2007.02.05 Reconstructed/Monte Carlo Photon Energy



Reconstructed/Monte Carlo Photon Energy

This study is motivated by Weihong's photon energy loss study where an eta-dependence of reconstructed photon energy to generated photon energy in EEMC simulation was observed.

In this study, the eta-dependence is investigated by running the EEMC slow simulator with the new readjusted weights for the preshower and postshower layers of the EEMC. Details on this are here.

    • Fit to a constant

    • Fit to a line

    • Fit to a quadratic

    • Comparison between Weihong's and Pibero's results

    The parameters from the fits are used to plot the fit functions for comparison between Weihong's and Pibero's results.

      • Constant

      • Linear

      • Quadratic

    • Conclusion

    While the adjusted weights for the different EEMC layers contribute to bringing the ratio of reconstructed energy to generated energy closer to unity, they do not remove the eta-dependence.

    • References

    1. M. Albrow et al., NIM A 480 (2002) 524-546.
    2. R. Blair et al. (CDF Collaboration), CDF II Technical Design Report, FERMILAB-PUB-96-390-E, 1996.

    Pibero Djawotho
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