2007.02.08 E_reco / E_mc vs. eta



E_reco / E_mc vs. eta


  • black curve: before EEMC slow simulator
  • red curve: after EEMC slow simulator

Jason's Monte Carlo

  • 4.4k single gamma's
  • No SVT
  • Nominal vertex
  • Flat in pt 4-12 GeV

Will's Monte Carlo

  • 10k single gamma's
  • SVT/SSD out
  • Vertex at 0
  • Flat in pt 5-60 GeV

In the plot below, I use the energy of the single tower (tower with max energy) presumably the tower the photon hit. The nonlinearity seems to disappear.

In the plot below, I use the energy of the 3x3 cluster of tower centered around the tower with the max energy. The nonlinearity is restored.

The plot below shows Etower/Ecluster vs. eta where the cluster consists of 3x3 towers centered around the max energy tower.

Below is the profile of E_tower/E_cluster vs. eta.

The plot below shows the energy sampled by the entire calorimeter as a function of eta, i.e. sampling fraction as a function of eta.

Sampling fraction integrated over all eta's.

Pibero Djawotho
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