaker.cxx - kStEOF returns added to terminate chain
    - StarClassLibrary, StHbook.hh removed files to break dependence of StarClassLibrary on packlib
    - StiMaker
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - bug fixed: flag%100 -> flag/100; updated to comply with StTrackDetectorInfo changes
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - changed hit factory allocation


  • October 14, 2004,
    all farm nodes were upgraded with Scientific Linux 3.0.2.
    SL04h, SL04i, SL04j libraries have been rebuild with native SL3 compiler, libraries are supported on .sl302_gcc323 and .rh80_gcc32 platforms
    SL03h, SL04b, SL04c, SL04d, SL04e, SL04f are set in backward compatbility mode with RH8.0


  • September 20, 2004,
    new library SL04j has been created and tagged as SL04j_a.

    More memory leak cleanup in the codes:
    StSecondaryVertexMaker/, StKinkMaker.cxx/hh, StV0FinderMaker.cxx

    Next codes have been updated:

    - StEvent
    StDedxPidTraits.h - small optimization of alignement
    - StMcEvent
    added new files:,,,,,
    modified codes StMcContainers.hh,,, to support Ist, SSD and changes to Pixel
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - corrected error in averageTemperatureEast
    - StiMaker
    MiniChain.cxx - changes related to SSD DB
    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx, StiSsdHitLoader.cxx - changes related to SSD DB
    - StTofCalibMaker
    StTofCalibMaker.cxx - correct the nsigma in StTofPidTraits

    - pams/geometry
    geometry/geometry.g - added geometry tag Y2004B which includes the most recent enhancements such as the FTPC readout cage
    PIX1 - added geometry tag based on the request from the pixel group; the inner layer of SVT has been removed such that it can coexist with the innder pixel based tracker
    svttgeo/svttgeo3.g - added a parameter to specify the innermost layer index thus providing the possibility to selectively remove inner layers
    - pams/sim
    idl/g2t_track.idl - addition for the SSD detector
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - modified; g2t_ssd.F, g2t_ssd.idl - new material added to support SSD

  • September 11, 2004,
    SL04i has been updated with memory leak and bug fixes, memory usage reduction and minor modifications of codes. Library has been retagged as SL04i_a.

    Next codes have been updated with memory leak fixes and optimisation:
    StEmcCalibrationMaker/ StEmcMipMaker.cxx
    StFtpcTrackMaker/, StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx,,

    New updates:
    - asps/Simulation/starsim/atmain
    pyrpyth.F - added new file
    rndm.age - proper interface with Pythia random number generation.
    - StAssociationMaker
    EMC/StEmcAssociationMaker.cxx/h - modified to create and delete matrixes on the fly
    - StChain
    StMaker.cxx/h - new methods SetAttr, IAttr,DAttr and SAttr added
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - take StZdcVertexMaker from TpcChain and move it after StEventMaker
    option 'clearmem' implemented to cleanup the memory alocation
    modified constructor for embedding macro support
    ppLMV5, .histos attribute and NoHistos options added
    - StDaqLib/GENERIC
    EventReader.cxx - more protection against corrupted DAQ data added
    - StDAQMaker
    StDAQReader.cxx - more protection against corrupted DAQ data added
    - StDbUtilities - changed abs to fabs
    StMagUtilities.cxx - put Manual space charge back to 0.0 in order to enable DB
    - StEvent
    StTrack.cxx - added +1 to the number of possible points when primary track
    StTrackFitTraits.cxx/h - added +1 to the number of fit points when bool flag is set
    StHit.h - added access function hardwarePosition()
    - StEventMaker
    StEventMaker.cxx - set vertex-used-in-fit flag for primary tracks
    StEventMaker.cxx, - replaced StEvent Hit containers if there are entries in the corrensponding tables
    - StEEmcDataMaker
    StEEmcDataMaker.cxx - modified to create histos only if attribute is ON, added TH1F pointer protection everywhere
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx - modified to wrapp histograms in mFillHisto / histos attribute check
    - StEmcUtil
    geometry/StEmcGeom.cxx/h - modified>
    - StEmcMixerMaker
    StEmcMixerMaker.cxx , doEmcEmbedEvent.C - modified
    - StEmcTriggerMaker
    StEmcTriggerMaker.cxx - modified to check histos attribute first, otherwise, skip it
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEfeeRaw/EEfeeRawEvent.cxx/h, EEstarTrig.cxx - more methods implemented, remove questionable spin bits interpetation
    - StEpcMaker
    StEpcMaker.cxx - modified to create histo arrays only if histos attribute is set, changed histograms
    - StPreEclMaker
    StPreEclMaker.cxx/h - changed histograms
    - StFtpcTrackMaker - modified to comply with the change of definition of nFitPoints in the fitTraits of StTrack
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx - modified to use the IAttr(".histos") to control histogramming - corrected bit allocation error for FTPC HardwarePosition
    - StFtpcClusterMaker, StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - modified to use the IAttr(".histos") to control histogramming
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuDst.cxx - bug fixed in createStTrack & mods for vertex flag in fitTraits
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx/h - added 1 to possible points for primary tracks, like in StEvent
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowAnalysisMaker.cxx - several changes to comply with latest changes of MuDsts and StEvent: nHits, nFitPoints, nMaxPoints
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowCutTrack.cxx, StFlowMaker.cxx, StFlowSelection.cxx, StFlowTrack.h - several changes to comply with latest changes of MuDsts and StEvent: nHits, nFitPoints, nMaxPoints
    - StHitFilterMaker
    StHitFilterMaker.cxx - modified to keep Tpc hits for tracks with Tof Pid Traits
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx - outerGeometry()->helix() used by ppLMV for extrapolation to CTB
    StCtbUtility.cxx, StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx - Z-vertex range increased to +/- 150 cm
    StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx/h - ppLMV5/4 switch added
    StGenericVertexFinder.cxx/h, StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx/h - modified code to Implement Init() and SetMode() and allow passing a switch to chose the vertex finder from within the same code implementation
    - StPmdClusterMaker
    StPmdClusterMaker.cxx/h - option 'OptHist' added to switch histos
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx/h - modified to use resize() for vectors, improved vector size management
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx - slightly modified parameters of vector memory control
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker
    StStrangeControllerBase.cxx, StStrangeMuDstMaker.cxx - replaced Delete to THack:ClearClone
    - StSsdDbMaker
    New functions for SSD database reading added
    - StSsdPointMaker
    Number of codes updated to read SSD databases
    - Sti/Base
    HistogramGroup.cxx/h - added method to retrieve histogram by name
    - StiMaker
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - when filling fit traits for primary tracks, set the new flag mPrimaryVertexUsedInFit
    - StiTpc
    StiTpcHitLoader.cxx - added a test for null tpcHitCollection
    - StTagsMaker
    StTagsMaker.cxx/h - replaced St_DataSet ==> TDataSet
    - StTpcHitMoverMaker
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - modified to move hits if tpc hit containers exists in StEvent, othewise update tpchit table
    - StTofMaker
    StTofMaker.cxx - more protection against corrupted DAQ data added
    - StTpcDb
    StRTpcPadPlane.cxx/h, StRTpcSectorPosition.h - improved speed by keeping own copy of table row
    StRTpcT0.cxx - reduced redundant function calls to improve speed
    - StZdcVertexMaker
    StZdcVertexMaker.cxx - added protection for missing StTriggerData
    - St_db_Maker
    St_db_Maker.cxx/h - timers added for MySQL and maker itself
    - macros/examples
    bfcMixer.C - extended with doITTF to allow embedding with ITTF
    LeakFinder.C, ojtable.C - example of macros for memory Leak search added
    - StRTSClient
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx/h - reduced memory footprint

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl
    emcTriggerStatus.idl - trigger Status for bemc added


  • August 13, 2004,
    new library SL04i has been tagged (Aug 12), built, tested and released
    New updates:
    - asps/agi/gst
    removed Gstar code, abjusted for root4star using starsim
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - added TOFr, TOFp mathing code and TOFCalib as default for P2004 chain; added SvtEmbed to chain;
    added option MakeEvent to create StEvent at the very beginning;
    added StSvtDbMaker set for simulation;
    - StBichsel
    Bichsel.cxx/h, dEdxParameterization.cxx - modified
    StBichselLinkDef.h - added
    - StDaqLib/EMC
    StEmcDecoder.cxx/h - added trigger coordinates conversion
    - StDbLib
    StDbDefs.hh - added ZDC domain
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h - modified to adjust to the new numberOfFitPoints definiton
    - StEvent
    StTrackDetectorInfo.cxx/h, StTrackFitTraits.cxx/h, StTrack.cxx/h - changed to handle of numberOfFitPoints(), numberOfPossiblePoints(), numberOfPoints() correctely to allow ITTF more flexibility
    - StEmcTriggerMaker
    StBemcTrigger.cxx/h, StEmcTriggerMaker.cxx/h - update to properly calculate the trigger data from raw data
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEmcSimulatorMaker.cxx/h - moved global variables to private members and made small modifications to run in embedding mode
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - moved initialization or westHits and eastHits outside of loop over ftpc
    - StFtpcTrackMaker, StFtpcTrack.hh - the number of points and number of possible points is set by giving the appropriate detectorId; new (inline) function was added to StFtpcTrack, which returns the detectorId; modified to fill the FitTraits correctly
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h - removed unused histograms
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StGenericVertexMaker.cxx/h, StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx/h - developed vertex finding code for pp data with pile-up effect
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker
    Stl3RawReaderMaker.cxx - added tpc detector id when setting the number of points since StEvent can now store the number of points for different detectors
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx/h, StMuDst.cxx - added support for fitted and possible points in different detectors, for ITTF
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx - extended support for fitspoints in Svt and Tpc to work for old files, added topologyMap check for nHitsFit(StDetectorId) and nHitsPoss(StDetectorId) to better handle existing MuDst
    EMC - all codes moved to the absolete because current EMC data are writing to COMMON MuDst
    COMMON/StMuTofUtil.cxx - fixed for track-point matching
    - St_geant_Maker.cxx
    St_geant_Maker.cxx - propagation of additional info related to simulation conditions in Pythia events
    - StSpectraTagMaker - replace old BetheBloch by Bichsel
    - Star2Root
    Star2Root library eliminated, St_PolyLine3D moved to StEventDisplayMaker
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx/h - modified
    - StEventDisplayMaker
    St_PolyLine3D moved to StEventDisplayMaker
    - StTofrMatchMaker
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx - quality cut applied
    - StTofCalibMaker
    StTofCalibMaker.cxx - missing nSigmaXX in tofHit implemented
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h - added Reset for dEdx_t and SpaceCharge correction
    - StRTSClient
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx.h - added for recent changes in StEvent

    - Sti
    Base/VectorizedFactory.h - added a clear function to the class to enable a flush of the allocated memory at the end of an event
    StiKalmanTrack.h - added getMaxPoints(int detectorId), where detectorId corresponds to the StDetectorId value
    - StiMaker
    StiMaker.cxx, MiniChain.cxx - minor modifications
    StiStEventFiller.cxx - fixed the assignment of the first point for primaries. Now the logic for both globals and primaries is that the first element of the stHits() vector can actually be casted to an StHit; modified to call getMaxPointCount
    StiDefaultToolkit.cxx - doubled StiKalmanTrackNode factory allocation to avoid crashed in production

    - pams/sim
    g2t - new format for the common block due to Pythia work, requested additional info related to simulation conditions to be placed in header
    idl/g2t_pythia.idl - propagation of Pythia event characterization data
    - pams/global
    idl/dst_point.idl - added cluster id
    dst/dst_point_filler.F - added cluster id
    gen/apythia - Pythia library moved to proper area

    - StEEmcPool
    EEmcAnalysisMaker, StEEmcPi0Maker - users development

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tpc
    TpcSecRowB.20040404.000000.root - modified for pp run 2004, put to MySql later and removed from this directory
    - StarDb/dEdxModel
    added PaiT.root file


  • August 4, 2004,
    new library SL04h has been tagged, built, tested and released. This is an intermediate release to process AuAu200, run 2004 test production with ITTF chain;
    New updates:
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx - added missing CtbMatchVtx; options added for E-E Space charge corrections;
    added VFppLMV and VFMinuit options;
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h, StdEdxY2MakerLinkDef.h, dEdxTrack.h - patches for dAu production; add clean up for all TPC Pid traits (coming from ITTF) ;
    - StBichsel
    Bichsel.h, dEdxParameterization.cxx/h - modified to add more access function, switch from Ar to P10 tables as default
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx - added Event by Event SpaceCharge correction capabilities;
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h - add switches to P10 tables;
    - StEvent
    StTriggerData2003.cxx/h - added missing access function for ZDC
    StFpdTriggerDetector.cxx/h - initial revision
    StTriggerDetectorCollection.cxx/h - Fpd as trigger detector added
    StBbcTriggerDetector.cxx/h, StEmcTriggerDetector.cxx/h, StL0Trigger.cxx/h, StTriggerData.cxx/h, StTriggerData2003.cxx/h, StTriggerData2004.cxx/h -
    modified triggers data
    StRunInfo.cxx/h - added SVT drift velocity scaler
    StTofPidTraits.cxx/h - new class member introduced for TOF data
    Number of codes modified to removed all clone() declerations and definitions. Use StObject::clone() only
    StCtbTriggerDetector.cxx - updated to fix CTB response
    StProbPidTraits.cxx/h - added GetChi2Prob method
    - StEventMaker
    StEventMaker.cxx - fill SVT drift velocity scaler into StRunInfo; update of trigger part
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEmcSmdGeom.h - added placeholder method getIntersection(Int_t,Float_t,Float_t)
    EEfeeRaw/EEfeeRawEvent.cxx/h, EEmcEventHeader.cxx - BTOW data are not masked out any more but headres are checked as for EEMC
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcDbReader.cxx/hh - modified to get adjustAverageWest/East from Calibrations_ftpc/ftpcGas - modified to use use adjustAverageWest/East from database always output temperature calculation information
    since this is a critical value for the FTPC
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - include runNumber in call to StFtpcGasUtilities
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx - add run number to averageTemperatureWest/East calling sequence
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx/h - first revision of ppLMV ported to ITTF code
    - StMuDSTMaker
    COMMON/StMuEvent.cxx/h - added FPD and EMC trigger information
    COMMON/StMuIOMaker.cxx/h - new developments of Wei-Ming Zhang
    COMMON/StMuArrays.h, StMuDst.h - added access methods for Strangeness Monte-Carlo arrays
    COMMON/StMuDstFilterMaker.h - added includes for some Strange Mudst classes to rpovide base class for Strange Mudst filter
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StSpaceChargeEbyEMaker.cxx/h - introduction of SpaceCharge correction Event-by-Event
    StVertexSeedMaker.cxx - modified to add pp trigger info for run 2004 to process beam line constraint calibrations
    - StPmdReadMaker
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx - fixed numbering convention to start from 0 when filling StEvent
    - StPmdClusterMaker
    StPmdClusterMaker.cxx - fixed numbering convention to start from 0 when filling StEvent; number of modifications
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StKinkMaker.cxx - removed kinks with more than one daughter
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker
    StStrangeMuDstMaker.cxx/h - modified to handle missing Event branch info condition
    - StStrangeTagsMaker
    StStrangeTagsMaker.cxx - filling of Xibar, Omega(bar), NKink and MaxPtKink tags added
    - StSvtClusterMaker
    StSvtHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to save SVT drift velocity scaler to StEvent
    - StSsdDbMaker
    StSsdDbMaker.cxx/h,,,,,,, StSsdClusterControl.cxx/h , StSsdDynamicControl.cxx/h,,, StSsdPointMaker.cxx/h - modified to use of new database structures related to SSD Configuration
    StSsdDbWriter.cxx/h - first version of a writer for SSD databases, - minor changes
    - StSvtSimulationMaker
    StSvtEmbeddingMaker.cxx/h, StSvtOnlineSeqAdjSimMaker.cxx/h, StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx/h - modified
    - StTofCalibMaker
    StTofCalibMaker.cxx/h - first revision
    introduced two new tables in dbase: tofAdcRange & tofResolution
    update on writing StTofPidTraits
    Tofp Slewing function changed in AuAu200 GeV Run IV, include those runs with eastern PVPD dead
    - StTofrMatchMaker
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx - continuing update for the DAQ array in Run IV
    - StRTSClient
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - moved pixel anotation to FCFMaker from saveRes(); added support for StEvent
    FCF/fcfClass.cxx - moved pixel anotation to FCFMaker from saveRes()
    FCFMaker/fcfPixel.idl - moved from FCF
    include/fcfClass.hh - switch off FCF_ANNOTATE_CLUSTERS as default

    - StiSsd
    StiSsdDetectorBuilder.cxx/h - modified to use of new database table definitions related to SSD configuration

    - pams/geometry
    btofgeo/btofgeo2.g - modified to replaced zero-dimension volumes with explicit dimensions
    vpddgeo/vpddgeo.g - modified
    vpddgeo/vpddgeo1.g - added new version
    btofgeo/btofgeo3.g - modified
    mittgeo/mittgeo.g - new tracker geometry
    istbgeo/istbgeo.g - a properly configured version of the outer pixel barrel detector with 3 layers
    pixlgeo/pixlgeo1.g - changes the outer radius of the mother volume to a more reasonable value
    geometry/geometry.g - modified for ISTB detectors
    - pams/sim/idl
    g2t_ist_hit.idl - added hit structure for the IST detector
    g2t_track.idl - added for IST detector

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tpc
    number of files modified to replace 'index' by 'idx' following Mike's correction to tpcCorrection.idl
    finally all files moved to MySql tables
    tpcMethaneIn.20031120.000000.C - added to remove dependence from Methane, added to MySql
    TpcdXCorrection.20031120.000000.C - added for dx corrections, moved to MySql
    TpcAdcCorrection.20031120.000000.C - added full ADC correction, moved to MySql
    TpcZCorrection.20031120.000000.C - added z correction for each row, moved to MySql
    - StarDb/dEdxModel
    BichselT.root, P10T.root, dNdE_Bichsel.root - modified
    - StDb/idl
    tofAdcRange.idl tofResolution.idl - added TOF calibration tables
    ftpcGas.idl - added adjustment to average body temperatures calculated from 3 instead of 6 thermistor readings for FTPC West and FTPC East
    zdcsmdPed.idl - added pedestals for ZDCSMDs
    zdcsmdBeamCntr.idl - added BeamCenter for ZDCSMDs


  • July 1, 2004,
    new library SL04g has been tagged (June 28), built and tested. SL04g has been released on July 1
    New updates:
    - ROOT version 4.00.04
    - asps/Simulation/starsim
    deccc/ctype.c - added option to work with RH 9.0 with CERNLIB built with RH 8;
    Conscript - added option to work with RH 9.0 with CERNLIB built with RH 8;
    deccc/memget.c, cs_hlshl.c, avost.c, readlink.c, setenv.c - cleanup, removed unused veriables;
    - StAssociationMaker
    StAssociationMaker.cxx - checkes added for chiSquared values for the V0's when using/not using Est tracks ;
    - StAnalysisUtilities
    St_TableNtuple.cxx/h - removed - StBichsel
    Bichsel.h, GetdEdxResolution.cxx - modified for new tpcCorrection format;
    - StDbUtilities, StTpcLocalCoordinate.hh, StTpcLocalDirection.hh, StTpcLocalSectorAlignedCoordinate.hh, StTpcLocalSectorAlignedDirection.hh, StTpcLocalSectorCoordinate.hh, StTpcLocalSectorDirection.hh - modified;
    StTpcCoordinate.cxx/h - added;,,,,, - removed ;
    modifications have been done to add (sector,row) for Tpc Coordinate/Direction transformations; change sign of t0zoffset correction (to be synch. with fcf); - added fuctions to allow event-by-event scaling of the drfit velocity;
    - StdEdxMaker
    StSvtdEdxMaker.cxx - improved dedx calculation by only looking at those hits that go over more than 1 anode;
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h, StdEdxY2MakerLinkDef.h, dEdxTrack.h - modified to add account for alignment;
    dEdxPoint.h - removed;
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx - added protection for old mode setting;
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEmcGeom/EEmcGeomSimple.cxx/h - added a small exception class, phi angles adjusted to [0,2pi] interval in accordace to TVecror3 convention, replaced Jan's implementation of direction2tower method with a resurrected getTower (formerly getHit) method ;
    EEmcSmdMap/EEmcSmdMap.cxx/h - modified;
    EEmcSmdMap/EEmcSmd2SmdMapItem.cxx/h - added strip2strip mapping;
    EEfeeRaw/EEfeeDataBlock.cxx, EEfeeRawEvent.cxx/h - updates of data block headers check, more detailed monitoring of data corruption ;
    EEfeeRaw/EEstarTrig.cxx - modified for more detailed monitoring of data corruption;
    EEfeeRaw/BsmdRawData.cxx, BsmdRawData.h - new codes to add BSMD to ezTree;
    StEEmcSmd/EEmcSmdGeom.cxx - fixed memory leak;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx - initialized StFtpcSoftwareMonitor*ftpcMon; - replaced obsolete DEBUGFILE code with code to write out a root file for cluster/laser analysis;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    StFtpcTrackMaker.h/cxx modified to add code to write out a root file for calibration;
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker
    StEEmcFastMaker.cxx/h, StMuEEmcSimuMaker.cxx/h - modified to provide methods to get sampling fraction, gains;
    StMuEEmcSimuReMaker.cxx/h - added, takes a muDst as input, and uses the database maker to "massage" the ADC response, to better simulate the calorimeter as installed;
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - modified to add setPreferredFlavor method backwards compatibility;
    - St_QA_Maker
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - adjusted to removed tpc & ftpc software monitors;
    - StEvent
    StTofCell.h - added implementation of zHit() ;
    StTriggerData2003.cxx, StTriggerData2004.cxx - added ZDC info to dump();
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker
    StEmcCalibrationMaker.cxx, StEmcPedestalMaker.cxx - obsolete stream replaced;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowAnalysisMaker.cxx, StFlowPhiWgtMaker.cxx/h - picoDst format changed to hold ZDC SMD information, trigger cut modified to comply with TriggerCollections, centrality definition for 62 GeV data introduced;
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowCutEvent.cxx, StFlowEvent.cxx, StFlowMaker.cxx/h, StFlowPicoEvent.cxx/h - picoDst format changed to hold ZDC SMD information, trigger cut modified to comply with TriggerCollections, centrality definition for 62 GeV data introduced;
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx - replaced StarDb/ftpc/fdepars/fdepar with StarDb/ftpc/ftpcdEdxPars;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h, - replaced StarDb/ftpc/fdepars/fdepar with StarDb/ftpc/ftpcdEdxPars;
    - StMagF
    .includes_for_export.flg - added
    - StSvtClusterMaker
    StSvtHitMaker.cxx/h - fine tuning of drift velocity using laser spots, added number of anodes count to res[0] variable for use in dedx calculation;
    - StTpcHitMoverMaker
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.cxx - added (sector,row) for Tpc Coordinate/Direction transformations;
    StTpcHitMoverMaker.h - access functions for StMagUtilities pointer added;
    - StTofUtil
    StTofGeometry.cxx/h - added function projTrayVector(..) to increase the matching speed, head file "StHelixD.hh" included;
    - StTofpMatchMaker
    StTofpMatchMaker.cxx/h - improved matching: checking before projecting track, improved the speed by an order of magnitude, rename the defition of int vector;
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcDbLinkDef.h, StTpcDbMaker.cxx, StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h, St_tpcGainC.cxx/h, St_tpcPadResponseC.cxx/h, St_tpcPedestalC.cxx/h - modified;
    St_tpcCorrectionC.cxx/h - added more chairs for TPC Db parameters;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h, St_tpcCorrectionC.cxx - modified to add MethaneIn, GasTemperature, tpcWaterOut corrections;
    - StPmdClusterMaker
    StPmdClustering.h/cxx, StPmdClusterMaker.cxx/h, StPmdAbsClustering.cxx/h - improved clustering algorithm;
    StConstants.hh - declaration of global constants used in StPmdClustering;
    - StPmdSimulatorMaker
    StPmdSimulatorMaker.cxx - numbering of det0 and det1 interchanged;
    - StPmdUtil
    StPmdDetector.cxx - zeroing in ctr added ;
    StPmdCluster.h - sigmaL, sigmaS introduced;
    StPmdMapUtil.cxx/h - new files added ;
    - StRTSClient
    FCF/fcfClass.cxx, fcfPixel.idl - new ANNOTATION scheme added;
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - new ANNOTATION scheme added;
    include/fcfClass.hh - new ANNOTATION scheme added;
    - St_tcl_Maker
    St_tcl_Maker.cxx - modified to add (sector,row) for TpcCoordinate transformations;
    - St_tpt_Maker
    St_tpt_Maker.cxx - modified to add (sector,row) for TpcCoordinate transformations;

    - StEEmcPool
    TTM/EEmcTTMMaker.cxx/h - new code;
    StBlankStEventMaker - new maker;
    StEzSmdCal - new code added ;
    - StEStructPool
    EventGenerators/StEStructPythia.cxx - moved some variable declarations inside comment, added simple trigger selection;
    EventMaker - updated to expand centrality class;
    AnalysisMaker - added new output;
    Correlations - new cut-binning implementation and modified pair-cuts;

    - pams
    ftpc/idl/fde_fdepar.idl - removed due to replacement by StDb/idl/ftpcdEdxPars.idl;
    sim/gstar/gstar_part.g - make LASERINO charged;
    sim/gstar/gstar.idl - removed;
    global/dst/dst_point_unpack.F/idl - removed reference to fcl_fppoint;
    geometry/pixlgeo/pixlgeo1.g - added new configuration of pixel-based inner tracker required by R&D work ;
    geometry/mittgeo/mittgeo.g - first (dummy) version of the MIT tracker, dubbed MITT, based on pixel ladders;
    geometry/geometry/geometry.g - added description of two new detectors: inner Pixel and dubbed MITT;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl:
    ftpcdEdxPars.idl - added to replace pams/ftpc/fde_fdepar.idl;
    tpcCorrection.idl - add index, nrows and offset as data memmebrs;
    svtDriftCurve.idl - corrected vector to accept 10 elements;
    - StarDb:
    ftpc/ftpcdEdxPars.C - added to replace StarDb/ftpc/fdepars/fdepar.C;
    ftpc/fdepars/fdepar.C - removed due to replacement by ftpc/ftpcdEdxPars.C;
    Calibrations/tpc - number of files modified for dEdx calibrations for AuAu200, run2004: TpcAdcCorrection.20031120.000000.C, TpcDriftDistOxygen.20031120.000000.C, TpcLengthCorrection.20031120.000000.C, TpcSecRowB.20031120.000000.root, TpcZCorrection.20031120.000000.C, tpcPressureB.20031120.000000.C;
    new files added for AuAu200, run2004: TpcdEdxCor.20031120.000000.C, TpcdXCorrection.20031120.000000.C, tpcGasTemperature.C, tpcMethaneIn.20031120.000000.C, tpcMethaneIn.C, tpcWaterOut.C;


  • July 21, 27, 2004,
    SL04f library was patched with the next codes:
    - StEvent
    StTriggerData2003.cxx, StTriggerData2003.h, StTriggerData2004.cxx, StCtbTriggerDetector.cxx, StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData2004.h - to fix bug in CTB vertex matching code;
    - StBFChain
    - StGenericVertexMaker
    StppLMVVertexFinder.h,StppLMVVertexFinder.cxx - new vertex finder code for pp data;
    Codes have been retagged as SL04f_b



  • July 7, 2004,
    SL04f library was patched with the next codes:
    - StiMaker
    - StdEdxY2Maker
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h, StdEdxY2MakerLinkDef.h
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    Codes have been retagged as SL04f_b
    - StEvent
    StTriggerData2003.cxx/h, StTriggerData2004.cxx (tagged as SL04g)



  • June 14, 2004,
    SL04f library was updated with next codes:
    - StBFChain.cxx - implemented ITTF options for dAu and pp data
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    - St_dst_Maker:, StKinkLocalTrack.hh, StKinkMaker.cxx, StKinkMaker.h
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    - StEventCompendiumMaker
    - St_QA_Maker/StEventQAMaker.cxx
    - macros/bfc.C
    Library was retagged as SL04f_a



  • May 20, 2004,
    new library SL04f has been tagged (on May 18), built and tested. SL04f has been released on May 20
    New updates:
    - StBFChain:
    StBFChain.cxx - FTPC option modified to adapt recent changes in FTPC code;
    - StdEdxMaker:
    StSvtdEdxMaker.cxx - added protection for Zero field data;
    - StdEdxY2Maker:
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h - splited bad hit into categories, set fcf as default;
    - StDAQMaker:
    StPMDReader.cxx - bug fixed;
    - StEEmcDbMaker:
    eemcConstDB.hh - added more stat flags;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - modified for 62GeV AuAU production ;
    StEEmcDbIndexItem1.cxx/h - removed;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - byStrip[] is now initialized when reading database from a file;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - fixed to process many runs;
    - StEEmcSimulatorMaker:
    StMuEEmcSimuMaker.cxx/h - new maker to override the ADC values stored in Monte Carlo MuDsts with values calculated from gains in an instance of the StEEmcDbMaker ;
    - StEEmcUtil:
    EEmcSmdMap/EEmcSmdMap.h - more methods added;
    - StEEmcPool:
    more development for number of codes, including StMuEEmcClusterMaker;
    - StEvent:
    StEventLinkDef.h - added enum StDetectorId, StRichHitFlag and StPwg to dictionary;
    StFtpcHit.cxx/h - added constructor based on StFtpcPoint;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker:
    StFlowAnalysisMaker.cxx/h - added modifications for ZDC-SMD;
    - StFlowMaker:
    StFlowConstants.cxx/h, StFlowMaker.cxx/h, StFlowEvent.cxx/h,StFlowCutEvent.cxx - added modifications for ZDC-SMD;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: - const added to GedtDetectorId() and GetHardwarePosition(), creation of StEvent/StFtpcHit removed. This is done in a new constructor of StFtpcit itself; - dE/dx calculation taken out, fill of TopologyMap added; - deletion of track array added again, since it doesn't go into a DataSet anymore;
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h - modified to write tracks to StEvent directly, primary vertex is red from StEvent, fillin MonSoftDst table here;
    - StTofUtil:
    StTofrGeometry.cxx/h - introduced data members to save the Tray and Sensor geometries in the initialization;
    optimized the HelixCrossCellIds() function to save CPU time;
    introduced a new function projTrayVector();
    updated the ClassDef number 1->2 ;
    - StTofrMatchMaker:
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx/h - changed according to the update of StTofrGeometry, save CPU time by 100 times;
    - St_dst_Maker:
    removed ftpc code from St_dst_maker, FTPC hits and tracks are written now in StEvent;
    StMatchMaker.cxx, StPrimaryMaker.cxx - fixed bug to process Zero field data, added protection for Zero field data ;
    - StRTSClient:
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - fixed small bug with cl_id and data dump in saveClusters;
    moved initialializations from init() to constructor;
    modified to turn on zero-truncation, but leave 5cm overlap;
    - StStarLogger:
    first release of StarLogger( new messenger);
    - pams:
    sim/g2t/g2r_get.F, genhit.h - account changed for CPP Path for geant321;
    ftpc/idl/fcl_fppoint.idl, fpt_fptrack.idl - removed;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb:
    Calibrations/tpc/TpcLengthCorrection.20030106.000000.C - adjusted scale for fcf and tcl for dAu, fcf is default;


  • May 5, 2004,
    new library SL04e has been tagged (on Apr 30), built and tested. SL04e has been released on May 5
    New features: track finding and fitting method enumerations changed.
    New updates:
    - St_base:
    added files StMessMgr.cxx/h - moved StMessMgr class from StUtilities for logger;
    - StBFChain:
    StBFChain.cxx - option y2004x added;
    - StDaqLib:
    EVP/emcReader.cxx, evpSupport.cxx - new code added which accomodates different flavors of emcp;
    - StDetectorDbMaker:
    number of files modified to replace the STAR messanger reference with the abstract interface pointer, modification for logger;
    - StChain:
    StEvtHddr.cxx/h - production time changed in GMT noe;
    StMaker.cxx/h - added extra data-member and method for the coming STAR logger;
    - StDAQMaker:
    StDAQMaker.cxx - modified to use GetEvtHddr();
    - StEvent:
    StFtpcHit.cxx/h - added additional data member and access methods to hold the position in pad and time units including their std deviation. Constructors updated;
    StZdcTriggerDetector.cxx - SMD problem fixed;
    StTpcPixel.cxx/h - modified;
    new files added StDedxDefinitions.h, StDedxMethod.h, StDetectorDefinitions.h, StDetectorId.h/inc, StTrackDefinitions.h, StTrackMethod.h/inc, StVertexDefinitions.h, StVertexId.h/inc - move enumerations from pams/global/inc => StEvent;
    modified files StEnumerations.h, StTrackDefinitions.h, to add track finding method Id definition;
    - StEventMaker:
    StEventMaker.cxx - fixed bug in creating StTriggerDetectorCollection;
    - StEventUtilities:
    StuProbabilityPidAlgorithm.cxx/h - added isPIDTableRead();
    StuFtpcRefMult.hh - removed dAu minbias trigger cut;
    - StMuDSTMaker:
    COMMON/StMuEmcUtil.cxx, StMuEmcCollection.cxx/h - endcap indexing modified;
    COMMON/StMuTrack.cxx - initialization modified, changed initialization of mNSigma;
    COMMON/StMuIOMaker.cxx/h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h, StMuDst.cxx/h, StMuArrays.cxx/h- after tof create event fixed;
    COMMON/StMuDst.cxx, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuIOMaker.cxx/h, StMuPmdUtil.cxx - modified to include TOF data with new schema;
    COMMON/StMuDst2StEventMaker.cxx - modified to use GetEvtHddr();
    COMMON/StMuDstMaker.cxx - fillHddr() added to fill time stamp;
    COMMON/StMuIOMaker.cxx/h - big reorganization of code, now StMuIOMkaer inherits from StMuDstMaker;
    COMMON/StMuPmdCollection.cxx/h - declaration of StMuPmdCluster added ;
    COMMON/StMuArrays.cxx/h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h - simplification made ;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker:
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx/h - svaeHistograms method added;
    small modification for embedding added;
    - StEmcMixerMaker:
    StEmcMixerMaker.cxx/h - modification for new scheme of saving raw data into StEvent;
    - StEEmcDataMaker:
    StEEmcDataMaker.cxx - new EEMC hit indexing, new DB access;
    StEEmcFastMaker.cxx, StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - modified;
    - StEEmcDbMaker:
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - more access methods added, DB cleanup ;
    StEEmcDbIndexItem1.cxx/h - DB cleanup and some updates;
    - StEEmcUtil:
    St2eemcFeeRawMaker.cxx, EEname2Index.cxx - DB cleanup & update ;
    EEfeeDataBlock.cxx, EEfeeRawEvent.cxx - header checking added;
    - StdEdxY2Maker:
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx/h - added QA hitograms to keep track on bad hits and nSigma cuts ;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker:
    comment out delete StFtpcTrackingParams::Instance() in FinishRun as a temorary bug fix which crashed MC reco if run number has been changed ;
    - StHitFilterMaker:
    StHitFilterMaker.cxx/h - make Hitfilter take out those SVT hits not on tracks defined in the constructor;
    - StFlowMaker:
    StFlowMaker.cxx - make changes to support getting PID on fly for picodst and MuDst;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker:
    added new files - initial revision to write StFtpcTracks directly to StEvent;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: - removed double code in averageTemperatureEast;
    - StPmdReadMaker:
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx - chain 45,46 interchanged (in hardware) issue fixed;
    - StRTSClient:
    FCF/fcfAfterburner.cxx, fcfClass.cxx - added back-annotation and misc. cleanup;
    include/fcfClass.hh - added back-annotation and misc. cleanup;
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx/h - added back-annotation and misc. cleanup;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker:
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx - removed cut on v0 being before hit;
    - StarRoot:
    TTreeIter.cxx/h - modified to allow non splitted objects;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker:
    StStrangeMuDstPlayer.cxx - corrected StMessMgr header file to reflect the new interface for logger;
    - StSvtClusterMaker: - added flag as bad hits with 1 anode and peak less than 11;
    StSvtClusterMaker - fixed bug that causes default drift vel. to be used instead of value from database;
    - StTofpNtupleMaker:
    StTofpNtupleMaker.cxx - added some missing updates for year4, added AdcLoRes in ntuple;
    - StTofrNtupleMaker:
    StTofrCellData.h StTofrNtupleMaker.cxx/h - added AdcLoRes in the ntuple;
    - StTofUtil:
    modified StTofGeometry.cxx to fix a bug on the mis-matching by the opposite direction tracks;
    - StTreeMaker:
    StTreeMaker.cxx - GetEvtHddr() implemented;
    - StUtilities:
    removed files StMessMgr.cxx/h, modified StMessageManager.cxx/h to change the interface for logger;
    - St_QA_Maker:
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h StEventQAMaker.cxx StQABookHist.cxx/h modified to add signedDCA (Impact) plots for globals;

    - pams/geometry:
    geometry/geometry.g - geometry Y2004x introduced which is same as Y2004 but with full Barrel Calorimeter, updated for PMD code;
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo1.g - new version by the SSD geometry;
    phmdgeo/phmdgeo.g - introduced a proper version flag used to reinstate the standard GEANT cuts in the GSTPAR calls, when version set to 2;
    - pams/global:
    inc - number of files moved to StEvent to modify enumerations;
    egr/egr_impactcl.F, egr_primfit.F - modified,;
    egr_fitter.F, egr_impactcl.F, egr_load_globtrk.F modified to make consitent track Fitting/Finding method with description;
    ev0 - removed ev0_am3.F v0_reconstruct3.F;
    idl - removed dst_pixel.idl;
    evr/evr_am.F - modified to make consitent track Fitting/Finding method with description;
    - pams/svt:
    srs/srs_am.F - get errors correct in direct_gs function;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl - clusterControl.idl, ssdBarrelPosition.idl, ssdConfiguration.idl, ssdDimensions.idl, ssdLaddersPosition.idl, ssdSectorsPosition.idl, ssdStripCalib.idl, ssdWafersPosition.idl - added new files with ssd tables;
    pmdPed.idl - added pmd pedestal table;
    - StarDb/svt/srspars - srs_direct.C modified to change SVT smearing to 80 microns;


  • April 8, 2004,
    new library SL04d has been tagged, built and tested.
    New updates:
    - StAssociationMaker:
    StAssociationMaker.cxx/h - added switch to control Association based on IdTruth or on Distance; added debug2 output to print out all hits in a padrow, both reco and MC, along with the IdTruth, quality (StHit) and the parentTrack()->key() (StMcHit) as well as the hit coordiantes;
    StMcParameterDB.cxx - changed default value of the z cut to 5 mm;
    - StBFChain:
    StBFChain.cxx - adjusted PMD options, Kink2 will switch -kink;
    GenericVertex changed to StGenericVertexMaker when looking for the beamLine option;
    added option for CTB matching for StGenericVertexMaker;
    added option "MiniMcMk" for creating minimc file in ITTF chain;
    added option "MiniMcEven" for loading the StMiniMcEvent library;
    added code to set the flag to use the Sti tracks in the AssociationMaker when the "ITTF" option is turned on;
    changed the order of the "McAss" and "McAna" options so that they appear later in the ITTF chain, these options should run after StEvent has been created, StMcEvent has been loaded, and after StEvent has been filled with hits, tracks, V0s, Xis and Kinks;
    added TOF/PMD data to MuDst;
    added "NoRepeat" chain option;
    implemented new "LaserCal" option based on FCF(daq100 clustring), previous one left as "LaseCal0";
    P2004 switched to a new correction bundle Corr3 using OBmap2D;
    added OSpaceZ2 in P2004;
    - StDaqLib:
    EMC/EMC_BarrelReader.cxx/h, EMC_SmdReader.cxx - added raw data to decoded data banks;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker:
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx/h, StBemcData.cxx - PSD is added to the maker;
    - StDbUtilities:
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - updated Omega Tau parameters to Run IV values;
    increased speed of space charge calculation with new Relaxation Algorithm;
    modified to build 3D space charge capabilities;
    updated Space charge R2 to use new DB call built by Gene;
    - StDetectorDbMaker:
    StDetectorDbSpaceCharge.cxx/h - modified to use separate tables for uniform and R2, update SpaceChargeR2;
    number of files modified to use STAR message manager;
    - StdEdxY2Maker:
    StdEdxY2Maker.cxx modified to expand time till 6/1/2004, relax cut of drift distance;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker:
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx/h, StBemcData.cxx - modified to fill raw data structure in StEvent, added feature to print maps;
    ghost pedestal removal procedure implemented;
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker:
    StEmcPedestalMaker.cxx/h - added load pedestal method;
    - StEEmcDataMaker:
    StEEmcDataMaker.cxx - store raw EEMC data, store EEMC hits in StEvent & MuDst;
    EEmcDbCrate.cxx/h, EEmcDbItem.cxx/h, tEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h modified towards full access to DB;
    - StEEmcDbMaker:
    cstructs/eemcConstDB.hh - added EEMCSTAT_HOTSTR for marking hot strips;
    EEmcDbCrate.cxx/h, StEEmcDbMaker.cxx - storage of EEMC raw data modified;
    - StEEmcUtil:
    EEfeeRaw/EEfeeDataBlock.cxx/h, EEfeeRawEvent.h, RootWrapper.cxx - modified ;
    EEmcSmdMap/EEmcSmdMap.cxx/h - added methods and data structures to map towers onto SMD strips;
    - StEvent:
    StL3EventSummary.cxx - check pointer to L3_SUMD in constructor;
    StEmcRawData.cxx/h - first revision to write EMC raw data in StEvent class ;
    StEmcCollection.cxx/h - added StEmcRawData to collection;
    StHit.cxx/h - added method to set mFitFlag;
    StZdcTriggerDetector.cxx/h - added ZDC SMD support;
    StTriggerData2004.cxx - proper mapping added;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: - new data members for pad and time position, pad and time sigma filled;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker:
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx/h - moved destruction of the instance of StFtpcTrackingParams from Finish() to FinishRun();, - new data members for pad and time position, pad and time sigma added, reference to StFtpcHit added; - new constructor which takes input data from StVertex added;
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker:
    Stl3RawReaderMaker.cxx - added quality check of raw data quality to prevent inconsistent information in StL3EventSummary, bug fixed;
    - StRTSClient:
    FCFMaker - added output to FCFMaker if FCF_DEBUG_OUTPUT is defined;
    FCF/fcfClass.cxx - added output to FCFMaker if FCF_DEBUG_OUTPUT is defined;
    - StMiniMcMaker:
    modifications for running ITTF chain in bfc.C:
    changed to use StiIOInterface,
    cleaned up Init(), InitRun() to handle the changing file names,
    initialized a lot of variables and pointers in constructor,
    deleted some pointers in Finish, removed the mDebug data member;
    StMiniMcPair.h, StTinyMcTrack.h modified to add info to evaluate idTruth information ;
    added key to StTinyMcTrack.h, added dominatrack, common hits to dominatrack and average hit quality to StMiniMcPair.h; - added new function to find the dominatrack, the number of hits belonging to the dominatrack and the average hit quality of those hits;
    - StMixerMaker:
    StMixerMaker.cxx/h - SetSequenceMerging added (matches TPCReader and tpcdaq_Maker methods) to allow run embedding for daq100 clustering;
    - StMcAnalysisMaker:
    StMcAnalysisMaker.cxx - added information about the matching into the track Ntuple: dominatrack, nHitsIdTruth, n MC hits for the dominatrack, n Fit points for the reconstructed track, n Points (from StDetectorInfo), "quality" = average hit quality of the reco hits belonging to the dominatrack;
    - StMuDSTMaker:
    COMMON/StMuArrays.cxx/h, StMuDst.cxx/h, StMuDstMaker.cxx/h, StMuIOMaker.cxx/h - modified to implement MuDst for PMD and TOF data;
    COMMON/StMuTofHitCollection.cxx/h, StMuTofHit.cxx/h, StMuTofUtil.cxx/h - new files added to handle TOF data;
    COMMON/StMuPmdCluster.cxx/h, StMuPmdCollection.cxx/h, StMuPmdUtil.cxx/h - new files added to handle PMD data;
    - StGenericVertexMaker:
    StGenericVertexMaker.cxx - code modified to look for StGenericVertexMaker instead of GenericVertex;
    StGenericVertexFinder.cxx/h, tMinuitVertexFinder.cxx/h, StGenericVertexMaker.cxx - modified to fix identification of bad seeds, use better flagging and message manager;
    - StPmdClusterMaker:
    StPmdClustering.cxx/h, StPmdClusterMaker.cxx/h - refclust changed to have correct sigma/ncell;
    - StPmdReadMaker:
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx/h modified for first production;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker:
    StKinkMaker.cxx/h - changed logic in acceptTrack();
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx/h, StXiFinderMaker.cxx/h - flag to TPT tracks changed;
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx - changed default options to : do not use SVT ;
    - StSvtDbMaker:
    StSvtDbMaker.cxx - fixes made to allow to call INitRun twice as happens in MC data sometimes;
    StSvtDbReader.hh,, StSvtDbMaker.cxx/h - modified to get daq parameters;
    - StSvtClassLibrary:
    StSvtDaq.hh - added functions to Daq code;
    - StSvtSimulationMaker:
    StSvtEmbeddingMaker.cxx/h,, StSvtOnlineSeqAdjSimMaker.cxx/h, StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx/h - removed asserts from code so it doesn't crash if doesnt get parameters, just quits with kStErr;
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker:
    StSvtSeqAdjMaker.cxx - fixed to stop valgrind complaing;
    - StTofSimMaker:
    StTofSimMaker.cxx - modified to use m_Mode as a switch for the output histograms;
    - StTofrMatchMaker:
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx - bug fixed related to the hit position stored in TofCell;
    - StUtilities:
    StMessage.cxx/h, StMessageManager.h, StMessMgr.h - modified to add protected Ignore/AllowRepeats() for friend StBFChain class;
    - St_QA_Maker:
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - fixed filling of eventClass=1 null vertex hist ;
    - macros:
    examples/StAssociator.C - added switch to control the id or distance association;
    bfcMixer.C - added doFCF for FCF embedding mode;

    - pams/geometry:
    geometry/geometry.g - added proper VPD versioning, added version control for the FPD, via the variable FpdmConfig ;
    fpdmgeo/ffpdstep.g - added new file to adjust to a new source for the FPD geometry, some code reorganization;
    fpdmgeo.g - modified to reflect code reorganization;
    fpdmgeo1.g - new code added to reflect the most current configuration;
    phmdgeo/phmdgeo.g - updated to complete year 2004 geometry vpddgeo/vpddgeo.g - completed for year 2004 geometry;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tracker - added new files to replace default values in the ITTF code;
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tpc - modified file pcZCorrection.20030106.000000.C to relax cut of drift distance;
    the first version of dE/dx calibration for AuAu 62 GeV added;
    - StarDb/global/vertices - added new files (with cuts): ev0par2.20040325.023200.C, exipar.20040325.023200.C for AuAu 62GeV production;
    cut set modified for 62GeV production;


  • March 22, 2004,
    new library SL04c has been tagged on March 19, built and tested.
    New updates:
    - asps/Simulation, asps/rexe
    created new interface to simulation based on starsim and root4star framework;
    staf framework was eliminated;
    - StDaqLib
    EVP/emcReader.cxx - fixed bug and zero-suppression logic; modified due to relocation of rts.h;
    EVP/ssdReader.cxxx - added pedestal and noise capability to the SSD reader ;
    EEMC/EEMC_Reader.cxx/h - new EEMC daq reader implemented;
    GENERIC/EventReader.cxx - modified due to relocation of rts.h ;
    SVT/SVTV1P0.Banks.cxx/hh - modified due to relocation of rts.h ;
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx/h - preShower decoder included ;
    SSD/SSD_Reader.cxx - added pedestal and noise capability to the SSD reader;
    TPC/TPCV2P0.cxx/h, TPCV2P0_ZS_SR.cxx - replaced MERGE_SEQUENCES with a StDAQMaker chain parameter;
    - StDAQMaker
    StEEMCReader.cxx/h - new Eemc daq reader implemented ;
    StDAQMaker.cxx/h - removed MergeSequences/DoNotMergeSequences implementation ;
    replaced MERGE_SEQUENCES with a StDAQMaker chain parameter;
    StTPCReader.cxx/h - implemented SetSequenceMerging();
    - StBFChain
    StBFChain.cxx/h - switches to starsim framework added;
    sequence mrging handling added through tpcdaq_Maker / fcf option;
    updated geometry definitions;
    tofr/tofp match options added, Kink naming clash resolved, added modifications for ITTF ;
    commented out EbyeScaTags;
    added option OBmap2D, mask;
    - StDbUtilities
    StMagUtilities.cxx/h - changed Shorted Ring Algorithm over to Wieman's Bessel Function solution;
    added new (faster) BField shape distortion routine, improved space charge calculation ;
    added TPC transformations for direction, aligned sectors, protection ;
    - StDetectorDbMaker
    StDetectorDbFTPCGas.cxx/h - body 5/6 temperature for FTPC West added;
    - StEEmcDbMaker
    EEmcDbItem.cxx - modified to synchronize;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h, EEmcDbCrate.cxx/h - implemented new EEMC data decoder;
    - StEEmcDataMaker
    new EEMC daq reader implemented;
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEfeeRaw/EEdims.h - maxPhi bins added;
    - StEstMaker
    StEstMaker.cxx - fixed memory leak;
    - StFlowMaker
    StFlowEvent.cxx/h - added random subs analysis method;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker
    StFlowAnalysisMaker.cxx - added random subs analysis method;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - activated reading and usage of additional body temperatures;
    - StPmdUtil
    StPmdGeom.cxx/h, StPmdDBUtil.h - board status based mapping added;
    board status based files added XXX_BoardDetail.txt;
    - StPmdReadMaker
    StPmdReadMaker.cxx - corrected fillStEvent argument orders;
    modified for for PMD run configuration ;
    - StLaserEventMaker
    the minimum number of valid tracks for a good drift velocity calculation was lowered to 450 if both east and west lasers are up and 225 if one of them is down;
    - StPass0CalibMaker
    StTpcT0Maker.cxx - modified to call StPreVertexMaker and StVertexMaker, to avoid seg. violation as primary vertex was not in table;
    - StRTSClient
    FCFMaker/FCFMaker.cxx - added TrackIDs in FCF and cleaned the includes,support for simulations in FCFMaker added ;
    FCF/fcfAfterburner.cxx, fcfClass.cxx - added TrackIDs in FCF and cleaned the includes, support for simulations FCFMaker added;
    include/fcfClass.hh, fcfAfterburner.hh - added TrackIDs in FCF and cleaned the includes, support for simulations in FCFMaker added;
    - StSsdDbMaker
    first revision of SsdDbMaker and St_SsdDb_Reader;
    - StSsdPointMaker
    first revision of Ssd code;
    macro-definition of MAXIDMCHIT = 5 for propagating MC info done in StSsdStrip.hh and available for cluster and wafer classes;
    - StSsdUtil
    first revision of SSD Util;
    - StSvtDaqMaker
    StSvtDaqMaker.cxx - bug fixed in GetDaqReader;
    - StSvtClusterMaker
    StSvtClusterAnalysisMaker.cxx/h, StSvtHitMaker.cxx/h - modified to remove from global scope variables used in debug mode which caused erratic behaviour;
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker
    StSvtSeqAdjMaker.cxx/h - modified to remove from global scope variables used in debug mode which caused erratic behaviour, initialise some variables that valgrind was complaining about;
    - St_trg_Maker
    St_trg_Maker.cxx - added pedestal and noise capability to the SSD reader;
    - StTpcDb
    StTpcDb.cxx - updated triggerTimeOffset() due to a change in L0 TriggerActionWd ;
    StTpcdEdxCorrection.cxx/h, added utitlity for dE/dx calibration;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker
    StKinkMaker.cxx/h - set parent track, reduced redundancy;
    - StTpcHitMoverMaker
    increased mask for new kFast2DMap in StMagUtilities;
    - St_dst_Maker
    StKinkMaker.cxx/h - naming clash resolved by changing name;
    StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx - added description of ftpc cluster finding flags;
    - St_geant_Maker
    switched to starsim framework;
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker
    implemented SetSequenceMerging() ;
    - St_QA_Maker
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h - added primary vertex finding efficiency plot for event classes;
    StEventQAMaker.cxx - updated triggerIDs for Jeff Landgraf's scheme;
    - StTofpMatchMaker
    StTofpMatchMaker.cxx/h - modified to remove assert(), added member mYear4, use m_Mode to control the output root file;
    - StTofrMatchMaker
    StTofrMatchMaker.cxx/h - first release, Tofr matching between fired cells and TPC tracks;
    - StTofUtil - added tofPathLength(StThreeVectorD*, StThreeVectorF*, double);
    StTofrGeometry.cxx/h - removed InitDaqMap() since a StTofrDaqMap is introduced;
    StTofrDaqMap.cxx/h - first release, implemented mapping between daq channel numbers, adc(tdc) channel numbers and cell numbers;
    - StTofPool
    StTofpMcAnalysisMaker - first revision;
    StTofrNtupleMaker - first revision;
    - StEStructPool
    Fluctuations/StEStructFluctuations.h,StEStructSigmas.cxx/h ;

    - pams/geometry:
    btofgeo/btofgeo2.g - finalized y2004 geometry for tof;
    vpddgeo/vpddgeo.g - some version of y2004 geometry;
    idl/btof_btog.idl - agjusted for y2004 tof geometry;
    - pams/global:
    dst/ - patches made;
    - pams/sim:
    g2t codes - modified for starsim;
    g2t/g2t_volume_id.g - TOFp/TOFr modifications for y2004;
    gstar/gstar_readxdf.c - modified for starsim;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb
    dEdxModel - added files dNdE_Bichsel.root, dNdx_Bichsel.root with hitograms for dN/dE and dN/dx from H.Bichsel;
    - StDb/idl
    LocalTrackSeedFinder.idl - modified;
    number of Tpc related .idl duplicate files deleted;


  • February 18, 2004,
    new library SL04b has been tagged, built and tested. Library was released on February 25.
    New updates:

    - asps/Simulation/geant321:
    erdecks - moved STAR version of erdecks codes from rexe to geant321 ;

    - StAnalysisUtilities:
    extended histos for AuAu run 2004, new SVT histos added ;
    StHistUtil.cxx modified to separate MinBias histos;
    - StAssociationMaker:
    StAssociationMaker.cxx/h - added method useEstTracks() for association of estGlobals;
    - StBFChain:
    StBFChain.cxx/h modified to imply -tcl to fcf;
    added loading of required by St_geant_Maker;
    modified options layout to accomodate for Xi2,V02 and their new dependence in symbols MuDstMaker library;
    - StDAQMaker:
    StDAQReader.cxx modified to pass ZeroToken events, added counter for ZeroToken events, modified for EEMC and event pool, modified to provide access SSD data in makers;
    added new codes StSSDReader.cxx/h to provide access SSD data in makers;
    - StDaqLib:
    TPC/TPCV2P0_ZS_SR.cxx - added MERGE_SEQUENCES define;
    EVP/daqFormats.h, emcReader.cxx, emcReader.h, evpSupport.h, rtsLog.h,rtsSystems.h - modified for EEMC and event pool;
    added rts.h;
    new files added evpSupport.cxx, rtsLogUnix.cxx, ssdReader.cxx, ssdReader.h to provide access SSD data in makers;
    daqFormats.h, emcReader.cxx/h,,rtsLog.h, rtsSystems.h modified to provide access SSD data in makers;
    EMC/StEmcDecoder.cxx - SMD map changed, initial methods for Pre Shower decoding added;
    EEMC/EEMC_Reader.cxx/h - modified for EEMC and event pool;
    GENERIC/DetectorReader.cxx, EventReader.cxx/h - provide access SSD data in makers;
    SSD/SSD_Reader.cxx/h - provide access SSD data in makers;
    - StDbLib:
    StDbDefs.hh, - added bbc and tracker domains ;
    - StdEdxY2Maker:
    added assert for GetNRows() of Calibration tables, separate name space with StdEdxMaker for fcn and Landau ;
    - StEvent:
    StTofHit.cxx/h, StTofSlat.h, StTofCell.cxx/h - changed $LINK to StLink mechanism and added new member ;
    StTriggerData.cxx/h, StTriggerData2003.cxx/h, StTriggerData2004.cxx/h modified to use enumeration StBeamDirector for east/west, added member for ZDC vertex;
    StBbcTriggerDetector.cxx/h, StCtbTriggerDetector.cxx/h, StEmcTriggerDetector.cxx/h, StTriggerDetectorCollection.cxx/h, StZdcTriggerDetector.cxx/h - added new constructor to load data from StTriggerData;
    StEmcPoint.cxx - added code to the constructor;
    - StEventMaker:
    StEventMaker.cxx modified to load StTriggerDetectorCollection using StTriggerData for runs 2003 and later. For 2001 and 2002 stick to TrgDet table;
    - StEventUtilities:
    StuFtpcRefMult.hh - updated and fixed multiplicity cuts ;
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker:
    removed number of old and replaced codes;
    added new files: StEmcCalibMaker.cxx/h, StEmcCalibrationMaker.cxx/h, StEmcEqualMaker.cxx/h, tEmcMipMaker.cxx/h, StEmcPedestalMaker.cxx/h;
    - StEEmcUtil/StEEmcSmd:
    The StEEmcSmdGeom class was split into two classes. All StRoot-independent codes have been moved to new code EEmcSmdGeom.
    TVector3 replaces StThreeVectorD in all function calls in EEmcSmdGeom. StThreeVectorD wrappers are provided in StEEmcSmdGeom, for integration into Star framework, added StEEmcSmdGeom::instance();
    - StEstMaker
    StEstInit.cxx StEstMaker.cxx StEstTracker.cxx modified to avoid crash for missing SVT events by quiting earlier, fixed size array removed;
    - StEmcUtil/voltageCalib:
    VoltCalibrator.cxx, hvGainCoeff.dat - small modifications ;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: modified for run 2004;
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx/h, removed intermediate tables;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker:
    number of codes modified to remove intermediate tables;
    StFtpcTrackMaker.cxx - protection against missing FTPC DAQ data added;
    - StHbtMaker:
    CorrFctn/NonId3DCorrFctn.cxx - properly initialized variables in NonId3DCorrFctn;
    ThCorrFctn/FsiWeightLednicky2.F - fixed characters disallowed by g77;
    - StPeCMaker:
    StPeCEnumerations.h, StPeCEvent.cxx/h, StPeCLumiEntry.cxx, StPeCLumiMaker.h StPeCMaker.cxx/h, StPeCPair.cxx/h, StPeCTrack.cxx/h, StPeCTrigger.cxx/h - modified to correct eta cut for tracks, charge sorting, added counting of FTPC and TPC primary tracks and bbc information, fixed bug in check of un-analylized MC events;
    - StRTSClient:
    fcfClass.cxx, FCFMaker.cxx modified to do log conversion inside cluster finder, to make deconvolution consistent with online Merge sequences, in case not merged by DaqLib;
    FCFMaker.cxx, fcfAfterburner.cxx increased size of broken arrays;
    - StMcAnalysisMaker:
    extended rc and mc hits histograms looping over tpc and svt hits;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker:
    StKinkMuDst - added keys (IDs) for Kink parent and daughter, updated ClassDef version for added data members;
    - StSvtCalibMaker:
    added StSvtBadAnodesMaker.cxx/h, map.h - first version of bad anode maker;
    - StSvtDaqMaker:
    StSvtDaqMaker.cxx/h - few corrections to pedestal reading made and added getDaqReader method ;
    - StSvtDbMaker:
    StSvtDbMaker, StSvtDbReader, StSvtDbWriter, St_SvtDb_Reader - added rms and daq parameters reading;
    - StSvtClassLibrary:
    added - daq parameters object ;
    - StSvtQAMaker:
    new code for inserting SVT online monitor;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker:
    StXiFinderMaker.cxx modified to to run on muDsts as well, added sign of dcaXiDaughters, slightly moved cuts;
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx modified to use default options for SVT and ITTF+TPT;
    - St_dst_Maker:
    StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx/h, StFtpcPrimaryMaker.cxx intermediate tables to store FTPC hits and tracks removed. Now the TObjArray's of hits and tracks are passed directly to StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx and StFtpcPrimaryMaker.cxx where they are (still) copied into the dst tables; protection against missing FTPC DAQ data added;
    - St_geant_Maker:
    St_geant_Maker.cxx/h modified - first revision of Ag2Geom;
    - St_QA_Maker:
    modified histos for AuAu run 2004, new SVT histos added;
    QAhlist_EventQA_qa_shift.h, StQAMakerBase.cxx modified to separate MinBias histos by triggerIDs: general histograms, minbias event histos, central event histos, high tower event histos;
    - St_trg_Maker:
    St_trg_Maker.cxx, year2003.cxx - provide access SSD data in makers ;

    - geometry/geometry.g - disabled the long since obsoleted version of TOF, should be rewritten;
    latest corrections in the SVT geometry have been applied RETROACTIVELY to year2001 geometry tag, This breaks compatibility of the simulated SVT data between earlier simulation runs and the ones to follow;
    - calbgeo/calbgeo1.g - small correction to new barrel, logic improvements;
    - sisdgeo/sisdgeo.g - positioned the laddre mother volume with the 'many' option to guard ourselves against the quite possible overlap;
    - btofgeo/btofgeo1.g - disabled the old configuration;
    - btofgeo/btofgeo2.g - modified for run4 MRPC positioning inside TOFr-prime ;
    - svttgeo/svttgeo2.g - assigned the 150um to the radial offset in the wafer position;
    evr_am.F modified for g77 compiler;
    - tpt_merge_line.F, tpt_fit_track.F modified for g77 compiler;
    replaced huge static arrays to dynamical ones to reduce memory usage ;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl:
    HitError.idl, KalmanTrackFinderParameters.idl,TrackingParameters.idl - added idls for new Calibrations_tracker db;
    tofCamacDaqMap.idl, tofConfig.idl, tofModuleConfig.idl,tofPedestal.idl, tofSimPars.idl, tofTrayConfig.idl, tofTzero.idl - updated idls for for Calibrations_tof;
    added new TpcCorrection.idl - universal correction struct;
    spaceChargeCor.idl - added new column detector ;


  • January 25, 2004,
    new library SL04a has been created
    New updates:

    - asps/Simulation (starsim, gcalor, geant321) :
    a new project developed, code name "starsim", which will replace gstar/staf executable. Better code organization, 'cons' based built of simulation library.

    - StAssociationMaker:
    changed the code to make it backward compatible ;
    - StBFChain:
    added fixes to combine Trs and fcf (asic threshould + bad pad elimination) ;
    added PMD and P2004 start up chain;
    OShortR option/correction added;
    modified option for SSD, removed from SVTChain;
    all options shaped to take advantage of StEvent direct fill;
    fixed FCF recent dependency in DAQMaker/DAQLib, introduced DAQ100 Cluster reading, added TpcHitMover support, modified logic for oncl and onlraw;
    - St_db_Maker:
    St_db_Maker.cxx - new timestamps implemented;
    Safe destructor of TDataSet like object used;
    - StDaqLib/TRG:
    trgStructures2004.h - new trigger structure for 2004 run;
    modified TRG_Reader.cxx/hh, added code2004.cxx for the 2004 trigger data format, disabled all trigger sanity check;
    - StDaqLib/EVP:
    emcReader.cxx/h - updated for EEMC 2004 support;
    - StDaqLib/EMC:
    StEmcDecoder.cxx - map changed for 2004 run (towers and SMD);
    - StDaqLib/EEMC:
    EEMC_Reader.cxx/h - updated for EEMC 2004 support;
    - StDaqLib/TOF:
    TOF_Reader.cxx/hh - changed for run 2004 (pVPD+TOFp+TOFr'); addtional TOFr' ADCs and TDCs put in, added TOTs of TOFr' in, combined in TDCs;
    - StDAQMaker:
    StPMDReader.cxx modified ;
    StTRGReader.cxx/h - updated for run 2004;
    StEEMCReader.cxx/h - updated for EEMC 2004 support;
    added friend class for FCF(daq100 code) in StTPCReader.h;
    - StDbUtilities:
    StMagUtilities.cxx - added new routine to handle a shorted ring on the East end of the TPC, also new routine to help redo the space charge calculations;
    added code for extra resistor outside TPC to help remedy short;
    - StEvent:
    first revision of StTriggerData2004.cxx/h - trigger data for run ;
    StEventClusteringHints.cxx, StEventLinkDef.h, StTriggerData.h modified to handle StTriggerData2004;
    StTpcHit.cxx, StHit.cxx/h modified to add Truth and Quality information from simulation, related to new starsim project;
    StRunInfo.cxx/h - added RHIC scaler methods (BBC);
    StTriggerData2004.cxx/h - methods to retrieve ZDC data added;
    - StEventMaker:
    fill new member of StRunInfo (RHIC scaler);
    - St_dst_Maker:
    StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx, StFtpcPrimaryMaker.cxx modified to activate Markus' code to fill values at outermost point on ftpc tracks;
    - StMcEvent:
    added inheritance from StObject;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker:
    upgraded for year 2004 configuration;
    StBemcData.cxx - updated for Y2004 data in the east side;
    - StEEmcDbMaker:
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h, EEmcDbItem.cxx/h - developed towards run 2004, saved ped in DB format;
    eemcDbPMTcal.hh, eemcDbPMTconf.hh, eemcDbPMTname.hh, eemcDbPIXcal.hh, eemcDbPIXname.hh - extending DB arrays;
    EEmcDbItem.cxx - added MAPMT pixel names;
    StEEmcDbMaker.cxx/h - added methods for accessing preshower, postshower and SMD info;
    - StEEmcUtil
    EEfeeRaw - developed for run 2004, new implementaion for miniDaq ;
    EEmcSmdMap - first implementaion of mapping between SMD strips and towers;
    StEEmcSmd - member function added to return a vector pointing to the intersection of two strips;
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker
    fixed the bug which crashed the chain if there were no l3 data;
    - StMixerMaker
    StMixerMaker.cxx/h - added (GEANT) track Id information in Trs; propagated it via St_tpcdaq_Maker; account interface changed in StTrsZeroSuppressedReaded ;
    - StMuDSTMaker:
    THack::DeleteClonesArray added for deleting, to avoid ROOT bad features ;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker :
    StStrangeMuDstMaker.cxx - delete controllers added in dtr, included events with no primary vertex;
    - StSvtSimulationMaker:
    further improvements of codes,,,, StSvtSimulationMaker.cxx to get simulator looking like reality ;
    new code added to simulate teh online daq response;
    StSvtEmbeddingMaker.cxx/h - new version of embedding maker ;
    final new version of SVT simulator accomplished;
    - StSvtCalibMaker:
    StSvtPedMaker.cxx/h modified to go with embedding;
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker :
    StSvtSeqAdjMaker.cxx modified to remove gain calibration files and common mode moise subtraction;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker:
    StV0FinderMaker.cxx, StXiFinderMaker.cxx - Bfield + consistency int/short;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker:
    added files to move pressure and gas corrections from StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx to StFtpcGasUtilities;
    replaced all instances of StFtpcReducedPoint and StFtpcPoint with StFtpcConfMapPoint;
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker:
    StFtpcSlowSimMaker.cxx modified to use StFtpcGasUtilities to obtain current pressure and FTPC gas temperature;
    - StFlowMaker:
    modified to read from PicoDST;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker:
    implementation of v1{EP1,EP2}. This method is set to be the default for v1 now;
    - StMcEvent:
    included Endcap EMC hit collection in StMcEvent and Endcap hit vector in StMcTrack;
    made changes to check the volume id of FTPC hits, new volume id's run from 1000 to 2906 (they include the sectors);
    - StMcEventMaker:
    Endcap EMC collections introduced into StMcEvent, read the corresponding g2t table for the hits, decode the volume Id and add it to the proper containers in StMcEvent and StMcTrack;
    - StPmdReadMaker:
    first revision of Pmd data reader;
    - StPmdClusterMaker:
    StPmdClusterMaker.cxx - PmdReader access included ;
    - StPmdUtil:
    StPmdGeom.cxx - ADC2EDEP added; StPmdDBUtil - first revision;
    - StPmdCalibrationMaker:
    first version of StPmdCalibConstMaker;
    - StPmdSimulatorMaker:
    StPmdSimulatorMaker - calibration constant values updated ;
    - StRTSClient(daq100 code)
    FCFMaker - daq100 clustering code developed, first production release;
    FCF - daq100 clustering code developed, first production release;
    - StTpcDb :
    added St_tpcGainC.cxx/h, St_tpcPedestalC.cxx/h for pedestal and tpcGain;
    - StTpcHitMoverMaker:
    first version of the TpcHitMoverMaker which purpose is to take care of the corrections (StMagUtilities) previously made in TPT. This is needed for ITTF integration;
    - StTofMaker:
    changed for run 2004 - 'pVPD+TOFp+TOFr', additional TOFr' ADC and TDC channels put in, added TOTs of TOFr' in;
    - StTofpMatchMaker:
    StTofpMatchMaker.cxx modified to change default TDC and ADC ranges;
    - StTriggerDataMaker:
    StTriggerDataMaker - updated data for run 2004;
    - StTrsMaker: modified to fix the problem that mIoSectorSpacing has never been defined and this causes that Inner Sector has randomly been ejected;
    added (GEANT) track Id information in Trs code;
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker:
    added (GEANT) track Id information in Trs code, propagated it via St_tpcdaq_Maker;
    added receiver board and mezzanine to daq100cl output table, changed encoding of rb_mz;
    - St_trg_Maker :
    year2003.cxx - disabled all trigger sanity checks;
    - St_QA_Maker:
    preparations for run 2004, added some svt plots;

    - St_base:
    moved StString from St_base to StDbLib;
    - StChain:
    StMaker.cxx/h - safe destructor of TDataSet like object added;
    - StarClassLibrary:
    added new utility class StMath;
    - StarRoot:
    THack.cxx/h - THack class added to hack ROOT;

    - pams/geometry - developed towards 2004 geometry:
    year2001 SVT correction was done retroactively, radial displacement 150 um instead of 250um, now year2001 tag isn't backward compatible;
    pixel detector geometry updated;
    geometry/geometry.g - created facility to modify the TPC gas density programmatically;
    changed the SSD config number in y2004 to "2": 10 ladders, the "1" being one ladder installed previosuly and "3" being the complete 20 ladder configuration;
    changed the correction number scheme for new code, svttgeo3;
    barrel EMC and SSD updated for the year 2004 run with current geometry;
    the configuration variable for the beam pipe introduced;
    tpcegeo/tpcegeo.g - programmatically switch to a new version of the P10 gas density. This way, we maintain backward compatibility;
    svttgeo/svttgeo2.g modified to accomodate the pixel detector hence the beampipe support AND the inner radius of the SVT mother both need to be shrunk;
    svttgeo/svttgeo3.g - Silicon Strip Detector has been completely removed from here and is now residing in sisdgeo.g;
    sisdgeo/sisdgeo.g - first functional version of Silicon Strip Geometry separated from the previous code in the SVT;
    pipegeo/pipegeo.g - added the aluminum pipe config as a separate entry, as opposed to setting parameters directly from geometry.g, added a version with a slim central pipe section, so futher the studies related to the pixel detector;
    - pams/sim/g2t:
    g2t_volume_id.g - added the pixel detector volume encoding;
    - pams/gen:
    removed old mevsim, venus, pythia versions ;
    - pams/tpc/idl:
    daq100cl.idl - added receiver board and mezzanine to daq100cl output table, changed encoding of rb_mz;
    - pams/tpc:
    added IdTruth information to the number of codes related to new 'starsim' project ;
    - pams/svt/srs:
    srs_am.F - changed default resolution to 150 microns in all directions;


    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl:
    modified files: eemcDbADCconf.idl eemcDbPMTcal.idl eemcDbPMTconf.idl - extension of EEMC calibration;
    added: eemcDbPIXcal.idl, eemcDbPIXname.idl - extension of EEMC calibration;
    tofCamacDaqMap.idl - CAMAC daq map for TOF detectors;
    tofConfig.idl, tofModuleConfig.idl, tofTrayConfig.idl - MRPC-TOF (TOFr et al.) configuration files;
    tofSimPars.idl - MRPC TOF calibration parameters file ;
    tofrCaliPars.idl - TOFr calibration parameters (year3,4)file ;
    tofPedestal.idl, tofTzero.idl, tofCorrection.idl - MROC TOF calibration parameters;
    ftpcGasOut.idl - added bodyheat 5 and 6;
    bemcHwpedestal.idl, bemcKill.idl, bemcPosition.idl, slsCtrl.idl, svtDaq.idl, svtRms.idl, tpcFieldCageShort.idl - added new idls for new tables for Calibrations_l2, Calibrations_svt, Geomerty_ssd;
    HitError.idl, KalmanTrackFinderParameters.idl, KalmanTrackFitterParameters.idl, LocalTrackSeedFinder.idl, TpcAdcCorrection.idl, TpcDriftDistOxygen.idl, TpcLengthCorrection.idl, TpcMultiplicity.idl, TpcdEdxCor.idl, TpcdXCorrection.idl, TrackingParameters.idl, tpcPressureB.idl, LocalTrackSeedFinder.idl, bemcKill.idl - ITTF parameter tables descriptions;
    - StarDb/global/vertices:
    ev0par2.20031201.000000.C, exipar.20031201.000000.C - added preliminary AuAu cuts for run 2004;
    - StarDb/ITTF:
    KalmanTrackFinderParameters.C, KalmanTrackFitterParameters.C,SvtTrackingParameters.C, TpcHitError.C, TpcTrackingParameters.C, LocalTrackSeedFinder.C - first revision of ITTF parameter tables;


  • December 8, 2003,
    library SL03h has been updated with the next codes
    - StEvent: StHelixModel.cxx, StTrack.cxx,StTrackNode.cxx;
    - StEventMaker: StEventMaker.cxx
    - StEventUtilities: StuFtpcRefMult.hh
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON: StMuDstFilterMaker.cxx, StMuDstFilterMaker.h, StMuDstMaker.cxx, StMuEmcCollection.cxx, leak fixed
    - StarRoot: TDirIter.cxx, THack.cxx, THack.h
    - StarClassLibrary:, StMath.hh
    - St_QA_Maker: StEventQAMaker.cxx, St_QA_Maker.cxx
    Library has been retagged.


  • November 14, 2003,
    new library SL03h has been released. Library was built on redhat72 and redhat80
    New updates:
    - ROOT version 3.10.01
    - all codes have been adjusted to redhat8.0 platform with gcc3.2 compiler, memory leasks in the number of codes were fixed;
    more specific updates:
    - StDbBroker:
    removed all strstream objects in favor of stringstream+string directly in StDbBroker.cxx and
    - StDbLib:
    got rid of all ostrstream objects; replaced with ostringstream+string; modified rules.make and added file stdb_streams.h for standalone compilation,initialized mhasBinaryQuery flag in ;
    fixed leak of timeValues array in;
    - StDaqLib/TRG:
    code2003.cxx - new sanity check for 2003;
    - StDaqLib/TPC:
    protection against empty TPCSEQD banks added;
    - StAssociationMaker/EMC
    StEmcAssociationMaker.cxx/h modified;
    - StBFChain:
    added FCF option, y2003x option, l3onl in 2003 chains, added SetCorrection and GetCorrection for DAQ100 chains. This is autimatically set to 0 with "fcf" option and to 0x7 (111) otherwise;
    - StEvent:
    StTpcDedxPidAlgorithm.cxx - switch from primary to global track momentum for Nsigma calculations, replaced BetheBloch::Sirrf by m_Bichsel->GetI70 for nSigma calculations (StContainers.h) ;
    StTrack.cxx, StTrack.h added setKey() method;
    - StEventUtilities:
    BetheBlochCalibrator.C - updated default parameters;
    - StBichsel:
    added parameterization for P10; removed ToF correction, account dE/dx parameterization instead of dE for I70;
    added GetdEdxResolution.cxx for calculation of relative error in dE/dx for runs II and III;
    - St_dst_Maker
    modified StPrimaryMaker.cxx, StVertexMaker.cxx to write out the TPC only vertex as a calibration vertex if est vertex found, some modification for meaning of the EST mode;
    StKinkMaker.cxx - TObjArray::SetOwner() added;
    - EEmc code developed:
    StEEmcUtil/StEEmcSmd - replaced hardwired SMD geometry file, StEEmcSmdGeom improved and reorganized;
    StEEmcUtil/EEmcGeom, removed Stiostream/iostream from the source code, updated for updated for the new StEEmcSmdGeom
    StEEmcUtil/EEfeeRaw, remove Stiostream/iostream from the source code
    StEEmcPool created, added Conscript;
    StEEmcPool/muDst - added example of access to EEMC data+DB+geom from muDst, updated for the new StEEmcSmdGeom;
    StEEmcPool/LCP - added files: StMuLcp2TreeMaker.cxx StMuLcp2TreeMaker.h for extraction of LCP from muDst;
    StEEmcDbMaker - access to DB table implemented, flavor option added,cstructs/eemcConstDB.hh - redefinition of stat bits, added eemcDbXMLdata.hh- XML data;
    StEEmcDataMaker - new adc--> energy formula, still no absolute gain;
    - StdEdxY2Maker:
    moved stuff from FinishRun to InitRun, added Y2003 calibrations, added fix for run II fiducial volume cut;
    - StMcEvent:
    number of codes modified and added- addition of Tof classes and Pixel classes. Modified track, event, and container code to reflect this, fix bug in StMcVertex and in clearing of some hit collections;
    - StMcEventMaker:
    StMcEventMaker.cxx/h - filling of Tof and Pixel classes;
    - StMuDSTMaker:
    StEmcCollection and StMuEmcCollection developed, memory leak fixed;
    StStrangeMuDstMaker: modified files StXiI.hh StXiMc.hh StXiMuDst.hh to calculate Xi momenta at/near primary vertex;
    COMMON, modified StMuDst2StEventMaker.cxx to pass proper maker name;
    first revision of StMuIOMaker.cxx and StMuIOMaker.h;
    macros: first revision of exampleStMuIOMaker.C;
    StMuDst.cxx StMuDst2StEventMaker.cxx StMuEmcUtil.cxx - updated for EMC data;
    StMuDst.cxx - added filling of the topology map in the createStTrack function, added filling of track id to createStTrack() function;
    StMuDstMaker.cxx - TClones::Clear added into StMuDstMaker::clear to avoid empty ebjects writing;
    StMuProbPidTraits.cxx/h, StMuTrack.cxx - added error on dEdx measurements;
    StMuProbPidTraits.h - incrmented ClassDef version numbber;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker:
    StEmcADCtoEMaker.cxx : small modification in the histogram binning, patched to fix the problem with SMD-phi pedestals saved on database ;
    modification in the way StEmcADCtoEMaker handles the database requests, added the option of reading muDst events directly (need to use StEmcPreDbMaker in order to set the correct timestamp for database);
    removed SMD capacitors 124 and 125 from data for dAu and pp Y2003 runs only, timestamp flagged so it will work only for this data;
    removed muDST option from StEmcADCtoEMaker;
    new methods added in order to select either energy of pedestal cut for the SMD hits;
    - StEmcMixerMaker:
    small modifications;
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker:
    changed searching order for Geant hits;
    - StPreEclMaker:
    StEmcPreClusterCollection.cxx, StPreEclMaker.cxx have been changed to allow for clustering using hits with calibrationType < 128;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker:
    initialized mNumMainVertexTracks in; modified to use gufld to determine magnetic field factor;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker:
    StFtpcClusterMaker.cxx/h - removed temporary fix to prevent segmentation violation which occurred when more than one run per job; - calculate azimuthal angle phi in FTPC local coordinate system; modified to create member functions to extract ftpc plane and sector number from the GEANT volume id;
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker: modified to use StFtpcGeantReader member function to extract FTPC plane number from GEANT volumeID;
    - StFtpcDriftMapMaker:
    remove obsolete version of StFtpcMagboltz2, changes related to StMagUtilities constructer ;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker:
    modified files StXiI.hh StXiMc.hh to calculate Xi momenta at/near primary vertex;
    StKinkBase.hh, StV0Mc.hh, StV0MuDst.hh, StXiMc.hh,StXiMuDst.hh - changed the order of inheritance and increased version numbers;
    - SSD detector related code:
    developed significantly, number of new codes added in StSsdPointMaker;
    - StTofUtil:
    StTofCellCollection.cxx, StTofCellCollection.h - first release, used by TOF MatchMakers;
    StTofrGeometry.cxx StTofrGeometry.h - first release, refer to tofPathLength.hh for function definitions;
    tofPathLength.hh - first release, function definitions in seperate header file;
    codes: StTofDataCollection.cxx/h, StTofSlatCollection.cxx/h, StTofHitCollection.cxx/h moved from StTofMaker to StTofUtil;
    - StTofpMatchMaker:
    first release of StTofpMatchMaker.cxx/h;
    dBase updates: removed initLocalDb option, introduced dBase parameters for strobe event definitions, event counters and one pointer;
    - StTofpNtupleMaker:
    StTofpMatchData.h, StTofpNtupleMaker.cxx, StTofpNtupleMaker.h, StTofpSlatData.h - first release;
    - StTofSimMaker:
    zeroed pointers in constructor, StTofSimMaker.cxx -changed location of header files for the local collections;
    - StTofMaker:
    zeroed geometry pointer;
    - StTrsMaker/src/
    fixed bug in intruced during gcc 3.2 updates;
    - StRTSClient:
    FCFMaker modified, changed name of the class from DaqClf to RTSClientFCF, added the t extents cuts to fcfClass.cxx, skiped row 13;
    - Pmd code :
    StPmdClustering.cxx- Dipak's changes on centroid;
    StPmdUtil - CluX, CluY added;
    StPmdSimulatorMaker - Dipak's changes;
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker:
    - St_base:
    StTree.cxx - recognition of .MuDst.root added, in StFileI.h, StTree.cxx/h StFile::AddFile(file,remove) option added;
    - StChain:
    StMkDeb.cxx/h - simple debugging class added ;
    - StIOMaker:
    zero fileset is added to clear the logic;
    - StarClassLibrary :,,helixTest.C - protection agains overfloat added into pathLength(StThreeVector,StThreeVector) ;
    - StarRoot:
    TH1Helper class added ;
    - StUtilities:
    changed option storage in StMessage.cxx/h, added some new cout-like functions and friend functions in Messager ;
    initialize and test ostrstream buffer sizes;
    - St_geant_Maker:
    St_geant_Maker.h - added a declaration a a pointer to the structure geom_gdat, needed for the propagation the GEANT run data geometry tag and field scale, added the handling of the gdat structure, for now being written into runco file;
    - St_trg_Maker:
    bug in duplicated.code has been fixed and file was replaced with St_trg_duplicated.code;
    - pams/geometry:
    pixlgeo.g -a more functional version with one sixth of all ladders properly populated, added more tunning parameters for more precise geometry definition, introduced the mother volume for each ladder which contains both passive and active silicon layers, introduced mother volume for sectors ,(groups of 4 wafers)adjusted the sector opening angle, finished the changes needed to organize the detector into 6 symmetrical sectors, added the sensitivity and hits definition to the wafers' active layers;
    phmdgeo.g - Dipak's new version implemeneted, CUTGAM and CUTELE values are introduced in the sensitive medium, proper mixture of Ar+CO2(70:30) has been introduced;
    svttgeo1.g, r.1.1 - number of corrections to the silicon geometry: geometrical position of the silicon wafer,subsequent chick-ins includes the missing G10 PCB's and revised warter manifolds;
    svttgeo2.g, r.1.1 - seriously updated version of the SVT geometry;
    r.1.2 - modified the copper cable bundle geometry to allow for the inclusion, of the water feeds. Changed the strut material from Be to Carbon;
    geometry.g - keep the newer version of the FTPC support pieces and add a call the new SVTT module, which will include a number of corrections, implemented y2003a and y2003b geometry, swap the tags y2003(b,c) to arrange them chronologically for better mneumonics, introduced variable for steering of the Silicon Strip detector code, renamed Y2003C tag into Y2004;
    changed the semantics of the variable Geom, store the complete geometry tag in the variable Geom,Change the subroutine "geometry" into a "module" which process instruments it to access and manipulate ZEBRA banks as structures, introduced the bank GDAT, as a sub-bank of GEOM, which for now contains the field scale and the tag;
    added file geom_gdat.idl - the automatically generated IDL describing the GDAT sub-bank of the GEOM bank, for the purpose of the Root interface, moved to different location later to reduce cross dependencies;
    - pams/sim/g2t:
    g2t_volume_id.g - the numbering scheme of the FTPC volumes has been changed and the component variables renamed for better readibility, the cryptic variable ibublic was renamed to iWheel;
    - asps/agi/gst/agsim:
    memget.c modified to make the function memgetf much less cryptic in terms of variable names and comments, introduced proper error checking whereby both ERRNO and the pointer form malloc are checked for validity;
    agsim.g - better handling of the pointer returned by the function MEMGETF;
    - asps/rexe:
    Conscript - force usage of g77 instead of PGI for RH systems to avoid crash in grndmq ;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl - pVPD configuration settings and strobe event definitions;
    - StDb/idl/eemcDbPMTstat.idl - EEMC upgrade 1;
    - StDb/idl/tpcPedestal.idl - added TPC pedestal table description;
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tpc - add one row for I60 in file TpcLengthCorrection.20010701.120000.C;
    added tables for Y2003 dE/dx calibrations ;
    TpcLengthCorrection.20030106.000000.C add new correction after accounting dE/dx nonlinearity ;
    - StarDb/Calibrations/emc/y3bsmde - pedestals added;
    - StarDb/Calibrations/emc/y3bsmdp - pedestals added;
    - StarDb/dEdxModel - added parameterization for P10, replaced dE parameterization by dE/dx one for I70;
    - ftpc calibrations have been worked out and put on DB, added tables:
    under Conditions_ftpc table ftpcHDLCTemps;
    under Calibrations_ftpc table ftpcGasOut;
    - EMC calibrations corrected;
    - new tower calibrations added;


  • August 25, 2003,
    new library SL03f has been updated with next codes to fix bugs:
    - St_dst_Maker - ;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker - get sign AND magnitude of mag field correctly for Xi and V0 finder ;


  • August 6, 2003,
    new library SL03f has been created and released August 7
    New updates:
    - StBFChain: added V02 and Xi2 finding options, added svt V0s option, SVT Hit filtering implemented, svtMatchVtx option added so EST could be used for vertexing;
    - StEvent: added StSPtrVecCalibrationVertex to I/O list, StTofSlat - revised version: new but not inheriting from StHit as before, StL0Trigger - fix for spin bits added;
    - StHitFilterMaker: set options to delete TPC and SVT hit if Zert >30. If ZVert<30cm save all good svt hits and TPC hits on tracks;
    - StFlowMaker: added etha cuts for event plane selection separated for FTPC east and west, PtWgtSaturation parameter introduced, get rid of beam gas events events with one empty FTPC or one empty half of the TPC are removed;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker: PtWgtSaturation parameter introduced, fixed for EtaSym plots implemented;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON: multiplicities for FTPC added, updated to include EEMC data in MuDst, updates for EMC data;
    - StJetFinder: StTpcFourPMaker.cxx -changed mass calculation to calculate probability weighted mass average, StEmcTpcFourPMaker.cxx modified to use probability weighted mass calculation, subtracts track emc deposited energy from nearest first EMC energies until track emc deposited energy is used up or too away;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker: StXiFinderMaker.cxx modified to take Bfield calculated in V0Finder;
    - StSvtClassLibrary: StSvtHybridPixelsD - added duble class for hybrid pixels for slow simulator;
    - StSvtClusterMaker: changed errors to 300 microns;
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker: fixed pedestal offset to be 20 not 10 change variables to int from floats to avoid casting problems,changes to run slow simulator added;
    - StSvtSimulationMaker: new revision to improve simulation code;
    - StTofSimMaker: added upper adc and tdc limits, geometry initialization moved to InitRun();
    - StPidAmpMaker: changed fit range;
    - St_dst_Maker: StVertexMaker.cxx, MatchedTrk.cxx - set up codes to find vertex using SVT matched tracks if that mode is selected;

    - pams/sim/idl: g2t_event.idl - added the number of rejected events, needed to properly handle normalization in the rare signal Monte Carlo studies; g2t_pix_hit.idl - added structure for the pixel detector;
    - pams/sim/g2t: g2t_get_event.F - updated format of the event header, including rejected events scaler, mheadrd.g - updated the event header Zebra bank; g2t_pix.F - added structure for the pixel detector;
    - pams/sim/gstar: gstar_input.g - added the rejected events scaler;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb/global/vertices: added parameter files with legitimate values for SVT+TPC during pp running;
    - StarDb/emc/simulator: modified for no database request to make possible to run full barrel EMC in MC data;


  • July 18 2003,
    new library SL03e has been created
    New updates:
    - new ROOT version 3.05.04
    - StEvent: major revision of ToF classes, initial revision of StTofCell, restored plural for data members in StTofCollection, removed dependcies on DAQ lib in header file in StL3AlgorithmInfo;
    - StAssociationMaker: modified no longer use find_if for FTPC to solve a bug for y<0, initialize tpcHitDistance and svtHitDistance to avoid a warning, modified to make z cut depends on z_mc, parameterization made in the parameter DB with a linearly increasing rms, symmetric in +/- z;
    - StBFChain: RY2003X, C2003X, Y2003X option added;
    - StChain/StMaker.cxx: modified to call InitRun even if no run at all,
    - StDaqLib/FPD: added method to remove unprintef chars;
    - StDaqLib/GENERIC: added method to remove unprintef chars;
    - St_db_Maker: implemented y2003x = 20021115 geometry as for year2003 to run J/Psi HIJING simulation ;
    - StDbUtilities/StMagUtilities.cxx: added new function called FixSpaceChargeDistortion( ), it can be used to convert the old (Uniform) space charge corrections to the new (1/R**2) space charge corrections. This correction can be applied to individual track momenta on the microDSTs and it does not require a re-production of the data to get the 1/R**2 spacecharge corrections;
    - StEEmcUtil/EEfeeRaw: new additions, added a toplevel makefile, add trigger data to ezTree, rewritten implementation of EEmcL3Tracks using TClonesArray, implemented a common Makefile and, added dE/dx info, added spin bits in EEstarTrig, added getNumberOfTracks method in EEmcL3Tracks.h,add file destriptor to print() method in EEstarTrig, added L3 track flag to EEmcHelix, added track length and number of points in EEmcL3Tracks, added check if trigID in EEstarTrig, added run number to the header EEmcEventHeader.h, updated root version number in EEmcEventHeader.h EEstarTrig.h;
    - StEmcUtil/filters: removed redundant persitency ClassDef(,0) in StEmcFilter.h;
    - StEEmcUtil: implemented a common Makefile and, added install target to the Makefile;
    - StEEmcUtil/StEEmcSmd: added geometry methods for StiEEmc;
    - StEpcMaker: added setPrint() method;
    - StEventUtilities: StuProbabilityPidAlgorithm updated for dAu PIDtable;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker: modified to get v4 and v6 with respect to the 2nd harmonic event plane;
    - StFlowMaker: made event plane cuts now only odd and even, instead of different for each harmonic;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: modified to get min,max gas temperature and pressure limits from database instead of from parameters, removed inner cathode and cluster geometry parameters from ftpcClusterPars, modified to get inner cathode and cluster geometry parameters from database, made changes due to renaming table ftpcClusterGeometry to ftpcClusterGeom, added cathode offset information to constructor for SlowSimulator, modified not to re-flavor FTPC drift maps if already flavored to avoid creating memory leak which could occur if flavor changes within one *.fz file (only for MC data) ;
    - StFtpcMixerMaker: modified to use the same StFtpcDbReader constructor as used by Sti/StFtpcDetectorBuilder;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: changed for dAu calibrations, added check for simulated hits before rotation commented out when rotation of hits has been implemented in StFtpcSlowSimMaker, pointer to geant taken out;
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker: added rotation of hits from global GEANT coordinates into local FTPC coordinates, this uses an instance of StFtpcTrackingParams, added database access for cathode offset information and functionality for cathode offset simulation;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON/StMuEmcUtil.cxx: bug fixed in angle calculation;
    - StarClassLibrary: removed redundant dependency in BetheBloch.h, StarClassLibraryLinkDef.hh, removed ClassImp in BeteBloch, changed local variable name in pathLenght in & ;
    - StPreEclMaker: added setPrint() method;
    - StJetFinder: modified StJetOutputMaker, eliminated JetEvent, added initProbabilities to StProjectedTrack class, fixed indexes;
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker fixed not to skip event if there are no TPC hits and process with other detectors;
    - StPmdClusterMaker: increased lev1, lev2 dimension from 20 to 50;
    - StPmdDiscriminatorMaker: several changes to include NN;
    - StPass0CalibMaker: added ppFPDw-slow;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker: encoded of FTPC mults, changed virtual functions, Updated ClassDef version for altered inheritance in StKinkMc.hh StKinkMuDst.hh StXiMc.hh, missing DcaService added;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker: StV0FinderMaker.cxx and StXiFinderMaker.cxx modified to use SVT tracks, fixed bool calculations, added exits when bad params, reshaped;
    - StTofUtil/StTofGeometry.h : changed all InitXXX() methods from private to public;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON/macros: added StEventReadTest.C - a small macro that doesn't do anything but reading StEvent;
    - StEbyeDSTMaker: added macros for pt fluctuation analysis (AsciiOut.C DeltaSigma.C EbENtuple.C GammaPlots.C Gammas.C);
    - StSpinMaker: added trigger id mask;
    - StRrsMaker: changed gain for charged particle: 2. -> 5;
    - StHbtMaker/ThCorrFctn: added new FSI weight calculator from R. Lednickuy for calculation of proton-antiproton and lambda-lambda correlations;
    - fixed bug related to triggerData2003, next makers have been updated: St_base, StDaqLib/GENERIC, StDAQMaker, St_db_Maker, StTriggerDataMaker, StDaqLib/TRG, StEvent, Stl3Util/gl3, Stl3Util/foreign/TRG, StEventMaker,StStrangeMuDstMaker, t_trg_Maker, StSpinMaker;
    - test for nonexistance of XXXReader added to the next makers: StFpdMaker, StMixerMaker, StEEmcSimulatorMaker, St_tpcdaq_Maker, StRawTpcQaMaker, StEEmcDataMaker, StEEmcDbMaker, StFtpcSlowSimMaker, StTpcCalibrationMaker, StFtpcMixerMaker, StSvtCalibMaker, StTofMaker, StFtpcClusterMaker;
    - macros/analysis/doFlowEvents.C: event plane cuts made now only odd and even, instead of different for each harmonic;
    - macros/StMuDstMaker.C: added Lee's changes for the new V0Finder;

    Database-wise updates:
    - StDb/idl: ftpcClusterPars.idl - parameters moved to offline database, moved min,max pressure and gas temperature to Calibrations_ftpc/ftpcGas in database, remove inner cathode and cluster geometry parameters from ftpcClusterPars,
    - StDb/idl: ftpcGas.idl - added max,min pressure and temperature limits for ftpc gas to database, changed the order of the new fields to match database
    - StDb/idl: ftpcClusterGeometry.idl - added run dependent values used by StFtpcClusterMaker to database, replaced with ftpcClusterGeom.idl to make the name shorter,
    - StDb/idl: ftpcInnerCathode.idl - added inner cathode offsets to offline database,
    - StarDb/ftpc: removed inner cathode and cluster geometry parameters from ftpcClusterPars, corrected row size,


  • June 17, 2003,
    library SL03d has been updated with codes
    - StEvent: StTriggerData.h, StTriggerData2003.cxx, StTriggerData2003.h
    to provide proper reading trigger data
    Library has been rebuilt, updated codes retagged and released as NEW


  • May 23, 2003,
    new library SL03d has been created
    New features: several bugs and memory leak have been fixed,
    next codes were updated:
    - StBFChain, added modification for clear DAQCTB embedding, re-propagated l3 changes from repaired file
    - StEventUtilities, StuProbabilityPidAlgorithm.cxx modified to destroy myBandBGFcn in destructor;
    - StDetectorDbMaker, added level_0 prescal, FTPC voltages, IntegratedTriggerID, all trigger info integrated to one database table;
    StDetectorDbTpcRDOMasks, added error message to standard out if no table is found in the database;
    - StMcEvent, added data members from modified g2t_event table: event generator final state tracks, N binary collisions, N wounded nucleons East and West, N jets;
    - StMiniMcEvent: added data members for svt and ftpc fit points and hits for StTinyRcTrack ; added methods to calculate px, py, and p from the available pt, phi and pz, for global and primary momenta and also for monte carlo momentum;
    added members so that curvature and tan(lambda) pull plots can be made,curvature and tan(lambda) are now stored, the 5 diagonal elements of the error matrix are also stored; the last two, for ittf tracks, are the error on curvature and error on tan(lambda), this is done from both the global and the primary tracks;
    - StMiniMcMaker, modified to use primary tracks for the fit points in all cases, not the global tracks; implemented selection of West or East Ftpc based on eta>1.8 or eta<1.8;
    modified to replace now whatever it finds between the first and last '.', not just geant.root, in the creation of the output file name;
    curvature, tan(lambda) and Covariance matrix diagonal elements are now stored in rcTrack, for both primary and global tracks;
    - StTrsMaker, modified to allow user to adjust normalFactor;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: StFtpcDbReader added a new only with FTPC dimensions and geometry for ITTF,improved for cathode offset corretions;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: introduced cuts for vertex estimation (globDca < 1 cm, multiplicity >= 200), Include rotation around y-axis for FTPC east and west;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker, bug fixed;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker, added Copy() function to player, fixed ControllerBase to handle common MuDst names;
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker, StXiFinderMaker.cxx use brand new StHelixModel::setMomentum to solve memory leaks, setting new enum's;
    - StarClassLibrary: StThreeVectorF.hh, StarClassLibraryLinkDef.hh, functions for CINT added;
    - StPmdSimulatorMaker, StEvent added;
    - StPmdClusterMaker, StEvent added, CPV clustering added;
    - StPmdUtil, mapping added;
    - St_dst_Maker: CtbResponse.cxx modified for embedding with CTB;
    - St_geant_Maker, fixed the incompatibilities gradually accumulated in the part that reads and propagates the event header info, fill the header based on the parsed event record;
    - StFlowMaker, default PID is changed from none to NA, SetDedxPtsPart() added;
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker, added StFlowPhiWgtMaker.cxx StFlowPhiWgtMaker.h;
    - StLaserEventMaker, tpc oriented has been turned off;
    - StPass0CalibMaker, added ppFPD slow triggers;
    - StJetFinder, number of modifications;
    - StSpinMaker, number of modifications, fixed problem with jet value accessor functions;
    - macros/examples/bfcMixer.C;
    - pams/gen/hijing_382, hijing, fixed resonance istat code from 11 to 2,improved HEPTUP;
    - pams/geometry/phmdgeo, slight comsmetic changes to the original PHMD code;
    - pams/geometry/geometry updated to make Photon Multiplicity Detector part of the GEANT geometry version "y2003a" with proper versioning of its position;
    - pams/sim/g2t:
    g2t_get_event.F, introduced new data elements in teh event record - number of wounded nucleaons etc, changed interface to the mheadrd sub
    mheadrd.g, modified to reading extra event-specific data elements from the Zebra MPAR structure;
    g2t_event.idl, extra data added in the event record, such as binary collisions etc;
    g2t_volume_id, fixed the error diagnostics, about the inconsistent geometry in endcap ECAL;
    - pams/sim/gstar: gstar_input.g, has been upgraded to propagate event record data such as the number of binary collisions etc.

    Database-wise updates:
    - StarDb/ftpc/ftpcClusterPars.C, improvements for cathode offset corretions;
    - StarDb/ftpc/ftpcSlowSimPars.C, changed value shaper time to match dAu data;
    - StDb/idl: added triggerInfo.idl, L0TriggerInfo.idl, ftpcVoltage.idl;
    - StDb/idl: pmdUMDimensions.idl modified to change BoardStatus char array length from 9 to 16 for simpler padding;
    - StDb/idl: ftpcClusterPars.idl, temporarily store inner cathode correction factors in pars;
    - StDb/idl: ftpcDimensions.idl, added x-coord of installation point;
    - StDb/idl: ftpcCoordTrans.idl, added observedVertexOffsetX;
    - final calibration settings for FTPC AuAu 200GeV/c;

    For ITTF code releases and tagging look at ITTF code releases Web page


  • May 6, 2003,
    new library SL03c has been created for pp 200GeV production
    New features:
    - StarClassLibrary: StLorentzVector - corrected problem in boost
    - EEMC code developed: improvements for track/tower matching, added tower->tube mapping, StEEmcSmd code,
    modification for EEMC daq reader, 'continous' eta & phi bins added, a lot of minor modifications and bug fixing, first release for production
    - StDaqLib full support for EEMC reader,
    - StDAQMaker full upport for EEMC daq reader, modify so the chain can run when there is no TPC data
    - St_trg_Maker full upport for EEMC, modify so the chain can run when there is no TPC data
    - StTriggerDataMaker implemented to propagated trigger info in StEvent,
    - StEvent modified to add TriggerData,
    - StEventMaker - added protection for cases where StDetectorDbTriggerID and StTrigSummary couldn't be obtained,
    - SVT code modified to implement t0 object and to read t0 from DB, changes for changes for gain calibration file
    - StdEdxMaker: StSvtdEdxMaker modified to get SVtGeom in initRun.
    - StBFChain - production option for pp 200GeV implemented,
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON - StAddRunInfoMaker created to add StRunInfo for the only year1 Au+Au 130GeV data,
    StTriggerIdCollection added to createStEvent function in StMuDst.cxx,
    added StMuDstFilterMaker to be able to filter MuDst.root files,
    added StMuDst into TDataSet to make it possible to pick up for StEventDisplayMaker,
    modified for the new scheduler implementation, fixed bug, now dEdx data propagated in MuDst
    - StFtpcClusterMaker - included corrections for inner cathode offset and move some parameter to database,
    - TOF code - updated and extended StructSlatHit, introduced tofSlatHitVector and Iterator,
    generalize (2+1)-D slat model from 3 layers to n layers, introduced TOF path length calculation,
    - StMcEvent - added member mSubProcessId which is used for Pythia events,
    - StPass0CalibMaker modified to use data with TOF triggers,
    - StPeCMaker - correcting problem with bField,
    - St_QA_Maker - added pp 2003 trigger info, BBC/ZDC trigger histos
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker - new QA tools added,
    - StMixerMaker - fixed the 8->10 bit bug, now the mixer mixes in 10 bit and then converts 10->8 bit,
    - StJetFinder - modified to data from both TPC and EMC,
    - StSecondaryVertexMaker - first revision of V0 and Xi vertex finder,
    - Sti related codes (ITTF codes) - developed, ready for test production,
    - pams/sim/g2t - added zebra bank reader to allow for optional subprocess id information to be propagated,
    g2t_get_event.F modified to allow to read optional Zebra banks into root table,
    Warnning messages removed from big number of codes
    Database-wise updates:
    - StDbLib - added a fast multi-row write model specifically needed by the daqEventTag writer,
    - StarDb/ftpc/ftpcClusterPars.C - included corrections for inner cathode offset,
    - StDb/idl/ftpcClusterPars.idl - included offset of inner cathode and some new clusterfinding paramter,
    - StDb/idl/eemcDbPMTname.idl - added for tower->tube mapping


  • April 11, 2003,
    library SL03b has been updated with
    - StDaqLib/TRG/code2003.cxx
    to fix the bug caused crash in processing UPCCombined events
    - StTpcDb/StTpcDbMaker.cxx
    - StTrsMaker/StTrsMaker.cxx
    to fix the bug and process mulitple run numbers in the same file for MC production



  • March 7, 2003,
    new library SL03b has been created
    New features:
    - FTPC code and database have been updated to handle correctly with year 2001 offline database
    - EEMC code further development
    - StBFChain updated with new dAu MC chain
    Library will be used for FTPC year 2001 data production and dAu MC data production


  • April 8, 2003,
    library SL03a has been updated with
    - StDaqLib/TRG/code2003.cxx
    to fix the bug caused crash in processing UPCCombined events


  • February 28, 2003,
    library SL03a has been updated with St_QA_Maker and StAnalysisUtilities to add new trigger schema


  • February 20, 2003,
    new library SL03a has been created and released. Library will be used for dAu 200 GeV/c production
    New features:
    - EMC MuDst integrated in common MuDst files
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker modified
    - StEvent new triggerID added
    - TOF reader updated to read TOF year 2003 data
    - DAQ reader updated to adjust daq format
    - SVT clustering, vertex finder and DB handling updated
    - FTPC code updated, clustering, tracking, slow simulator, developed offline database
    - StEMCCalibrationMaker modified for online calibrations and monitoring
    - EEMC developed, simulation part added to nightly test
    - StFTPCMixerMaker and StEMCMixerMaker implemented for embedding
    - StdEdxMaker reshaped
    - StBFChain implemented new chain options
    - St_QA_Maker added new histos for FTPC, changes for new trigger schema
    - StHitFilterMaker allowes to keep hits associated with tracks


  • December 2, 2002,
    SL02i library has been updated with the next codes to update geometry and fix bugs:
    - StFtpcTrackMaker,
    - St_dst_Maker/StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx,StFtpcPrimaryMaker.cxx,
    - StBFChain;
    - St_geant_Maker;
    - St_db_Maker;
    - StDaqClfMaker;
    - pams/geometry: bbcmgeo, btofgeo, ecalgeo, fpdmgeo, geometry, vpddgeo;
    - pams/sim/g2t : g2t_esm.F, g2t_volume_id.g;
    - pams/sim/gphysdata ;
    - StarDb/emc/simulator/Simulator.C;
    SL02i library has been retagged and rebuilt


  • November 18, 2002,
    SL02i library has been updated with the next codes due to request of FTPC group:
    - StFtpcTrackMaker,
    - St_dst_Maker/StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx,StFtpcPrimaryMaker.cxx,
    - StDb/idl/ftpcDimensions.idl,
    SL02i library has been retagged and rebuilt


  • November 15, 2002,
    SL02i library has been updated with bug fix code:
    - StFtpcClusterMaker

  • October 17, 2002 new SL02i library has been created.
    SL02h library has been updated with the next codes:
    - Sti, StiMaker, StiGui, StiEvaluator, further development;
    - StAssociationMaker, changed encoded method for IT tracks to 263 ( was 32770 before);
    - StBFChain, 'OSpaceZ2' option added and made hardwired values use enum() list from StMagUtilities,
    'onlcl' and 'onlraw' options added to read TPC online clusters (DAQ100) and/or TPC raw information;
    - added 'bbcSim' option for BBC simulation;
    - StBbcSimulationMaker, new package created for BBC simulation;
    - StEvent, bug fixed in StBbcTriggerDetector and StFpdCollection, modifications for RUN 2003 added in StBbcTriggerDetector;
    - StFpdMaker, modified along with StEvent modifications for 2003 RUN;
    - StDAQMaker, small modifications from Alex, added support for decoding DAQ100 data and writing it into table;
    - StDaqLib/EMC, small modifications of reader and decoder;
    - StDaqLib/GENERIC/EventReader, added support for decoding DAQ100 data and writing it into a table;
    - StDaqLib/TPC, added support for decoding DAQ100 data and writing it into table;
    - StDaqClfMaker, filled the deconvolution flag to help dedx;
    - StDbUtilities/StSvtCoordinateTransform, t0 changed from 12 tp 9 as calculated from pp real data;
    - StDbUtilities/StMagUtiltities, added new option for 1/R**2 space charge density distribution,
    set default space charge density to zero, time dependent values come from DB;
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker, modified not to have DB for EMC before 24-09-2001;
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker, modified to use new internal data format;
    - StEstMaker, fixed min radius cut to large value;
    - StFptcClusterMaker, replaced large statically dimensioned arrays with dynamically dimensioned arrays;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker, modified to get FTPC geometry and dimensions from database,bug fixed, QA histograms corrected;
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker, include ftpcAmpSlope,ftpcAmpOffset and ftpcTimeOffset in Database access,
    permits usage of gain factors and time offset in the simulator,Charge scaling taken out ;
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker, added code to do Juns gain calibration, changed building of file name,
    modification to make sure initRunworks when no svt data present, correct code to allow for the ordering init and initRun;
    - St_dst_Maker, better handling of full or corrupted tables;
    - St_geant_Maker, added code to read out BBC GSTAR tables needed for StBbcSimulationMaker,
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker, changed to accomodate for DAQ100 cluster reading or raw hits reading, added support for decoding DAQ100 data and writing it into table;
    - St_QA_Maker, rmoved limit on maximum number of histograms that can be copied;
    - StAnalysisUtilities, removed limit on maximum number of histograms that can be copied;
    - StHbtMakerReader, new reader, new 3D correlation function QinvQualAvSep;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON, updated to make the muDst from simultaion, maxFiles updated,
    added cut on track encoded method for ITTF, fixed bug in createStEevent() function, now you can delete the StEvent, setting all unused subFilters explicitly to NULL;
    - StMuDSTMaker/EMC, a pointer check added;
    - pams/geometry/bbcmgeo, changes BPOOL hits to 'calorimeter',
    important chenges: BBC East is now rotated around the vertical axis, rather than mirror-reflected as in the previous version,
    TOF information is added to hits;
    - pams/tpc, Daq100 cluster table added - first version;
    - pams/geometry/tpcegeo, corrected argon density;
    - pams/geometry/mfldgeo, bug fixed in node number, better granularity;
    - pams/geometry/phmdgeo, geometry after row-col wise blocks;
    - pams/g2t, added volume ID for BBC elements, new code to support BBC response simulation;
    - StarDb/ftpc/ftpcClusterPars.C, ftpcTrackingPars.C;
    - StDb/ftpc/ftpcCoordTrans.idl, ftpcDimensions.idl, ftpcTrackingPars.idl;

    Library was retagged as SL02i and rebuilt;

  • September 19, 2002,
    SL02h library has been updated with Sti, StiGui, StiMaker, StiEvaluator makers
    and pams/global/inc/StTrackMethod.h, StTrackDefinitions.h to run test production with ITTF
    Library has been retagged and rebuilt


  • September 14, 2002,
    SL02h library has been updated with StEmcSimulatorMaker to fix time stamp problem in MC production.
    Library has been retagged and rebuilt


  • August 26, 2002,
    DEV library has been tagged as SL02h,checked out in new area and rebuilt.
    SL02h has been tested and released on Aug 28. Library will be used for test production with DAQ100 clustering
      Next codes have been updated:
    - StBFChain, removed Flow from tags, PMD chain implementation, option to run DAQ100 clustering;
    - StDaqClfMaker, installed new version of fcfClass ;
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker, gain calculated from ped-subtracted mean above 30 ADC counts;
    - StEmcUtill, fixed memory leak,
    - StEventUtilities: StuPostScript, added drawing of hits;
    - StEmcTriggerMaker, correction made to follow format for chain insertion without arguments;
    - StMiniMcMaker, changed to deal with seq. faults in the file name handling;
    - StarClassLibrary: StHelix related codes - minor speed improvements, StThreeVector related codes - added pseudoProduct
    - StSpinMaker, test fortran pi0 reconstruction program,bug fixes, minor updates;
    - StMuDSTMaker, additional member functions added by Helen'e request;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker, small corrections for kinks to be kept,handling events without primary vertex,
    better cTau calculations, introduction of DcaService, fixes to StV0Controller;
    - St_QA_Maker, some FTPC histogram changes;
    - Sti, StiMaker, StiMaker/macros;
    - pams/gen/starlight, corrections to gamma-gamma cross section.
    - pams/geometry/bbcmgeo, geometry for STAR Beam-Beam Counter, changed to use symmetrical BBCM instead of seperate BBCW and BBCE;


  • August 05, 2002, SL02g has been updated with FTPC code fixes
    - StFtpcClusterMaker
    - StFtpcTrackMaker
    - St_dst_Maker : StFtpcGlobalMaker.cxx, StFtpcPrimaryMaker.cxx
    update of t0 for FTPC


  • June 17, 2002,
    DEV library has been tagged as SL02g,checked out in new area and rebuilt.
    SL02g has been tested and released on June 28.
      Next codes have been updated:
    - StBFChain, changed making the database overwritting (sdt tag implemented);
    - St_db_Maker, added warning if start=end for date and time for a table;
    - StEventUtilities, changed tray and slat to UInt_t;
    - StEmcSimulatorMaker, changed the way of searching of GEANT data, added option with DB(pedestal ans calibration coefficients;
    - StEmcUtil, fixed getTrackId method and added flag in constructor to initialize towers with a given status;
    modifications on projTrack() method added;
    options to project tracks forwards and backwards has been included in projTrack() method;
    - StFtpcClusterMaker, added new 2-dimenisional hitfinding algorithm;
    - StFtpcTrackMaker, transformation of local FTPC coordinates in global coordinates introduced, after tracking local coordinates are transformed to global;
    added flag to keep track in which coordinate system the point position is measured;
    new value for rotation angle of FTPC east after temperature offset was corrected ;
    - St_geant_Maker, fix wrong geant time;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON, changed the number of hits cut, so that also FTPC tracks are written out;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON/macros/dbMaker.C, a simple macro to create a database (a file) holding filenames and the corresponding number of event per file;
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker, better handling of improperly closed files, some decay modes added,
    better organization of enumeration, additional security against zombies in StEvent vectors added,
    - StSvtClusterMaker, added SvtHits and a hit collection if StEvent already exists - prepartation for ittf;
    - St_QA_Maker, some changes to FTPC chisq histos added;
    - StMiniMcEvent,StMiniMcMaker, created to run MiniDst;
    - StFlowMaker checked out with tag SL02f to avoid crashes for MC events;
    - StarDb/emc/simulator, added option with DB(pedestal ans calibration coefficients;
    - StarDb/ftpc/ftpcClusterPars.C updated;


  • May 24, 2002,
    New library SL02f has been created. DEV library has been tagged as SL02f,checked out in new area and rebuilt.
    SL02f has been tested and moved to 'new ' on May 27.
      Next codes have been updated:
    - StAssociationMaker, changed to incorporate association of tracks from Sti
    - StAnalysisMaker, doxygen basic doc added
    - StDbLib/, rules.make, changed non-dbname in arguement of mysql_real_connect from 0 to NULL, Updated rules.make for local mysql installation on Linux
    - St_base/StTree.cxx , bug fixed in UpdateFile
    - StChargeStepMaker, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07
    - StDetectorDbMaker, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07
    - StRichSpectraMaker, revision of index of refraction and ray tracing have been done
    - StEmcUtil, method to get em Et on EMC from GEANT has been included,
    default values of minimum total energy on EMC barrel and minimum energy on tower has been modified
    - StDbUtilities, correct t0 for pp running in svt, correct radius of 2nd barrel so all hits pass now SVT shifted
    - StEvent, implementation of the SVT 2 tables scheme
    - StEventMaker, implementation of the SVT 2 tables scheme
    - StEmcADCtoEMaker, bugs fixed to recalibrate EMC after production
    - StEmcCalibrationMaker, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07
    - StFtpcSlowSimMaker, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07
    - StFlowAnalysisMaker, modified to speed up cumulant, added correction to minBias.C for bins with one count,changed label on MultHist histogram
    - StFlowMaker, moved centrality cuts into StFlowConstants
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07, switch reco/embedding mode (m_Mode=0/1).Embedding mode skips L3 biased events,reco mode fills StEvent as before
    - St_dst_Maker, some changes for SVT, modified not to save SVT hit info on events when SVT not there, modified to send in different group of tables for the TPC and EST refit so flagging of hits is correct
    - StSvtDaqMaker, corrected hybrid swapping, modified not to swap ladders 15 and 16 for pp sort this out properly later
    - StSvtSeqAdjMaker, added reading bad anodes from DB
    - StSvtClassLibrary, corrected hybrid swapping
    - StSvtClusterMaker, added pass bad anode information into cluster fitter, fixed memory leak, added T0 jitter stuff, added reading bad anodes from DB
    - StSvtDbMaker, added bad anode list reading
    - StEstMaker, made EST works with shifted SVT geom, change search radii to 1cm
    - StdEdxMaker, SVT dedx improvements, fills dedx table directly, suppressed output
    - StRrsMaker, changed gain to 2
    - StPass0CalibMaker, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07
    - StSpinMaker, bug fixed
    - StTreeMaker, modified message displayed on exit
    - St_db_Maker, small modification adding more debugging of what it's doing
    - St_mwc_Maker
    - St_trg_Maker, bug fixed
    - StppSpin, fixes for ROOT/3.02.07
    - StHbtMaker
    - St_TLA_Maker, Reshaped comments for doxygen
    - pams/global/egr/egr_fitter.F, changes for SVT
    - pams/global/svm/svm_efficiency.c, minor correction
    - pmas/gen/mevsim, fixed bug in eta primary decay
    - macros/analysis: StMuDstMaker.C


  • May 22, 2002,
    SL02e library has been updated with codes:
    - StBFChain, new dynamic stamp sdtXXXXXXXX implemented to run MC production
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON, StStrangeCuts added
    - StMuDSTMaker/EMC, fixed bug and small modifications to recreate micro DST
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker, fixed problem with file names for branches
    - macros/analysis/listStrangeCuts.C, fixed bug with branch status and changed cuts split level
    Codes have been retagged
    SL02e library has been moved to PRO


  • May 14, 2002,
    SL02e library has been updated with code:
    - StStrangeMuDstMaker to fix a bug and write V0 to MuDst
    Code has been retagged


  • May 6, 2002,
    SL02e library has been updated with codes:
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON
    Codes have been retagged


  • April 29, 2002,
    SL02e, SL02d, SL02c libraries have been updated with next codes:
    - StTrsMaker/,, added he3,he4,deuterons
    Codes have been retagged


  • April 23, 2002,
    SL02e library has been updated with the next codes:
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: bug fixed in ftpc tracking
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: cleanup related to StFtpcTrackMaker changes
    - StUtilities: new offset abilities implemented
    - StAnalysisUtilities: addition of BBC/FPD histos
    - St_QA_Maker: addition of BBC/FPD histos
    - StUtilities: new offset abilities implemented
    Codes have been retagged


  • April 19, 2002,
    SL02e library has been updated with the code:
    - StEventUtilities to fix the bug in StuProbabilityPidAlgorithm which caused crashes in production
    Code has been retagged


  • April 7, 2002,
    April 7 DEV library has been tagged as SL02e. New library SL02e was built,tested updated with bug fixes and released on April 9
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - StBFChain: Changes made for Common MuDST (with Strangeness), adjusted to run in production
    - StEvent/StTpcDedxPidAlgorithm.cxx fixed bug in theBetheBloch and for multiple instantiation
    - StEmcUtil: modification on getTrackId()
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: modified to exit with warning if primary vertex calculation return nan
    - St_dst_Maker: ppLMV4.cxx,MatchedTrk.cxx, correct ppLMV for 0 filed, fixed bug causing crashes (pointer <-> array range)
    - StSsdSimulationMaker: doxygen documentation, cleaning
    - StSsdClusterMaker:small memory leak fixed;
    - StSsdEvalMaker:memory leak fixed, doxygen documentation
    - StSvtClusterMaker: finally got phase correction correct
    - StTrgMaker: bugs fixed
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON: improved filter options,updates for running in the production
    - StPidAmpMaker: modified function to fit e+/- amp.
    - StRrsMaker: pedestal noise, convolution and difference in MIP/gamma
    - St_QA_Maker: last point residuals now use outerGeometry() for helix parameters
    - macros:StAssociator.C, added gSystem->Load("StDetectorDbMaker")
    - pams/geometry/tpcegeo/tpcegeo.g: material in the central membrane changed to copper
    - StDb/servers/ dbServers_bnl.xml: added xml file for new bnl mirrors
    - Vertex seed calibrations data for pp put in DB


  • March 22-23, 2002,
    SL02d library has been updated with next codes:
    - StBFChain: added agregate correction option Corr1/Corr2 . Introduced ppOpt (no makers)and reshaped VtxSeedCal accordingly.
    - StDetectorDbMaker: plugged memory leaks
    - StPass0CalibMaker/StVertexSeedMaker: bug fix
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: fixed memory leak, invert cluster pad number in FTPC East,
    convert cluster cartestian coordinates for FTPC west into STAR global coordinate system
    - StDbLib: MysqlDbcc, MysqlDb.h #-of-retries on server connect increased to 7 with timeout period doubled per re try starting at 1 sec.
    Needed for maintainable multiple mirror servers using dns for round-robin load balancing
    - StMuDSTMaker/EMC: fixed memory leak
    - macros/bfc.C
    Library was rebuilt and retagged


  • March 20, 2002,
    SL02d library has been updated with next codes:
    - StPass0CalibMaker/StVertexSeedMaker to handle vertex constrain for pp
    - StFtpcClusterMaker: fixed bug caused memory leak
    - StSvtClusterMaker: temporary fixed bug caused memory leak and new vertex finder params for pp
    - StdEdxMaker: expanded time interval in calibration histograms
    - StEmcUtil: fixed StEmcFilter::accept(Int_t), modified method StEmcPosition::getNextTowerId(...),
    included method StEmcFilter::getNextId(...)
    - StMuDSTMaker/EMC;
    - StMuDSTMaker/RICHTOF;
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON;
    - StDb/idl/vertexSeed.idl modified for vertex constrain in pp
    Library was rebuilt and retagged
    - dE/dx calibrations for pp put in DB


  • March 19, 2002,
    March 15 DEV library has been tagged as SL02d. New library SL02d was built,tested updated with bug fixes and released on March 19
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - StChain,St_geant_Maker,StBFChain, StdEdxMaker, StMixerMaker, bfcMixer.C have been updated to fix embedding problem
    - StEvent: fixed bug in StTrackTopologyMap.cxx
    - StDaqLib/FTPC: FTPV1P0_ZS_SR.cxx modify to return false if no FTPADCD bank or no FTPADCX bank found for requested sector
    - StTrgMaker: filter out tracks which begin beyond the MWC. Removed dead weight from trigCtb.C
    - StEmcUtil: fixed bug on accept() method for towers and new method added
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: adjusted eta segments for x,y positions of vertex, modified to avoid tracking if vertex position is outside of the inner radius of the Ftpc
    - StSvtCalibMaker: laser spot positions recorded
    - StFlowMaker: added new centralities
    - St_QA_Maker: fixed bug with placement of trigger hists
    - StMuDSTMaker/COMMON updated
    - StMuDSTMaker/RICHTOF: modified logic when bad RICH event,removed of RICH collection and pid traits when not wanted
    - StDbLib/StDbModifier.cxx : added variable length table defautls for simplifying writes of l3 counters to db
    - pams/gen/mevsim : fixed pi0 decay bug
    - l3counters files have been put in DB
    - EMC calibrations for pp data


  • March 8, 2002,
    SL02c library has been patched with
    - StEvent/StV0Vertex to fix V0Vertex problem
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker to fix L3Counter pass
    - StBFChain related problems fixed,ZDCvtx option added, MuDSTChain, EMCmDST options added to process MuDST
    - ROOT: TStreamerInfo.cxx fixed bug related to V0Vertex problem
    - StFtpcClusterFinder
    Library still is having a problem with bfcMixer, StIOMaker::GetFile(), trigger word in QA plots


  • March 3, 2002,
    March 1 DEV library has been tagged as SL02c. New library SL02c was built,tested and released on March 3
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - new ROOT version 3.02.07 has been installed
    - StBFChain: timestamp 'y2001n' has been added to pickup right svt geant geometry for year2001 which has been changed in Spectember 5th 2001
    - St_db_Maker: added new timestamp 'y2001n' for svt geometry of year2001
    - StChain, StIOMaker: new method for maker communication is developed and installed "NotifyMe"
    - StEvent: added enum for l3 track finder, updated fittingMethod(): L3 added
    - StMuDSTMaker: new code to create MuDst has been implemented
    - StFtpcClusterMaker modified to get cluster unfolding paramteres from ftpcClusterPars; added histograms to monitor cluster finding
    - StFtpcTrackMaker: added additional histograms to monitor cluster finding
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker: added globalTrack->setEncodedMethod() to mark tracks as l3 tracks in StEvent
    - StSvtDaqMaker: move GetDataSet(StDAQReader) from Init() to Make()
    - pams/global/inc: added kL3TpcId to StDetectorDefinitions.h, StDetectorId.h
    - StDb/idl: move cluster unfolding parameters ftpcClusterPars.idl from code to StarDb/ftpc/ftpcClusterPars.C


  • February 21, 2002,
    DEV library has been tagged as SL02b. New library SL02b was built,tested,updated with bug fixes and released on February 25
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - StEvent: added (in StRunInfo) member to hold BBC coincidence rate, StL0Trigger modified to change signature of bunchCrossingId7bit(),added beam info
    added information to StRichSpectra for uDST purposes, added EMC trigger
    - StEventMaker: fill parts of StRunInfo from StDetectorDbBeamInfo
    - StDetectorDbMaker: added codes for Space charge calculations,for TPC Voltages for use in ExB Corrections, added beam info
    - St_tpt_Maker: modified mask (extended options),instantiation of MagUtilities() uses db
    - StMagUtilities: modified for field cage and space charge corrections, modified to get CathodeV and GG from DB, changed defaults and instantiation argument order
    - StBFChain: added options for FieldCage and SpaceCharge corrections and svtDb, adjusted P2001, P2001a, pp2001a options
    - StEmcTriggerMaker: trigger data histograms added, gets info from StEvent
    - StdEdxMaker: removed access to St_tpcBadPad
    - FTPC: StFtpcClusterMaker modified to get temperature difference from data base, separate radial chargestep histograms were created for Ftpc west and east
    StFtpcTrackMaker modified to use primary vertex for tracking if it's available, otherwise use preVertex
    - St_dst_Maker: modified StFtpcGlobalMaker to redo unconstrained fit for FTPC global tracks with primary vertex
    & write out all FTPC hits, not just those on tracks
    modified StV0Maker.cxx and StXiMaker.cxx to use database for cut parameters
    separation of primary vertex and track finding has been done, now StVertexMaker does the primary-vertex-finding and should be called before StPrimaryMaker which does the primary-track-finding
    set vertex id to vertex table entry row in and ppLMV4.cxx
    set #global tracks = 30 for switch over from EVR to LMV
    - StRchMaker: Remove picket fence pixels cluster finding once and for all
    - StSvtCoordinateTransform updated to use proper database
    - StSvtClusterMaker: modified StSvtHitMaker to get data from SVT database with StSvtDbMaker, Add SetFileNames function
    - StSvtDbMaker: improved interface to SVT DB
    - StDbLib: changed limit on flavor tag and made default retrieving more readable
    - StTofUtil: changed default tdc calibration factor
    - StTpcDb: move all database access to the InitRun part of the tpc Makers to provide flexibility in changing flavor of database
    separated geometrical tpc rotation from field twist
    - StTrsMaker: move Init code to InitRun
    - St_tpcdaq_Maker: turned off noise_elim, moved calibration access from Init() to InitRun()
    RDO mask implemented - St_trg_Maker: EMC unpacker rewritten, added code to switch between pre and post-Dec 1 2001 setups
    - Stl3RawReaderMaker: added first version of Stl3CounterMaker
    - StPidAmpMaker: new version reinstalled
    - StRichSpectraMaker added information for uDST purposes
    - StarClassLibrary: added methods to calculate signed DCA
    - St_QA_Maker: added FTPC histograms
    - StDb/idl: added table & saturation rate for space charge corrections
    new structure for field cage parameters,
    tpc high voltages needed for ExB,
    added difference in FTPC gas temperature between FTPC West and East
    implemented new calibration tables for the svt
    added table to hold beam info
    - pams/global/dst: modified fill_ftpc_dst to incorporate in StFtpcGlobalMaker
    - pams/tpc/tpt: account for missing RDO in tracking. Allow tracks to swim across dead RDO during first stage tracking
    - StarDb/global/vertices: added cut parameters for V0 and Xi finding in pp data
    - StarDb/tpc/daq: corrected map tables
    - StarDb/Calibrations/tpc: all files have been put to MySql DB
    - new tag for reconstruction DB implemented 'DbV20020226'
    - space charge distortion and inner field cage correction implemented
    - twist parameters on a per-field-setting basis


  • January 22, 2002,
    DEV library has been tagged as SL02a. New library SL02a was built,tested and released January 24
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - first release of pp chain for real data production, includes beamLine option;
    - FPD chain has been implemented and released;
    - ftpc: added gas temperature difference between west and east FTPC to DB;
    made ftpcGas database table used in FTPC cluster maker;
    - svt: added t0 correction in hit, added cut of summed charge >15 for allowed hits,fixed memory leak;
    added drift velocity calculation;
    - StDetectorDbMaker implemented to hold DB detector information,currently:
    classes for RichScalers and RichVoltageStatus;
    tpc RDO masks;
    FTPC's gas properties;
    magnet information;
    RICH Clock information;
    - StTrsMaker: transverse diffusion coefficient is set correctly (bug fixed)
    - StTpcT0Maker replaced by StPass0CalibMaker which includes StTpcT0Maker and StVertexSeedMaker to process calibrations for pp data
    - StDb/idl: added vertexSeed table needed to process drift-velocity calibrations for pp data,
    table to hold ftpcGasOut values and FTPC temperature/pressure calculations
    ASIC parameter set to 1420 for year 2001 data;
    tpd drift velocity calibrations based on laser data put in DB to process pp data
    tpcGain correction for pp data


  • December 13, 2001,
    SL01l library was created November 16 and after some iterations released December 13 to process AuAu 200GeV real data, (production P01gl)
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - L3 summary added in StEvent
    - St_trg_Maker updated for unpacking EMC data
    - first release of EMC code for production
    - working version of SVT code, StSvtDbMaker implemented to handle SVT database
    - first dE/dx calibrations for year 2001 data placed in DB
    - tpcTimeGain calibrations files moved from AFS area to DB
    - Complete pass at TPC drift velocities for year 2001 real data, put in DB and should be used in reconstruction with tag DbV1211
    - ASIC parameter has been set to 1420 for year 2001 data January 18
    - first production run with EMC in chain
    - first production run with tpcTimeGain calibrations for year 2001
    - production run with ExB shape correction, padrow 13 field correction, clock correction, twist correction
    - padrow 13 has been taken off for tracking


  • November 15, 2001,
    DEV library was tagged as SL01k and released to process AuAu 200GeV real data, (production P01gk)
      New features essential for production:
    Code-wise implementation:
    - Developed L3 code to be ready for year 2001 data production
    - Developed TOF code to be ready for year 2001 data production
    - Developed StEvent part related to L3 and TOF codes
    - StDbUtilities/StMagUtilities modified to get most of its values from the database, rather than hard-coded.
    - has all codes related to SIM tag implementation and can be used for MC production and embedding
    - First pass at 2001 Gain corrections, located in the AFS area in StarDb/Calibrations/tpc
    - Local t0 for year 2001 data adjusted, no adjustment for t0 correction for runs taken on days before 232
    - First pass at TPC drift velocities for year 2001 real data put in DB and should be used in reconstruction with tag DbV1107 for run numbers taken on days 232-308
    - Twist value (affects angle of TPC in magnet, twist ExB correction) adjusted to match best value for 1/2 field 2000
    - Production run with ExB shape correction, padrow 13 field correction, clock correction, twist correction
    - padrow 13 has been taken off for tracking


  • November 9, 2001, new SL01j library has been created.
      SL01i library has been updated with next codes:
    - StTpcDb/StTpcDbMaker.cxx: SIM tag implementation codes allow to handle database correction
    which needed for real data and should not be used for simulation data,
    Invert order of distortion correction and local->global transformation
    - StDbUtilities/StMagUtilties: use DB
    - St_tpt_Maker/St_tpt_Maker.cxx: invert order of distortion correction and local->global transformation
    - pams/tpc/tcl/tph.F: invert order of distortion correction and local->global transformation
    Library has been retagged as SL01j
    and should be used to process MC AuAu 130GeV HIJING production for year 2000 geometry
    (HIJING production P01hi) and embedding data
    SL01j has been updated on November 16 with bug fixes for StTrsMaker and StRrsMaker

  • October 26, 2001,
    DEV library was tagged as SL01i and released on October 29 to reprocess year 2000 AuAu 130Gev data (production P01hi)
      New features essential for production:
    new ROOT version 3.02.00
    Code-wise implementation:
    - Sector alignment based on zero field data 100 < vertZ < 200, straight-up tracks
    - Transformation into global coordinates
    - RICH position moved to handle global coordinates
    - Inner/outer z offset adjusted to remove residual step between inner and outer sectors in z
    - Gain and local t0 corrections revisited
    - tpc drift velocities calibrations recreated and put in DB, should be used in reconstruction with tag DbV1007
    - Gain for padrow 13 set to 0 to remove this padrow
    - Production run with ExB shape correction, Padrow 13 field correction, Clock correction.
    - Padrow 13 was taking off for tracking, No twist correction on in this production.
    - Vertex offset has been taken out.

Library releases before 10/01/2001