18 Absolute gains, take 2


 Goal: reco isolated gammas from bht0,1,2 -triggered events 

Method: identify isolated EM shower and match BSMD cluster energy to tower energy, as exercised earlier on 4) demonstration of absolute calib algo on single particle M-C 

INPUT events: 100K events triggered by barrel HT0,1,2 (id 220500 or 220510 or 220520) from day 47, runs 1..83

Cluster finder algo (sliding window, 1+4+1 strips),  smd cluster threshold set at 10 keV,  use only barrel West, BSMD CR=4 masked out.

Tower cluster is defined as 3x3 patch centered on the tower pointed by the SMD peak, must contain 90% of energy from 5x5 cluster.

Default pedestals from offline DB used.

Assumed BSMD calibration: see table 1 column J+K  

Results for ~25K barrel triggered events (7/8 of 100K was not used)

 Fig 1 is above

Fig 2, Eta strips, any cluster

Fig 3 Phi strips, any cluster

Fig 4  isolated cluster (different sort). Plot c has huge peak at 0 - X-axis is chopped. Similar but smaller peak is in fig d. Magenta are event with bht0 and bht2 trigger.

Fig 5  isolated cluster :

Left: eta & phi plane coincidence--> works,

Right: eta & phi & tower 3x3>150 fials for modules 30-60, I have mapping problem?? 

Fig 6  Example of Eta vs. Phi  and SMD vs. Tower calibrations for eta bins 0.15, 0.5, and 0.85.