2008.05.07 Number of Jets



Number of Jets

After selecting Endcap gamma candidates out of L2-gamma triggers, applying track and EMC isolation cuts, and matching the Endcap gamma candidate to an away-side jet, I record the number of jets below per event. Surprisingly, 8% of the events only have 1 jet. Those are events where the Endcap gamma candidate was not reconstructed as a neutral jet by the jet finder. The question is why.

I display both Barrel and Endcap calorimeter towers (the z-axis represents tower energy) and draw a circle of radius 0.3 around the gamma candidate and a circle of radius 0.7 around the away-side jet for 2006 pp200 run 7136022. Even though many of the gamma candidates not reconstructed by the jet finder are at the forward edge of the Endcap, it is not at all clear why those that are well within the detector are not being reconstructed.

Pibero Djawotho
Last updated Wed May 7 09:54:32 EDT 2008